A Mother’s Revenge Ch. 02

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Author’s notes and disclaimers:

This story is an original work and contains themes of incest and reluctance. If these offend, feel free to read something else. All characters are 18 years or older.

To everyone who offered their comments and feedback-Thank You! That you took the time and effort to do so means a lot.

Special Thanks to Teknight for being my editor. Your help is deeply appreciated.


Jimmy yawned hard. It felt like he could dislocate his jaw. Then he did it again. After he and his buddies had finished watching the baseball game the previous evening, they had hooked up with a few friends and eventually ended up at a house party near the college campus. Though there had been beer in abundance, Jimmy had opted out as ‘designated driver’ and spent most of the party dancing with one fine-ass co-ed after another. He’d even managed to pull some digits, with the prospect of several dates with some very attractive girls.

Finally, his dry spell looked like it might end. In the last few months of high school there had been a number of girls who had been interested in him, but none of those held his interest. They had all been too vapid, too self centered, too slutty, too something or another that he didn’t like. The girls he had been interested in weren’t available or hadn’t been interested in him.

He yawned again. The coffee would be ready soon. He’d rolled in by 2 am, his new curfew, but hadn’t been able to sleep much. Last night his parents had been in a sexual frenzy, his mother screaming and yelling from orgasm to orgasm so loudly that he’d considered sleeping in his sister’s room which was father from his parents’ bedroom, as she had gone camping that weekend. At first, Jimmy had been so worried that he’d knocked on their door. He was surprised when his mom had opened it a few moments later and stepped into the hallway, wearing nothing but a sheer bed robe, so thin that even in the dim light he could clearly see the enticing curves of her body. She assured him that she and her father were both just fine, and that she would try to keep the noise down. She then surprised the shit out of him by letting her robe fall open, the pressing herself against his body in a fierce hug, and then, to top it all off, she had kissed him square and full on the lips, sucking on his lower lip briefly before telling him to go to bed.

He went to bed, but sleep was impossible after that. Like many boys, many of his earliest masturbation fantasies had been about his mom. Sheryl was beautiful and kept herself fit. Saying that she was still attractive would be inaccurate. Still attractive implies that a peak was reached and passed. The curvy red head was more attractive now than ever. The few lines on her delicate face only enhanced her beauty, when they showed at all. Her body was a combination of hard muscle and soft sensual curves that porn starlets would kill for. His friends had all dubbed her ‘MILF-Queen’ his freshman year. The next year her name had been circulated on many of the unofficial polls that went through his high school, and she’d topped the list again and again and again. She was hot and Jimmy knew it. That she’d revealed her body to him, before giving him an un-motherly good night kiss, and the fact that she was noisily, shamelessly enjoying what seemed like never ending sex, had Jimmy jerk himself to five different orgasms before he fell into a restless slumber.

He woke up about eight, pulled from sleep by his still throbbing erection. He jerked off again, finally blowing a load and thus allowing his cock to soften enough that he could pee. Then he padded into the kitchen to start the coffee. He sat at the breakfast table yawning, waiting for the coffee to be done brewing. He nodded off a little, which is why he didn’t hear his mother come in.

“Good morning, sweetie. Oohh, you made coffee, what a good boy you are, baby,” she purred, rousing him to wakefulness as she hugged him from behind, her breasts pressing against his head. She nibbled his ear before cooing into it “I hope I wasn’t too loud last night, getting fucked by your father.” Standing, she went to a cabinet, fetching three mugs. Sheryl had gotten the milk from the fridge and was pouring it into his cup before Jimmy realized she was wearing the same robe as the night before, that the robe was again open, and in the golden morning light streaming though the kitchen windows, did more to highlight her naked form than being fully nude.

Her words registered in Jimmy’s head. “Getting fucked? What the hell?”

“You take milk, no sugar, right, baby boy?” Sheryl asked as she handed over a mug.

“Uh, sure, mom, thanks,” Jimmy managed after a few seconds.

Sheryl smiled to herself. The first part of her plan would be too easy. She sat down on Jimmy’s lap, straddling him, the robe having slipped from her shoulders leaving her nearly fully exposed to her son. “You didn’t say ‘Good morning’, Jimmy, don’t you love you old mom?”

“Uh, yeah, I kırklareli seks hikayeleri love you, but…”

“Then give mommy a proper good morning kiss, sweetheart!” Sheryl cut him off, putting her hands on either side of her son’s face and firmly planting her lips on his. Jimmy’s brain, having started the day in a fog, went into total meltdown. His body, unconcerned with the lack of direction from the forebrain, switched to autopilot, reacting instinctually when Sheryl’s lips parted slightly and her tongue pushed its way into his mouth. His mouth opened, their kiss deepened as their tongues danced and dueled. His strong muscular arms wrapped around his mother’s body, pulling her close. She rubbed herself on his crotch feeling his cock hardening against her pussy through the thin fabric of his boxers. The thought ran through her mind that her son was at least as large as, if not larger than, his father.

Sheryl broke the kiss and stood up and his fully engorged dick sprung up, slipping through the fly of his boxers, its bulbous mushroom head brushing her puffy swollen outer labia. Looking down at his erection, she uttered with a small moan “Oh, I think you might be even bigger than your father.” Shifting her hips, Sheryl sat down again, her juicy pussy lips slowly surrounding his pulsating shaft, slipping down its length and sliding over her engorged clit.

Straddling his lap once again, Sheryl pressed herself into her son, feeling his cock trapped between them, mashing her ample breasts into his well muscled chest. “You still haven’t said ‘Good morning’,” she whispered.

“Uh, good morning,” he replied, breathlessly, his brain engaging slowly through the fog of hormones addling it.

“Do you like this, saying ‘Good morning’ this way, sweetie?”


“I can tell you like it, sweetheart. I can tell you like it a lot. Would you like to say ‘Good morning’ to mommy like this every day?”

“Uh, sure.”

“How would you like mommy to tell you if your cock is the biggest one she’s ever had inside her?”


“Do you want to put that beautiful cock inside my pussy? Would you like to fuck your mommy with that horse cock? Fuck your mommy until she cums all over your big dick? Fuck my pussy until you shoot your hot cum deep inside? Would you like that, baby? Do you want to give me a nice good morning fuck everyday?”

Jimmy was in total meltdown. He had to be dreaming.




That had to be it. It was the only logical explanation for his mother’s behavior. No way could this really be happening. His brain was barely functioning. His body was flushed, keyed up. The heat emanated from her, the pheromones oozing from her every pore short circuiting all of his control. His hands caressed her back on their own accord. If his heart had suddenly stopped Jimmy wouldn’t have noticed.

He felt his mother’s lips touch his again with his own. The kiss she gave him was lusty, hungry, as if she wanted to devour his soul. Her tongue explored his mouth and caressed his lips. Sucking his lower lip into her mouth, Sheryl pulled back releasing it with a small ‘pop’, then looked directly into his eyes and spoke:



“Do you love me?”

“Yeah, mom.”

“Do you think I’m beautiful and sexy?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Have you ever thought about having sex with me?”


“Have you ever jacked that big dick of yours while thinking about fucking me?”


“Do you want to fuck me?”

That final question broke through the mist. Shocked, Jimmy blurted:

“Oh, god, yes, mom, but what about dad and Tiffany? What…?”

Sheryl cut him off with another kiss, sending him back into overload as her hips resumed their rocking motion, rubbing the spread lips of her cunt and the engorged nub of her clit along his hardness. As the kiss ended, she whispered into his ear, “Don’t you worry about anything, lover. Mommy will take care of everything. All you need to do is promise me that you will do as I ask. If you can do that, I’ll make every fantasy you have about me come true. Promise me, and you can fuck my pussy, my mouth, even my ass. You can cum in me, cum on me, cum where ever you want. Just promise me.”

Jimmy groaned “Oh, god! Yes, mom, I promise.”

“Will do what I say when I say it?”

“Yes, mom!”

“And I want you to promise, no questions.”

“I… I promise!”

“Good boy, Jimmy. I think the first thing mommy will ask is that you sit back and relax while I suck your cock. The second thing is you cum in my mouth so I can taste your cum before I swallow it. Do you think you can do that for your mommy? I want to suck that fat cock until you cum in my mouth.”

“Oh, gawd yes, mom, suck my cock. Suck me ’til I cum in your mouth.”

“What a good boy you are, Jimmy.” Sheryl said, kissing her son again before she slide slowly of his lap, leaving a trail of saliva as she kissed and licked her way down his chest and stomach, grasping his prick in her hands. She squeezed and stroked her son’s rod, tonguing her way up the shaft until she was licking and kissing its swollen head. Ruby red lips opened and Jimmy felt his mother’s tongue swirl over the head of his pole before she flattened it against his shaft, caressing his member as she sucked him in until she felt him pushing against the back of her throat. Thrice she did this. The fourth time she suppressed her gag reflex and gripping her son’s thighs, forced her head down, taking him deep. That pushed Jimmy over the edge, causing him to shoot rope after sticky rope of cum down his mother’s throat.

Pulling back a little, Sheryl continued to suck, jack and swallow her son’s pulsing cock until she felt his balls begin to relax and his man juice stopped leaking out of his slit. Satisfied she had sucked every last bit of cum out of him, she released him from her mouth with a small pop and stood up, straddling him again, and sat back down on his lap.

“Oh my, that was a tasty treat. If your jizz is always so tasty I just might need it for breakfast every day. Now kiss your mommy.”

The dazed teen kissed his mother deeply, barely registering the fact that he tasted his own essence in his mother’s mouth. This was something he had never done, nor had ever thought he would do. In fact, if you had asked him the day before he would have either laughed at you or slugged you for question. Now he did it automatically, without thought, so enthralled was he to his mother’s desires.

“That’s a good boy, Jimmy. You’ve made me so happy. Now go get some clothes on and get breakfast ready. Some cut fruit, toasted bagels, coffee, juice and poached eggs, please. We’ll eat out on the patio before I take your father to the airport. While I’m gone I’ll expect you to clean up breakfast, get your chores done, then shower, shave and be ready for me when I get back. Okay?”

“Sure mom, anything you say.”

“That’s what I like to hear. You’re such a good, obedient boy for your mommy.”

“I love you, mom.”

This simple, stuttered declaration knifed into Sheryl’s guts. “Oh my god, what am I doing, what have I done?” flashed in her head as doubt momentarily shook her. Her design had been to use her son as a tool for achieving her goals. It hadn’t occurred to her that her thirst for revenge might also hurt her son. He didn’t deserve that. But it was too late. She couldn’t take it back, couldn’t unseduce him. She promised herself that, come what may, she would do everything in her power to make him happy, whatever the cost. In that moment she found herself as enthralled by her son as he was by her.

“I love you too, Jimmy.”

The sound of the shower starting set them in motion. Sheryl left her son with one more lingering soft kiss then made her way to the master bathroom. Once there she shucked off the gauzy robe. Naked, she stepped into the shower, pressing hard nipples into her husband’s back, hands sliding down and around, until she once more had Bill’s cock stiffening.

“Good lord woman, you’re insatiable. If this is how you’re going to be from now on, maybe I won’t need a girlfriend.” Bill told his wife as he turned, facing her and pulling her close.

“Not on your life, Billy-boy. If anything changes, it’ll be me being there to watch you fuck your girlfriends. The current flavor is Ashley, isn’t it, the cute little oriental girl with the big tits and hourglass figure you hired a couple of months ago? Is she the only one? I know sometimes you had two and every so often you had three girls you were fucking. How you could keep fucking me ’til I was sore and keep all those other pussies satisfied is beyond me.”

Sheryl pressed closer to her husband so her nipples would run against his chest. The cock she had been stroking was now fully hard again and she began rubbing it over her trimmed red carpet of pubic hair. “Bill, do your girlfriends keep their pussies shaved?” Sheryl asked her husband, visions of her daughter’s neatly trimmed and shaved pussy, with its thin V of light brown pubic hair guiding her eyes to her daughter’s slit, which was, at the time, being stretched open by her husband’s big dick.

“What do you think? Should I shave my pussy bare, shave it down into a landing strip or something like it, or should I keep it as is?” she asked Bill.

“You should definitely go with a landing strip, honey,” Bill replied, rubbing a finger along her slit, causing her to moan softly and stroke his cock. “I like the shaved clean look, but a landing strip would look really sexy on you. You know, a little fiery arrow pointing down to your fiery little hole.” He punctuated the last statement by plunging a finger into her steaming pussy. “I can’t believe how tight you are this morning.”

“Hmmm…,” Sheryl purred back to her husband, “It shouldn’t be that tight or little after the stretching you’ve gave it last night. Maybe you should stretch it some more.”

Smiling lewdly, with his dick firmly in her hand, she turned facing the tiled shower wall. Pushing her breasts against the slick tiles, she thrust out her shapely ass and guided his fuck stick into her. “You need to fuck me again, Bill,” she moaned hoarsely. “I told you I was going to drain you dry, so you need to fuck me again. Fuck me good and hard.”

Bill thrust into his wife, hard. He thrust over and over, sending her moaning into another climax. He kept pounding his cock into her pussy and her moaning became higher, louder, turning into screams as another orgasm washed over her. Still his assault on her cunt continued as her pleasure peaked again, filling the bathroom with her cries. Finally his thrusting became erratic and she felt his member swelling larger, readying to send his load into her.

“Cum in my mouth, baby, I want you to cum in my mouth. I need a mouth full of your juice. I want it. Give it to me, baby, give me a mouthful of your cum.”

“Yeah baby, I’m close. I’m getting ready to cum. Oh gawd, you better get your mouth around my dick. Fuck, I’m close.”

Sheryl grabbed Bill’s cock as he was withdrawing in preparation for another thrust. Gracefully, like a ballerina who had practiced the move until it was a reflex, she spun herself around and dropped to her knees, then inhaled his cock until she felt the bulbous tip at the back of her throat. Wrapping her luscious lips tightly around his shaft, she sucked hard, cupping his hairy balls with one hand and jacking the exposed part of his pole with the other. Within seconds he shot his load into her mouth, feeling her tongue massage his member as he emptied his already depleted testicles yet again.

She gave his deflating dick a few more hard sucks, making sure she had the last of his juice before swallowing, standing and locking her lips with his. The cooling water forced them apart. Bill turned off the water, stepped out of the shower and grabbed for the towels hanging nearby.

He handed a towel to Sheryl, “Jesus girl, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I like it. It’s just as well that I’m going to the convention alone.”

“What? You’re not taking Ashley to the convention? I planned on draining you dry so little miss Ashley would have to work triple time to get anything from you, now I have to make sure you’re so drained you won’t have the energy to have a fling while you’re gone” Sheryl responded, drying herself.

As her husband left the bathroom to get dressed she thought “So you won’t have either of your sluts with you huh? This keeps getting better and better.” She finished drying and combed out her wet hair.

Bill was just finishing getting dressed when Sheryl strolled in, went to her closet and found a simple light green sundress which highlighted her hair and complimented her emerald green eyes. Not bothering with bra or panties, she pulled the dress on and went to eat breakfast.

Jimmy was just finishing laying out the table on the patio as his mother instructed. He worked mechanically, brain continuing to float in a fog of sleep deprivation and denial. The interaction he had earlier with his mother was just too surreal. When his father said ‘Good morning’ he startled so hard that he spilled his coffee on himself. The shock of the hot liquid hitting his chest kick started his brain, or at least the part that controlled speech. “OW! Dammit!” he yelled.

“Jeeze, Jimbo, you okay? You look like hell.” Bill asked.

“No, I’m pretty freakin’ far from okay,” the teen growled back, shaking hand slopping the remaining coffee from the cup as he slammed it on the counter. “Sorry, pops, breakfast is ready on the patio. I just served the eggs. Better go eat while it’s hot,” he said quickly in a softer tone. “I’m going to go get dressed. I’ll be back in a moment.” With that, Jimmy beat a hasty retreat from the kitchen for the sanctuary of his bedroom.

He rounded the corner to the hallway and walked right into his mother, nearly knocking her over. Reflexively, his strong arms reached out, one managing to wrap around her waist, the other ending up under her arm, more or less. Well, less of under her arm and more of cupping her breast, his thumb just under a stiffening nipple. The contact was electric for both mother and son. For her, it was a spark that shot through her, leaving a sensual tingling that brought her body to instant arousal.

For him, it was like touching uninsulated high voltage cables. The shock literally threw him back several feet. Not daring to speak, or even look at his mom, he rushed down the hall to his room. Closing the door, Jimmy let out a breath, sat heavily in the chair next to his desk, pressed his hands to his face and tried to think. Yes, he had had fantasies about his mom. Yes, the blowjob she’d given him earlier had brought him the most intense orgasm he ever had. And yes, the idea having more of the same later would be a dream come true.

On the other hand, actually having an incestuous relationship with his mom was almost too much. What about his dad, his sister? What the hell was his mother doing?

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