A Dream Come True

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Double Penetration

I have wanted and waited many long years just to have one full, exquisite, lustful night with my Master. Well, tonight it will happen. My husband is working out of town, his wife has gone to visit her kids.

I am just super elated, the erotic jubilance that I am feeling, well, quite frankly, is just out of this world. I can only dream that the wanton yearning of anticipation will only be half as exuberant as the night itself. Just the thought of being able to fall asleep and then to awaken in his arms, heaven, here I cum!!

I just got home from work, what a hell of a long day this has been. Waiting and watching the clock, shit how time drags when you are counting the minutes, just longing to be elsewhere. But now I can get ready. As the excitement starts to build, my stomach is fluttering, my cunt is actually yearning, if you can believe that, and my head is spinning. I need to take five and calm down, relax. Ah, a hot, scented bath should do the trick.

Running the water, adding sweet jasmine, just the smell of that stuff is intoxicating, but relaxing. Taking off my cloths, I can’t resist running my hands over my breasts, playing with my nipples, my clit, fingering my cunt, juicy cunt. Oh what the hell, before I get in, a little play time with my toy (replica made of my master). No need for lube, just roll it around my wet cunt, and in he goes, fuck it feels good.

Leaning over the counter, I thrust it in and out, my muscles are grasping it, latching on to it, propelling it in, out, in, out. OH, I can feel the climax building. Faster, harder I ram him in, going deeper, faster, harder, deeeeper, “shit, shit, OH shit mother,” I’m cumming.

As my orgasm ends I can feel my secretion dripping down your shaft. Fuck that was great. Only now I have a hand covered in juice, it’s down my thigh, my cunt is still in spasms. Oh well, I can leave you in as I bath, let it unwind, then take you out and clean both of us.

Laying in a luxurious scented bath, I can feel my pussy starting to slow down. I love just having you in there, it’s as if you were molded for my cunt.

Light my candles, lay back and sip my wine. I don’t know why but my breast become so sensitive under the water, just lightly rubbing them can make me cum, but it sure is a dreamy sensation, all the same.

Well, enough of this I need to get shaved, and washed. Have to have a soft, supple, hairless pussy, legs and pits. Not to mention a douched out cunt now as well. I can’t forget to clean out my ass either. All cleaned, shaved, dried and applied lotion, plus you are cleaned and put away. Now all I have to do is get dressed, grab some stuff and I am off to Masters house.

It is a breezy but warm, early summers eve, so I will wear my long wrap around skirt, low cut short sleeved top and sandals. I have some wine, salad and fruit, OH don’t forget some toys and what not. I am off and out the door.

Pulling up his driveway, he opens the garage doors, need to conceal my car. Closing the doors, shutting off the motor, I grab my stuff and we leave the garage.

As I walk out I see that he has a picnic area set up for starters. So as I go to sit on the blanket he has laid out, I feel his hand cup my ass, “tonight we will have dessert before dinner, and this is my desired dessert,” as he give my ass a swat.

I am never super crazy about ass fucking, but when he wants it that way he always makes me so bloody, super, horny first, that it ends up I don’t care where I get fucked just that I do. So I know that soon he will devour my entire body, dessert, my ass(oh yea, that’s what he is aiming for), more like a three course meal, with all the trimmings for me. I can’t wait, I am just starved!!

As I go to sit on the blanket, he tells me “lay flat on your back and spread your legs.”

Doing so, he comes down, he runs his hands up my legs bringing my skirt with him. Laying his now naked body between my legs, putting the pressure of his cock against my clit and cunt. He just kinda rubs his shaft in a circular motion, grinding it into my clit, making me jittery with anticipation.

He slides his hands up my side, stopping to cup my breasts, holding them at the base he gently squeezes them in a milking motion. Rubbing his thumb over the taunt nipples, just making my wanton pussy lift in excitement against his membrane.

Slipping my shirt over my head, exposing my bosoms for his awaiting mouth and tongue, as he mills his cock hard against my rosy, protruding bud. His mouth is sucking hard on my nipples, teeth scorching my breasts as he lightly pulls away only to nip the ends, then sucks them back in again. Softly tyrannizing them between his molars. Making me drive them up into his face. His tongue lightly flicking the ends sending electric flashes down to my snatch. Wet flicks mixing with cool air, fuck I am cumming. I can feel my cunt spasm. Cum is now slipping out and moving down to my ass, just where he wants it.

This is the only time I can get away with cumming and not getting punished. beyliikdüzü escort Needless to say I take advantage of it.

Placing my nipple clamps on, just behind the brown head, so the nipple itself is pointing straight out. I draw in a quick gasp of air, as the pain hits. Then the soothing begins as he softly takes them into his mouth to roll his tongue around the tips. God, now all I feel is the beating, like a heart beat. All is fine and dandy in the boob section.

Working his way down to my clit, leaving very red, small tattle-tail teeth markings. Trailing all the way to the top of my hood, by passing my clit and cunt he continues to the inside of my thighs. Leaving small bite marks in the centre of small hickeys, this has me heaving my ass and cunt up into the air.

Placing his hands on the ground mid way up my mid-section, with a rocking motion he runs his hard cock between my vagina lips, up to my clit, down and up between my ass cheeks. Coming back up, down, around and up, over and over teasing both cunt and clit as he passes over them. Cum catching him as he goes, shit but does that feel cool.

He stops, brings my knees up and spreading them out, he slides his hands under my cheeks to raise my ass up. Taking his tongue he licks from my cunt to my clit, lightly at first them applying more and more pressure as he repeatedly continues. Fuck am I horny!

I push my clit up higher into his face, as he clamps his teeth onto my clit, gently he pulls upward, stretching my clit, sending shock waves everywhere. He releases it and then buries his face and starts sucking. At first just my delicate rose bud, then taking more and sucking harder, I start really meshing my clit into his face. I am sighing “OH my god, fuck babe, OH Master more, more, please, please Master.” He is in there sucking, biting, sucking, biting, my orgasm is unbelievable.

I am clutching the blanket so hard my knuckles are turning white. I can feel the hot juice running out of my cunt and down to my ass, soaking into the blanket. I plead with him, “Master fuck me, fuck me, PLEASSSSSE fuck me.”

“Not yet,” as he places two fingers into my cunt.

Still assaulting my clit with his mouth, I frantically fuck his fingers. Just covering them with my cum. He is now inserting another finger, while circling my anal opening with his thumb. I am going crazy with lust and wanting. With vise gripping force I clamp onto his three fingers. Fucking them like there was no tomorrow, begging him to fuck me, “come Master, please fuck me, now please, please,” as I feel a onslaught of cum spew out of a very desperate pussy.

He take his fingers out, he puts two into my ass, shoving them clear up to his knuckles. Twisting and turning them, preparing my ass for him. Thrusting them in and out, as he continues eating his pie. I continue to beg and plead, “fuck me, fuck me, god fuck me NOW!” I screamed as he is twisting and turning three fingers in my ass. I am literally going insane, with desire for his hard, huge, engorged cock.

As he slides his fingers out, he tells me “flip over and get your ass in the air.” I instantly respond.

In position and unable to wait, I reach around and grab his massive cock and try driving my cunt onto it. But he is quicker, he pulls back, slaps my ass, and hands me my vibrating dildo. I start inserting it and he said “stop, put it on your clit.”

He lubes his cock and enters my ass. With the vibrator sending my body into spasm I automatically push back towards him forcing his cock deeper into my ass. He grabs my hips, holding them tight he rams me harder and harder, going faster and getting in all the way. He is now as deep in my ass as he can go. I squeeze my ass together as he pulls out and pushes back in.

God I am cumming, I am cumming. “Get in my cunt please, please,” I beg master, “please!!”

“No,” I will release my juice deep in you ass. “Stick the dildo in your cunt, so I can feel the vibration too.”

I have never felt so full, or so royaly fucked in my life. He starts ramming my hips into his groin as he continues to fuck me, over and over. He is now moaning, groaning with ecstasy. He grunts and gives on hell of a shove as he starts to release his essence.

I have reached a climax never before experienced and literally shooting cum and my dildo out of my cunt. At the same time he gives me two more groans and drives the last of his juice home. We both collapse, panting, waiting to get our pounding hearts and breath back to normal.

As he rolls off of me and onto his back, I turn over placing my head on his chest. Laying there for about a minute when he whispers in my ear, “Bitch that was stupendous, now get me my dinner, I am ravished, I need substance Bitch if you want any more fucking tonight.” I knew tonight would be spectacular but this, this is going to be the most awesome night ever.

I proceed to get the steaks on the bar-b-que, salad, fruit and wine out. This tee shirt of his works great bodrum escort as a make shift sundress. It sure is nice being able to cook in next to nothing. The meat is ready, (his will be ready again soon too), we can sit down and eat.

We are almost finished, I take a cube of pineapple, walk over to him, place it between my lower lips and present it to him. It feels cool and very intoxicating as he sticks his tongue just under it. Hooking it on to his tongue as it slips up to my clit.

Sitting on the table just in front of him, my legs spread on either side of him, I reach behind me and take a wedge of honeydew melon, placing all but a small end up my cunt. He pinches it between his finger tips and slides it completely into my cunt, as he moves it from side to side, in and out. Pulling it out, he tilts his head back, places it on his tongue. I trickle some wine on it as he slides it into his mouth, chews and swallows.

Grabbing a grape and splitting it in half, he rubs it up and down my cunt. What a wet, cool, sensational feeling. Bringing it up to my mouth, I open then swallow as he drops it in, awesome tasting.

Taking a piece of watermelon, I rub it all over my breasts. Lean forward so that he can suck off the juice while I eat the melon. God, having him savouring the sweet liquid as his mouth devours my nipples and breasts. Shit am I getting horny. Before I have too much cum dripping I better move on, there is still a few more pieces my cunt would love to taste.

The sliver of cantaloupe is so wet, chilling, and starts to warm up as I run it from cunt to bud, bud to cunt. In and out and up to my clit, applying a little pressure on my sweet bud. Moving it in a circular motion and then down and into my cunt, back up to my clit. Now just letting it slide in and out of my very fruity pussy. Taking it out I swirl it in my wine before taking a bite and sharing the rest with my Master.

Taking his glass he has me lay back and lift my ass. He places the end of a spoon just inside my cunt to widen and keep it open as he pours in the remainder of his wine. Feeling it run in, I get a fucking rush. He take the spoon out and gets on his knees. Pulling my ass just over the end of the table he proceeds to insert his tongue and release the fruity, spirited, nectar into his mouth, finally quenching his insatiable thirst.

Moving his tongue around sucking as he swallows is just driving me berserk. With the final remains in his mouth he takes his tongue out, gets up, leans over me and gives me a deep tongue kiss that sends the delicious nectar down my throat. With most of the fruit eaten, it is time to clean up and move on with our evening.

With our mess cleaned up it is time to head downstairs. To our room of lust and wanton desires. As I enter the room, I see he has a few things in place for our night of sexual fulfillment. We remove what clothing we have on and get into bed. Wanting to take that marvellous cock deep into my mouth I start to nibble my way down his chest.

He tells me, “stop, tonight, before you get this cock anywhere, you will prove to me that you can hold back cumming, until I am ready or be punished.” It could be a painfully, blissful night.

As instructed I lay on my back, he extends my arms over my head and secure my hands in the ties that are attached to the headboard. Placeing two fluffy pillow under my lower back raising my ass up off the mattress, brings up my knees and secures my feet into leather stirrup’s he has designed and place on the side of the bed. Which makes my legs partly extended but bowed wide at the knees, exposing my clit, cunt and ass for his playing pleasure.

As he places himself between my very opened thighs, kissing and nibbling from my groin up to my breasts, sending yearning throughout my body. He reaches my nipples and takes one in his mouth and one between his finger tips. Rubbing these very tender tips with finger and tongue, he has me sighing in pleasure. Milking one and sucking the other, switching back and forth, milking, rubbing, sucking, god it feels so good, I can feel the climax building. Knowing if this keeps up I will be punished for cumming. I hold back, knowing it is a fruitless effort.

As he gently suckles each tit, I have started to thrust them into his face, he sucks in more. He has my nipple in the back of his mouth between his teeth he rotates his jaw. I start to moan with the excitement that is building down deep inside my body. “Ohhhh that is sooo good.” I am unable to keep from cumming. “Oh my god, Ohhh babe, more, more!!”, I scream as I go into a orgasm that releases a stream of hot cum.

“WHAT did I tell you bitch, tell me.”

“You said if I came before you were in side me that I would be punished.”

“So what happens now Bitch?”

“I will be punched?” I started to plead with him, “but Master you are thee greatest lover that there is, how do you expect me not to cum, when you are thee Master at making me want you, crave you, desire you?”

“Doesn’t bolu escort matter, you have to learn to restrain yourself so that you explode all over me, that is what I want. Do you understand Bitch.”

“Yes Master.”

Master takes his fingers and slides them into my wet cunt. Moving them inside of me, I start to fuck them. The faster he thrusts them the harder I squeeze my muscles around them. Over and over he continues, as my cunt is getting moister with every thrust, I start raising my ass to meet his thrusts. He pulls them out and rubs my clit with them, making my body go into spasms. As I start to sigh and moan with pleasure, I feel his very wet fingers rub against my nipples, covering them with cunt juice.

He then cup the underside of my breast, pushing it upwards and instructed me to lower my head, I do so. Then he commands me, “suck it clean,” as he forced the tip into my mouth, “suck it clean, Bitch.”

I shook my head no, in response. The next instance, I feel a electric shock go through my other breast as he zapped it with a small battery. Screaming out my protest, only got it shocked again and a command to suck it clean. “It’s your cum, your mess, and suck until you start to climax.” So I did as I was told, but he did the other one.

Low and behold, wouldn’t you know it, the climax was starting to build. He released my breast, as I did, and moved down south. Placing his tongue on my clit he started doing little circles, applying more pressure as he went along, placing more of his tongue down each time. With the flat of his tongue he generated it up and down my cunt, stopping to add pressure at my clit and sticking the tip in my cunt as he got to it.

OH god, how he was making me so bloody horny. I started to raise my ass and thrust my cunt into his face as his tongue entered the pussy’s cave. Leaving his tongue in there I start to go into fuck mode. Begging , pleading for his cock. “Please master, please,” with short raspy breaths I continue to beg, “your cock, I need your cock.”

He removes his tongue and slips in three fingers as his mouth goes straight up and latches onto my clit. I am thrusting as he sucks and bites.

OH shit, if this keeps up I will cum again. So good, electrifying vibrations are just zipping through my entire body. I start screaming, “fuck me, fuck me, god please fuck me!!”

I am fucking his fingers in rapid succession of thrusting my clit up hard into his face. This is driving me insane. Still bound I am frantically thrashing my body up and down, panting so hard, with gasps of breath, “OH shit, oh god, OH god, Master, please, your cock, your cock inside of me, please, your cock NOW,” is all that escapes, as cum shoots out.

He stops, looks at me, with that grin on his face and twinkle in his eye, (he just loves making and watching me cum), I hear: “You couldn’t wait you slutty little greedy Bitch!!”

He reaches into the night stand drawer and produces his short cattail whip. Sitting between my spread legs, with his legs extended up by my sides, he rests his cock up between my lips, slightly, ever so slightly he moves it, as he whips my breasts, leaving small welts all over them. “I am sorry, please stop, please,” I start begging with tears running down my cheeks.

“I told you, bitch, I told you!!”

He slides his ass down the bed, as he smacks the inside of my thighs, red welts start to appear. Screaming, sobbing, tears streaming down my face,(I’m a good actress with tears), I try to close my knees together, but he stops me, and zaps my precious bud with that fucking little battery. The jolt that goes through out my body is horrifying, but strangely stimulating.

With a sobbing voice and tear stained eyes, I scream, “stop, stop, OK I’ll do it right, just stop please!”

So, given another chance, I start to relax as he gently lets his fingers play in my cunt as his mouth is sucking my clit. He sucks my bud into to his mouth and proceeds to massage it with his tongue. God I feel so good.

I feel his thumb press against my anal opening, and then in it goes. Fingers in my cunt, thumb up my ass, clit in his mouth, I am in heaven. Then he pinches his fingers and thumb together just as he bites my hard protruding bud. Holy fuck, that sends simultaneous pain and awesome pleasure sensations surging through out my body. As I close my muscles around his fingers and thumb, I feel him pull them out.

With out missing a beat I feel my vibrator slide in my cunt, on HI and two go fingers go up my ass. This is hell, it feels so good. “Oh Baby, harder, harder, please please, OH, OH my, OH, OH,” my body is starting to spasm, climax is building very quickly.

“Please Master, fuck me, fuck me please. Oh god, I need your cock, need your cock inside me, fuck me, fuck me, ohhh yeah baby.”

I feel his fingers leave my ass, and toy leave my cunt, making me sigh with disappointment, but also with longing as I know that his cock will only be seconds from entering. “OH god, yes babe, yes,”

I feel his huge engorged cock penetrate me. He releases my legs and I wrap them around his body, locking my feet together over his back. I draw him close to me. Using them to lift my ass as I really start fucking that awesome Johnson. Ramming it in and out, faster, harder, faster.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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