A Marine for Me

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I am 42 years old, married and in my sexual prime. I am deployed with Marines and love working with them. I love watching them show off and flex their muscles. My husband is not nearly as interested in sex as I am. I find myself fantasizing about the hunky Marines and even had an affair with one.

Once I had one affair, it was pretty easy to fantasize about another. Ken is a handsome Marine. He is 25 years old and his hours spent at the gym are extremely obvious. He has the prettiest ‘come fuck me’eyes. I knew that he was a player. He worked in the office next door to mine and he would sometimes visit and tell me about his escapades in Hawaii and Okinawa. I loved hearing his stories.

Ken never came to my office unless I was alone. I noticed this, and wondered if he would ever want to have an affair with me. I would sometimes sit and fantasize about him after he left my office, the stories he shared still fresh in my mind.

He knew I was married and I wondered if that was why he had never done more than flirt and tell stories. One night, he visited me in my office while I was working late. My husband had been away for a couple of weeks. Ken asked me when my husband was returning. I told him that it would be at least a couple months, but I was not sure when. I told him that I was dying without having him there and that I did not know how the really young guys that were full of hormones did it. I did not know how they went so long without having sex.

He told me that he was not sure how he did it himself. His eyes told me that he wanted to fuck me. I quickly looked down, not wanting him to read the same desire in my eyes. He was so handsome. We flirted for a while longer, and then he left.

He continued to visit me, his visits becoming more and more frequent. Our conversations always turned to sex. I always ended up looking down so that he would not see the lust in my eyes.

One night, we were talking about how people deployed get so horny that they will have sex about anywhere. Ken said that people even had sex in the porta potties! I was shocked! I blurted out “I would NEVER have sex in the porta potties! I did in one of the latrine trailers though”. I blushed immediately. I could not believe that I blurted my indiscretion out to this young Marine.

He said “with your husband?”

I answered “No, of course not” Once again, I was shocked by my blunt, but honest response. What was I thinking?

The smile on his face widened. He said, “I did not know you played.”

I blushed and looked away, mumbling “Yes I do.”

He asked me if my play mate was still out here. I told him İstanbul Escort yes. We talked a while longer and he told me that if I ever decided I wanted to play with him, to let him know. I did not know how to respond so I just smiled.

A couple of visits later, he told me again, that if I ever wanted to play with someone else, to please let him know. This made my mind fly. I could not stop thinking about him. I knew that he must be a wonderful lover just from all the stories he had told me.

The next night, while walking home from work, I saw him. He was walking back from dinner. We stopped to chat. After a brief chat, I looked at him and said “3D1.”

He said “What?”

I repeated “3D1. That’s my room number”.

He smiled the biggest smile I had seen him smile yet. He grabbed the pen out of his cami blouse pocket and wrote the room number down on his hand.

I looked in his eyes, the lust in his eyes burning a hole in my heart. He asked if I was heading home now. I told him I was and he told me that he would hurry and finish some things up and be there in about an hour.

My heart raced. All the way home, I kept thinking about Ken. I could not believe that I had just impulsively blurted out my room number, and by so doing, invited him over.

I got back to my room, tidied up a bit and grabbed my shower bag and headed to the shower trailer. I was so excited, but yet so nervous. I had only the one affair, and until I was deployed I had never cheated on my husband. But I could not stop thinking about Ken and his muscular body.

When I finished my shower, I quickly dressed in some maroon gym shorts and tight pink t-shirt. I walked back to my room. I was so nervous, wondering if Ken would show up and if he did show up, how things would go.

The next thing I knew, there was a knock on my door. I opened the door, and there he stood. I could tell he was anxious by the look in his eyes as well as his early arrival. He was still wearing his camis, with his M16 strapped over his shoulder.

I looked at him and smiled. Ken politely asked if he could come in. I responded by smiling and saying sure. I looked around outside my door to make sure none of the other Marines who live near me saw him enter my room and then closed the door and locked it behind us.

I walked over to the head of my bed. The rooms are sparsely decorated, with no furniture for sitting but the bed. I motioned to him that he could sit on the bed as well.

He set his weapon down on the floor and then asked if I would mind if he took his outer blouse shirt off, it was a hot night. Kadıköy Escort I told him of course not and that he could take his boots off as well and make himself comfortable.

He took his boots off, and then his outer blouse. His tight t-shirt outlined his muscular chest and I could feel a tingle between my legs, just looking at his yummy chest. The sexual tension was so strong. I wanted him to just push me back on the bed and take me.

But instead, he sat down on the bed and we talked for about an hour. Finally, in one swift move, Ken was to the head of the bed where I was sitting. He took his hand and cradled the back of my head as he looked in to my eyes. My heart raced as he moved closer and gently kissed me softly. He kissed me several times, each kiss built up more desire inside my body. Then the passion overtook us and we were in a long passionate kiss, with his body pressed against mine. I held him tight to me, afraid he would leave. My desire was burning so strong that I just had to have him.

I reached my hands to his chest and felt his rippling muscles through his tight t-shirt. I grasped the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it quickly over his head. I paused for a moment to admire his chest and his arms. His body looked like something from a dream. It was perfect.

I reached for the buttons on his cami pants. My fingers trembled as I fumbled with the buttons. He reached down and quickly undid his pants and with one push, they were down to his ankles and then dropped on to the floor. And there he was that gorgeous hunk of a Marine, in nothing but his boxers and socks.

Our bodies just seemed to entwine. He reached under my shirt, his large hands grasping my breasts. I raised my arms over my head as he pulled my shirt off. Then I lifted my hips as he pulled off my shorts and then my panties.

He stood briefly to pull off his boxer shorts. My eyes grew large and my jaws dropped open as his erect cock sprung free. He had a gorgeous dick. It was long, but not super long. It was really thick and was cut really nice, the head just seemed to scream “suck me”.

He lowered himself back down, pressing his body against mine.

I could feel his hard dick press against me. I was consumed with lust. I rolled over, pushing him on his back, my body on top of his. I kissed his neck and nibbled on his ears as my hands reached down to feel his manhood. I loved how it felt. I loved his entire muscular body. I kissed, licked and nibbled a trail down to his chest. I could not get enough of him. I licked his nipples and felt them get hard as I gently sucked each one in my mouth, Ataşehir Escort my hand never leaving his erect cock.

My mouth continued to explore his body, making a path to his throbbing cock. My tongue gingerly licked his balls, taking each one in to my mouth and sucking them gently. Then I licked hard up the shaft of his dick. When I reached the top, I paused and naughtily looked up at him. I saw the anticipation on his face. I knew he wanted me to open my mouth and take him fully down my throat. But I wanted to tease him a little more.

I circled my tongue around the head of his penis, making swirls around and around. His moans turned me on so much and I could feel my wetness begin to increase. Finally, I opened my mouth wide to accommodate his girth. I lowered my head, taking his entire length down my throat. He moaned even louder. He pulled my head up and stopped me, wanting to make the night last longer.

He rolled over, pushing me back on the bed. He reached a hand down between my legs, which I spread immediately to welcome him. A moan escaped my lips as his finger brushed across my clit. He maneuvered so that his head was between my legs and with one quick movement, his thick tongue swept across my slit and then lingered on my clit.

I gasped as my hips bucked forward and I grinded my pussy in his face. He definitely knew what he was doing down there! He cupped my ass with his hands and brought my pussy closer to his face. He continued to give me the most awesome tongue lashing of my life. He lcked my slit and sucked my clit until he brought me to two body shaking orgasms.

He moved his body up, pressing hard against mine. I opened my legs wider and moaned as I felt his hard dick glide across my wet pussy. He kissed me passionately, and tasting my juices on his mouth made me want him even more.

My hands reached around him and grabbed his ass, pulling him closer to me. With one fast thrust, he was inside me. He felt incredible. I bit my lip to keep from screaming so that my Marine neighbors would not hear me. He pounded my pussy hard with his fat dick; each thrust was met by my wild bucking hips.

He moaned that he was going to cum, I grabbed his ass cheeks tighter and pulled him inside me as far as he would go, drawing my hips up to meet him. My entire body trembled as we came together. Then we collapsed. We just lay there for the longest time; neither of us wanting to slip apart.

Finally, we broke away from each other. He needed to get back to his room before his room mate got suspicious.

He dressed and then came over to the bed and kissed me softly, thanking me. We both agreed that it was incredible sex and that we would have to play again.

We were able to play a few more times before he left to return to Okinawa, including once in my office. I will never forget Ken and his incredible sexy body and the times we spent together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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