A day at the Grange pt 2

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[b]Written and edited with the collaboration and inspiration of a good friend and favourite naughty mouse.

Continuing the adventures of Charlotte and Lillian whilst visiting for lunch

Charlotte now turned her attention back to Sally, who had stood there fascinated watching Lillian administer to her master. Charlotte gave Sally a quick slap across the face to get her attention, telling her she had a new task for her, Sally nodded her head and quickly and prepared to obey.
“Now Sally you will undress me, and fold my clothes for me”.
“Yes mistress”.
Sally began by unbuttoning Charlotte’s bodice and slipping it of her shoulders; next she lowered the dress to the floor.
“Step out please mistress”.
Charlotte stepped out of her dress, standing there now only dressed in her diaphanous under slip.
Sir Richard sat and watched with Lillian seated at his feet, the more Sally disrobed Charlotte, the more aroused he became. He noted the way Charlotte’s breasts sat on her chest, the nipples starting to harden and poke through the gossamer material of her slip, the darker patch at her crotch denoting where her sex was; he gently pulled Lillian’s head back to his now hard member, and urged her to begin to lick and suck at it again.
Charlotte noted this, a smile spreading across her full lips. Sally now stood behind her and asked Charlotte to raise her arms, as she did this she slowly raised the slip over her head and placed it with the dress. Sally knelt before her and slowly eased Charlotte’s bloomers down.
“Please mistress can you lift one leg at a time”?
Charlotte stepped out of her bloomers and stood there in all her young glory, now only clad in her stockings and boots; her nipples now fully hard and the lips of her vagina were swelling slightly. Sally reached for a stocking top, but Charlotte put her hand out and stopped her.
“No Sally you can leave those on; follow me?” She led her to the couch opposite Richard and sat down upon it.
“Sally kneel before me young girl, quickly now”.
Sally knelt down and looked up at her mistress, who parted her legs wide exposing her moistening vagina to her. Charlotte reached forward and gripping her hair pulled Sally’s head to her crotch and instructed her to lick it.
Sally flicked her tongue out and began to run her tongue along Charlotte’s wet slit from the bottom to the top, probing and sucking at her labia till she reached the clitoris. Charlotte rolled her head back and moaned as she felt the young tongue pressing on her clit and licking at it.
“Sally you have done this before haven’t you girl?”
“Yes mistress, my mother used to make me do this to her while father was away”.
Sally continued gaziantep escort to lick at Charlotte’s clit, occasionally slipping her tongue down and probing inside. Charlotte’s juices were flowing out allowing Sally to slide her tongue a little further inside.
“Please mistress your pussy tastes and smells so nice, can I use a finger on you as well?”
Charlotte looked down, she was torn between smacking her for being insubordinate or attaining greater pleasure; it was pleasure that won out, she nodded her head and told her to continue.
Sally dipped her head back down and began to suck on the clitoris again, and as she did so slowly slid a finger into Charlotte’s pussy; this time Charlotte’s legs came up and her feet rested on the edge of the couch, making her pussy open up like a fresh rose in the morning light.
“Oh mistress your pussy is so hot and it is so tight!” Sally exclaimed.
Charlotte grabbed the child’s head and ground herself onto Sally’s mouth. “Shut up and lick me, or I will have to beat you some more, and of course I am tight, I exercise and I am a virgin”.
Sir Richard was now fully inflamed and needed some release, he pulled Lillian around and forced her to her hands and knees; kneeling behind her he entered her vagina in one thrust, gripping her hips he began to stroke in and out of her.
Lillian moaned loudly as she was penetrated from behind and began to push back onto Richard’s hard cock as he pushed forward into her; soon they set a rhythm and began to fuck slowly whilst watching the other two.
Sally now had two fingers slipping in and out of Charlotte, and continued to lick and suck at her clit. She looked up as Charlotte’s head again rolled back in pure ecstasy.
“Oh miss there is something else my mother made me do, shall I do it to you as well”.
“What is it girl, quickly tell me”?
Sally began to stammer and blush, she looked up telling Charlotte she didn’t want to say while others were around, she was embarrassed and could she just show her. Charlotte gripped her hair, twisting it harshly demanding she be told, or she would take the cane to her again.
Sally yelped and replied. “My mother used to make me lick at her other hole, and push a finger into it mistress”.
Charlotte smiled at this and told her to continue. Sally knelt between her legs again with a secret little smile on her face. She licked down Charlotte’s lips, moving slowly till her tongue was circling around her tight little anus. When this happened Charlotte took a deep breath, moaning loudly and she raised and spread her legs even wider.
When Sally moved her lips and tongue back to her clit, Charlotte felt the finger slowly probing at her sphincter; her eyes widened and her breath came out in one long rush when she felt it push deep inside her rectum.
“Oh god that is good, oh god Lillian let Sir Richard push his finger into your back passage it is oh so good; do it Sir Richard do it now!”
Richard ran his finger along Lillian’s wet slit, gathering up some juices sliding them around her little anus making Lillian moan louder. Sally looked back at what was happening. Just as Richard pushed his finger deep into Lillian’s rectum; her eyes closed and she howled in pleasure; Sir Richard smiled widely as Sally gave him a long wink, and turned back to Charlotte’s vagina.
Again the young girl began licking and sucking, while her finger worked at Charlotte’s back passage.
“Where did you learn to do this girl, oh god yes, tell me where?”
“Miss my father used to make me lick my mother here and do this before he did, well you know don’t you?”
“No I do not now tell me quickly?”
“Miss he made me lick and finger mothers bum before he pushed his big thing in there”.
Charlotte looked shocked and grabbed Sally by the head. “Your father used to fuck your mother in the back passage?”
Sally nodded her head. “Yes miss and he did it to me as well”.
Charlotte quickly stood and pulled Sally along with her over to Richard and Lillian. “Lillian you will let Sir Richard fuck your back passage now and tell me what it is like”.
Charlotte knelt next to Lillian, and watched as Richard pulled his cock slowly out of her pussy. She reached her hand out and grasping his cock began to stroke it slowly.
“Sally work on Lillian’s back passage like you did for your mother”.
Sally smiled as she lowered her mouth to Lillian’s anus and flicked her tongue out; slowly she began to circle around her tiny opening making her moan softly. Her hands grasped Lillian’s buttocks and deftly spread them open. Lillian gasp loudly as Sally’s tongue then her finger pushed into her anus.
“Oh god Sally, don’t stop that feels so good”.
With her hand still holding and rubbing Sir Richards shaft, Charlotte leant closer and watched as the finger worked in and out of her cousin’s rectum. She instructed sally to lift her head out of the way so she could see better. Sally looked up at Sir Richard and smiled.
“Remove your fingers Sally, I shall take over for a while, now keep Sir Richard hard and get him well lubricated while I moisten my cousin’s back passage”.
Sally looked eagerly at Sir Richard’s member, and began stroking it slowly as she flicked her tongue out and licked around his glands.
Charlotte lowered her head down and licked around Lillian’s anus, probing inside with her tongue and finger; moaning softly Lillian pushed back forcing the finger in deeper. At this Charlotte introduced a second finger, and pushed them both in as deep as she could; Lillian gasped loudly and placed her head on the carpet, forcing her buttocks into the air and opening up her anus a little more.
Charlotte forced her fingers in as deep as she could making Lillian wince, she looked over at the other two and told Sally to stop sucking Sir Richard , and to bring him over to Lillian. When they were there she pried Lillian’s anus wide open, and told Sally to introduce his member to it. When she had placed the tip at her back passage she urged Sir Richard to push in.
Richard pushed forward forcing is large member into Lillian’s virgin ass, at this Lillian howled out loudly in pain as she felt his hard member invading her rectum. Slowly he sank himself deeper and deeper into her. Charlotte looked down at her as she screwed her face in pain, and reassured her he was nearly in all the way. Lillian began to take short deep breaths as finally Richard came to a halt inside her.
Her moans continued as he pulled back and pushed in again, but she began to push back onto him as she began to enjoy the sensation of being sodomised.
“How does that feel Lillian, does it feel good”?
Lillian nodded her head and spoke through gritted teeth. “It feels oh so good, a little painful but the pleasure is oh so good, make him go faster for me please sweet cousin”!
Charlotte urged Richard to go faster, telling him to ride her like a mare. Richard looked down to see himself wedged deep in Lillian, and two sweet young faces watching him sodomise her; he smiled and began to pummel in and out, making her squeal in pain and pleasure equally.
Richard began to grunt and moan loudly as he pushed deep inside, and roared out he was about to come. Lillian was shouting and yelling for release, begging him to fill her with his seed.
With a final hard lunge Richard impaled Lillian with his shaft, and began to shoot deep into her as she pushed back screaming for more; she collapsed forward allowing his member to pop out of her. She lay there shaking in pleasure as Sally began to rub around her anus, forcing the seed out onto her fingers; greedily she licked them clean swallowing it like a special treat.
Charlotte was kneeling there flushed with excitement; she turned to Sir Richard and told him that though she had arrived here a virgin she was not leaving till she was made a complete woman by him. Sir Richard sat back and smiled, and then he turned to Sally and sent her out to fetch some wine. As she stooped to pick up her dress Charlotte spoke quickly.
“No young lady you can go as you are there is no need for clothing, go now quickly and fetch the wine”.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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