A First Time For Everything

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Big Tits

It was late – later than I’d meant to be out.

I checked my watch, knowing I’d get the lecture of a lifetime when I got home. Why shouldn’t I? It was ten o’clock on a school night, and I was still an hour from home.

The bus should have been here by now. I’d been waiting here for half an hour already. If my parents had gotten me a cell phone, I’d’ve been able to call for a ride.

No such luck.

A bus stops on the street perpendicular to the one I’m on. It was headed westbound from the college. I had ridden that bus line from beyond that point to get here. As I watched, a guy not much older than me got off the bus and made his way across the street – toward the bus stop where I sat. I immediately pulled one of the headphones out of my ear – he was kinda cute. Maybe he’d wanna talk.

No such luck.

He stood a bit away from the bus stop. Disappointed, I went back to using my music to keep my mind off the ass-chewing I was going to get when I got home. I must have started singing loud enough for him to hear it, because he moved closer.

About ten minutes later, a bus finally pulled up. I swiped my bus pass and headed for a seat in the back, which was emptier (and better for me singing). The guy from the stop – dark hair, thin face, medium height, friendly smile, hazel eyes – quickly looked away from me as I made eye contact.

Suddenly, all I could hear was love songs. A few stops down the road, the guy got up from his seat and moved toward the back. The bus was almost empty now. He sat in the seat right in front of me, and I kept singing. He turned and smiled at me again – friendly, but a little mischievous. I suddenly realized that my luck was better than I thought.

I smiled back at him. He got up and moved back another row to sit with me. He leaned into me and whispered in my ear, “My stop is the next one.” I wanted to groan – there was no way I could get off rus escort with this guy and make it home before midnight.

No such luck? Ha. It was my stop, too. So I got off the bus when he did, which made him smile more.

My blood began to rush. I knew what happened when guys hit it off. I’d been in a similar position once, when I’d gone to a friend’s house and… I shook my head to keep myself in the present. This guy was way hotter than any friend I’d been with. And he was probably a college student, too.

“How old are you?” I asked him.

“Twenty. Twenty-one later this month, though.” His smile took on a littler nervous quality as we walked. “You?”

“You’re not gonna walk away, are you? I just turned eighteen last month.” His nervous expression deepened a little, but he saw the look on my face – passion and excitement, barely restrained. There was no need for restraint.

“We can’t go to my place. My parents…” He began. I nodded, muttering, “Same.” We walked past a dark alley – the only way someone would see down it is if they shined a light. And it was much too narrow for a car. We both knew the other was thinking that, and ducked into the shadow together.

First, our lips met. His face was rough, rougher than I’d guess by sight. He had some stubble on him. My cock instantly stiffened. I pulled him close to me so he could feel it against him. He pulled away a bit – not resisting, trying to drop to his knees. When I realized this, I let go. Down he went, unzipping my jeans in the same motion. My six erect inches sprang out, only to be hidden instantly by those lips, still twisted in that mischievous smile.

I fell backward, luckily into a wall mere inches away. I shuddered with the pleasure of it – this guy was no amateur when it came to sucking dick. I would bust soon if he didn’t – didn’t – I forced him off as he got me yenimahalle escort closer to the point of no return, then grabbed his shirt by the collar and pulled him to his feet.

I turned his head sideways and kissed his neck, feeling his stubbled cheeks against my smooth ones. My self control vanished in that instant, and I followed his example, dropping to my knees. I was a little less graceful about unzipping his pants, and his dick was a little less willing to simply leap unbidden into my mouth.

Not because it wasn’t hard. Not because it wasn’t ready for my warm, wet mouth. Because it was huge. I had to undo his belt and unbutton his jeans to get the room to pull it out, and my god! This guy was hung! I grabbed his cock by the base, admiring it in the shadows. My tongue started where the hand was, then licked all the way down his shaft to his head. His circumcised head was beautiful to me, enrapturing.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could, covering my teeth with my lips. He was so big, it probably was still a tight fit. I stroked his shaft while I sucked, going as deep as I could. With the other hand I stroked whatever I could reach – his hairy calves, his muscled thighs, the hand that touched mine as I tried to deepthroat his cock. Then I slipped my hand under his shirt and stroked his abs – abs! I had never seen abs in person, much less felt them! I was tingling all over, sucking and licking and stroking and rubbing.

His hand touched mine again, taking it from his happy trail up to his relatively hairless pecs. My hand wandered, finding the thick hair of his left armpit before moving back to my left to find his nipple. I tweaked it gently as I sucked and stroked his thick, juicy meat. He moaned, kind of a shuddering gasp.

“I’m gonna – I’m about to – OH!” He gave a powerful grunt and his back arched. I pulled away from him, but stopped pulling away while he has still in my mouth. I wanted to taste every drop. He unloaded on me, too. My mouth filled with a thick fluid that was somewhere between a creamy sweetness and bitter musk. I moaned, only now realizing that one of my hands – the right one, having withdrawn it from his chest – was furious pumping away at my own cock. I leaned my head back, swallowing the mouthful quickly before he forced his cock back in my mouth as another sudden squirt came from his delicious head.

Then he looked down and realized I was jerking off, too. “Oh, no you don’t,” he said, standing me back up. He gave me the same treatment I’d given him at first (modified for my smaller size), except I felt his stubble scraping at my cock in the most excruciating, exquisite euphoric pleasure I had ever experienced. I moaned so loud, he knew what was coming. He dove onto my cock, swallowing it down to the base. He went up and down my shaft, but I told him not to, it was too much, I was – “Ohhhhh,” I moaned, “No, never mind, don’t stop.”

And then I burst, filling his mouth my own cum. He squeezed the base of my dick and pulled toward my head as he pulled it out of his mouth, forcing every last drop onto his tongue as he did so.

I leaned against the wall as he stood, and he kissed me again, his breath tainted with the musky, faintly salty smell of my cum. “That was awesome,” he said.

I nodded my agreement.

“You gotta cell phone?”


He pulled a pen from his pocket and a slip of paper from his wallet, which he then wrote on. “There’s my cell phone number and my email address. Hit me up sometime, I’d like to see you at my birthday party in a couple weeks. Or maybe just you and me for the after party.” That mischievous smile. I was sold.

“Yeah,” I say, my face a lopsided grin. “Maybe again before that, too.”

“Absolutely. I’ll see ya around.”

“Yeah,” I repeat, a little starstruck. “Take care.”

I walked back toward the main street after zipping back up, then ran for it as the bus approached. I checked my watch again – just after 11. I was still going to get my ass chewed, but at least it was worth it.

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