A Father’s Day Seduction

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Anya Olsen

All characters are 18 years of age or older.

This story was inspired by a story idea by Tabi-Kat, who asked to have an author write her a daughter seduction tale. Thanks for being my muse baby girl.

Tabatha, or “Tabbi” as everyone knew her by, looked at herself in the mirror. At four foot, eleven and ½ inches (“that ½ inch is important,” she would tell people), she was small in stature but made much larger in life by her pixyish demeanor. She was a cute girl… ‘No,’ she thought to herself, ‘Your’re not a girl anymore, you’re a woman now,’ having had her 18th birthday several months ago.

She had well sculpted red tinged eyebrows, and long lashes, that accessorized her hypnotic green eyes. She had a button nose, luscious, full, red lips, and long, red hair, that came down over her shoulders and caressed her breasts. Those breasts.

They were a perky B cup, with ginger areolas and firm, pointed, nipples. Her tummy had just the smallest remnant of ‘baby fat’ and her navel supported a new piercing (much to daddy’s chagrin). A single ruby in the shape of a heart, on a silver chain dangled, sparkling in the light. Her earlobes were each adorned by a single strand of dangling silver chain that tunneled through her piercings. Her hips provided the perfect support to whatever undergarments or lingerie she wore… ‘or didn’t,’ she smiled to herself.

Covering her mons was a small vertical strip of red, curly, hair… a ‘runway’ that lead those fortunate enough to land there straight to the center of her smooth-shaven womanhood. Her lady lips were just the least bit puffy and, when opened, they revealed pink, moist, labia minora as two kissing rose petals. Above her tiny slit was her clitorial bud, normally covered in its hood, but when she masturbated (which she did often), or when some fortunate young man teased her with his tongue or fingers, it would swell, and engorge and provide her the most satisfying orgasms. Her ass was a perfect apple blossom shape, and she turned this way and that to admire it in the mirror. It was supported by two shapely legs, not tall, but perfectly apportioned to her petite form.

Her fingers and toes sported a bright red color that complimented her red lipstick and soft, white eye shadow that gingerly highlighted her upper and lower lids. A white swoosh highlighted each red fingernail and a rhinestone bejeweled the middle finger of each hand and small silver chain adorned her right ankle.

As she applied small dabs of perfume behind her ears, along her neck, along her cleavage, down to her navel piercing, to her runway, and finishing with each wrist, so as to entice her man as she placed her arms around his neck, she thought to herself, ‘Happy Father’s Day Daddy.’

It was Sunday night, Father’s Day, and Tabbi prepared herself for ‘Fright Night Theater’ with daddy as she had done since she was eleven. It all started when mommy left them, seven years ago. Tabbi was inconsolable and daddy had distracted her from the hurt of abandonment with the Sunday night ritual of distraction in a horror film. It helped her establish a new bond of love and support with daddy and, even though she had resigned herself of mommy’s leaving years ago. It had become one of her favorite daddy/daughter pastimes.

But, tonight was different. Since coming of age, Tabbi had been dressing increasingly more provocative for their Sunday night ritual of cuddling up in daddy’s lap for a good horror film. A few weeks ago, she had decided that she would start seducing the love of her life, the man that was always there for her in times of hardship to comfort her with unconditional love… daddy.

A few weeks ago, during a commercial, Tabbi straddled daddy’s lap, threw her arms around him, and looked him in the eye.

“Daddy, can we talk?” She asked, as she squirmed in his lap.

“Sure princess.”

“I think I’m ready to have sex.”

“Wha…? Oh,” Mike answered uncomfortably. “These are the times when I wish your mother was still here.”

“No daddy. I never want her back here. It’s better now. It’s just you and me. I love that. And, I love you”

“I know kitten. It’s just that I’ve never had the ‘talk’ with you. That’s normally something mommies have with their daughters. So, tell me. What makes you think you are ready to have sex. Is there a special guy in your life?”

“Yes daddy. There is,” Tabbi said as she squirmed again.”

Mike put the movie on pause. “So, tell me all about him.”

“Well,” Tabbi squirmed again, and Mike could feel himself getting thicker. “He’s older than I am, and I’ve known him forever. I just hope that when I kiss him, I’ll do it right.”

“I’m sure your kisses will be perfect sweetness.”

“Really daddy!” Tabbi beamed, then she kissed her daddy on the lips. It was a soft kiss and she lingered just for a second before Mike pulled back.

“Tabbi, what are you doing.”

“I’m kissing you daddy. I want you to tell me if I’m doing it right.”

“Tabbi, daddies and daughters escort seks hikayeleri don’t kiss like that.”

“It’s okay daddy,” Tabbi said as she once again kissed her daddy.

“Tabbi, come on. We can’t do this.”

“Why daddy? Don’t you like kissing me?”

“It’s not that baby girl. What I like doesn’t enter into this. We can’t do that.”

“Oh, so you do want to kiss me daddy. I could tell,” Tabbi quipped.

“What? How?”

“You got hard for me when I kissed you daddy. In the movies, the man always gets hard when he wants to make love to the woman.”

“What? What movies?” Mike asked, incredulously.

“The porno movies.”

“What porno movies? You’re watching porn?”

“Well, the first one I watched was on your laptop. I was too sick to go to school, but I wanted to login and get my school assignments. My computer wasn’t working so I used your laptop by your bed. Naughty daddy. Watching daddy/daughter porn,” Tabbi said is a mocking tone. “I started watching lots of movies while I masturbated.”

“Your masturbating?”

“Of course, silly. Anyway,” Tabbi gave daddy a quick kiss on the lips, “If I can make you hard like you are, then that means you want to have sex with me.”

Mike just sat there, like someone watching a train crash in slow motion. It was all coming off the tracks and he was desperately trying to think of something, anything, that he could say to make this all go away.

Tabbi, sensing his grey matter misfire, took advantage of his inability to collect his thoughts. She kissed him softly, fully on the lips. She parted her lips and let her tongue brush across daddy’s lips. Daddy, still lost in thought, instinctively kissed her back and soon, she had teased his tongue to follow hers back into her recesses.

The kiss seemed to last forever and when it was over, Tabbi fully embraced her father and whispered in is ear. “See daddy, you wanted to kiss me as much as I wanted to kiss you.”

With that, Tabbi kissed him again, and again, Mike responded. Their kisses deepened and Mike’s grasp around her petite form tightened until she sighed into his open mouth.

After a few minutes of deep passionate kisses, Tabbi leaned back, grabbed her tank top and pulled it over her head, releasing her unencumbered breasts. She leaned in and kissed daddy again and took his hand and placed it at her breast. Mike, completely derailed now, grabbed her flesh, kneading it like dough.

When their kiss ended, daddy kissed along her neck, to her cleavage, the flesh of her breast, and then lashed her nipple with his tongue. When he latched on and suckled her, she let out a gasp and ground her ass into her father’s hard cock.

She slowly laid down on the sofa and Mike followed her. They were kissing again, their tongues dancing in ecstasy.

Daddy’s hand trailed down her front, over her naval piercing, and on to her Dazy Duke’s. His palm rested on her mons while his fingers teased her camel toe. Her hips writhed beneath him while his tongue moved rhythmically with her own. He deftly undid the button of her shorts, pulled down the zipper, and wriggled in his hand to find his daughter panty-less. He rested his palm on her landing strip.

The moist heat of her pussy beckoned his fingers and he inserted one inside her. She moaned as daddy fingered her and within mere seconds, she lost herself to the sweet bliss of release.

She lay there in a post-orgasmic haze as daddy moved down between her legs and pulled off her shorts. She could feel him kissing her thighs, his tongue drilling into her flesh. Then, he was in the fold of her groin and the sweet ecstasy of his love bite seared into her brain as daddy put his mark on her.

She could feel the heat of his breath on her engorged clit as her pheromones wafted through daddy’s nostrils, intoxicating him. He took his first taste of his daughter.

She felt the broad stroke of his tongue as it lashed her, starting at her button, across her perineum, splaying the furrow of her labia, penetrating her before encircling her clitoris then retreating whence it came. Daddy repeatedly sampled her honey, and her hips writhed beneath him, rotating her cunt up into his probing tongue. Daddy moistened a finger and penetrated her, and she gasped.

“Oh daddy, ooohh fuck!”

He rested his hand on her bejeweled navel while the other stroked his finger in and out of her, dragging across her G spot as it moved.

Daddy encircled her clit with his lips and gently suckled it as his tongue lashed across it in quick short bursts.

Tabbi felt herself losing control to daddy, bucking wildly as his hand pressed into her belly.

She cried out as she released a new flood of cum for daddy to lap up. Again, and again she tensed until she had no more to give.

As her orgasm waned, daddy cleaned her labia, each in turn, then kissed his way back to waiting lips. Then he held her.

As she lay there in her daddy’s arms, feeling protected from all the badness the world had to offer, she drifted off to a contented slumber, thinking of how much she liked the taste of her cum in daddy’s kisses.

The following morning, she awoke in her bed. She got up and showered and dressed for school and came down to find daddy in the kitchen making her favorite breakfast, chocolate-chip pancakes in the shape of Micky Mouse.

She could sense that daddy was tense as she approached him and gave him a kiss on the cheek before retreating to the kitchen table.

“We have to talk about what happened last night princess.” Daddy pressed on,

“What we did was wrong.”

“No daddy. Don’t say that. I loved it and I love you.”

“I love you too princess but if anyone ever found out what…”

As Mike was talking, Tabbi got up from her seat and returned to his side. She put her arm in his and her head against his shoulder.

She cut him off mid-sentence. “They won’t daddy. They never will. This is our naughty little secret. I loved kissing you and having you touch me like that.”


That was weeks ago, and each time since that they were together for ‘Fright Night Theater’, they would act like two teenagers at the drive-ins of old, cuddling, caressing, kissing, petting.

Now, here she was, standing before her mirror, preparing to complete her father’s seduction. Her mind drifted back to the first time she knew that her parents were having problems…

It was late and she had been asleep for a while but awoke to the need to use the bathroom. She quietly crept down the hall to the bathroom, passing just outside her parent’s bedroom door. She fully expected that they were asleep, but as she approached the door, she heard her mother cry out.

“Harder Mike. Fuck me harder.”

She paused to listen and could hear sounds of a continuous slapping noise. Then it stopped.

“That’s it? That’s all you’ve got? I haven’t even cum yet.”

“I’m sorry babe, but the business is all I can think about right now.”

“Fuck!” her mother exclaimed. “I’m going to sleep.”

Tabbi quietly continued into the bathroom and peed. She didn’t even flush, or wash her hands, afraid mom or dad would know she was up and had heard them. She silently crept back to her bed.

Tabbi layed there and thought about what she had heard. Daddy was worried about his business. He had been working a lot lately, staying late, and doing a lot of travel. Tabbi could not understand why mommy would be so mad at him because he was tired.

Within a couple of weeks, Tabbi noticed some things. Mommy was making secret phone calls. She would leave the house and go into the back yard and Tabbi could see her talking on her phone. She was giggling and talking fast and used her hand to squeeze her breast while she was talking.

One afternoon, Tabbi got out of school early because one of her teachers had to leave for an emergency. Tabbi came home to find her mother and a strange younger man in the kitchen. Their clothes both looked disheveled and when Tabbi came through the door, they awkwardly talked to each other about some ‘upgrades’ to the kitchen cabinets and then the man hurriedly left.

That night, Tabbi was lying in bed and thinking about how surprised and uncomfortable they were when she unexpectedly walked in. She decided to investigate and a few days later she skipped her last period and came home early. This time, instead of entering the house, she snuck around the back of the house and perched herself under mommy’s open bedroom window. Once again, she heard slapping noises, just like with her father. Her mother was moaning and saying strange things like “that’s it, baby. Give it to me. Give me all that cum. Fuck it into mommy.”

With that, the man growled and suddenly, the slapping noise stopped. Tabbi cautiously raised herself up and peered in the bedroom window. She could see the two of them naked. The man was behind her mother and she had her arm up around his neck and they were kissing. Then her mother said, “that’s it, lover, pump all that cum into mommy. I want every, last drop.” Then they kissed again.

Tabbi, slunk down to the ground again. She didn’t know what to think. She’d never seen anything like this before. ‘What was mommy doing naked with the strange man?’

A few minutes later she heard her mom tell the man that she, Tabbi, would be home soon and that they’d better clean up and he should leave.

About a week later, Tabbi, once again, skipped last period and watched as her father came home early and caught her mom with the younger man. Her father fought with the man, and her mother yelled and screamed at her father. As the younger man broke free of her father, her mother followed the man and got into his car and they sped away.

Her father went back into the house and, when Tabbi came through the door a few minutes later, she found her father weeping on the sofa, his knuckles bloodied.

That was the last time Tabbi saw her mother. That was seven years ago, and it had been just Tabbi and her daddy ever since. Tabbi never knew that the school had called her father to let him know that she had left school early, repeatedly. That’s what brought Mike home early.


Tabbi loved the fact that daddy was now comfortable with their ‘make out’ sessions, but she wanted more. Daddy always made Tabatha cum, and cum, and cum, but always with his fingers, or his mouth. He would suck her breasts and finger her and lick her into semi-consciousness before carrying her to her bedroom and putting her to bed. But, Tabbi never made daddy cum, and this became her mission. Tonight, was Father’s Day and Tabbi wanted to please her father in every way possible. Tonight, Tabbi wanted her father inside her. She wanted to make daddy cum, just like in the porn movies.

Tabbi left the mirror and headed to her closet. Behind all the sweaters and blouses, the skirts and pants she reached in and pulled out a red lace baby-doll nightie. She had saved her allowance and gone to Victoria Secret (Vicky’s as she liked to call it) and bought a few items to tempt her dad with. She sat on her bed and pulled on the thong. It’s small lacey triangle barely covered her pussy and runway, the string extending from its point, along her perineum, up through the crack of her ass to another smaller triangle where the strings surrounding her hips met. As she pulled it up over her hips, the strings deliciously bit into her flesh while the lace triangle formed a perfect camel toe that brushed against her swelling clit. Then she stepped into the nightie. The skirt portion extended down to the half-way point of the triangle. She reached down and retrieved the straps of lace that barely covered her breasts. They lead to a small lace choker that caressed her throat and she tied it in a bow behind her head. The lace strands that covered her breasts scratched at her nipples causing them to firm.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her ass cheeks were barely covered by the nightie, and her, already moistening, panties just barely peaked from under the nightie as well. ‘There is no way that daddy would be able to resist fucking his little girl,’ she thought to herself.

Tabbi ran a brush through her curls, reinforced her red lipstick, and headed off to get fucked by daddy.

As she headed to the living room, Tabbi thought about her ‘Monthly App.’ She had used it to track her menses since they started just after her thirteenth birthday. She had finished her period 10 days ago, and, though at the end of her fertile window, a delicious chill went through her at the thought that daddy might put his baby in her tummy tonight. It was at that moment when she finalized her plan. ‘Daddy is going to fuck me and I’m going to make him cum in me.

As she entered the living room, she saw him on the sofa. The room lights were off, and a few candles were burning, as they always were for ‘Fright Night Theater’. This was something that daddy added early on in the tradition. It always made Fright Night Theater a little more real. ‘Perfect,’ she thought to herself.

She approached her father and plopped down next to him on the sofa. She snuggled up into him and kissed him on the cheek. He had barely taken notice of her dress in the dimmed light.

“Hi daddy,” she cooed.

“Hi baby girl,” he said as he put his arm around her and pressed the ‘Play’ button on the remote.

The screen came to life and the movie began to play. It was a Vincent Price classic, The Tower of London, and about twenty minutes into the film, during a particularly gruesome murder, Tabbi shrieked with surprise and shrunk into her father’s protective embrace. He looked down at her and seeing her lace covered breasts, he realized, for the first time this evening, that his little girl was wearing something special.

Tabbi brought her arm up around daddy’s neck and drew him to her for a kiss. Their lips met in a soft, seductive kiss. Tabbi parted her lips lightly and teased daddy with her tongue and he met her tongue with his own.

Their kisses deepened and so did Tabbi’s grip on daddy. Daddy brought his hands to Tabbi’s throat, and the lace choker surrounding it, and she sighed into his mouth. He let his hand roam down her throat and along her cleavage to her lace covered breasts. Tabbi sighed again as the lace roughed up her nipples. Daddy, sensing her lust, squeezed her lace dressed nipple and Tabbi moaned into his open mouth.

Daddy disengaged her lips and assaulted her throat while his thumb and forefinger rolled her lace covered nipple. Tabbi cooed in daddy’s ear and raked her red nails across the nape of daddy’s neck, her intoxicating scent wafting in daddy’s nostrils. She gasped as he bit her flesh and pinched her nipple, and her skin rippled as daddy marked his little girl as his.

Daddy released the flesh of her neck and plied her cleavage with soft wet kisses. He pushed back the lace covering her breast and kissed her mound. He ran his tongue around her areola then took her nipple between his lips and lashed it with his tongue. Tabbi’s nipple hardened in daddy’s mouth.

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