A Loving Lockdown With Mum Ch. 02

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Mum and I quickly got into a routine. Mum wanted it every day. I moved into her bedroom with its antique brass bed. Mum had changed the mattress five years ago. It was a very comfortable King-size bed. Our lovemaking improved; we were acting as one. We were both giving each other pleasure.

We were both working better. Mum was glowing constantly. She arranged her lessons, so it allowed us to have a little siesta in the afternoon. Mum started using my bedroom to give her lessons. I used the lounge.

In the morning, after we had crossed the line, we had amazing sex. Mum made breakfast, then had her first student. Just after ten, the Lonely Student had a message from the Busty Widow. It read, “Tom, I’m indebted to you. I did everything that you suggested apart from wearing the collarless top. I save that for a special time. My son wanted me as much as I wanted him. I’m so happy that this is happening to me. I have the feeling this could be the start of something good. Thanks again, I hope you find what you’re looking for. Jill.”

I replied, “Jill, I’m so happy that it worked for you. I had the feeling it would. Take care and stay safe, Tom.”

I then checked mum’s two sites. She had deleted both her profiles. At that afternoon’s siesta, I ass fucked mum and gave her three vaginal orgasms, which we loved. As I got to know mum a little better, I soon felt that mum enjoyed being submissive. She loved it in every hole and loved to give me pleasure. I soon had the feeling that the more pleasure she gave me increased her pleasure.

I was working so much better. I was on top of the work the company I worked for was giving me. The automotive industry was where I was writing programs. I was good at it. I had been working for a while on a gaming program. Since mum and I had got together, my head was a lot clearer, I was more relaxed within myself.

Mum had told me one night that she felt she was teaching better. She told me she hadn’t felt so focused on her work for a long time. I told her it was all down to the amount of spunk that I was pumping into her every day. She laughed and said I was probably right.

One Sunday morning, we had the morning in bed. God knows how many times mum came as I’d cum twice. I went to the bathroom when I returned mum was lying on top of the bed, legs spread wide, her massive tits jiggling beautifully as she slid two of her long fingers in and out of her wet cunt as she stroked her huge clit with her thumb. Our eyes met, she smiled at me, mum looked completely relaxed.

“Jack, my comfort level is incredible when I’m around you. I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone in my life before. Do you enjoy watching your mum playing with her hot cunt?

“I love it mum, you do it so nicely. Your fingers go deep and your thumb action tells me you know what you’re doing.”

“Jack, I’m so close. Let me bring myself off. Wank your monster cock so he’s nice and hard for me and then you can shove it up my fuck hole.”

It didn’t take mum long to cum. She twitched a lot. Then, when she had composed herself, she brought her two fingers and thumb out of her cunt. All were dripping with her creamy spunk. Mum then licked her fingers and thumb clean.

She looked at me so suggestively, then put her tongue out. There was a large blob of spunk on it. Mum pulled me close to her, and we cum kissed for several minutes. “You’re the only person who I could do this with Jack, do you like it when I do naughty but nice things with you?”

I was only thinking of getting my cock up mum’s cunt. I put the bulbous head of my cock in the middle of mum’s long sex slit, then pushed. As my cock slid easily up mum’s cunt, mum moved her hands away. I gripped both of her wrists and held them on top of the bed.

I was on top of mum, when I gripped her wrists, she rode me. It was as though she had moved into turbo. What a ride she was giving me. For five minutes, mum was lying on her back on the bed but she was in total control of the fuck. Mum had a massive orgasm. A minute later, mum had calmed down, and we were kissing lovingly.

We were lying in each other’s arms. I said, “Did you enjoy that mum?”

“I loved that Jack; I had a very strong orgasm. Can I tell you something very travesti gaziantep personal? I want to tell you, though you may think that I’m a slut. Jack, I love to have my movements restricted when I’m having sex. As you held me down there, I had a powerful climax. How do you feel about that?”

“Mum, different strokes for different folks. If that’s what you enjoy, then we’ll do it. I’ll get all the things you need. If you want to do it, then we’ll do it right?”

“Jack, I already have everything that I need. I have a box under this bed. It has everything we need. The brass bars on the bed make it so easy to use. I have had no bondage since your father died six years ago. Will you tie my wrists and ankles with the Velcro cuffs, then fuck me anyway you want? I even enjoy wearing a blindfold when you do it. That way, I do not know what’s coming next. Jack, I’m trying to tell you what I enjoy?”

As I kissed mum, I now knew what that sentence on role-play site meant. Bondage was her Dark Secret, and I was the special one that she had told. I felt so happy that I was the one. I knew then that the bond between mum and I was getting very strong.

“Mum, thank you for telling me. I’ll do everything I can to give you pleasure. Let’s get something to eat, then we can get the box out and get started. I love you with all my heart, mum.”

We went into the kitchen. Mum was naked as she cooked our breakfast. I was touching her everywhere, and she loved it. I think she appreciated my touching her, as it could not have been easy for her to tell me she enjoyed bondage.

After breakfast, we got the box out. It had every kind of restraint system you could imagine. There were also a couple of paddles and slappers. As mum used one slapper on her hard nipple and said, “When mummy is naughty, you must discipline her. This slapper is excellent for slapping mummy’s big clit.”

I loved what mum was saying to me. She was telling me, not directly, that she was into kinky sex and she was prepared to let herself go and fully surrender her body to me. The number of times she told me when I restrained her, I could do whatever I wanted to do to her and she loved naughty things done to her.

Over the next month we did everything imaginable, not just in bed, but mum had two chairs in which she could be restrained easily. Mum loved to do a lap dance with me secured in the chair. She also would ride me cowgirl with me tied to the chair. The trust this created between mum and I was incredible.

At home, our life’s cantered around sex. Mum was now starting later and finishing earlier. One day, mum had a big shopping to do and asked me to come and help her. She dressed in her conservative clothes. What a turn on this gave me, seeing mum in these clothes which hid her gorgeous body. I felt my cock stiffen, thinking about the naughty things I would do to her when we got home.

In the car going home, I said, “Mum, you turn me on at home when most of the time we are both naked. Every time you go shopping, I want to go with you because when you wear your respectable clothes, I’m the only one that knows it hid what a fuckable body under your clothes.”

Mum’s skirt came to an inch below her knee. She raised herself up, spreading her legs as she pulled her skirt up to reveal her long sex slit. She wasn’t wearing panties. Mum slid two fingers deep inside her fuck hole. When she brought them out, then licked them clean as she said, “I’m nice and wet for you Jack, we’ll unpack the shopping then it’s straight to the shower, I want you to pee on me after you fuck me.”

Mum made me drink a litre of milk as she always did when she wanted her Golden Shower. Just looking at mum’s naked body under the shower stiffened my cock. She was under the shower. I teased her clit with my index and middle fingers. I then slipped my two long thick fingers inside mum’s soaked cum. Making the come here gesture with these two fingers inside mum’s hot cunt, I was stimulating her G-spot as my thumb stimulated her huge clit.

I kept working my fingers and thumb as mum rode the fingers I had inside her. Mum’s hips were going crazy as she rode my fingers to a powerful climax. Her whole body quivered gaziantep travesti for a minute as she orgasmed. I gave mum a short time to compose herself. I turned her around. She was now facing the tiled wall of the shower as she spread her legs and gripped the stainless-steel support bars. There were four, two above and two below. They could restrain, but she didn’t like to be bound in the shower.

Mum was now ready to take me doggy style, her preferred position in the shower as loved it deep inside her and doggy style allowed this. I ran the bulbous head of my cock up and down mum’s long sex slit. Positioning it in the middle of it, I pushed and my monster cock slid easily up mum’s slick cunt. Mum gasped with desire as I rode her.

“Jack, I love your monster cock. I was so wet I could take him easily. Fuck me hard and deep. Let’s try to cum together as afterwards I want to do naughty things with you.”

Soon I had a powerful rhythm going, pounding into mum’s tight slick cunt. Thrusting hard, I was trying to release all the desires that I had got seeing mum dressed so respectably in the supermarket. A few minutes later, I felt mum’s pussy twitch and tremble. She was having her second orgasm in under twenty minutes. This was my trigger. “I’m giving you a great ride mum, I can feel your creamy spunk on my cock now I’m going to shoot my load deep inside you.”

“Give me all you’ve got Jack, I want to feel your cum spurt against my cervix. We’re so compatible sexually. I was submissive to your dad, but you are taking me to a higher and more exciting life. Cum for mummy, I want all of it, Jack. Mummy loves you, mummy loves your cock and all the naughty things that you do to mummy.”

Then I exploded inside mum’s cunt. The squirts were so powerful, mum’s cervix must have felt them. I was so deep in with my last squirt of my climax. I left my throbbing cock inside mum’s cunt, enjoying the warmth and comfort there. The muscles around my cock tightened. Mum said, “You have given me two marvellous orgasms in such a short time. Let mummy hold your cock inside and enjoy the sensations mum will give you now. I drank a lot of milk too, Jack.”

Then I felt the warmth of mum’s pee giving incredible sensations to my cock as she peed on my now half hard cock. Then the warmth of her pee running down both my thighs. Mum was still in the doggy style position and I couldn’t kiss her to show my appreciation of what she was doing to me, but I knew that she’d appreciate the things I would do to her when she released my cock from her cunt.

Using her powerful cunt muscles, mum pushed my cock out of her cunt. Mum then lay on the floor of the open plan shower. It was open. She then spread her cunt flaps open and held it open so I could pee on her open cunt. I peed for a couple of seconds, which ran down the drain. In her Golden Shower mum would only get fresh pee.

I peed on mum’s pussy then directed the flow over her stomach to her massive tits, peeing on her nipples then peeing on her face. She was enjoying her Golden Shower. In conclusion, as always, she opened her mouth, and I peed in her mouth until I was empty. Mum swallowed and stood up. We kissed lovingly for several minutes and washed and rinsed each other under the shower.

Our lovemaking was improving every week. Mum was my sub, and she loved it. Our pillow talk was the only way I could get inside mum’s head. She had told me that when she had become dad’s submissive wife that had saved their marriage. It had also introduced her to sexual sensations that she loved and had never experienced before.

One night she confided in me that since she had become my submissive mum, I’d taken her sexual pleasure to a unimaginable level and she needed me to keep pushing her to do naughty things that gave her the pleasure she desired. When mum said this, I made love to her again as I knew that the relationship between us was one of love and respect. Mum only used her submissiveness to get the sexual pleasure that she desperately needed. She was my loving mum, and I was the one that could give her all her desired sexual pleasure.

A couple of days later, I got a WhatsApp message from mum just before gaziantep travestileri four in the afternoon. It read, “I need to shop again. You should drive me. The push-up bra I found was 36DD Cup. My breasts overflow out of my bra when I wear the 36DD. You will like how my girls jiggle when I walk. I hope you get as aroused as the last time we did a shopping together. I’ll be ready to go in thirty minutes. I love you, mum xxx.”

Mum dressed conservatively, but her tits looked incredible. You could see that they were spilling out of her bra. Mum had a look of contentment on her face, along with a mischievous smile. I got the trolley, and the shopping began. Just looking at mum was arousing me. She looked the essence of respectability which I found so seductive.

At the cheese counter I whispered to mum, “Mum, you look so sexy, my cock is getting stiff, I’m going to do naughty things to you when we get home.”

Mum whispered back, “I hope you will. I’ve a little surprise for you. I am so horny, Jack, I can’t get enough of you. It excites me so much that when I dress so conservatively, I still arouse you.”

We got back to the car, as we drove out of the car park mum raised her butt off the passenger seat and pulled her skirt to her hips, her long sex slit was winking at me, mum said, “I’ll be ready for you, I have a butt plug lubed and up my ass. I’ve got my Kegel balls up my pussy. I was doing my Kegel exercises as we walked up and down the aisles. After you ass fuck me, I’ll be able to give you a lovely tight ride when you do my pussy.”

We wasted no time in getting to bed when we got home. Mum was so horny, we kissed so lovingly on top of the bed, as we kissed, I only played with mum’s tits. This drove her crazy, as she wanted action now. I turned mum on her side, I then sucked on a nipple as I ass fucked her with her butt plug. “Jack, I need your cock up there. Take me baby, I’m yours.”

I got mum on all fours with her butt at the bottom of the bed. Mum lubed my cock, then pulled the butt plug out of her ass. Her ass was so well lubed, she took my full length with my first push. I soon had a powerful rhythm going. Mum was loving it. After a minute, I added to her pleasure by fingering her hard clit as I rode her. Two minutes later, she had her first vaginal orgasm, her whole body was trembling. “I needed that, Jack, keep going. Give me another two orgasms, then you can have my tight cunt.”

I kept pounding her ass. Her tits were wobbling in every direction. The harder I fucked her, the more mum loved it. Mum’s second orgasm was stronger than the first. I was relentless. This was what mum loved. Mum’s pussy was so wet now, mum loved how the bulbous head of my cock was stimulating her G-spot. I loved giving mum this pleasure; she loved it so much. The sex with mum was getting better and better. There was nothing we hadn’t tried, but we’d probably find something new soon. “Jack, the next one is going to be the big one. I love what you’re doing to me. Fuck me harder and deeper for the last one.”

It didn’t take long for that to come. Mum had a body-shaking orgasm a minute later. I left my cock in her ass, but I wasn’t riding her, though the trembling of her body was stimulating my cock. When mum had composed herself, I pulled out of her ass and slid my cock up her hungry cunt. I soon had a pleasant rhythm going. Mum was gripping my cock at the base and head of each thrust, and I was thrusting hard. “Jack, will I make it tighter for you? It feels so good. I want you to feel you spurt on my cervix. This is better than I thought it would be.”

“Mum, grip the head of my cock tighter. Yes, you’ve got it. That feels so good. Mum, you’re giving me a great ride.”

“That’s what I’m here for, darling. I wish we had started this earlier. Jack, you have changed my life. I have never felt so happy in all my life. Cum for mummy, let’s cum together.”

Five minutes later, we both climaxed within seconds of each other. We both had powerful orgasms. I pulled out and turned mum around. We lay on top of the bed kissing with so much passion. It was a wonderful feeling. Mum said, “Jack, I’m being serious, I think we should do a shopping every day.”

The End.

Whilst writing this, I thought of a story where the son knows his father has only treated his mum as his submissive slut. The father dies, the son is sexually attracted to his mum. His mum was nineteen when she had her son. She was a naïve young woman attracted to a wealthy man who dominated her, only using her for his sexual pleasure. I believe it could make an interesting story.

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