A Drive to the Wild Side

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Big Dicks

Well, I finally graduated from college. Not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, I got a job as a secretary in a law firm. The hours were long, the pay so-so, but there was a good group of people working there and the office was just a few blocks from the beach. Most days I didn’t have time for lunch, but on particularly nice days when the work load was not too intense I’d take a break and eat in the park overlooking the Pacific. I usually went with a bunch of the girls from work and ogled the surfers as they took their boards out into the waves. I gradually became friendly with the girls—especially Adrienne, a cute little blond a couple of years older than me.

On Fridays, Adrienne and I started having a drink at one of the local bars after work to unwind and wait out the commute. We really hit it off. She made me laugh and I enjoyed her company. I looked forward to our times together. We started hanging out more and more, extending the drinks on Fridays into dinner, occasionally making plans for an outing on the weekends. She didn’t seem to have many other friends, although I couldn’t understand why. I was rather lonely myself, with my college friends having moved on and no boyfriend on the horizon. We became close.

One weekend we decided to drive up the coast early Saturday morning to Santa Barbara and rent a hotel room for the night. I picked her up around 9 AM. With the sun shining and the top down in my new Miata, we felt like a couple of classic California beach bunnies, with bikini tops on and hair blowing in the wind. We arrived in Santa Barbara before noon and had lunch at a restaurant on the beach. After a couple of glasses of wine and some fresh seafood, we wandered around the town, poking into the art galleries to check out paintings we could not afford.

Later that afternoon, we checked into a hotel and into our room. It was a small hotel, overlooking the ocean. Our room had a balcony with an old two seat porch swing. We opened another bottle of wine and sat on the swing watching the Pacific open up before us. We were quiet. Worn out from the sun, Adrienne moved closer to me, leaned over, and rested her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her, pulling her closer to me. We sat there a long time, just cuddling, watching the waves. It was wonderful.

As the sun started to set, I couldn’t sit still any longer and stood up, reluctantly parting from Adrienne. I stood at the railing, looking out. Adrienne soon joined me, standing very close. She put her arm through mine, quite naturally, although this afternoon on the swing was the first time we’d ever given each other more than an occasional hug hello or goodbye. As we stood there watching the sun turn red, I turned toward her, took her face in my hands, and gently kissed her cute little mouth. She seemed surprised at first, but then eagerly kissed me back, slipping me her tongue. Emboldened, I embraced her with both arms, pulling her against me, and kissed her more passionately.

I had never been attracted to women before. Adrienne and I had spent hours, even days together without a seductive glance between us. I had always tingled a bit when she was very near to me, and I loved her dearly as a friend—or so I thought. But this seemed so right, so natural that I didn’t even think about it. It had certainly not been my intention to seduce Adrienne on this trip—the thought had never crossed my mind. But here I was, holding and kissing my best friend.

Adrienne moaned deeply and melted in my arms. I took her hand and led her back into the room away from the public view of the balcony. I kissed her again, and again. I then started kissing my way down her neck, soft little kisses, caresses almost. I moved slowly down her chest. I had no idea what I was doing, or where this was going to end. No premeditation here. No real thinking of any kind. I just gave into the moment. As I kissed around the outside of her bikini top, Adrienne reach up and undid the straps that held it on. I put my hands on her petite breasts, the first I’d ever felt other than my own, and gently kneaded the soft flesh. I continued kissing until I reached one of her large, puffy nipples. Teasing it with my tongue, just as I liked having my own teased, I drew it into my mouth, sucking gently at first, then with more intensity. I felt the nipple grow hard as I sucked and played with it with my tongue. I then switched sides and repeated the motions.

As I sucked on her second nipple, Adrienne undid my top, exposing my much larger breasts. She pulled me to the bed, laid me down, and leaned over me, kissing me from the forehead down, again and again on my lips, down my bursa escort neck and to my breasts. Holding the mammoth mounds together with her hands, she alternated from one nipple to the other, licking and sucking them in such quick succession that I sometimes couldn’t tell which was the true target of her affections. I pulled her close to me and returned the favor, sucking on her smaller but beautiful nipples.

After a pleasing eternity, but what was probably no more than 30 minutes since we’d been sitting on the porch swing, I broke from her embrace and suggested that we take a shower. It had been a long, hot day. We were both sweaty and slightly sticky from suntan lotion. We put up our hair and squeezed into the small shower compartment. We slowly lathered each other up all over. Rubbing our slippery bodies together was enormously erotic. I eventually slipped a well lathered hand down to her crotch. Adrienne gasped, but did not pull away. She had a small bush between her legs. Clearly, she did not shave her pussy (I keep mine well trimmed). As I soaped her up, my fingers touched her lips and entered her crack. It felt odd probing another cunt. I know my own pretty well, but this was the first time I’d ever touched another woman. As I rubbed her, Adrienne sighed and leaned against the wall of the shower enclosure. I paused, and she said, “No, don’t, keep going.” Pulling me close, she spread her legs wider. I redoubled my efforts. Her body tensed. She orgasmed, and then wilted into my arms. I was flushed with pride for having pleased my friend—and horny as hell myself.

Adrienne then soaped me up, but we were getting water logged and decided to get out. Toweling off, we rubbed each other down. Adrienne then took my hand and led me back to the bed. Laying me down, she climbed on top, rubbing her pussy against mine. We kissed again, and humped one another as best we could.

Adrienne then rolled over, moved down to my feet, and began kissing my legs from the toes up, first one leg, then the other. She paid special attention to my inner thighs, letting her hands wander while her tongue and soft lips caressed my sensitive thighs. Moving higher, she slowly spread my pussy lips, and gave me a soft kiss on my clit. I gushed. Sensing my desire, Adrienne began to lap at my cunt with her tongue. Her tongue soon entered me, wiggled inside my opening, and then took a long slow lick upwards toward my now hard nub. Spreading my legs, I urged her on with low moans. I ran my fingers through her hair and told her how good it felt. She attacked me with a growing fury, and my body reached higher, higher, until crying out her name I came strongly. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had orally. I pulled her up to me and we cuddled in the warm afterglow.

We soon realized we were famished. The sexual fires quenched for the moment, other needs reasserted themselves. We had talked about nightclubing before we left for the weekend, and now changed into our sexiest and most provocative outfits. Adrienne wore a black leather skirt that hugged her perfect butt like a second skin, and a somewhat sheer camisole that revealed her pert tits. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. I wore a short, clingy skirt, a pushup bra with tight low cut blouse that produced enormous cleavage, and fishnet stockings with no crotch. We looked hot! Even though we were hungry, I had trouble keeping my hands off Adrienne—and she off me. Getting our makeup on was a task, as we kept kissing each other and smearing our lipstick. Finally, we headed out to a pizza and beer joint up the street for dinner. We turned heads as we walked along.

Guys with wives and little kids in tow stopped to stare—a few getting rebuked by their spouses. Groups of unattached guys stared harder. Feeling frisky, I put my arm around Adrienne and she did the same to me. As we passed one particularly vocal bunch of boys sitting on a bench, I stopped, pulled Adrienne to me and gave her a big sloppy kiss. Chins dropped, tongues fell out, and we moved on leaving our audience speechless.

The pizza place was loud and crowded. The conversation dropped noticeably as we were escorted to our table. We sat next to each other in the booth. Our waiter was pretty cute and friendly. We ordered and enjoyed a nice cold beer. Adrienne and I began to confront what had happened between us back at the hotel. Making love to me was, she said, the furthest thing from her mind as we set off this morning. She had never been with another woman before either. Sitting in the sun watching the ocean had just relaxed her, however, and she felt so close to me that, bursa escort bayan well, she had begun to wonder what it might be like. She had never expected me to act. She was only imaging scenarios in her head when I had finally gotten off the swing to watch the sun go down. She had never dreamed that I would pick up on whatever messages her body must have been sending out or that I would want her too. We decided we were both happy that we had come together and discovered new pleasures, and that we wanted to know each other more deeply, if you get my meaning.

We played with each other discretely through dinner. I found many reasons to lean by her, copping a feel as I went. At one point, I even slipped my hand between her legs and up her skirt. Moving her panties to one side, I slipped a finger up her cunt. Pulling it out, I licked her copious juices off and savored the taste of my new lover. After eating, we asked our waiter where we might go dancing. “How about my place,” he responded, but we just laughed. Since we didn’t follow up on his first suggestion, he then told us about a busy place a block away. Paying the bill, we headed out—once again groping each other for public amusement and, once outside the door, stopping for a long passionate kiss.

The bar was hopping. We went to the ladies room to pee. From my stall I whispered to Adrienne that my panties were soaked and that I was taking them off. She replied that she already had slipped out of hers. We giggled. Fixing our makeup and clothes, we returned to the main room and took two stools at the bar. Without planning it, we teased the patrons. Crossing my legs, my skirt floated up. Adrienne more boldly spread her legs, flashing her hairy cunt to a group of guys at one of the tables. They soon approached us, asking if we came here often, could they buy us a drink, the usual. Adrienne and I looked them over, looked at each other, and declined. Crestfallen they went back to their table. Under other circumstances, I might have been interested. But that evening, I only had eyes for Adrienne. I then grabbed Adrienne by the hand and took her onto the dance floor.

They were playing a fast number and we danced with abandon—but clearly with each other. When the band followed this with a slow song, we moved together, holding each other closely. At this point, I think the entire bar was staring at us. It certainly wasn’t a gay bar and we appeared to be the only female couple in the place. But knowing that everyone was looking, at least out of the corners of their eyes, spurred Adrienne and I on. Holding each other even closer, we began rubbing our bodies together, feeling our tits press against one another. Adrienne’s nipples were hard as stones. We ground our pussies together through our skirts. I could feel Adrienne’s hands on my butt, gently lifting my very short skirt. I suspected that everyone in the bar could see traces of my pussy, and certainly the gleaming juices now running liberally down my legs and soaking my stockings. We danced another three or four songs, getting hotter by the minute. Finally, when I felt I could barely stand it any longer, when I wanted to take Adrienne right there on the dance floor, I urged her to go back to the hotel.

We walked back as quickly as we could. As soon as we were in the room, we locked together in a tight embrace and fell to the bed. I pushed up Adrienne’s skirt, spread her hair and lips apart with my fingers, and began to lick my first pussy. It tasted delicious—fragrant, slightly salty, and very slippery. Being new at this, I decided to try and do to Adrienne what I liked having done to me. I licked up and down her slit, probing her insides.

Then, inserting first one, then two of my fingers, I licked up to her clit, drawing it into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue, and then sucking and releasing the precious nub. Moving my fingers in-and-out, spreading them wide then narrow, I fucked her with my hand while focusing my tongue on her clit. As her passion grew, I inserted my thumb into her sopping wet pussy, and then pushed on her anus with my now lubricated appendage. Soon, the muscle gave way and I fucked both her holes with my several fingers—all the while keeping up a steady lick-and-suck motion on her clit with my mouth. Adrienne grew wild, bucking, moaning, thrashing her arms around on the bed. Somehow, during all of this she managed to pull off her clothes and most of mine, leaving only my crotch-less stockings on. As her orgasm approached, I thought she might explode. Her voice rose from a low “ahhh” to a very loud “ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh…” in unison bursa sınırsız escort with my sucks on her clit. Lifting me nearly off the bed as she arched her back, she screamed and went rigid as her orgasm raced through her.

Adrienne immediately rolled over and turned me around into a sixty-nine, with her on top. Spreading my legs she dove into my pussy, repeating for me the pleasure she had just experienced. As she lapped my cunt, she continued to grind her pussy into my mouth. She was literally leaking juice all over my face, but I continued to fuck her pussy with my little, prick-like tongue. I was so aroused that I moved quickly to orgasm. After barely two minutes, I felt my orgasm start with that first clenching sensation in my stomach. As the pressure built, so did the pleasure. I lost track of what I was doing to Adrienne. As my passion tore through me, I came, ejaculating into Adrienne’s waiting mouth (or so she later claimed).

As soon as I regained consciousness, I went back to pleasing her, bringing her quickly to another heart stopping orgasm, possibly even more intense than the last. We continued this sexual high for another hour or two, alternating orgasms but never letting our mouths detach from the other’s pussy. After orgasms now too numerous to count, we finally went limp. Releasing one another, we crawled under the covers, cuddled, and fell into a fast, deep sleep. Not once that day did I question my new found desires, or my deep affection for my new lover.

We woke late the next morning, smelling of sex and smiling. Adrienne went to take a shower and I joined her. The water was warm, and we played with one another, picking up where we had left off the night before but at a slow, leisurely pace. Soaping each other and washing one another’s hair, we explored each other’s body. Before long, our fingers found each other’s cunt once again and, standing there under the hot water, we brought each other off, nearly falling over when our orgasms hit within seconds of one another. Rinsing off, we then dried each other with our towels. Dressing, we dried our hair and readied ourselves for a late breakfast at the hotel. As we left our room and entered the narrow hall, a couple looked us over and smiled, saying “oh, you must be the girls next door.” We laughed at the double meaning, knowing they had probably heard us screaming out our passion for one another most of the night.

After we ate, it was nearly checkout time. We returned to the room to throw our things together. Adrienne came up to me and grabbed me tight, turning her face up for another kiss. Running our hands all over one another, we soon found ourselves undressed, on the bed, and locked into another sixty-nine. I was more aggressive this time, inserting two, then three, then all four of my fingers into her cunt, spreading her lips wide, and attacking her clit with my tongue. Holding it gently but firmly between my teeth, I vibrated my tongue on her very erect miniature penis. Adrienne gripped my head between her thighs and groaned loudly. Within minutes, she froze, then came hard, very hard. Meanwhile, Adrienne had been doing much the same to me with her tongue and fingers. Now that I could focus on my own pleasure a bit, I quickly rose as well, following Adrienne with an orgasm that began in my toes, traveled slowly through my body, and erupted deep inside—spewing hot, molten lava into my lover’s mouth. As we slowly came down from the heights of orgasm, we licked and sucked one another through a series of smaller, less intense but no less pleasurable contractions.

Long after we should have departed, Adrienne and I finally checked out. As we left, Adrienne looked sad, a little sulky. I asked her what was wrong, and she explained that the last day had been so magical that she didn’t want to go home, but at the same time, the feelings that had arisen and the beautiful sex that we had together scared her, because she had never thought of herself as gay nor even imagined herself doing any of the things we had done. I hugged her and said I felt the same way, that the “real world” to which we had to return would probably never be the same, but that I worried that we might never recapture the magic of this trip. We kissed tenderly, and got in the car.

The ride home was glorious and our sagging spirits rose. The sun was shinning, we were two beautiful women letting our hair fly in the wind as we drove along the coast highway, and we had experienced a tender, intimate love that few women are brave enough to try. By the time we got home, we had agreed that no matter what might happen, we would always be friends and lovers, lovers and friends.

The next morning the alarm clock rang early, or so it seemed. I dragged myself to work. As I arrived at my desk, there was a single red rose with a note that said “Thanks. A secret admirer.” All the other girls in the office teased me, wanting to know who my new boyfriend was—all except Adrienne, who only smiled.

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