A Naturist Weekend Ch. 03

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We joined everyone else for lunch, which was a friendly affair. It looked like everyone was getting along just fine. Ronnie revealed that he had plenty viagra and would anyone want one. Two of the couples, those we saw earlier in the garden enjoying themselves, thought it would be great to take one and Ronnie pulled them out of his shoulder bag, passing four of them over. Ronnie and I also took another one, although I was still very hard.

It was a lovely hot day with hardly a cloud in the sky. It was exciting to be here, naked and free to walk in the countryside. I suggested to Ronnie that we could explore the rest of the wood and he was up for that.

Both of us were so used to walking around naked and with a raging erection that we thought nothing of standing up. Everyone saw our erections and I got a thrill running through me at the thought of all these men looking at my hard cock. I grinned and followed Ronnie as he walked to the back door.

We held hands as we walked over the grass. Ronnie still had his shoulder bag with the lube in it. We would be needing that before too long. We followed the stream to the fence and climbed over into the wood. Ronnie led the way.

The wood was quite large and I enjoyed listening to the birds. We stopped for a few minutes and admired the view. A deer ran in front of us and jumped over the fence and away. I turned to Ronnie and wrapped my arms around him and held him close. Our cocks rubbed against each other. We walked on through the wood and stopped where the stream had created a pool. I waded in and found it was quite deep. Deep enough to swim in. Ronnie followed me and we started to swim. Oh, this felt so free and exciting.

I swam over to Ronnie and dived beneath the surface and swam through his legs and came up behind him. I threw my arms round his neck and kissed his head. I moved both my hands down, towards his cock. He was still fully erect, even in the cold water. I wanked him with one hand and cupped his balls in the other. I licked his neck as I pumped his cock, knowing that he would tell me to stop before he came. Yes, I liked the idea of building up the sexual energy. Ronnie knew what he was doing. He turned his head and told me to stop, he was almost coming.

We walked out of the pool and lay on the grass. Ronnie lay on top of me and kissed me passionately. He nibbled my nipples, teasing them. My nipples are so sensitive, it felt divine as wave after wave of excitement ran through me. He slowly caressed me as his head went down, and down until he reached my cock. He rubbed it slowly, pulling the foreskin back. My bulbous head was shining and pulsating and he teased it with his tongue and slowly took me into his mouth.

Suddenly, one of the couples Ronnie had given the viagra to walked towards us. They waved and I waved back. They suddenly realised what we were doing and quickly apologised. I waved them over and explained that I didn’t mind if they wanted to watch or to pleasure each other. They looked at each other and gripped each other’s cock. One of them, Colin he introduced himself as, had a huge cock. It was longer than Ronnie’s and much thicker than mine. What a cock. Colin’s partner went down on his knees and took that magnificent cock in his mouth. He struggled to get his lips around it. But he did and I watched as he took more and more of it into his mouth.

Ronnie was still sucking my cock. I was so turned on watching as we had our cocks sucked. I tapped Ronnie on the shoulder and warned I was too close. He stopped immediately and gripped my cock to stop me coming. It worked and I lay back on the grass. Colin and Neil were still working on each other. They had positioned themselves in the sixty nine position and were sucking each other. ‘The viagra must be working, they were both throbbing and stiff.’ Ronnie suggested that they stop before they come, ‘it makes the next come more exciting,’ he explained. They stopped.

We sat in a circle, facing each other. Four throbbing cocks demetevler escort being the centre of attention, particularly Colin’s. Ronnie started the discussion. ‘How would we feel if we sucked each other in turn?’, he asked. Wow, that sounded really exciting. The chance to have a cock in each hand and another in my mouth. This was completely unexpected and, inexperienced as I was, I was definitely up for this. Ronnie also suggested we take each other to just before coming and then we stop and relax. Everyone agreed and I started by crawling over the circle to Colin’s partner, who was called Neil. I wanted to touch that cock so badly, it was almost the same size as mine. I slowly wanked that cock, watching as Colin moved towards Ronnie. Ronnie took Colin in his mouth, slowly so he could get it all in his mouth, and wanked him with his other hand.

I could take all of Neil’s cock in my mouth, it was just the right size. I smothered the large purple head with my lips and wanked him. He thrust his hips in time with my sucking. Eventually, I had to stop, Neil was almost coming. He smiled and pulled me on top of him. I felt his cock throbbing against my stomach. He wrapped his arms around me and held me as he relaxed. I rolled over and let him tease my cock. I watched as his lips opened and slowly took my cock further and further into his mouth. I held my breath as his tongue ran up and down my cock, teasing the head. I watched as precome oozed out. ‘You better stop, I’m seconds away,’ I whispered.

Ronnie and Colin had also taken each other to the brink and they were lying down on the grass watching Neil and I. ‘That was so erotic and, trust me, it feels so much more intense when you do finally come,’ I said. I suggested, quite boldly, that we could ride each other. We would lube each other and each of us in turn, rides each other. Four of us so three cocks each in turn. This would need a lot of control as that would be three times we would come to the brink and stop. They all agreed and I could tell they all found the idea exciting.

Ronnie passed round the lube and we rubbed it into our cocks and ass. I went down on my knees and Ronnie came towards me and rubbed his cock. I was wanting this so much. Maybe later, he would come in my ass like he did that morning. Slowly he pushed his cock into me. Very slowly he thrust in and back out, just to the tip of his cock and then he would thrust again. He kept up the rhythm and it felt wonderful. After a few minutes, he stopped, breathing heavily.

I didn’t know who to ride first, I looked at Colin. His cock looked to be too large to fuck me, I wondered how I would be able to take it. He sat down on the grass and I pulled my cock towards him. He opened his legs and thrust his ass upwards. Slowly I entered him. I could feel him relaxing as I thrust into him. His ass was lovely and tight and it took only moments until I was almost there.

I stopped and relaxed. Colin’s turn next and I knelt down and he tried to push his cock head inside me. Oh….it was heavenly. I struggled to take it all. I tried to relax and take him, little by little. I wanted so bad to feel his warm spunk dribbling out of me. I rubbed my cock as he fucked me. Eventually he stopped just before he came.

And so it went on for the afternoon. The viagra was working. Each of us had fucked and been fucked by three others and still we were all hard. We had come to the brink four times and, as Ronnie pointed out, built up a huge amount of sexual energy just waiting to be released.

The question was, how are we going to release all that energy? I really wanted to feel Colin’s huge cock as he came so I suggested Neil fucks me all the way and I suck off Colin. Ronnie would fuck Colin and I would fuck Ronnie. And so it went on, those who were wanting fucked got it and those wanting to fuck got it too. We just needed to do it.

In readiness, we all jumped in the pool to clean ourselves. otele gelen escort I looked at Colin’s huge cock, wanting it more than anything. We went back to the grass and lay down. This was going to be great. I decided I was going to suck Colin off first.

Colin was lying on his back. I straddled him with my knees and wanked his stiff cock, teasing his balls at the same time. The head of his cock was pulsating. I ran my tongue up and down the beautiful shaft, teasing his head which was oozing precome. As I sucked, Neil moved behind me and rubbed his cock against my asshole. Oh God, this was going to be so nice.

Ronnie watched as I positioned myself for Neil’s cock. I didn’t stop sucking and wanking Colin and felt Neil rubbing my ass with the lube. He pushed his cock against my asshole and I relaxed as he pushed further and further. God, here was I with the biggest cock I have ever seen in my mouth and another cock deep inside my ass. It felt unlike anything I had experienced.

I took Colin to the brink and stopped, teasing him with my tongue. He moaned with pleasure. I was also moaning with pleasure as Neil pounded my ass, in and out, slow and sweet. I could feel every inch of his cock as it throbbed inside me. I felt sorry for Ronnie sitting watching. He was rubbing his cock, watching me. Never did I imagine I could feel so turned on.

It was time to let Colin come. I gripped his shaft and wanked him. I had the head in my mouth but couldn’t accommodate much more of him. I felt more precome on my tongue and Colin gripped my head with his hands. Faster and faster, I pumped him. I could feel his cock getting harder as he came close. I kept up the rhythm, sucking and licking his beautiful cock. Suddenly, he spurted and a huge amount of come hit the back of my throat. I couldn’t swallow it all and I felt it dribble out of my mouth. Again and again he spurted, some of it I swallowed but most of it was on my face. It felt so warm and tasted lovely. God, I thought he wouldn’t stop coming. Finally his cock gave a last spurt and then he was spent. He lay in front of me with his eyes closed, his cock covered in spunk.

I hadn’t forgotten Neil, who was still slowly fucking me. He now had my full attention and I focused on his hard cock, tightening my asshole in time with his thrusts. His breathing was getting heavier and heavier and he was so close. I could feel his cock throbbing and knew he wouldn’t be long. I knew he was close and readied myself to take it all. He gripped my hips and thrust as deep as he could, and I was taking it all. Every inch of it. Suddenly, I felt his spunk spurting deep inside me. His cock throbbed as he spurted time and time again. I took it all, every drop until he pulled out and some of it dribbled down my legs. God, it was so erotic. Neil lay down on the grass, exhausted and enjoying his come.

Ronnie didn’t waste any time, he took over from Neil and pushed his cock in me. I tightened my asshole and felt his cock respond. He built up a rhythm as he fucked me. I looked over at Colin and his huge cock was lying on his stomach. What a cock, I could have so much fun with that. It didn’t take Ronnie long to reach the point of no return. I wondered if he would stop himself but he didn’t. With a groan, he shuddered and exploded in my ass. A stream of warm spunk shot into my ass. What a fantastic feeling. He spurted time and time again, moaning loudly as he came. Eventually he stopped. That left me to come and I was so turned on my need was desperate.

Colin rolled over onto his knees and invited me to fuck him. I didn’t need a second invitation. My cock was harder than it had ever been. Slowly and carefully, I pushed deeper and deeper into him. He gripped my cock with his asshole muscles and squeezed. This was not going to take long. I thrust in and out, slowly and carefully. I could feel myself getting closer and closer. Ronnie came up behind me and pushed his still erect balgat escort cock in me. I was getting fucked at the same time I was fucking Colin. That did it and I moaned loudly as I came. Stream after stream of warm spunk shot out of my cock and into Colin’s ass. I slowly pulled out watching a trickle of spunk dripping out of his ass.

Ronnie was still fucking me and I watched as Neil positioned himself behind Colin. They were both ready to go again. I watched as Neil fucked Colin. It was so sexy. It didn’t take Ronnie long to come and, again, I felt the second cock shooting inside me, I could feel the wet warmth inside me. Ronnie groaned as he came, giving me a final spurt before he pulled out of me. I had so much spunk inside me that some of it dribbled out and down my legs. It felt so erotic, more than I could ever have imagined.

By now, Colin had recovered and wanted to fuck Neil. Ronnie and I got closer so we could watch. I wondered if Neil could take that huge cock and was really surprised that he could. Neil groaned as Colin slipped that huge cock into him and thrust. I watched as the cock disappeared in Neil’s ass and then came out again and back in. Slowly and purposefully he rode Neil and Neil was almost purring with pleasure. Finally, that magnificent cock exploded and I could see it twitching as wave after wave of spunk flooded Neil’s ass.

We were all exhausted as we lay there. I was the first to stand up and head to the pool. I felt three lots of spunk dripping down my legs as I walked. My ass was tingling with all the action it had just had. I jumped into the pool. I was still stiff and could see Neil and Colin were also stiff and rubbing their cocks. I gripped my cock, pleased it was still erect. I cleaned myself up and walked back to the other three. ‘How do we top that?’ I asked.

We lay in a group beside each other. I was on my side and Colin had his arms around me and his cock nudging my ass. I held Ronnie’s hand. I wasn’t sure how I could take it all but I knew I wanted to try. I thrust my hips against his cock, willing him to try and push his huge cock inside me. Ronnie passed the lube over and I reached behind to cover Colin’s cock with the lube. I rubbed more into my ass ready for him. I lay there on my side as he positioned his cock against my asshole. I pushed back and he tried to get his bulbous head into me. I relaxed more as the tip slowly made it’s way in, then the shaft. I groaned as it was slightly sore as I struggled to accommodate him. He had his arms around me as he thrust and I met each thrust with my own. It seemed to take ages before, finally, I had his cock inside me. He lay still as I felt the throbbing of his cock. ‘Fuck me,’ I groaned. ‘Fuck me and let me feel your spunk.’ It suddenly dawned on me that this would be the fourth lot of spunk inside me that afternoon. God, I was so turned on. Gently, he rode me. I was dizzy with excitement. Up and down, his cock pleasured me. It felt great. He warned me he was about to come and I wondered if he would hold back until later. He didn’t and I felt every single spurt of come as he flooded my ass with it. It felt amazing, throbbing and spurting as he filled me. More spunk dribbled out as he finally withdrew. I lay there. Ronnie came over and asked me how I was feeling. My face said it all. I had a huge grin on my face, like the cat that got the cream. I had never been fucked before and this was now five times I had been ridden. Despite all the fucking and coming, we all still had stiff erections.

We were all exhausted after so much fucking. We lay there, on the grass enjoying the sun. I wondered, would it be possible for me to get fucked by everyone who was on this weekend. There were nine of us and our host, Mark, made ten. I wasn’t sure if Mark would join in but the others might. Could I get fucked by all eight of them? What were the others doing? I wondered how to make the suggestion, would the others be up for it? Ì would speak to Ronnie later, see what he thinks. We soon all fell asleep on the grass, my last thought was, I had the spunk of three men inside me and still had spunk on my face. I could still taste Colin’s spunk in my mouth and it tasted so nice.


I hope you like this. Let me know if you do and I’ll write more. Many thanks for your comments on chapter one and two, I’m glad you liked it.

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