A Great Start

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Heres my story. I was 10 years old it was early in the morning my mom was getting ready for work she woke up my cousin to babysit me. My 16 year old cousin is a tall and slightly chubby girl with jet black hair and huge dd’s and a nice firm ass. she came down the stairs wearing a short cut shirt show off her huge rack. She sits down and watches TV with me. Then my mom say shes leaving for work and to not forget to record her show at 1 o’clock so at 1:00 we set up the VCR and go to her room to watch TV.

Its very hot In the room so she say that we should take off our shirts. So i remove mine and then she slides hers off lifting her huge and beautiful breasts that then smack her chest. Her nipples are hard and i say wow those are big. She says thanks and then i ask could i touch one. She turns around and says sure touch both and squeeze them. If you want you can suck on them. So i lean over and squeeze her left breast and then she puts her hand on the back off my head and push my face in too one of them and say lick and suck them. I do she removes her hand and shes the bugle of my 5 inch prick and my pants.

she says can i see it? I pull down my pants and she says nice cock i repeat cock? She says yes silly cock its what i am pumping. She begins to give me a hand-job and it feels great. She then takes it in her mouth and sucks on it then says. Now you do me. she pulls down her shorts to reveal a dripping wet hairy pussy. And says to lick the slit and suck on it i lean down and smell her. Divine nectar its amazing so i lean in and lick it it tastes good too. I go at it for 5 mins then she says come up her.

I lift my face up covered in her pussy juice’s dripping wet and she şişli escort says kiss me. We share a kiss and she puts her tung in my mouth then says fuck me. I say how. She says put you cock in my pussy and push it in and out . So i place my cock in front of her wet and hairy pussy and push it in and i slides in to her tight pussy and i pull it in and out my cock dripping with her pussy juice’s. we both moan and she say i am cumming and she squirts my cock with her juice. Now her sweet nectar is all over her bed and were in each others arms sweaty and dirty.

She says we need to take a shower so we go and she say we should clean each other off with our tungs and i lick her asshole first she loves it. She turns around and says let me do that to you i say OK. So i bend over and she inserts her tung deep in my ass it hurts a bit.

So i let out a moan of pain she take her tung out and asks if i am OK i say yes and to keep doing it. She then inserts her tung again and tung fucks me. Then she says for my to put my cock in her ass. She bends over and i push it hard in her ass. She screams in pain but say keep going i do. I pump my cock in her ass faster and harder each time and she cums again. Squirting her juices all in the tub. We clean off then lay on her bed in each others arms. And she says we can do that when ever no ones around. The next day i wake up and my mom has already left for work. And my cousin Jane walks in to the room. And says good morning Chris.

Jane is wearing a thong and no bra my cock gets hard. Jane walks over to my bed and sits down leans over and give me a deep and passionate kiss. And see’s my hard cock. Jane says not right now i want to eat first. But jane No she says. But you will like what i have in mind come down the stairs in 5 mins and dont wear anything. 5 mins later i walk down the stairs and see my cousin puting a plate down with eggs and bacon.

I say hi jane looks good. Thanks when were done i have something i want to show you. Ok i say i sit down naked along with jane. We eat our food. Then she cleans the dish’s. And we go to her room. She pulls out of a strap on. And puts it on then says Chris i want to fuck you today. I dont know that looks big. Its only 7 inchs it will hurt a bit but you will like it. I then submit and bend over the bed. She then puts the cock in front of my asshole. I feel the tip of the cock pressing against my ass and then she slowy pushs it in.

She got 3 inchs in me and i am in a great amounnt of pain. But i tell her to push it all in at once. She says that will hurt alot. I say just do it. She thrusts it in all the way it hurts but starts to feel good as she slides it in and out. She ask how it feels i say great. She fucks my ass slideing the 7 inch cock deep in my ass in and out in and out. She says i’m cumming. I say the same she then squirts all over her floor.

She pulls the cock out of my ass with a poping sound. And asks did you like it? I say yes. Fast forward 3 years. It my 13th birth day me and my cousin are in love but we dont tell any one. Were at the house and my mom and dad are cooking our food. But after the party my mom has to go out of town on a work trip. And my dads going too so me and my cousin will be all alone. We eat our meal and i open my gifts. I get a few dvds. And jane got me a playstaion 2. And a few games for it. It was a good night and i say good bye to my parents and turn around to jane and say best gift they ever gave me. She says i know gone for a whole week let me show you what i really got you babe. I say ok we kiss and she goes upstaris.

She comes down the stairs wearing nothing. I take off my clouths my cock is already hard. She walks up to me and says let me take care of you my love. She then opens her mouth and takes my cock in her mouth i moan ohh jane. Then push her head down on my cock she gags abit but still licks and sucks on my cock. I let go of her head she puts her finger in my ass. I say i am cumming i want to cum on your face. She Starts jacking me off then i shoot a thick rope of cum all over her face.

She takes he finger and get all the cum on it then eats it. Um tastes good. Then i say i want to eat your pussy i get on the floor and start to lick her pussy shes so wet and warm. She moans then says i want you to fuck me now. I put my cock deep in her pussy and slide it in and out. I fuck her hard and she loves it. She says i love you chris i say i love you too. She screams i am cumming. I say the same then shoot my cum deep in her pussy as she squirts her jucies all over my cock.

We lay on the floor in each others arms with my cock still in her. We wake up and i look in her eyes and say i love you so much i dont care what anyone says we are in love and theres not damn thing they can do. She says lets go out to dinner as a couple tonight. I say ok where? Outback she says. I say great. We go to dinner and feel great were kissing and having a great time. I look like i am 16 so its not a problem. We go home and go to bed. The End For Now

I will Write More. If you want this is the truth. Some things were changed. But the over all story is true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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