A Day with Master and Lil’One

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Slowly I wake up, buried under the covers, my head the only thing poking out. As I regain consciousness I feel heat emanating from my back and I realize that our little one is cuddled up behind me. She must have come to bed after you finished with her this morning. I cuddle her for a few moments as she sleeps. Softly I kiss her, then gently get out of the bed careful not to wake her up.

As quietly as possible I get my robe and pad out of the room and into the bathroom. After performing my morning rituals (contacts, brushing hair, toilet, etc.,) I head out into the common room. Smiling I lean against the wall, watching as you type away on your computer.

‘Good morning,’ I say, wrapping my arms around you and leaning in for a kiss. After talking with you for a few moments I look at the clock and notice that it is 8am, way too early for Lil’One to be up. I look over at you and grin.

Then I head to the stairwell, swishing my ass, and go downstairs. I hear you follow and I giggle as I close the door at the bottom and lean against it, keeping it closed. Soon I feel you push against the door, and realizing what I am doing you warn me ‘Open the door pet, or you will be spanked!’

Of course I just giggle again and I feel you push at the door then, when I feel a you take a short break from trying to open it, I dash across the room to an open bedroom. Hearing my feet run across the room you throw open the door and run after me, the door closing behind you. Before I get to the bedroom I gasp as I feel your arms grab me from behind, and while I would love to squeal and shout I know Lil’One is still asleep, so I settle for a silent struggle. Laughable, I know, but still fun.

You finally get me pinned down, breathless, and there is a set of cuffs close enough for you to reach without releasing me. You attach them to my wrists and then together with a clip. Helping me up but keeping me closely under control you lead me over to the wall. Attaching my wrists to a bolt in the wall you detach one wrist and, taking the robe off of it, reattach it to a point above. You detach my other wrist from the waist high bolt, pull my robe off all the way, and reattach the cuff to the high-point, leaving me facing the wall hands above my head.

Smiling you shake your head. ‘You really shouldn’t have done that my pet,’ you mummer. My eyes sparkle mischievously as I turn my head to watch you. Smiling you pick up a blindfold, putting it over my head/eyes, leaving me in the dark.

I hear you moving around, opening up the ‘toy-chest,’ and I know you are getting things out. But ugh! I can’t see! After a moment all is silence. And more silence. I start to tense up, the complete silence so unnerving. When I feel like I can’t take anymore, and I’m about to say something, anything, you reach around and grab my neck, pulling my head back a little at the same time as your body slams mine into the wall.

You growl and I feel your hard-on pressing through your briefs. You pull my hair to the side, bend down and bite me on the neck, and just as suddenly, you are gone. I whimper, needing to feel you against me again, my whole body shivering as if I were freezing cold instead of burning up.

The next thing I feel is my favorite elk leather flogger, working from the top of my knees, up, up over my ass, up my back, and then down the other side. Then up again, this time harder, faster. I settle down into it, loving the feel of the leather striking my bare flesh. At the end of the second round you stop.

Then I feel a sting, slight, but I can tell it is the dreaded/loved cane. It takes the same path, top of my knees, up over my ass, up my back, and down the other side. Not hard enough to leave welts, just enough to feel the sting. I try to force myself to relax, knowing what is coming, and sure enough, you start over again. Stronger, faster. Still no welts being left but definitely harder.

I whimper, my face still against the wall, as you finish the second set. Then, just on my ass, I feel a harder, though not so sharp, sting. You are using the paddle, leather side. You give me five good hard swats on both sides. I can feel the heat as you brush up against me, gentle this time. I sigh in pleasure, my skin sensitivity heightened from the previous activity. Your hands lightly brush against my back, down my ass, touching me.

You stop and then I hear something being drug on the floor and you help me step back, and on, the risers. After you release some of the chain from the wall you pull me away from it slightly, being careful I don’t get to the very edge. Then you bend me over, and now being at the perfect height, you grab my hips and pull me onto you. I gasp as I feel your hard cock entering my soaking wet, tight, pussy. You quickly build up a rhythm, hard and fast and soon I am on the cusp of cumming. You grab my hair and pull back, your other hand almost bruising in its intensity on my hip.

‘Cum for me my Pet,’ you growl into my ear. I cry out as my orgasm takes me, my body muğla escort shaking as I obey your command. As soon as I cum, I feel you cumming inside me, filling me up. We rest there for just a moment getting our breath back. You reach up and unhook the cuffs, and I turn around and hug you. We stagger over to the couch and cuddle.

After a few long moments I slide down and kneel between your legs. I clean off our combined juices and start licking and sucking you. I go down and lick your balls, running my tongue all around them, kissing them, your hand gently resting on my head. I take my time, long moments of just softly licking, sucking, kissing all around your shaft and balls.

Then you gently push me down harder and I get the hint. I speed up, taking as much of you inside my wet, warm, mouth as possible, my tongue licking wherever possible.

Faster, then I feel you tense up, grabbing my hair in one hand, the edge of the sofa in the other, you get closer and closer until you erupt inside my mouth. I look up at you as you cum, swallowing as fast as I can, not wasting a single drop.

You help me back up beside you. ‘Such a good Pet’, you murmur, holding me close. You turn on a movie and we cuddle while we watch it. After the movie I look at the time and it is close to noon. I stretch and reluctantly get up. I kiss you again before I head up the stairs.

I look in the refrigerator and get sandwich stuff out and make them. After they are made I slide into my bedroom. You watch from the door as I get in bed behind Lil’One. Suddenly I grab her around the waist and she screams, flailing about. With you and I both laughing she gets up in a huff and storms out of the room.

‘Lunch is ready!,’ I call after her, still laughing.

We go back to the main room still laughing. We sit down for lunch and plan the rest of the day. Lil’One comes into the room still huffing, but sits down and eats as well. We all finally settle down on a short hike today, then fun downstairs, and Lil’One and I will be going to a movie that night.

After we all dress, Lil’One in denim shorts, yellow undies, and a blue tank top with no bra, me in a short skirt and a black tank top but nothing else we tromp out the door.

It is a gorgeous day out. Fluffy white clouds skitter across the blue sky, sunlight filtering down through the tall trees. A small breeze is blowing. We just chat among ourselves, heading for a local trail.

After 45 minutes walking we strike down a small trail not many know about. We get to the end of the trail after another 30 minutes and all you hear is the quiet restive sounds of the forest. We spread out the blanket you brought and you recline with me on one side and Lil’One on the other.

I reach over and bring Lil’One close to me and kiss her gently. Soon I crawl over you and her and spoon her from one side, you on the other, and we both begin to explore our Lil’One together, making her moan as we build up her arousal. You and I lever up on our sides and push her to her back, one of my hands holding hers down above her head, one of your hands holding her other hand down in the same position, our legs over hers, so that she is spread out for our pleasure.

I push her top up, exposing her breasts to the air, and we both take a nipple in our mouth while our other hand softly strokes her belly, to her thighs, until she is arching up, whimpering, her body begging to be touched. Finally you unbutton her shorts and we both push them down to her knees. While you play with her slit I am playing with her clit.

We both watch her mounting passion. I am mesmerized by her movements, I lean down and lick her neck, then nibble it, alternating kissing her neck, whispering how hot she looks into her ear, and french kissing her mouth. I am breathing heavy, watching her moan and writhe beneath our hands. I glance at you and likewise you are watching her face as our fingers bring her to a peak.

We keep her there for awhile, not allowing her to cum, until she starts to beg us to allow her an orgasm. We grin at each other, then our fingers pinch, twirl, and press into her and she peaks, her body arching off the blanket, and she screams out her release. My mouth covers hers instantly, no one is nearby, but still wouldn’t want anyone to investigate and ruin our fun.

We all flop back down on the blanket and I move Lil’One over so I am beside you again. After a few moments I slowly wiggle down, and over, till I am in one of my favorite positions, between your legs. After unbuttoning and pulling down your shorts and briefs I slowly lick down your shaft, licking, kissing, and then gently sucking on your balls as Lil’One recovers.

I slowly lick back up your hard shaft, kiss it all over, before I take it inside my mouth. I bob up and down, taking my time, my tongue laving it lovingly. Then I get up on all fours, and Lil’One comes up behind me, pushes my skirt up, and starts licking my pussy as I lick and suck on your hard cock.

I rhodope-mugla.org take more and more until I have your entire length inside my mouth, can feel you inside my throat. It feels so good, even as I try to relax my gag-reflexes. I can feel Lil’One’s tongue on my clit, dipping inside my tight pussy. As I get more aroused I take more and more of you until I am sucking and licking for all I am worth and I feel you tense up.

I try to get you to cum before Lil’One causes my orgasm to crash through me, so I pick up speed, and finally! I feel you spurt your cum inside my mouth, so very tasty. As soon as you finish I allow myself to let go and I cum on Lil’One’s tongue, shivering as I feel your hands in my hair keeping my head close to you, your softening cock inside my mouth. I flop forward and sigh, my head resting on your thigh as Lil’One crawls forward to rest at your side. I finally get enough energy to crawl to your empty side and Lil’One and I fall into a light doze, all of us content being with each other.

After a little bit you nudge us fully awake and we wake up and stretch. Then we got up, packed the blanket, Lil’One and I adjust our clothes, and we head back to the cabin. Lil’One and I are holding hands and chatting about a movie coming up that we both want to see, sadly you don’t have any inclination to go see it with us.

While on the main trail we see a few people hiking. I laugh softly and you and Lil’One both shake your heads, knowing what is coming. When they get close I lean down and kiss Lil’One softly on the mouth, nothing too outrageous, but enough to let them know she and I are together. Then I push Lil’One over to you, and blushing, she goes up to you and kisses you, you bending down so she doesn’t have to strain too much. They have already passed us, but I come up and hug both of you, and we all three hold hands while walking for the next few moments.

When we get back you and Lil’One head downstairs while I get us all a drink.

I come downstairs and a porn flick is going, but you and Lil’One are just cuddling on the sofa while watching it. After handing out the water we all just cuddle on the sofa for the next few moments. I reach up and start nibbling on your neck, and Lil’One, once she notices, starts doing the same.

Soon we are both softly whimpering, and you push us down onto the floor. You tell us to undress and eagerly we both do so. Then we both pull your shorts and briefs down and off, taking off your socks and shoes first. Then she kneels between your legs and I kneel beside her, lifting her hair out of the way, while my other hand softly caresses her breasts.

She starts having a bit of difficulty, not being able to take much of you inside her mouth. I mummer to her that she needs to do better, or I will force her to do better. She whimpers and tries to take more, getting maybe a fraction of an inch more inside. I start pinching her nipple harder, and she takes more of you inside.

I watch her efforts for a little bit, very aroused by how eager she is to please us both. My hand drops her hair, and both hands slowly go down her back, then cup around to find her pussy. I kneel behind her, my body dwarfing hers as she still is sucking and licking on your hard cock, and my fingers find her clit. I slowly circle it, and watch intently as her licking slows down just a bit.

I pinch her clit and she yelps and quickens her pace again, while I softly rub her clit, my other fingers softly probing her slit. I notice you are starting to get close again and I speed her up, whispering into her ear how I want to see your cum paint her lips, telling her to go faster. Her hand joins her mouth and she keeps a steady pace.

At one point I push her head down, a little frustrated she isn’t taking more of your hard cock in her mouth, but after she gags a bit I do let up and allow her, for the time being, to take what she feels like she can handle. Soon I notice you tensing up, your hands gripping the sofa, and I watch as your orgasm sweeps over you, then I quickly look back down as I see your cum seeping out of her mouth.

By the time you are finished my mouth is licking up the leaks, and when you are completely done and she releases you, I clean your softening cock up, making sure it is completely clean. Then I look over to our Lil’One and praise her. I lean down and kiss her and I taste you inside her mouth. Such a heady combination.

Lil’One whimpers as I pick her up and take her over to our liberator chaise lounge. Attaching the velvet wrist and ankle cuffs to her I put her into a position where her feet are resting on the edge, her hands are over the top, stretching out her body. I push her thighs as far apart as possible.

Then I bring out a soft, but firm, flogger. ‘Lil’One, you are not to close your legs for any reason,’ I say.

Yes Mistress,’ Lil’One replies.

I start off softly, the flogger gently brushing against her breasts, her stomach, the inside of her thighs. Then a tad bit harder, harder still, until she is squirming and her skin is turning pink. She is moaning, and her legs are trembling, straining from forcing herself not to close them.

I stop and switch from the leather short flogger to the fur one. I gently run it up and down her sensitive skin, a hit here, a swipe there. She is moaning from the stimulation, everywhere but where she wants it to be. Her legs are now open as far as they can go, her hips tilting up, needing stimulation.

I smile down at her squirming body, my fingers trailing from her collarbone, down to her breasts where they circle her nipples, over her stomach, down between her thighs, where my fingers trace light circles over her clit. Again and again, tracing the entire alphabet with one hand, the other petting and stroking her thighs.

When I am finished I move away and she moans in disappointment. I chuckle while I switch out the fur flogger for a finger vibe. The moment it touches her clit she jumps and squeals as I turn it on low. I have a wand vibe in my other hand and press it to her nipples, running both in small, tight, circles.

I can feel her tensing up, and I motion to you with my head. Grinning you come over, and following my motions, stand close to her head. I silently mouth ‘Hold her down.’ She startles when your hands hold her shoulders down and I straddle the liberator, her thighs held apart by my arms and shoulders.

I turn the wand on high and place it over her clit and start to pump the finger vibe inside her slit. Her orgasm crashes over her, her body arcs up, and she screams. I don’t let up but keep going, my fingers going faster, rubbing the wand over and over her clit, pressing down. She starts to whimper, her thighs try to close, but you are keeping her torso down and she can’t close her legs with me between them.

Suddenly you lean down and start gently biting her nipples, sending her over the edge again, sobbing helplessly against her own body’s reactions. I lighten up the intensity, and we both bring her back from the edge gently, then finally stopping all together. We untie her and you get a blanket from the couch. We wrap it around her and you carry her over to the couch where we both cuddle her from both sides until she stops shaking.

You and I share a kiss, then I look down and smirk when I see you are still hard. ‘Did you enjoy that Master?’ I ask.

You chuckle and say ‘You know I did Pet, now what are you going to do for me?’

I stand up, and placing some pillows around Lil’One, I sashay over to Libby, adding the middle piece, and drape myself over it. Wiggling my ass I look over at you and say ‘I am all yours Master.’

I turn back around, and doing a little hop, I place myself almost upside down, my hands on the floor. I can feel you come up and slide inside me easily, aroused as I was from playing with Lil’One.

We both moan from the sensation, you from the tightness of my pussy, me from the filling of the fullness of you. Soon you are slamming into me, knowing I can take it. You pull on my hair and I try to arch my back, but there really isn’t any room for me to do so, and I cry out as I cannot.

I can feel you pressing into my g-spot each time you push in, and soon I am shaking and on the cusp of another orgasm. Then I feel a soft touch on my clit, then harder, and I realize that Lil’One is underneath us. Gasping I can feel my orgasm wash over me, and when it does I clamp down on your hard cock.

When you feel me clenching down you groan, and letting go of my hair, you grab my hips and go deeper still inside me and finally let go. I whimper as I feel you filling me up with your cum. I fall off of Libby and just lay there for a moment, and I feel Lil’One cuddling into my side.

I laugh as the ground becomes too uncomfortable, and I stand up with your help. Lil’One and I are worn out and we go to your bed, cuddling, then we pass out.

I wake up after an hour or so nap, and without waking Lil’One, I slip out of the bed. Throwing on a robe I head upstairs. I noticed that you have already put the liberator slip-cover into the wash. Laughing I pad up the stairs.

Smiling I look over and you are working on something on your laptop. I head over to the refrigerator. Pulling ingredients out for Stir-Fry steak, I feel you slip behind me and you pull me close, hugging me from behind. I relax into your arms, lean my head back, and you lean down to kiss me.

Sighing, adore being held by you, I finish getting everything ready. I put on the long grain and wild rice to boil, along with parsley flakes, I pound the meat, making sure it is tender. Cutting the meat into strips, I add the olive oil and teriyaki sauce into the pan and start it up. Adding the vegetables I let everything simmer until it is close to being done.

While it is simmering I slip downstairs to wake up Lil’One, doing it gently this time. After making sure she is completely awake I come back upstairs and fix three plates.

When everyone had gathered around we all eat, talking about the other hikers we had seen, how your project was coming along. Lil’One and I talked a bit about the movie we were going to go see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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