A Guy Gets Educated! Ch. 01

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I was quite young, by the standards of 1956, when I lost my virginity. Today, of course, any guy reaching the age of 18 without having experienced the savour of pussy juice would probably be considered a freak. But, in those days, it was a fairly normal thing. Enough of that, let me tell you what happened….

My mom and dad had been transferred to Europe, shortly after I completed my matric examinations. Dad was involved in the overseas office of one of the large South African manufacturing companies and he held a high position in that company. Because of his position, we moved in quite high circles and I was soon introduced to the pleasure pastimes of Europe. Of course, our home was beautiful and, in keeping with the standards of my dad’s business associates, we had a tutor for my young twin brothers and a live in au-pair girl.

The tutor, Madame Du Pont, was employed to teach the twins and also to help me in my adjustment to a new language and my college studies. Today, with more maturity, I recognise that she was a truly beautiful person but, at first, she seemed ancient to me. She was only about thirty-seven years of age and, although her figure was not that of a young woman, she did not need to be ashamed of it. She had nice, if a trifle small, breasts, a trim waist and good hips. She was a widow and was a tyrant when it came to studies but was soft and friendly at other times. Her husband had been a pilot in the air force during the Second World War and had been killed in action.

The au-pair girl was a sort of maid and baby sitter for the twins. My folks had to go out during the evenings and they needed a baby-sitter. So, the au pair had been employed. Ingrid was a curvy, voluptuous blonde from Scandinavia. I had been entranced, from the moment I saw her but because she was about twenty-five or twenty-six years of age, I believed that she would just see me as just an eighteen year old, callow youth. However, unbeknown to her, she had co-operated in many of my nocturnal fantasies and was always able to bring me off to a shuddering climax.

The week I turned eighteen, I was invited to a skiing weekend at an alpine resort. One of my dad’s buddies had arranged to take his son and me to the resort with him. It had been great in the mountains and the skiing and bobsledding had been incredible. In addition, both Mario and I had used every opportunity to score. Both of us were inexperienced but it seemed that our chance of losing our virginity was very favourable.

But, then came the accident…

I was trying a ski jump when I landed awkwardly and tore the ligaments of my ankle quite badly. This meant a trip to the hospital, resulting in treatment and splinting of my ankle. Of course, skiing was out and so was my chance of scoring. When I was supposed to be in the resort having drinks with Jane, the wild English rose, I was lying in hospital having my ankle bound up and being issued with a pair of crutches. It didn’t deter şişli eskort Mario though – he scored and kept the lady’s wet-stained panties to prove it. The bastard.

Anyway, that put paid to the weekend and early on Sunday morning we were taken home. When we got home, Ingrid had to help me up to my room. Mom and dad were out at a function and Madame le tutor was away for the weekend. She wasn’t due back until late. The cook and the housemaid were there but the chauffeur was with my folks. Ingrid was very gentle, as she helped me up the stairs and, in view of all the fantasies, I had previously enjoyed, I laid it on a little thick and allowed her to mother me more than was really necessary. I had been told to go to bed and rest and so, she asked me if I needed help getting into my pyjamas. Of course, I said, “Yes.”

Ingrid helped me to undress. I had to hold onto my crutches, to remain upright and so she loosened my belt and gently drew the pants down over my bound ankle. Of course, having a beautiful girl undress me was really wild and my cock grew to its throbbing fullness, quicker than a wink. My underpants stood out, pushed by the raging hardness of my manhood. Ingrid seemed to smile for a second before she studiously pulled down my shorts and left my pulsating member open to her gaze. She didn’t flinch. Picking up my shorts, she slid them up over my legs and settled them at my waist. I felt her hand brush my prick as she straightened the pyjama shorts.

“Sit,” she ordered, “You can do the rest of your undressing on your own. I must go and see to the twins.” With that, she walked out of my bedroom. I felt embarrassed. I thought she would go for my dick, which wasn’t the smallest in the world, but no, she had walked out on me. I took off my shirt and vest and lay down on the bed. The warmth of our centrally heated home and the comfort of my bed caused me to relax and remember the lightest of a feather touch I had received from her hand.

“Okay,” I thought, I’m probably too young for her. But, she can take everything I can give her, in my dreams and fantasies.” I took my cock in my hand and started to rub it gently, dreaming about Ingrid. I didn’t hear her come back into my room. I didn’t realise that she had gone to check that the maid was downstairs and that the twins were asleep. She hadn’t rejected me, she just was aware of her responsibilities and was being careful.

“What are you doing?” she asked. “Keeping it hard and stiff for me?” I turned in surprise. Ingrid was back and was standing behind me, one leg cocked backwards as she slipped off her panties. Her white blouse was unfastened to the waist and I could see the lush roundness of her magnificent breasts. During her absence, she had removed her bra and her nipples were like hard pebbles. She moved closer and I could see her glistening pussy lips beneath her short black skirt and white frilly apron. I ran my tongue over my lips – my mouth was suddenly dry.

“Have çapa eskort you ever had a woman before?” she breathed. I shook my head in a negative response. I couldn’t breathe, let alone speak. She smiled.

“That’s good,” she said, “now I can teach you the right way to pleasure me. Pull off your shorts.”

I lifted my arse and slid my shorts down to my ankles. I sat up and took them off. My dick stood erect, rigid as an on-duty sentry.

“Lie back,” she said, “I know you are going to come quickly, so we might as well get that out of the way. Then we can really fuck.”

I lay back, my thoughts racing. Never in my wildest fantasies had I ever expected this. I was being seduced.

Ingrid opened her blouse. Her hands cupped their fullness, her thumbs caressing her nipples.

“Watch me,” she ordered.

My gaze had dropped to her succulent pussy. I raised my eyes and looked at her as she fondled the silky smooth skin.

“Try to do it just like this,” she breathed, Ï like my lover to fondle my breasts this way.”

I lay there, unsure of what to do.

“Come on, don’t just lie there, feel my tits,” she said.

I reached up, hesitantly and touched the smooth skin. My cock pulsed with anticipation. Ingrid leaned forward, pressing those delicious orbs into my palms.

She sighed, “Yes, that’s how I like it. Keep going, but watch my fingers touching my pussy. Do you like watching me touch my cunt?”

I nodded. I saw her spread her cunt lips with her fingers, revealing the nub of her clit. Her pussy juices sparkled in the light and the sweet, savoury aroma of her womanhood assailed my nostrils. Her fingers moved, massaging the clit to swollenness and her fingers became slick with her juices. I timed my massage of her breasts and nipples to the pace she was setting with her fingers.

Okay, I’m wet enough to get you going,” she said, “Now I want you to suck my tits.”

She pushed her cleavage forward and buried my face in the softness.

“Lick them and suck them,” she commanded. “Bite my nipples gently and run your teeth over them. Aaah! That’s so good. Now, I want you to kiss my cunt.”

I looked up, surprised. I had never thought of that before.

She moved forward and thrust out her hips. Then she took my head between her hands and pushed my face into her saturated cunt. The aroma was delicious. I kissed and kissed. Her taste was all around my mouth and I licked my lips to savour her sweetness.

“Before I sit on you and make you come,” she said, “I’m going to teach you one more thing. Lick my cunt. Slide your tongue over my clit and make it harder. You can also make your tongue like a torpedo and thrust it in and out of my pussy.”

I rushed to obey. Her pussy was the most wonderful thing I had touched in my entire life. My fingers parted her lips, giving me easier access to her nub and sweet passage. Her pussy was jerking towards me as the heat etiler escort of our love play stimulated her more and more. I tongue-fucked her with gay abandon. In the meantime, my cock grew harder and harder.

“Enough,” she gasped, “Lie back and I’ll sit on you. After you’ve come, we can have a little rest while you continue to work me up and then we can really fuck. The second time, you’ll be able to stay with me for longer.”

I lay back and Ingrid crouched over my pulsating tool. Her black skirt was bunched around her hips and the mouth of her cunt yawned wide, waiting to engulf my ramrod. I arched my back, trying to gain entry but Ingrid was in complete control. She rose with me and the tip of my prick merely glanced her wet lips.

“Lie still,” she ordered, “You can only go in when I put it there.”

She began to lower herself and I watched my thick dick slowly sink into the depths of her velvet-lined pussy. The sensation was incredible. I couldn’t believe it could be as good as this. She started to move and the slipping sliding motion caused my balls to contract and my cock to pulsate. I thought I would come immediately but Ingrid used her muscle control to perfection. Every time I thought I would explode, she squeezed and left me hanging on the edge.

Suddenly, she lost control and started to heave up and down on my stiff cock. Her gliding movements turned to frenzy and her head jerked backwards as she came explosively around me. I jammed my cock deep inside her, hoping to explode in union, but it was not to be. Somehow, I was held on the edge of the cliff and I couldn’t launch off into the void. Ingrid continued to pulsate over me. Her steamy pussy making full use of my rigid member. Orgasm followed orgasm, as she continued to be impaled on my cock.

I thought I would go mad when suddenly, the thickness of my cum burst forth and hit the back of her slippery tunnel. She felt my load flood her depths and, gasping, surrendered to another deep climax. My cock continued to throb as my jism spurted forth, filling her to overflowing. Ingrid fell forward, her shuddering body covering mine. A deep peace crept over me and I began to relax.

“And what is going on here?” asked Madame Du Pont. She had come home unexpectedly early and had been told of my accident.

“Excuse me, Madame,” said Ingrid, “I did not mean this to happen. I helped him undress and suddenly we could not stop.”

“Okay, Ingrid. Get dressed and get out of here. I want to talk to this young man.”

Ingrid climbed off me, gathered her panties and scuttled from the room. My cum ran down her thighs as she left. I rolled towards the wall, trying to hide my nakedness. My hand clutched for my pants in a vain attempt to cover myself.

Madame Du Pont walked to the side of my bed and looked down at me. My cock was covered with Ingrid’s juices, as it lay limp but still partially engorged.

“I’d better get you cleaned up,” she said, and ran water into the wash hand basin and soaked my washcloth. Then she took my flaccid penis in her hand and gently washed me clean. Once again Peter pointed at the ceiling.

What happened? What did Madame Du Pont do? Ahhh! That’s another story.

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