A Girl Living Next Door

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A young girl, approximately 21 or 22 years old, came to live for a couple of weeks with a neighbor of ours. I never knew her name and I was never acquainted with her. She wasn’t tall, she had brown hair and pale-green eyes. Each time I saw her she passed by with such an air as if she was the most important person in the world! To tell the truth, I never liked such girls, but this one was an exception. She was too special.

It was a common day, just like any other. I returned home from three double-periods at the university, tired and exhausted. Entering my house, I pressed the elevator button. It arrived, and she walked out – proud and unapproachable as usual. The only thing I could do was watch her walk away. And I thought how great it would be to fuck this young lady. I went to my flat, locked the door and began stroking my dick, imagining how I would make love to this young bitch. I’m taking off her clothes, caress her body and cup her tits. I am kissing her lips passionately, then her neck, then my lips slowly go lower and lower, to her bellybutton, I lick it and go further. Finally, I reach her precious pussy. I caress her magical button, spread her labia, dripping wet for me… Oh god, I was about to explode. If it wasn’t for masturbation, I would have gone mad.

Once, looking through a chemistry book, I came across a chapter devoted to chloroform – a liquid used in medicine. If a chloroform damped cloth is put over a person’s nose and mouth, he or she will pass out. And this was very important for me and my plan of fucking the girl next door.

So I started thinking over a detailed plan of possessing the bitch. My dick and I could not wait any longer. The main obstacle was that I lived on the 4th floor, and she lived on the 8th. I had to think of something to make her walk down the stairs instead of using the elevator. So I made a couple of experiments and found out that our elevator would stuck if something is stuck between its doors somewhere around 2nd floor. Now my plan was complete.

Finally, the day XXX came. At the university, I could hardly sit still. After the lessons were over, I rushed home and prepared everything. It was already 1:30, she would usually go out around two. I quickly blocked the elevator and started waiting. Almost everyone else in the house was at work, although there were a few people walking downstairs and upstairs – driving me mad, since they could spoil everything!

At 2:15 I heard a sound of a heavy door being opened. It was her door. I quickly poured some chloroform on the cloth and hid myself behind the elevator. Each minute seemed to last for an eternity. She footsteps were getting louder and louder, the bitch was walking downstairs, straight into my arms! My heart was beating like a heavy drum. Finally, she reached my floor and turned to pass further. This was the moment.

Like a tiger, I jumped over her and pressed the cloth to her face. She was fairly strong, but chemistry was stronger… So my little gaziantep escort bitch fell helpless on the floor. I dragged her into the flat and put her on my bed. She was perfect.

I quickly undressed. Then I began undressing her – first her jacket and shoes, then skirt and top. I took a few pictures of her in her lingerie, then removed the bra and stockings and shot a few more stills. My dick began to stiffen when I saw her in nothing but her panties lying on my bed, so approachable, so helpless! I felt it was about time to begin.

I jumped into the bed. Kissing her lips, I felt like I was losing my mind, since she smelled the perfume that had been driving me crazy for a few weeks already! My hand was caressing her tits – she was 23, but her breast was a size B! My fingers teased her small pink nipples, hardening till they felt like warm little pebbles. Losing control, I kissed her neck and chest, then her nipples, sucking them into my mouth and gently biting.

My hand wormed into her pussy which was already hot and wet. I immediately pulled off her panties and spread her leg wide, enjoying her smell. My dick was about to explode, to I slowly, inch after inch, entered my sweet bitch. Hmm, she was not a cherry, some bastard had been in her before me! Well, it didn’t matter. I was not a virgin, too. And she was mine now – it was all that mattered. A wave of joy spread all over me, and I came like I never did before. I was my best orgasm – never before had I felt anything like that.

I went to my mother’s room and took a can of hand cream. Then I turned the bitch on her belly and thoroughly applied the cream on her asshole. Then I put on a condom and dipped it in cream, too. I was with difficulty that I entered her ass – I wondered how I didn’t tear her. I began to ass-fuck her, very roughly, very cruelly! I felt like I was in heaven! Going on, I put my hand from under her leg and caressed her clit. Suddenly, due to pain or something else, she began to recover. I quickly covered her face with the cloth again, and she passed out like a nice little girl. Then I continued fucking her, and a few minutes later the familiar wave of pleasure rose in me. My dick exploded with lots of semen.

After a few minutes of lying on my darling, I pulled my dick out and took a few more pictures of her. Just imagine – a nude 23-year-old girl, freshly fucked, lying on your bed and knowing nothing! Taking lots of pictures, I decided to wash her, then dressed her up – but I kept the panties as a souvenir. I dragged her to the door and, assessing there was no one at the staircase, carried her to the 2nd floor and laid her down behind the elevator. Returning home, I cleaned up the room and removed the evidences. I was doing it all, holding her panties in my hand.

A few days later I met her again, and as usual she paid absolutely no attention to me and passed by. But her walk was a little different now. Now she didn’t rock her ass to and fro like she used to a couple of days ago!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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