A First Time for Everything

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Big Dicks

I met Leslie when I was 18 and she was 21. We worked in the same hospital and on the same shift. After two weeks of working together a close friendship started to develop. One day while we were on our lunch break Leslie asked me if I knew of anyone who needed a roommate because she wanted to move out of her parents house. I told her I needed one to share expenses with so if she wanted to room with me she could. I lived in a two-room house that was given to me by my grandmother when she died so the expenses weren’t all that much but I liked Leslie a lot.

She accepted and since we had that weekend off together we moved her in. Our life together stayed on a friendship level for a long time. We went to clubs together or just stayed home and watched TV. We became inseparable and people started saying if you find Trish you find Leslie when asked where one of us were. I found out Leslie was bisexual the same night she found out I was a virgin. It was on a Friday night and we had just gotten home with our dates. As soon as we got into the house our dates became total leeches so Leslie told them we were only interested in each other so take a hike. Of course they didn’t believe her so she turned to me and kissed me very deeply.

Our dates said fine and took off. I decided I needed a drink. So I went to the kitchen and mixed us up some strawberry daiquiris and we started talking. Our conversation turned to sex as they normally did and Leslie said she was serious when she told our dates that she was attracted to me sexually. She asked if I had ever been with a woman and I told her I hadn’t even been with a man yet. She looked stunned but didn’t comment any further. We talked until we finished the daiquiris and then went to bed because we had to work the next day.

We weren’t able to have a long conversation again until two weeks later. We were supposed to go away for the weekend with a couple of interns from work when they canceled so we decided to rent movies and get sloshed. When we were good and sloshed I told Leslie that I’d been having fantasies about us being together. She asked me to tell her about it so I slowly started to tell her the fantasy I’d been having. As I was telling her she leaned over and kissed me lightly, running her tongue across my lips.

Tentatively I kissed her back and almost immediately felt the familiar sensation that made my juices start flowing. She pulled away slightly and asked if I would allow her to show me the art of making love with another female. I must have looked frightened because she said I’m not going to push, it’s ok if you don’t want to Trish. I looked at her and asked what about the pain, I’ve always been told it will hurt real badly and I don’t like pain. I’ll be gentle when the time comes for us to go all the way. I just nodded my head ok. She said I’ll be right back and with that disappeared down the hall towards her room. When she reappeared she was dragging her mattress with her. I stood up and helped her drag it in front of the fireplace. She walked over to me and started kissing me lightly at first then deepening it. I gasped when I felt her hand cup my breast. She then slowly started to undress me kissing the flesh she exposed. Do you like that she asked? All I could do was nod my head my ability to speak had left me. When she had me undressed all the way she said now it’s your turn to undress me. In the beginning I was hesitant and then became bolder with her sighs of encouragement.

She began by teaching me the ways to please her. My first lesson was how to pleasure her with my tongue. She sat down on the mattress and said come and lay your head in my lap so we can talk without hurting my neck. So I did. She then cradled my head close to her breast and said, mardin escort “Take one in your mouth and suck gently on it then slowly increase the pressure and add a little nibble but don’t bite.” I did as she instructed and soon had her moaning with pleasure. I switched to a more comfortable position while she lay on her back. I became a little bolder and started running my hands over her body like I did in my fantasy. As my hand reached her pussy I could feel her heat, then I slid one finger inside her warmth and she said, “oh yeah that feels good just like that.” She spread her legs to give me better access and I told her I wanted to taste her.

“Yes love taste me!” she said. I slid my tongue down her slit slowly and gently barely coming in contact with her clit. She rose her hips off the bed encouraging me to increase the pressure but I kept up the teasing until she started begging me to let her cum. Her pleas made me wetter than I could remember being and I increased the pressure giving her the release she so desired. When her body had calmed down she tugged me gently up so she could kiss me and asked “How did you like your first pussy?”

“Hmmm,” I said then we switched places and she was giving me the same treatment I had just given her. She began at the top of my cunt just where my lips began then slowly slipped her tongue down one side and up the other avoiding my clit completely. She would then use her tongue as a mini dick and push into me making me whimper and my hips move as if they had a mind of their own. By the time she let me cum she was holding my hands so I couldn’t grab her head to keep her still long enough to push me over the edge.

Afterwards we fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning by mutual agreement Leslie and I moved her belongings into my room. Every night Leslie taught me something new such as how to pleasure her with my fingers only, cunnilingus, how to rub our clits together so we both climaxed at the same time. She taught me how to use a vibrator on her as well as using strap on. But she never penetrated my pussy with anything but her tongue or ice cubes. She told me we were going to save that for a special occasion. The night before my 19th birthday we came home from work and went straight to bed, we were exhausted, so we fell asleep almost immediately after our heads hit the pillows.

The next morning we woke and showered together. We started kissing and then she was guiding my head down her body all the while I was nipping and sucking in the places I knew would drive her wild. When I came to the apex of her legs she opened for me and I brought her to an orgasm that if I hadn’t been supporting her, would have made her fall. Then she returned the favor. After the shower she said she had some running around to do and would be back later. So I putted around the house cleaning up. When she returned I was taking a nap and she woke me up by kissing and nibbling my breasts. She said wake up sleepy head I have a surprise for your birthday.

I had completely forgotten it was my 19th birthday. I want to take you out to dinner so get up and put the outfit I bought you on. I got up and walked over to my dresser to get my underwear and she said, “No, you don’t need any of those.” I lifted up the outfit she bought me and saw it was a silky black dress that snapped down the sides. She said try it on and lets see if I got the size right, she did, it fit perfectly.

I told her I felt really weird not wearing any underwear and she said, “Don’t worry after awhile you’ll be glad your not.” When we were ready we left for the restaurant and found out we were actually going to a birthday party, when I walked in and saw all our co-workers. During dinner Leslie kept reaching nevşehir escort her hand under the table and playing with my pussy. I almost choked once when she inserted her finger and I started cumming. I was sure everyone new what she was doing but when I looked around no body seemed to notice what she was doing. The cake finally arrived and everyone sang happy birthday and then they started leaving to go to the club. They asked if we were going but Leslie told them she had another surprise for me but we might show up later. As we walked to the car Leslie kept smiling to herself. When we got in she took the drivers seat. On the road she reached over and started to play with my already wet pussy again. She said, “Ah you must of like that little scene in the restaurant huh.”

I could only moan and nod. Just then she pulled over in a small area and got out of the car. She walked around, opened my door, turned me sideways spreading my legs and attacked my pussy with her mouth making me cum instantly. But she didn’t stop there she did something new which kept me going. She inserted a finger into my pussy, since I had never had anything in there before it surprised me to realize I was cumin harder than I had ever cum before. When I had calmed down she stood up and walked back to get in the car again. Without a word she starts driving again. I reached over between her legs and felt her wetness immediately because she wasn’t wearing any underwear either. I kept playing with her until she climaxed and then sat back to enjoy the ride. We reached home and Leslie came around the car to open my door again. When we were standing in front of the door she stopped me and took a blindfold out of her purse.

You must wear this love so I may prepare the final surprise I have for you. She put on the blind fold and guided me into the house. She sat me on our bed while she prepared the surprise. I could hear her moving around the room and things being moved but I couldn’t tell what she was doing. Then I felt her take a hold of my wrists and tie them together. She helped me up and guided me to another seat. Once there she lifted and secured my hands above my head, then put me in a reclining position. I felt her take a hold of my legs and put something on my ankles, the she secured them as well. Next my legs were spread apart. It seemed like I had been sitting there for forever when I finally felt her lips brush across mine and she whispered, “Are you ready love.”

“Yes,” I said and she removed the blind fold.

I was sitting in a recliner that had a separate place for each leg with a soft cuff for a fastener. I looked up at my hands and noticed they were fastened the same way as well. Then I looked to where Leslie was standing and saw the table with all the different items on it. She was smiling when she said, “tonight I’m taking your virginity.” I could only stare at her fascinated. She reached down and unsnapped my dress, then slid it away from me. She was wearing a robe and started kissing me. Her hand found my pussy and I was dripping wet with the anticipation of having her use all the things on the table. When she stood up and took off her robe all I could do was gape at her. She was wearing a strap on that looked so real. She walked over to me, put it to my lips and said, “Take me in your mouth love to prepare me for you.”

I opened my mouth and slowly slid my lips over the cock. It felt silky and smooth but like flesh instead of plastic. When it was slick with my saliva she moved between my legs and began sliding the cock up and down my slit a few times. With each passing it made on my clit it brought me closer to orgasm. Then she slowly entered me until she met the resistance of my hymen. There niğde escort she paused and leaned close to me saying, “This will hurt a little my love I’m sorry but the pain will only be once then never again I promise.” With that she pulled out a little and thrusted deep inside while taking my cry of pain into her mouth. Then she stayed completely still and I could feel her deep inside me. Slowly the pain turned into that familiar feeling of an impending orgasm and I could no longer stay still. She let me set the rhythm and brought me to a mind shattering orgasm.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

“Hmmm,” I said. Slowly she withdrew from me and went into the bathroom to get a warm wash cloth. She cleaned the cock and then applied the cloth to me. When she was done she unclasped my hands leaving them tied and then unclasped my ankles and told me to roll over. I did and she retied me to the chair.

“What’s next?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” she said. I heard someone walk in the room and Leslie said, “Just in time.” When I turned and looked there was on of the interns we were so crazy about. I looked at Leslie as she announced “Trish, Michael is here to help us initiate you into the art of having a real cock inside that wonderful cunt of yours.”

“I’m honored to help in any way.” He said with a smile as he walked over and kissed me. I watched as Leslie helped him out of his clothes, then led him in front of me. Taking his cock in her hand she put it to my lips and said, “Make him ready to enter you Trish.” I took him in my mouth, felt him grow and harden as I sucked on him. I was scared and excited at the same time. Leslie kept her hand at the base of his cock and when she felt he was ready enough pulled him back out of reach. I whimpered from the loss of wanting to continue. I felt him at my opening and then he was thrusting into me.

“Oh god she is so tight and wet,” I heard him say. Leslie came around in front of me and put her cunt in my face so I started sucking on her while I was whimpering from the pleasure Michael was giving me. We all three came at the same time. Michael pulled out so his cum went all over my ass. I could feel it sliding down my crack and it excited me all the more. Leslie moved away while Michael came back around in front of me and I took him in my mouth again. I could taste me on him and it was a totally exhilarating taste. I became so involved with his cock I had forgotten Leslie until I felt something probing my pussy. Leslie fitted a strap on to me backwards so it was penetrating me without the need for someone to support it.

Then I felt her probing my ass with one she had strapped on to her. Michael grabbed the back of my head and held me to him so I was taking him all the way in with him controlling the rhythm. Leslie slowly entered my ass and stopped when she was completely inside, she then reached around and turned on the vibrator of the strap on in my cunt. I was in ecstasy and started to move against her. This went on through three orgasms and then her and Michael cried out at the same time. For the first time in my life I was tasting a man’s cum, while being fucked in the ass and loving it. They untied me after that and we fell on the bed together. While we calmed down Michael turned me toward him and kissed me saying, “Happy Birthday sexy, I’m glad I could be apart of it.”

Then he slowly moved my head down his body again and told Leslie to come here. She straddled his face while I sucked his cock. When she cried out her orgasm I moved to kiss her. We switched places and she climbed astride his cock while I straddled his face. We came together in the finale of the evening.

In the morning Leslie got a call saying her mom was ill and she was needed at home so we said a tearful goodbye. Michael and I have been married now for 11 years and Leslie is coming to visit next week. I’m dripping just thinking about our reunion, she says she has a special surprise for us when she gets here that we are going to thoroughly enjoy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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