A New Slave for Daddy

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My mother married Stan when I was 18 years old. No one knew where my real father was, and it had just been me and mom for most of my life. We were best friends, and everyone said we could have been sisters! Mom, of course loved this to no end. I realized that we did look a lot a like, and it was a way of complementing my mother, so I didn’t mind it at all. Anyways, Stan and mom got married when I was 18 after four years of dating. Stan owned his own construction company, was well built, and very attractive. He and mom are a few years apart, Stan being the younger of the two. But they seemed to really be in love, and Stan liked to spend time with me, and was an awesome father. Mom was a big top executive for a pretty big firm here, so she was often out of town on business trips. Stan was home more often than not.

The day of my 19th birthday mom was away on a long trip, she felt really bad about having to go, and promised that when she got back we would go out and celebrate just her and me. I didn’t mind too much, Stan had already agreed to let me throw a party at the pool house, and not interfere as long as “nothing was going on”. I had a boyfriend, and I had already had sex with him a few days prior. Of course I told mom all about it. She wasn’t upset with me, because she knew I wasn’t going to jeopardize my future for some boy in school. Her rule was: What I did in my own room, was my own business. Just no late night meetings, and no co-ed sleep overs. And I had to be safe and smart about it. I didn’t know if Stan knew or not, but I didn’t really care either way. I was mature enough to realize what I was doing.

So the Monday before my birthday Stan and I took mom to the airport, wished her well, and saw her on the plane. On the way home Stan was eerily quiet, so I sat in the passenger seat, humming along to the radio when he turned it all the way down, and looked at me.

“I know your birthday falls on a Thursday this year, and your party isn’t until this Friday, but how about you and me go to the mall and do a little birthday shopping?” That was all he had to say, he said my favorite word in the whole dictionary, shopping!! I squealed with delight, and said that would be great. He called my school and told them I would be out for the day due to illness. And we headed to the mall. We spent almost all day shopping together, and I spent a great deal of money on new clothes, shoes, and things. We only separated briefly, he claimed he wanted to get something for mom, as a surprise for when she got home. So he gave me one of his credit cards, and we agreed to meet back at the Macy’s in one hour. That hour flew by, so I started walking towards Macy’s, I saw Stan sitting on a bench, when he saw me, he stood up, smiled and waved at me.

“Did you find what you wanted for mom?” I said pointing at the two bags he held in his hands.

“I certainly did. Do you have everything you want?”

“Yup. Here’s your card back. Thank you! You’re the best!!”

“Okay, how about some dinner? I know this really nice place we can go to. But I warn you, I might just have to tell the waiter that it’s your birthday, and they might just try to embarrass you.”

“Good luck with that! I don’t embarrass easily.” So we went to dinner.

That week pasted quickly, and my party was one for the books! Everyone had a blast, and just as he promised, Stand stayed up for the entire party, but did not bother us once. After all the guest went home, he came down to help me clean up the mess.

“Was it a good party?” He asked me with a smile.

“Yes! The food was awesome! It was a great idea to have it catered! And everyone enjoyed themselves.”

“Well that’s good. But what about you? Did you have fun?”

“Of course! Thank you so much!!”

“Okay hunnie, let’s go get some sleep. It’s late.” He kissed me on the top of my head, and we went to bed. The next day I woke up, there was a note on my bathroom mirror; “Mom called, said she has to stay an extra two weeks. She misses you, and loves kocaeli seks hikayeleri you lots. I had to go to a site to supervise some workers. I’ll be back later. There’s a $50.00 on the fridge for pizza. Don’t stay up too late. –Love, Stan.”

I got dressed in some of my new clothes, a black mini skirt, and a tub-top, with my new heels. I called Billie, my boyfriend, and told him I was home alone until really late. Billie was really good at taking hints. He was over at the house in ten minutes flat.

“What took you so long?” I cooed at him as he walked through the door.

“I got lost. You look great!” I lead him back to my room, and shut the door behind us. We sat on the bed, and started kissing. I felt his tongue in my mouth, and let his hands play with my breasts. I worked my hands down his shirt to his thighs, and eventually to his already erect penis.

“This is just going to be in my way.” He said as he removed my shirt, and with a giggle I said;

“And the skirt isn’t?”

“No, that’s definitely gotta go.” And he removed my skirt, and then his own clothes. I undid my bra, and slid my thong off taking my heels with them. I laid back on the bed, and he was quick to be on top of me, and after putting a condom on, he was inside me. With the noises we were making I didn’t hear Stan come into the house. After we finished Billie explained that he had baseball practice he had to go to, but he’d call me later. So we got dressed and I walked him to the door. I saw Stan’s car in the driveway, and turned red on the spot. I kissed Billie goodbye, and went back into the house to look for Stan. He was sitting in the den reading a book.

“Hey Stan.” I said, trying to be cool. He looked up from his book. The look on his face was one I had never seen before. It was almost like he was jealous.

“Hello young lady. I think you should go take a shower before continuing this conversation with me.” And he went back to his book, I took a shower. When I got out, he was sitting on my bed, with a black box tied with a red ribbon. “This is your gift from me. When I leave this room, you will put it on, and come back to the den. You will not speak to me, but kneel in front of me, letting me know you are ready for your next assignment. Is that understood?”

I was confused, but I shook my head yes, and he left. When I opened the box, and took out it’s contents, I found a pair of black stilettos, black thigh high panty hose and a black garter belt with red ribbons. This confused me even more. Surely he must have forgotten a box. I put my robe on, and went into the den to inquire as to where the rest of the out fit was.

“Umm, Stan?” I managed to get out before he interrupted me.

“Did I tell you, you could speak? Whore? And why are you not dressed in what your master gave you?” He looked at me straight in the eye, and he looked angry with me. “Now, go back and get dressed as you were told, you little slut!” Shocked I began to cry. This seemed to only make him more angry at me. He stood up, and walked towards me. Then he slapped me across my face. “I said; Go get dressed! Or are you too stupid that I have to dress you myself!?” I ran back to my room, and dressed in what he had given me. I walked back to the den, and stood in the door way.

“I told you to kneel in front of me. You will learn to serve me, or you will find your punishments that much harder.” I knelt before him, my head down with shame. “Good. Now, I will teach you how to please me. You will always do exactly as you are told. Without hesitation, without question. You will only speak when I command you to speak, and only say what I tell you to say. Is that understood you fucking slut? You may answer me like this: ‘Yes, Daddy, this fucking slut understands.'”

“Yes, Daddy, this fucking slut understands.” I said through sobs.

“Good. The second rule is, you have no name any longer. You are only what I choose to call you. And you will refer to yourself as that. Do you understand?”


“Yes what? You dumb whore?”

“Yes, this dumb whore understands.”

“Rule number three, you will always address me as Daddy. Now address me properly, and tell me again that you understand.”

“Yes, Daddy, this dumb whore understands.”

“Good. Now did you enjoy that free cock in your wet cunt? Did you cum?”

“Yes Daddy, this dumb whore enjoyed Billie’s cock, this dumb whore came.” He slapped me again.

“Do you know why I hit you?”

“No Daddy, this dumb whore doesn’t know why.”

“That’s because you are a pathetic whore. But I will tell you. I slapped you because the only cock that you are permitted to have is mine. And from now on, I expect you to follow that rule. Your purpose is to serve me, to please me. Whenever, however, and wherever I see fit. Now, I want my naughty whore to bend over that table. I have to punish you for being a nasty little slut, and fucking any cock that comes your way. Go.” I stood and walked over to the table, bending over, so my ass was exposed in the air. “Now, with each spanking, you will count them out loud and say this; ‘Thank you Daddy, for punishing this nasty slut.’ Do you understand? Nod if you understand.” I nodded. “Good.” I heard him remove his belt, and then I felt the first blow. There was a long pause as I cried. “You are not doing what you were told to do! Five more will be added on for each time there is a pause. Now count you nasty slut!” I felt another slap across my ass.

“One. Thank you Daddy, for punishing this nasty slut.” I received ten of these. By the time he had stopped, my ass was sore, and bright red.

He grabbed me by my hair, pulling my head back as far as it could go, “Now, are you ever going to fuck any other man aside from me? You nasty slut?”

“No Daddy, this nasty slut will never fuck anyone else other than you Daddy.”

“Good. Get on your knees. Daddy’s very hard, and I want to fuck that pretty face of yours.” I got on my knees and he put his already erect penis in my mouth, shoving it all the way to the back of my throat, thrusting it in and out until he came. His penis jerking in my mouth, he demanded that I swallow every last drop he had given me. Afraid of another spanking, I swallowed without delay. “Ah.. That’s a good whore. Now you may thank me for using you as the cum-dumpster you are.”

“Thank you Daddy for using this whore as a cum-dumpster.” My face was wet with tears, my body trembling with fear.

“Now, now. Shh. There’s no need to be afraid of me. I am a kind and gentle master. I have rules. They are easy to follow. And as long as you follow them, you will not receive any excess punishment. Now, I’m going to explain to you in detail your role, and what I expect of you. Everyday after school, when you get home, you are to get dressed in this outfit, and come kneel in front of me. I will punish you in any way I want to. This punishment is for the hours that you are away from me, speaking freely, and having dirty thoughts. Then I will take you any way I see fit to take you. Then I will plug you, and you will tell me all about the nasty thoughts you had, and any nasty things you have done. Because I know that you are a nasty little slut, there is no need to lie. And I will know when you do anyways. So be honest. After you tell me, I will have to punish you again. And I will continue to use you and punish you as you deserve. Do you understand? You may say; ‘this slut understands’.”

“This slut understands.”

“Good. Now, there is one more box that I have for you. It’s over there on that end table. You may crawl over to it, and bring it back to me.” I did as I was told. This box was black with red ribbon like the last one, only smaller. He opened it, and inside there was a chocker inside, made of leather, with a loop on the back of it where it clasp shut. “You will NEVER remove this for any reason.” He said as he put it on me.

“Now, I have toys to use on you. To use to plug you with. Has anyone ever filled your ass with their cum before, you worthless whore?”

“No Daddy. No one has ever filled this worthless whore’s ass with cum.”

“Good.” He grabbed a tube and told me to bend over the table again. I did as I was told, and felt a cold liquid-like substance fill my ass, followed quickly by the tip of his penis. He shoved himself all the way inside of me, in one quick push. My ass tore open, bled I’m sure, and burned. I yelped with pain. Stan grabbed my hair and yanked my head all the way back again, shoving his penis further inside my ass. “Did I tell you to make a sound? You stupid cock-sucking whore?” I shook my head no. “I didn’t think so. I will have to punish you for that. But until then, every time I drive my cock into your tight ass, you may say; “Thank you Daddy for fucking this cock-sucking whores ass”. He let go of my hair and shoved my head back down on the table, took a hold of my hips, and violently began thrusting in and out of my tight ass, and with each thrust I was careful to say just what I was told to say. Shortly after he inserted himself into me, he had shoot his load into my ass. And I was instructed to say:

“Thank you Daddy, for filling this anal whores ass with cum.” And I was ordered to clench my ass tight, as to not let any spill out. I heard him move around the room, and then before I knew it, he was standing at my side, and had place various toys in front of my face.

“Do you know what this is? It doesn’t matter, I will tell you. This is called a ‘butt plug’, do you see it’s size? This is going to fill your ass when my cock isn’t filling it.” And the pushed it into my ass, instructing me to clench to it tightly, so it wouldn’t slip out with how well my ass was just used. Then he showed me a large red vibrator. “Do you know where this is going? This is going to fill that wet cunt.” He showed me clamps and told me the two larger ones were for my nipples, and the two smaller ones were for my nasty cunt. He showed me a leather strap, that was to hold the vibrator and but plug snug in place. And finally, he showed me a ball gag, and told me this was to be placed in my cock-sucking mouth to always remind me what his cock felt like there.

Once everything was in place, besides the ball gag, he had me kneel in front of him, with my hands clasp behind my neck, holding my tits out for him. Once I was in this position, he took out a ridding crop, and told me what to say after each slap.

“One. Thank you Daddy for punishing this cunt. Two. Thank you Daddy for punishing this cunt…” I received ten slaps right on my tits. Five on each. Then I was instructed to kiss each of his feet, and crawl to my bedroom, and get on my bed, with my arms over my head, and my legs spread wide. But not to touch the covers, but to move them out of the way. He followed me, and once I was on the bed as he told me to be, he tied me to my bed posts. When he had finished his task, he said; “This way, at any point I can come and remove one of your plugs and use you. Now, thank me for using you as a cum-rag, and beg me to fuck your wet cunt once before I leave you here to suffer through the night.”

“Thank you Daddy, for using this whore as a cum-rag. And please fuck this whores wet cunt.”

“No, not good enough.” He said as he slapped my exposed cunt. “Beg me. Tell me how badly you need to be fucked by your Daddy! You stupid, pathetic whore!” And he slapped my cunt a second time.

“Oh, please! Daddy, fuck this stupid, pathetic whores cunt. This stupid, pathetic whore needs to feel Daddy’s hot, hard cock deep inside this stupid, pathetic whores cunt…” I pleaded.

Instead of him fucking me, like I thought he would, he slapped my cunt ten more times, each time I counted, and said: “This cum hungry slut is sorry for begging Daddy to fuck this whores cunt.” When I had gotten all ten slaps, he put the ball gag in my mouth, placed the covers over my body, and told me that I should wait anxiously for his next visit. And with that, he turned out the lights, and locked the door, keeping the key in his pocket. And I was left in darkness, exhausted, shamed, left with nothing, but the ability to cry myself to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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