A Movie in the Wrong Part of Town

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Vivian was sat in the dark with only the light of the screen and the whirring sound of the projector.

She was already excited, nervous and wet. What was she doing, the daring exhilaration from being here was overwhelming. She could still taste the red wine on her lips, wine she had needed for the courage to come here.

She looked around the near empty cinema and could see about 7 others. All men. She had crept in and sat in the middle of a row near the back. Away from the others but close enough to see and be seen.

Her heart beating so fast, her breathing deep. She had never thought or dared of actually doing something like this, only in her wildest dreams.

Vivian was sat in a cinema in the “wrong” part of town. Where the karaoke bars filled late at night and where the cinemas played films catering primarily to men. Porn films, where men could watch and masterbate in the darkness.

She had gotten the idea from a fantasy article written on an erotic literature website. The article had been written by a woman who had described a fantasy of visiting a cinema and watching men watch porn, it had turned her on so much she had become obsessed with the idea. Of watching porn and men pleasuring themselves, of being wet in their presence and of touching herself. She had thought of it many times over the last few months and it always made her wet. So wet that she knew she wanted to see if the real life could match the fantasy.

She was sat in her long cream trench coat, hair in a ponytail and her pearls around her neck. She was tall and athletic with dark edirne escort hair and full lips. She wore high heels in red but underneath the coat there was only her finest black see through pants, bra and suspenders.

She had always fantasised about wearing this out. As soon as she had left her flat she had become wet, the feeling of just her underwear under her coat had made her nearly come in the taxi. She had become so excited that she managed to convince herself to buy the ticket and enter the cinema.

The film was starting, called ‘Emily’ it was to be about a young woman getting married and her sexual adventures with others including the father-in-all. Vivian found Emily attractive and slightly sad, but she could admire her body and that of the well hung actors.

As the movie got going she watched the men. Some had begun to play with themselves at the first sex scene. She could see one man, large penis in hand slowly rub himself. Vivian was embarrassed and intrigued, the fantasy was now a reality, she felt turned on at the situation and moved her hand under her coat to touch herself.

It felt natural to do so. She liked the thrill admiring the man’s penis and the porn on the screen. She could see other men touching themselves, showing themselves and she felt liberated, the men intent on watching the film. She slowly unbuttoned her coat, moving it slightly so she could touch her breasts and her stomach and so she could touch her panties and vagina.

The light from the film lighting her body, her bra and her pants. She touched herself, elazığ escort moaning softly at the pleasure whilst watching the film and admiring the men masterbating around her.

She felt the thrill as she sensed other men beginning to watch her and not the film. Out of the corner of her eyes she could see a man watch her, touching himself. They were now masterbating to her. This was intoxicating, the feeling of a group of men masterbating to her whilst she touched herself.

She was so wet and turned on she loved the attention, and she admired the man with the large penis, she liked watching him and he knew it.

Out of the shadows a man had moved to sit next to her, he had his penis out and was watching her touch herself intently. She at first felt tense but liked the closeness, revelling in his presence and his desire for her.

She had the attention of the whole cinema and loved the voyeuristic eroticism.

His hand moved towards her. She took it, pausing slightly before bringing it up to her mouth and she sucked his fingers. She liked the taste and feel of the long fingers in her mouth, it was like a small penis, her heart was pumping so hard with sexual wantonness.

She wanted so much more and then she removed his finger and moved his hand down her body slowly and down into her pants, she gasped as she felt a finger enter her wet vagina. She parted her legs to allow him entry and her hand moved to touch him, his penis, she liked the shape and the touch, the hardness exhilarated her. Her hand ran up and down the shaft, hardening erzincan escort it even further, the man groaned as she did so. She loved the image of her hand on the penis.

She could feel another man close behind and looked around to see a large dark penis. It was beautiful to her, she reached up and guided it to her mouth. Kissing it at first, tasting the tip before putting it slowly into her mouth.

She was over come with desire and sexual feelings as her fantasy began to become more sexual and real than she could ever imagine.

She felt the warmth of another mans tongue enter her vagina whilst the first man leant forward to lick her nipples.

She was in ecstasy, loving the attention, the feeling of hands and tongues all over her. She went from the large dark penis to another one, loving the taste of the new one.

As she did she moved so a man could enter her, she gasped at the long hard strokes in her and she loved the feeling as one after another they entered her. Not knowing who or how many, just lost in the lust and satisfaction of being fucked, of being entered and of happily being abused. She moved from sitting to kneeling so she could see more of the bodies straining for her, she grasped for each cock, to feel it in her mouth or vagina.

She let them all in as she wanted them all.

And she came, not once or twice but so many times she lost count, she felt the sperm on her and in her, tasting it, all different tastes and she lost herself in how wonderful it tasted in her mouth, she felt the hands and cocks withdraw as the men came until she was left alone.

Covered in sperm and shaking with so many orgasms. Vivian’s pants were gone as she drew and buttoned her coat. Leaving the cinema exhausted and elated.

Her fantasy had been better than she had ever imagined.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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