A Penny for your Thoughts

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“I’d give a penny for your thoughts,” he called softly in greeting as he approached her on the balcony, watching her looking out towards the setting sun, her body framed in the pink sky behind her.

“Is that all they’re worth to you?” She murmured as he began nuzzling against her neck, enjoying the feel of his hand caressing the nape of her neck and lifting her hair off her shoulders.

Then she turned and their faces melded into the softest kiss you could ever imagine two lovers engaging in. He pulled away from the kiss eventually and held her face in her hands, admiring each and every contour of her features: “That really depends upon what pleasure you take in life.”

“Show me your penny; I’ll show you my pleasure,” she commented pertly, stepping away from him and walking across the balcony, moving her hips as she moved, knowing that she drew his eyes downwards with every step.

“And for a dollar what will you show me?”

“I will show you exactly how obliging I can be for a dollar,” she grinned and ran her fingers over the lattice iron work of the heavy round table between them, enjoying the cool feel of the white metal on each of her fingertips, her gesture insinuating all kinds of possibilities — or at least such possibilities as could be purchased for a dollar.

He was not seduced: “Fools rush in to find out where heroes fear to tread.”

“Are you the fool or the hero today?” She retorted, looking away from the table and over towards him.

He stretched one arm out and ran his hand along the cool metal balustrade behind him, perusing her slowly and finally responding to her: “I have no plans to rush in. I generally prefer to take my time with lovely ladies.”

“And do you find lovely ladies tend to respond well to your heroic dallying, sir?”

He contemplated her sitting there, a slight frown on his face, wondering if he should reach out to pull her across to him, over the table to show her the error of her ironic ways. Moderation held sway though and he decided to be patient, keeping one hand behind his back and the other fingering the cold metal.

He did not want to reach out to soon after all, tempted though he was as the light wind breezed a lock of her hair out of place. She let it stay disarranged, curled like the question mark, that hung upside down across her forehead.

“The half-smile on your lips,” he murmured, “and the belated acknowledgement of my status would seem to be evidence to support this notion.”

“I respond well to authority.”

“You respond as you are told to respond, girl.”

“Exactly, sir”

“See. It’s not so hard when you focus.”

Her half smile became a full-blown at that point. Her head bowed as she flushed at the thought of the evident pleasure he took from her being there, waiting for him. And yet, part of her wondered how it felt to know that every night he would find her there attendant, in her own particular way, upon his wishes.

Then she shrugged her shoulders grinned, deciding to indulge herself a little as she looked up once more into his face, her sharp eyes twinkling with mischief in the twilight: “I had rather hoped that it would be hard.”

“You will have to do a little work to achieve that hope, dear lady.”

“How would you have me work?”

“Work to please me.”

“Very well, sir,” she bowed her head briefly and then looked away from him, turning her body away from her, so she could enjoy the vista of pink clouds and setting sun and he could enjoy her in profile.

The farmland between them and the sea was now shadowed by the hills that formed a coastal ridge, blocking off the ozone smell from the manor house. It was still possible to discern the individual buildings of the nearer farms and villages, but a few flickering lights were beginning to twinkle in the scattered hamlets between the manor and the pass carved long ago by the meandering river that opened a way through the wooded ridge and down to the sea.

The port town was largely hidden behind this coastal range, but she could remember its gas-lit hub well enough and even discern the first outlying houses on the road into the town. The bay itself was completely concealed from her view, given the winding descent of river and road through the woodlands towards the sea.

“The sight of the sun dipping behind the hills is pleasing to both of us, is it not?”

“It augurs well for tomorrow, pet.”

“You are thinking of tomorrow already? Why! You’ve only just arrived?”

“The sight of your head dipped a little while back was even more pleasing.”

“My head will be dipped again when your direction is absolutely clear. Or did you mean me to dip until I disappear behind the hills along with the sun?”

“You don’t respond very well to conditionals do you?”

“It gives me more than ample room to play. Think of it as conditioning, sir.”

He sighed and leaned down over her, kissing the top of her head affectionately. Then he stood up straight and stared into the distance with her, successfully containing the urge to tell her to bite her tongue so early in that evening’s trabzon escort exchange.

“Tell me, dear lady…”


“Why do you always dissect my small talk?”

“I learnt from the master of dissection himself.”

“I’m not sure that was an entirely worthwhile study.”

“And yet his imperative is my command. Do not denigrate all your efforts, sir.”

“I’m told that my study is marvellously equipped,” he said mildly, visualising the study behind him and thought of all the ways that he might denigrate her with the assorted instruments of discipline collected over time and utilised on feminine flesh over the years. Breasts and buttocks danced before his mind’s eye for a brief instant, not to mention the softer, most kissable parts of a thousand well-whipped thighs.

“Is it really?” She regarded him doubtfully and then stood up, turning and standing by the door, waiting for him to join her and lead her in.

“They also mentioned that I might like you to join me in reviewing its possibilities.”

“Who could have told you that; and whatever for?”

“I believe they wanted to remind me that it has all the equipment suited for today’s unruly darling.”

“Very droll,” she said defensively, her hand slipping behind her as if to protect herself from the excesses of his reminiscences.

“You have no need to worry at this juncture,” he smiled and petted her hair affectionately for a brief moment. “I have no immediate plans to practice upon your more vulnerable parts.”

“I think the gesture was instinctive or, at least, one developed over time under your occasionally severe tutelage.”

“Well at least you admit that my tutelage has been developmental.”

“I am no longer a character in search of an author sir. My character is entirely your look out.”

“Are you rendering unto Caesar again?”

“Yes, provided Caesar allows his balcony to remain my lookout through all the seasons.”

“No matter how chill it gets in winter?”

“I will admit that the French windows, you had installed to moderate the extremes of winter, did gladden my heart during the harshest days before the thaw.”

“Your comfort usually matters to me.”

“Then perhaps, next time you are in town you might find me a fan to help manage the worst of the heat, while I enjoy the pleasurable views your lands offer in the summer months.”

“I may well oblige you, since the thought of a cool breeze on your hair is a delight.”

“Can I substitute your hand for the breeze right now?”

“I don’t see why not,” he smiled, walked across to her and began to caress the nape of her neck with one hand. His thumb and little finger spread out around the back of her neck, while the three intermediate fingers indulged her, slowly, lovingly, possessively…He gradually pushed her hair up, tugging at her scalp lightly making her tingle with pleasure.

“Mmm – I do so love it when you brush my hair up. It’s a nice way to start the evening.”

“The silkiness of your hair has an imperious quality all of its own… and yet I took my time wending my way back to you this evening.”

“You had other dalliances that caused you to tarry; A secret assignation, perhaps? Or was there some country maiden ordered out to pasture for you to test out your magnificent equipment on?”

“No,” he frowned and then brought out the bunch of a dozen fresh cut pink roses. “I thought you would appreciate a few roses fresh cut from the garden.”

“Oh, they are quite lovely, sir,” she cooed. “That was very sweet of you. I don’t deserve you.”

“It was just a passing thought. And I believe you deserve me in all respects.”

“I’m very grateful that you thought to pass by the rose garden. I hope you rewarded the gardener handsomely for his pains?”

“The rose garden is mine as were the pains,” he said, splaying the fingers of his other hand to show her the marks where the thorns had caught his flesh.

“Sometimes I forget that this estate is your property sir,” she replied, taking his hand in hers and kissing every one of the marks on his palm.

“Do you ever forget that you are my property?”

“No. I know there are limits and I try not to get too carried away with my bravura.”

“You will be carried away when the time comes for me to carry you away.”

“I shall look forward to that. These roses smell wonderful.”

“So do you.”

“I’m glad you like my perfume.”

“You know how to ready yourself for me.”

“I am well aware of your tastes now. And your hand-plucked gifts will only serve to encourage me further.”

“Kiss me girl.”

“Yes sir.”

She leant forward, opened her mouth and engaged with his lips, moistening them with her tongue and following through with her lips. As she turned her head to one side, she closed her eyes. She sighed as she felt his hand on the back of her head pressing her face to his and holding their connection, until he eventually released her and pulled away, stroking her cheek with his forefinger as he did so.

“Thank you. I thought that greeting would never uşak escort come.”

“I can’t help it. Everything seems to slow down in the summer haze.”

“Summer haze or not: you can help it and you will help it in future.”

“Yes sir”

“Kisses are de rigueur and will be offered up before you start teasing from now on. Do you understand?”

“I do.”

“Tongue would also be most welcome,” he grinned.

“A French kiss by the French windows — my — how appropriate,” she giggled to herself and then obliged him, with a further engaging kiss, this time slipping her tongue between his lips provocatively, hoping to ensure the first stirrings of lust with each wily thrust of her tongue and each contact with his flesh.

They held the contact for several minutes, his eyes open in admiration, hers closed in passion. Then he broke away, allowing her to resume her infectious giggling.

“Before you quip again remember the equipment in the study.”

“Yes sir.” The giggling ceased.

“Tell me, pet. Which direction do you prefer to gaze in?”

“The western view saddens me in the morning, but the sadness is sweet. And as the day progresses I find myself increasingly eager to watch for your return from that direction.”

“Surely there are other points of interest in the compass of your thoughts?”

“There are, but they tend to pale in comparison, when the yearning for you grows.”

“You learn to yearn then?”

“I learnt that the very first time you left me,” she responded earnestly, ignoring his quip.

“You will surely have studied the subject in depth by the time I finally go.”

“I had hoped that there would never be a last time, sir.”

“I was not planning to bring things to an end in the foreseeable future.”

“You shouldn’t tease me so. You know how much I love you.”

“I will tease you as much as I choose to and more besides.”

“I know you will,” she frowned, “but you may expect me to respond in kind from time to time.”

“You can respond in kind, until such time as you are told that you must change your ways.”

“That seems a little unfair.” The frown deepened.

“It is.”


“This is not a democracy.”

“I never imagined it was.”

“Your imagination is on top form as ever.”

“As is your caustic wit,” she frowned. “And yet I cannot think of any alternative candidates to offer me release at this point in time.”

“Then I will deny you release all evening, girl; and if you say “no” to me between now and until sunrise, you may live to rue it.”

“Yes sir.”

“You will, without doubt, challenge, deny, generally delay, obfuscate or otherwise impede my progress in whatever direction I choose to take you”

“Without any doubt at all, sir”

“Stop grinning already. Why do you always have your very own way of interpreting my wishes?”

“I always surrender to your whim eventually sir.”

“Eventually may be good enough.”

“I’m glad to hear it, sir.”

“Just about good enough, that is; now go pour us refreshments and bring them out onto the balcony.”

“There is wine available?”

“Yes, I asked your maid to leave us a flagon of wine and two goblets, chilled in water, when I interviewed her after breakfast.”

“You interviewed her after breakfast?”

“I did. Had I done so before breakfast, you might have observed the blush in her cheeks, when she helped you to dress.”

“Was that not a little forward of you?”

“Do you object to my having intercourse with your maid without prior approval?”

“You may have intercourse with whomsoever you chose. I am not your owner.”

“Indeed you are not.”

“I was just thinking that the pains you take with my maid seem thorough to the point of excess.”

“You have usually found something in my excesses in the past.”

“That I have. And I hope to continue to do so in future”

“Then you may wish to find a vase for those flowers in the immediate future too.”

“Consider it done, sir.”

“I shall when you have completed the task. Kiss me once more before you commence it.”

“Yes sir.”

“More tongue.”

“Yes sir.”

“And don’t forget the wine.”

“I will not.”

“You have quite a view from here don’t you,” he said, turning away from her retreating back and leaning out over the courtyard below them. “You can almost see all the way down the coast road.”

“It serves me well when I need to send my lover packing before your return,” she taunted lightly as she deposited the flagon and goblets on their silver tray, making sure there was no spillage. Then she returned indoors to hunt down an appropriate vase.

“Does your lover pack well?” He called after her.

“He is certainly well-packed sir.”

“He may be treading on dangerous grounds, bringing his packs within these walls.”

“I generally entertain him away from the main house. It makes for less interruptions and more extensive connection. Isn’t this vase absolutely lovely?”

“I haven’t seen it before. Where is that wine, girl?” He van escort growled warningly.

“The wine has been waiting for you on the tray on the table these past few minutes. The vase is a very recent acquisition. I love cut glass.”

“Come drink a draft with me and let us survey the cut glass and the courtyard together.”

“Is there anything of interest in the courtyard?” She said talking to his back as he stared down at the scene below them

“I believe they may be carrying out your lover as we speak.”


“Ah, yes, here he comes, with two escorts. I don’t believe he stood up to the punishment well.”

“That was very cruel of you.”

“Would you rather have been flogged yourself?”

“I would rather you researched my liaisons before jumping to action. He is just a merchant seeking to sell me linens and accessories — hence the new vase.”

“Given the parlous state of the treasury that is almost a capital crime.”

“Will you have him hung by the gatehouse sir?”

“I think depleting his assets will suffice.”

“You wouldn’t…”

“No. His mistress will bed him tonight without noticing any difference. Let us just say that he has been relieved of some of his funds by way of a fine and told not to trespass on your time, without making a prior appointment through me.”

“He may object to the constabulary,” she sulked.

“He may realise that the constabulary are generally appointed by the lord of the manor.”

“You have all the answers.”

“And you have far too many of the questions and suppositions.”

“Forgive my temerity.”

“The amusing sight of his little legs kicking as he is frog marched to his wagon is sufficient to forgive even your cardinal sins,” he smiled and turned back to her.

“You have no axe to grind over my unauthorised expenditure then?”

“You have to have some pleasures in life, even if you will pay for them later, pet.”

“You are the pleasure in my life, sir.”

“It’s time to close the windows and go back into the room, I think,” he advised her.

“Have you had enough fresh air today, sir?”

“Do you want to be taken over the metal table in full view of the world?”

“Not really.”

“Then, do as you are told.”

“Yes sir. Do you know that I’ve spent far too long in that chaise-long today?”

“Then you need not return to it.”

“Where would you have me return sir?”

“I would have you before me. I want to admire you in the fading light, before the servants come by to light the first candles.”

“Do you like what you see?”

“I do – very much.”

“I’m glad to be suited to your regard, sir.”

“Hush. Let us enjoy the peace of the evening together as the first candles are lit.”

“They seem slow today, sir.”

“Who do?”

“Those who come to light the candles”

“They take their time and do the job ascribed to them properly. You could learn from them. So hold your peace and drink your wine.”

“I just that I wish we could be alone more often sometimes,” she sighed.

“You get your moments in my spotlight.”

“What do you have planned for the show tonight sir?”

“I thought a little divestiture might be in order.”

“What would you have me divest?”

“That rather fetching pink frock will do for a start.”

“You would have me in my underwear before the candles are lit?”

“I will have you out of your underwear as they are lit.”

“That is to be expected.”

“Your denudation is frequently my aspiration, damn it.”

“Your cussing is enough to make us the naked and the damned.”

“Norman Mailer might have appreciated that. I will simply appreciate your naked beauty and, as well you know, I will damn it to being used without regard to the niceties.”

“No tea and petit fours then?”

“No — thee on all fours, I think.”

“Very witty, sir”

“Be careful lest your irony is deemed sarcasm, girl. You may suffer the consequences.”

“I think you appreciate my irony, sir.”

“Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing.”

“Even the excitement you arouse in me?”

“You know how to side-track me with the tell-tale signs of your arousal.”

“I was aroused from the moment I heard you walk up behind me on the balcony.”

“Even so, you looked as if you wished you were far away.”

“A girl may daydream as much as a Master.”

“Provided she is given the time to do it, of course.”

“Of course; have you ever sat and day-dreamed for a good long while, sir, not realising that time is rushing by and before you know it the day is gone and dusk is with you?”

“It’s one way of spending time; admittedly not so expensively as less than candid entertaining of peddlers.”

“I usually look forward to dusk.”

“Why would that be?”

“Dusk normally heralds your arrival.”

“And yet today you chose to daydream rather than look forward?”

“Perhaps the two are one and the same, sir.”

“I am the fulfilment of your day dreams?”

“Would you have me think of you in any other way?”

“That might make me seem immodest to the impartial bystander.”

“But I am not impartial sir — I am very partial.”

“How partial are you to obeying at the earliest opportunity that presents itself to you to satisfy my whims?”

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