A Night to Not Remember

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Hot Asian

I sat in the bar across from my wife Angela. I looked at my watch wondering what time he would get here.

The barmaid smiled, “same again”, “yes please”. She poured another pair of drinks. Southern Comfort on the rocks for me and a large Bacardi & Coke for her.

My mind wandered back to what we were doing there. I had arranged, unbeknown to Angela, to meet someone here who agreed to seduce and fuck her while I watched. He claimed to have a sure to work method, but I had serious doubts about whether she would be willing as she had always resisted the idea before. It was however a fantasy that I wanted to realise so I decided to give it a try. I found him by chance, wandering around the adult chat rooms – “naughty wife”, “lend me your wife” and found someone who claimed to offer just such a service. I checked out his website and contacted him. Meeting him for 45 minutes entailed a 400 mile round trip. He seemed a decent bloke and I thought she would think so too. He asked loads of questions about her, appearance, eye colour, likes and dislikes, and when her period was next due. We agreed on a fee. It was six hundred pounds, half up front, cash, and the balance on delivery. Plus I had to pay his room Steve on arrival. It was a lot of money but what the hell, it’s only money.

We were to stay in a very old, large rambling country house hotel just outside Manchester. Panelled walls, large heavy furniture and big old four poster beds. The bar was dimly lit, with tall stools parked around a large dark oak counter. It was gloomy and miles from anywhere. I was amazed they got any business.

As we sat in the bar I saw him walk in. He was nearly an hour late. I looked at my watch again, he grinned. He walked over and stood next to Angela. He ordered a drink and sat on a bar stool. “Are you here on holiday?” he said. Angela spoke up, “Just for a long weekend break”. “You must go out into the Dales, they are really lovely at this time of year and you will find some super pubs for lunch. Did you bring walking shoes? the walks are terrific”. “Yes we did, we do lots of walking……..” In no time they were chattering away, He introduced himself as David Williams, but I was pretty sure that was not his real name, certainly it was not the name he gave me when I met him just two weeks before. I thought that at least his chat up line was effective. “I have to go to the loo” said Angela. “It’s over there” David pointed and she toddled off. Someone else walked in and stood next to me, he said hello and we chatted a few lightweight pleasantries, he took his drink and went and sat down at a nearby table.

Angela returned. “I got you another drink, hope that’s OK” David said. Angela picked up her glass, “Cheers”, I followed suit, “Cheers”, A few minutes later the room started turning gently round to the right, Angela was giggling uncontrollably. I felt strangely detached, almost as if I was watching what was happening from outside my body. “Well I think it’s time for bed” David said. I agreed. Angela giggled again, “I think you will have to carry me”. She hopped off her bar stool and almost fell over. David and I picked her up and put her back on her feet. Angela and I wandered unsteadily to the door, followed by David. We got to the elevator and took it to the 3rd floor. The doors opened and we all stepped out. “Your room is this way” David gestured and took Angela’s elbow. We had to kıbrıs escort walk to the very far end of the building to reach our room. I opened the door. My head was swimming.

David spoke next, “Goodnight Angela – may I have a goodnight kiss?” Angela beamed up at him and he kissed her full on the mouth. I could tell that he was pushing his tongue right into her mouth and she was responding. After about 20 seconds they came up for air. “Let’s get her inside” he instructed. We took one arm each, When we were inside I kicked the door but it didn’t close. We got Angela to the bed and I went to close the door. “Don’t close the door!” David snapped. “OK” I mumbled, “take a leak instead”, he virtually ordered me. I obeyed and went to the bathroom.

When I came out David was on the phone “got to go, see you soon”. He put the phone down. Angela was sitting on the bed with a beaming smile on her face. She was still giggling.

“Sit down over there” he pointed. A large heavy chair was positioned on the right side of the bed about level with Angela’s hips. I tried to move it back a bit but it was too heavy and I couldn’t budge it. I sat down in the chair, feeling strangely relaxed and happy. David walked around to the back of my chair. The next thing I knew he had whipped wide bands around my wrists and fastened them with Velcro. Then a wide leather strap was passed in front of my throat and through a slot in the back of the chair. I heard him buckling it up at the back. I had no choice but to sit bolt upright in the chair, facing the bed. Angela watched this happen and burst out laughing. Now I could not move out of the chair. “Sorry about this but I can’t have you getting in the way can I?” David chuckled.

He turned to Angela, “Another kiss would be nice wouldn’t Angela?” “Yes, I suppose so” she replied and stood up. She turned her face to him and he kissed her passionately. “Now then Angela, what would you like to do know?” “Fuck!” she replied and instantly put her hand to her mouth as if she could not believe what she had said. “And what do you think a fuck is worth Angela – Fifty pounds or more than that” “Angela seemed to ponder and said “more”, “A hundred then” “No less than that”, “How about seventy five pounds then” “Yes” said Angela “I suppose so”.

David turned to me, “now seventy five pounds into six hundred, that makes eight, you are an accountant, is that correct? I swallowed hard and nodded. David picked up the phone and pressed three numbers. I heard the ring tone go once and he put the phone down.

David stood motionless in the centre of the room looking at Angela. “I think we will have to take these off”, he said and took her left hand. He pulled off her engagement ring and her eternity ring and walked over to me. He slipped the rings into my shirt pocket. “They could give someone a nasty scratch” He winked at me.

Then a movement on the other side of the room caught my eye as the door opened I watched as seven men walked in and stood along the other side of the bed.

“I will introduce everyone, here we have Steve and Angela, I am David and on my right we have Brad, Bill, John, Peter, Paul, Colin and Graham. They would like to say hello Angela, come over here” Angela stood up and stood facing the eight of them. It was just beginning to dawn on me what was going to happen next.

One by one they moved forward konya escort and stood close to my wife. They took turns to kiss her, turning her round to face each one in turn. Then there were hands all over her, some taking her clothing off, while others were caressing her breasts, thighs and buttocks. When she was naked she was laid flat in the middle of the bed. All the men stood around the bed and she watched, wide eyed, while they removed their own clothing. Their cocks were all of differing shapes and sizes, from six to nine inches long.

Then they set about taking her, first Brad held up her legs and pushed his cock deep into her pussy. She gasped as it pushed in. Then several cocks were shoved into her face, she grabbed one took it into her mouth. Brad was now humping her faster and she could not hold on to the cock in her mouth as she was being bounced up and down so vigorously. She was moaning and gasping with each thrust. Suddenly Brad shuddered and made one lunge as he came and pumped his cum deep into her cunt. As he came he looked me straight in the eye. Bill lost no time in pushing his cock back into her mouth and she sucked it expertly. In no time at all he was groaning and I could tell he was about to come. David cradled her head from behind so the she could not back away and Bill reached orgasm, squirting his spunk down her throat. David held her head in place so she had no choice but to swallow all of it.

John sprang forward and pushed her onto her back. He knelt over her head and leaned forward into a 69, he started licking her cunt and she was beginning to grunt as her orgasm built up. All of them were clapping their hands in unison as she began to cry out. As her orgasm hit her she raised her hips high in the air and screamed out loud at her climax. She dropped her hips back onto the bed, exhausted.

John obviously decided that it was his turn to empty his balls and rolled her over onto her belly. Brad helped him get her onto her knees and her entered her from behind. That was when I noticed his dick. It was now fully erect and about 10” long. I knew that she had never had anything bigger than 7”. As he pushed it in she cried out but he kept pushing. She tried to avoid his thrusts by jogging forward as he pushed up into her. John manoeuvred her around so that she was facing me and told Peter and Brad to hold her shoulders to cut off her escape. Now John could push all the way in and she looked at me while John impaled he on his huge cock. With each thrust she grunted in pain and pleasure.

Brad held her head up and suddenly her mouth was being filled with Peter’s cock. He did not last long as John’s thrusts pushed her onto his cock. His moans were echoing around the room, as another spurt hit the roof of her mouth, and then it was over and he withdrew. John flipped her onto her back, grabbed his cock and wanked himself off. He came in five or six great squirts onto her face.

Paul lost no time in leaping in as she lay on her back. She had been well stretched by John and was still full of spunk from Brad. He slipped in easily and in no more that twenty thrusts was gasping as he emptied his own seeds to mix with Brad’s.

She was not yet over her first climax, when she felt the third cock within half an hour enter her easily. This one was not so long, but more than thick enough to feel. As she neared her second climax, kuşadası escort he was fucking her so hard that he was actually moving her slightly across the bed. She moaned softly as she came and pulled him closer as he came inside her, the third load to enter her inside the last hour.

When he’d finished coming Colin asked the lads to lift her, which they did, and then he got beneath her and lay on his back. They lowered her down onto his cock. She cried out as his cock entered her and began to ride him, pushing forward and massaging his cock head with the inside of her cunt. She was facing me and looked me in the eye, “He’s going to come inside me Steve!” She was right, Colin gave a groan as load number four gushed inside her.

Now it was Graham’s turn, but Angela just fell back on the bed, “No I can’t do any more” she pleaded. “I am just exhausted”. He would not be deprived and mounted her without ceremony. His cock slipped in to her cunt easily and in a dozen thrusts he groaned and deposited his seeds inside my wife.

David was pulling something from his jacket pocket. It was black and gold and I recognised it at once as a vibrator. He nudged a couple of the guys and they knew what to do. They lifted her into the centre of the bed and David turned on the vibrator. Angela looked up, “No!” she squealed, “I can’t – not again, please”. David was not listening and pushed the toy onto her clitoris. “Aaahh”. She struggled but had not the strength to overcome the four strong men that held her. Gradually her scream turned to squeals and she was gasping and breathing with a rhythm, “Yes Yes” and “Aaahh” as she reached a shattering orgasm.

She lay totally exhausted on the bed. David released me and said, “I think that’s another three hundred pounds you owe me, was it worth the money?” I produced the money, and gave him another three hundred extra. “She will only remember that she had a nice time with a stranger”. He slipped a card into my pocket, he grinned, “Give me a call if you want another session, I can do a loyalty discount for special customers”

David left with the others. I pulled the duvet over Angela, but before I had her fully covered I sneaked a peak and her cunt. A river of spunk was dribbling out and some had dried on her face. I climbed in and curled up behind her. In seconds my own erection was demanding attention, but Angela was spark out. I slipped my cock inside her without encountering the slightest resistance and fucked her from behind. I came off quite quickly and felt my own river gush into her. I just slipped out, turned over and fell asleep.

In the morning she was awake before me and I heard her in the shower. When she came out she asked me “Did someone come back with us last night, I have this strange memory of kissing a stranger and being, well, fucked, but I can’t remember any details”

“Yes darling, you had a wonderful time last night, and I love you” I told her as I hugged her close.

We enjoyed a great weekend and did manage to do some nice walks. We also made love at every chance we got.

When we got home I unpacked and at the very bottom of my case I found a thank you card signed by Brad, Bill, John, Peter, Paul, Colin and Graham, with a note from David asking me to give him a call. I waited til next day and rang him from the office. “Hi Steve, how is that lovely wife of yours?” I said that she was fine. “I was just wondering if you fancied bringing her up again, something a little different this time?”. “What kind of different?” I said suspiciously. “Mmm well some lady friends of mine would really like to meet her” he replied.

I am thinking about that one.

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