A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 04

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A Cougar Totally Turned — Ch. 04

A Vixen Literally©

* * Back To Work * *

No phones! Thank you. The sun woke me, damn it. I stirred slowly. I reached for Sheri. God I’m a dope. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Four days; she is a drug more addictive than — oh hell, what did I know of that mess. I only know Sheri is my drug and I crave her. I cried at not waking up to her next to me. I heard her voice: “Get up; there’s work to be done.” Yes Ma’am. I did — shower, makeup, (no, she didn’t smile back at me) dressed. Randi was waiting. Teresa had my go cup ready. I grabbed the bagel and hurried to the car, gulping coffee. I dashed to the car. Randi smiled her greeting. I nodded. She drove, I cried. I know. I’m pathetic, so shut up. Randi knew and never breathed a word of it. She drove slowly so I could pull myself together.

We pulled up to the office. Randi asked, as is her habit, what time I would be ready to leave. I thought about it for a minute. Linda would be back from vacation and Sheri was taking the day for school work. I thought I might be late but not too bad. I told her 6 pm but that I would text her at 5 or so to confirm. She agreed. I preferred to let myself out at the office but she wouldn’t hear of it — ever. “It wouldn’t be right for someone of your stature, Julia.” She’s right.

The building staff greeted me; I replied in kind. The elevator ride was quick; not too many on with me. I got off and strode to my office. I wondered as I walked how many tongues were already wagging and how long it would be before someone let something slip. I smiled as I saw Linda at her desk. Oh good! My security blanket is back on the job. Ex-lover or not, she is a ferocious gate keeper and protector. My smile and tone were warm. “Welcome back Lin. I hope you and Kat had a relaxing week.”

She gazed at me. She already knew. “It was fabulous thanks. We were blessed with good weather the whole time. Kat sends along her thanks for the room upgrade and the other little perks you provided.” She handed me what mail there was. “Unless you need me right away I’ll be about fifteen minutes.” I saw the Post-it note on top with her handwriting.

“That’s fine. When you do come in please close the door behind you.” I got that out of the way. She nodded; I turned and entered. My things went on my desk and my coat went in the closet. I turned on the computer, got some coffee, then sat. It booted up quickly and I clicked for email. I laughed; already 126. My, my. There were two I opened immediately: Sheri’s and Mr. Wood, the C.E.O. Sheri’s had been written at about 1:30 am. It was sweet and warm and spoke of how much she missed me. There was more but it was for my eyes only.

Mr. Wood congratulated me on a fine conference; very nice. It took until the third paragraph for him to get to it. He told me there were more than a few complaints about my actions and behavior. He mentioned that he would be speaking to Cindy’s boss about her. The tone of it left little doubt she’d be seeking employment elsewhere very soon. He finally got to the heart of it in the fifth paragraph.

“Julia, we all have private lives with their own unique circumstances. All who work here are expected to be professionals in their habits, demeanor, and conduct. Beyond a certain level, that is even more important. As you know the air gets a little thinner as one rises higher. I would expect that, as you continue up the ladder, your professionalism and decorum will be maintained at all times. Please congratulate and thank your staff for a job well done.”

At the bottom of the note was a handwritten postscript. “Dear Julia – As I hear it, there seems to be a new love interest in your life. The details are not my concern. Congratulations, best wishes, and may you both enjoy happiness in abundance.”

How sweet! What was dictated was proper and policy. The read between the lines was loud and clear. Executive Julia had to fight back tears. Robert Wood is a wonderful man. Not that I have had much contact with him, but he’s warm, real, and embodies every quality you would expect of someone in his position.

I looked up as Linda knocked and entered, closing the door behind her. She sat down across from me. I handed her the letter. I saw her eyes fall to the bottom; when she looked up they were misty. I nodded. “Me too.” She nodded. She handed back the letter.

I went first. “How bad is it out there?” That was what the hand-written Post-it note was about.

“Not much really; there’s a smattering of it. The coffee room got quiet when I entered. I had a few emails about you and Sheri this morning. Most were gossipy; a few were snippy; there were a few nice ones.” She shrugged, sat quietly and waited.

Oh hell, just tell her. “It was all a ploy. The timing of the conference, your vacation, all of it. She knew; apparently from the first time you interviewed her for the internship. She told me that you’d gone on and on about me. She deduced bursa escort we had been lovers once even though you never mentioned it.” Linda flamed bright red at that. I just shrugged. “Old news honey. She laid in wait. She knew if she let me I would do what I did. She only had to give me the chance. She kissed me, lightly, in the lounge Thursday night, blushed and went quiet. Once she’d baited me with it, she let me take the hook. She knew I would.”

Linda’s voice was quiet. “All that from a first interview?”

I nodded. “Trust me, I have no idea how either. But she did, I did, and …” I paused and looked down, “Lin, I’m so damn glad I did! Not even you knew, as close as we were once, that I am a submissive. She knew; she knew I would give it to her if she gave me the chance. She was right — I did.” I smiled. “Lin, I’m so goddamned glad about it as well. Only Michelle knew and, god, that was back 25 years ago or so.” Linda’s eyes flashed for a second. I knew why and let it slide.

“And this kiss I’ve been hearing about? What of that? How on earth did you … why?” Her tone was conversational but I heard the heat behind it. “You have spent your career in a closet of your own creation. I look back at it sometimes — back at us — and I can’t believe you came on to me … and the rest of it. Now this? With an intern? I’m stunned.”

I was angry but I laughed. “Miss buttoned down and completely professional goes and completely smashes her carefully constructed façade. Is that about right?” Even Linda had to smile and nod at my description. “You’re completely on it Lin. Absolutely right; and I must admit, it was completely spur of the moment and that alone made it even more out of character — and I’m the one who did it.” We both had a laugh about that. “I’d just announced the bonus and read Mr. Wood’s letter. It was the perfect time for me to sit down so I left the stage. As I approached the table Sheri stood and greeted me with a hug. I kissed her — just like that. After we sat down I thought she’d kill me.”

I knew it was dangling there. Lin asked, “That fast? This all happened that fast?”

“Yup … don’t know and don’t care. I’m so damn happy, both with her and being out.” I told my friend, my P.A., my ex-lover, “She gave me the chance to be me, to give birth and life to who I am. Honestly, Lin, I would have seduced her anyway but this is a million times better. The other me would have chewed her up just like I did you.”

Lin’s eyes teared briefly while she sat but she blinked them away. I shrugged and said, “Go ahead Lin, let it go … say whatever it is you’re feeling — please.” She shook her head, got up, and walked around the office for a bit. She was angry, she was happy, and she was confused — she was a walker. When we were together and we fought, she would get up and walk. I wanted to tie her to a chair sometimes in frustration! I saw her shoulders set; she was ready. She walked around to me. She leaned over and kissed me; very soft and chaste – a kiss from a friend to a friend.

She turned and went back to her chair and sat. “I hate you and I’m thrilled for you.” I nodded; I knew what she meant. “Sheri’s not here. Is she okay?”

I smiled. “She had a few tests to take and a lot of work to catch up on. For her to miss two days of class is a staggering amount given the class load she carries. She was up till the wee hours this morning and, after a bit of sleep, back at it again. I suspect she’ll have another long day and night as well. She’s fine; well, as fine as can be, all things considered.”

Linda asked about Cindy. I covered that from front to back, including my gaffe of sending Sheri to the desk. I told her about Sue and Georgia. Her eyes got wide at Sue’s remarks. We had good, long laugh about the “skank.” I detailed Sunday’s lunch; she smiled. “Sounds like the four of you got along famously.” I nodded.

“I’m going to email Sue some time soon and plan a trip for the two of us to Charlotte for a long weekend. If she’ll have us I think it would be a fun time.” She was surprised but delighted.

“I’m sore.” Her eyes widened in absolute disbelief and shock. I smiled.

“You mean you let her … What? You, the dominant top, allowed yourself to be topped?” I smiled and nodded. “Oh my lord, of all the things you told me, that’s the one that has me most shocked. Oh my god! Wait till I tell Kat.”

I could only laugh. What the hell — every word she said was true!

We finally got to business, which took about a third of the time our chat did. There was nothing big planned for today that involved me. The phone rang. I answered it. It was my boss — he wanted to see me. I mouthed it to Linda. She nodded and got up and left, closing the door. George Watson is Senior V.P. and C.F.O. He is ten years my senior, married, kids, and a good man to work for. I told him I’d be upstairs in ten minutes; he agreed. I sat quietly for a bit. I re-read Sheri’s email and Mr. Wood’s bursa escort bayan letter. I put the letter in my purse and shut down my computer and headed upstairs. There was an email waiting from Cindy — let it sit. I told Linda I had no idea how long I’d be. She nodded; her smile was a silent “good luck.” I smiled back and was off. I’d had to check the computer to remember who Mr. Watson’s P.A. is — Maddi.

I greeted her by name when I approached his office. “Oh yes, Julia, go right in; he’s expecting you. Coffee?”

I thanked her and she led me to the door, knocked, and announced me. The familiar big, booming voice called my name. Maddi closed the door behind me and Mr. Watson came from behind his desk (told you he was a good man) and shook my hand warmly. His genuine smile welcomed me. Hmm. He urged me to sit. I did. He began by congratulating me and my staff for the smooth way the conference came off. He said he’d had nothing but compliments. I thanked him and promised to let everyone know of his praise. He was the one who had given me the letter from Mr. Wood about the bonus. I made sure to let him know, as I would Mr. Wood, that it was loudly and well received. He mentioned that he had already had a phone call from Cindy’s boss and that she was most apologetic for the extraordinarily rude conduct directed at me. He suggested I would be receiving a written letter of apology from her boss and told me that, in fact, Cindy had already been escorted from the building, by security, early this morning. She was being terminated for cause. I took no pleasure in that. I did express thanks for the notice of the call from the supervisor. Maddi came in with my coffee. I thanked her; she left.

When he came to it, he was surprisingly gentle. “Now then, Julia, about this kiss of yours — I must admit I was a bit surprised.” The meaning behind it was clear and unspoken. That carefully constructed wall took years to build and a less than twelve hours to um … be torn down. I gave this decent, gentle man a description that was candid and forthcoming without being revealing. His gaze was even and clear as he spoke. His eyes didn’t give indication of any upset or disappointment. He smiled and said, “So please tell me about this Sheri. She’s interning this semester? Does she attend school nearby?” I gave him the pertinent background details about her and made sure to let him know how quickly she’d taken to the work. I also made mention of Linda’s effusive praise in her accounting of Sheri’s performance to me. Mr. Watson nodded as I spoke. His eyes went a bit wide as I had described her class load. It didn’t need to be spoken aloud that she was smart. I left out that she kissed like an angel.

He asked if there was anything else. I thought about it for a moment. I didn’t think there was. I blurted it out, “I love her.” God bless the man, he smiled and nodded. I blushed.

“We go where our heart leads us Julia. I’ve been married for a long time now. She had me at hello, as they say.” I’d met his wife at company functions and such. She’s lovely. “Well this is all very good, young lady. I would just advise you to continue to use the impeccable judgment and decorum you’ve displayed in your career here. We value, I value, you very highly, personally and professionally.” He smiled warmly; message received.

He stood; meeting over. We shook hands; he thanked me for my time. I left, said bye to Maddi, and went to the elevator. There were others in the elevator so I couldn’t collapse in relief. I got off at my floor and walked to my office. I gave Lin a wink and a ‘thumbs up.’ She smiled and nodded. I went into my office and sat down. I pulled the letter out of my purse after I turned the computer on. It was only then it dawned on me — the letter had been dictated this morning. How the hell it had gotten to me this soon was beyond me. The devil’s in the details I guess. A thin smile — no, the devil is out of a job.

I missed my honey. Geez, three and a half days and I was over the moon. Welcome to life girlfriend. I stopped into the ladies room and did what I had to. It gave me a chance to think for a moment. Uh huh, you know I wanted to do that as well!! I washed my hands and splashed some cold water on my face. My girl looked at me with a smile and a twinkle and nodded. Yeah, I know, you love her; me too. Back to the office and work, fresh cup of coffee in hand. I read the emails. Ooh!! Cindy really is a vindictive bitch. Apparently, her last act as an employee was to fire off a scathing, disgusting email. I’d show it to Linda, not to Sheri. She didn’t need that. Sue and Georgia both send little notes; really lovely. I responded to both. I asked Sue if the two of them would mind if we planned a trip somewhere down the road. Most of the others were complimentary — about the conference and Sheri. A few jerks; I let it go.

The day dragged on. I went out for lunch just to get out. I picked at bursa sınırsız escort the food and thought of calling Sheri about a thousand times but she would be in class. I did send her a text, letting her know I was thinking about her and missed her and that I loved her. It was about an hour before she replied; her reply made me smile and cry a little. Emails composed and read; a report for an upcoming meeting; not all that much actually for a Monday. I knew what was going on in my head — one part of me wanted to find Sheri while another part hated the thought of going home to an empty house. Well, empty being defined, now, as not having Sheri there. I chewed on that one for a while. I lived close to work; not too close. When I thought about it, I was probably equidistant between the office and the sorority house. All I wanted was to get laid. Well, actually — yeah, but I just wanted to set eyes on her. That would hold me for a bit. But I had to let it go. She had a busy life before all this happened and I was just going to have to adjust. It was when I thought of that I first realized just how empty my life had been before. There were no real close girlfriends — no BFF. Linda? Maybe, kinda sorta — but I’d turned away from her a while ago. She was now happy and content.

My cell phone rang. Oh god, it was Sheri. My heart pounded as I answered. “Hi … umm, Ma’am.”

“Hey babe, I’m walking from class to class so I thought I’d give ya a quick hello. How’s the day?” Wet!

“I miss you terribly and need you more. Cindy’s been fired and removed from the building. I’m fine. I’ll tell you more tonight. What time can I call?” Wet, as in soaking.

“Let me call you okay pet?” There’s my girl. “It’s better that way. It will force me to take a break and have a quick bite to eat while we talk — if that’s okay?” Wet, as in I need a towel and a fresh pair of panties when the call is over.

“Absolutely honey. That’s better. I won’t be distracting you all day and night. Annie and Oakley miss you; umm, other pieces and parts miss you, and I miss you terribly Ma’am”

“You bad, bad pet. Tsk, tsk. There will be consequences for your behavior pet.” Wet, as in tsunami got nothing on me.

“Thank you Ma’am.”

“I miss you too, Julia. I better go. I’m walking up the steps of the building. Toodles honey. Love you bunches.”

My eyes were hot with tears. I struggled, “Miss you too, Sheri. Love you bunches. Bye.” Call over; I closed the phone. Linda walked in the door. She saw my eyes. I nodded.

“I was impossible wasn’t I Lin? She nodded. “Sorry. Really I am. I guess the shoe’s on the other foot now — sorta.”

“I’ll tell you this because you’re my friend, Julia. I truly didn’t think you were capable of this.” Cut me to the bone. True.

“Simon and Garfunkel’s “Like A Rock.” I used to sing it, but I never gave it much thought. It just flew through my head and I realize what they were saying. God I was a pain in the ass.” Linda’s too good a person to say it; she shrugged. I looked at her. “I promise to be a better friend Linda — you deserve it.”

We both cried a little. I guess because we’re women. Maybe because I knew I had to be better and she was grateful for it.

I looked at the computer. Geez, it’s 3 pm. Oh, I told Linda about the disgusting email from Cindy and that, based on the time stamp, it was likely her last act before being escorted out. She just shook her head in disgust. I mentioned that I had no intention of showing it to Sheri. Linda agreed with me — vigorously.

“Do I have anything to do today?”

“No, not really. You’re crazy busy the rest of the week. I’ll bring you up to speed before I leave today so you’ll know what’s coming.”

Oh good! “Umm, if you don’t mind, can you bring it in and let’s talk about it now. I can decide if I have to stay late and let Randi know what time to get me.” We agreed on fifteen minutes. Okay good; now I’ve got some focus. I ripped through what was left of the emails. I caught up on business news online. Every other minute or so I kept getting a vision in my head of these very green eyes — I missed them terribly. That reminds me. I dashed into the bathroom and put on a clean, dry, pair of panties. Okay yeah, I sniffed. I miss her. I keep a box of sandwich bags in my desk. Now you know why.

Linda and I take turns when the tampons run out. We both use the same brand. TMI? It’s just details — life. I think it’s my turn. She reminds me.

Okay, this is not a detail I had to share but it’s my story. I needed something more today. I went into my bathroom again, closed the door, took off my sweater and the thin long sleeve shirt underneath it. I pulled the girls up and almost out of the bra, just enough so the nipple would show, and put the itchy sweater back on. Mmm — me likee. The girl in the mirror did too! Her eyes told me so. Annie and Oakley let me know they were very much in favor of the change.

Refreshed and revitalized I sat back down. As if on cue, Linda wandered in. She noticed it in me immediately. Damn! Her eyes took me in. I knew she couldn’t see I’d had a spend — not that kind of glow. She was puzzled and I wasn’t telling. If you don’t know what a “spend” is, find yourself a British lass or read more stories on Literotica. That’s how I knew of it.

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