A Photo Shoot for a Friend

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He could readily admit this wasn’t his usual job. Sure he worked in photography, did different photoshoots for clients. But it was mostly events, weddings, christenings, parties. If not those then they tended to be photos for other occasions working from the studio. Portraits mostly. New babies, anniversaries, family occasions all the usual things that paid the bills. Dabbling in something much more exotic like this…well it had just never occurred to him before.

But he had agreed hadn’t he. Part of it at least he could admit was the challenge it provided. Sure he worked mainly low key stuff but there was always that dream of branching out into something more exclusive. Something that would pay more. This would if nothing else expand his portfolio, which was why Arabella was there. It was just the two of them. He didn’t have the need for an assistant and since this was mostly her idea she had taken care of the rest. Her make-up, the props, the setting. It was all something she set up herself.

She had even proposed the idea in the first play. She was toying with several plans. She did performance work and costumes making and creating different pieces. A part of this was showing of her work, expanding her own reputation with some more professional photography that showed of the different pieces, different looks, and different settings. She was a creative whirlwind truth be told. Always thinking and playing with new ideas looking to explore. She wanted a mixture of things. Serious professional photos that showed of her work in the best light. But also demonstrated her skill and talent, showed of a playful side, and a much more intimate softer side as well. Something borderline erotic he supposed.

They were friends which was why she had come to him to put forward the idea. He had thought it over. He had never done anything like this and wasn’t sure what it might be like. How it would turn out. But they had worked together before of course so eventually he had agreed. They had set a date when they had a day free and she had been busy preparing the night before bringing her things over to set up so the next day they were free to begin. Early the next morning they had gotten to work. Which was what bought him to this moment.

It had begun easily enough. He had worked his way around taking a variety of shots. Some of her as she worked and prepared things. Some of her outfits ready to use, some of the different props and settings, the backgrounds all ready to be used. It was quick easy work the two of them moving around one another talking and laughing a little as always. They were friends, and they enjoyed each others company. It worked fine.

That days theme was an elf warrior maiden. She had made a full length outfit. A fine layer of mail on top. A long curved elegant short dagger. It had looked so good he had impulsively talked about taking it outside. So to begin they worked in the garden, he took pictures of her prowling through the trees and over roots. Resting at the edge of a stream just something different to off set the later shots he knew would come from the studio. It worked he had thought. He knew they had some good results. But they had to move on and so they took things back inside.

Once they were back he took one last look to make sure everything was ready before they began. The setting was simple. The elf maiden finishing her day was retiring for the evening. The first scene was set in the maidens chamber. A mannequin covered in decorated fabric was the focal point. With racks in the background holding more weapons a separate table and dresser to complete the background. Arabella had posed then and they began their work for the day. The first section was simply removing the layers of armour. It captured the moment different sections were stripped away.

Arabella moved with a practised efficiency lifting the copper coloured mail of and setting it on the top of the mannequin. Underneath she wore a fine tabard which formed an additional layer under the mail. Next she slowly stripped of the leather boots she wore and placed them beside the mannequin. Next came the gloves slipped of first one hand, then the next and placed onto the table. With her fingers free she moved more quickly then stretching and moving a little to show of her figure more, flashing little looks back towards him and the camera.

As she worked quietly and quickly he moved around, camera in hand snapping of shots, recording different angles and just making sure he tried to capture as much as possible. It was quick work just following her movements occasionally interrupting just to get her to pause in a particular position or move onto something he thought might work a better for a particular shot. It was all trial and error and after they were done he would go back and play with them a little more. There was no reason he supposed they couldn’t do added pickups if they needed.

She paused briefly and flashed him an inquisitive look just checking if Escort Bayan he was happy. He flicked the camera back and rolled through the last sequence of photos and considered them briefly. He was happy enough with how they looked so far. He lifted his gaze back up to hers and nodded smiling a little before just flicking his fingers in a general continue on gesture. Obviously happy enough to take his word for it she continued.

She moved on quick fingers sliding down slowly over the length of her body to lift up the tabard she had on under the mail, embroidered in gold thread with rich patterns and swirls in a dark blue colour it made quite the sight contrasted against the copper mail she had worn over the top. She lifted it up over her head and moved to drape it slowly over the mannequin beside her. Now they were beginning to reach the more interesting part of the day as the clothes began to tumble away revelling more and more of her body.

She turned a little, body side on fingers drifting down across the curve of her breasts across her belly and then to waist. She wore a tunic and leggings underneath the tabard. A leather belt clinched across her waist holding it in place. Slowly her fingers found the belt and began to draw it open a little at a time as he clicked away, camera following her every move. She slowly peeled the belt open spreading it apart and then drew it through the rings holding it in place pulling it away from her body and then carefully placing it onto the table.

His breath quickened a little watching her slender fingers continue to move back up again to the front of the tunic. She found the buttons and slowly began to undo them popping them open one by one slowly letting the sliver of flesh around her neck peak out followed by the softer colour of the thin layer of silk she wore underneath. He had no idea what layers she had on underneath the main costume. It was as much a tease for himself as it would be to anyone who saw it. She watched him looking at her eyes glancing towards the camera as the buttons slowly opened up one after the other.

He let her reach the final one just opening it up before he held her a moment with a quick look just moving to capture a couple of angles of her holding it closed around her torso. Then he finally beckoned her to draw it open and show of that thin pale blue layer underneath. It was a lighter softer shade than the layers above and suddenly he began to realise exactly what he was getting into.

The tunic slowly fell open parted by her hands and the soft layer of silk beneath, nothing more than a light chemise showed through. He continued to work camera snapping away recording it all drinking in the details that showed now. The soft subtle shape of her breasts pushing against that oh so thin layer of fabric, full, round, pert. He could make out the tips the harder points just cresting and pushing against the fabric as she continued to draw the tunic open tugging it back from her shoulders and slowly peeled it down her arms before placing it over the table top.

He continued to watch her, camera busy clicking relentlessly as he shot picture after picture. He could have sworn her gaze was following him watching him work but then she was supposed to be looking at the camera from time to time. He felt the first rush of heat just run through him a little as he worked taking a moment to pause and draw in a deep breath as her fingers worked down to the leggings. Her fingers were on the laces at the front slowly untying them as she looked back eyes glittering so blue and deep.

“Where did you want me to be when I take this of?” She suddenly asked voice soft and light.

He paused again dropped the camera for a moment as he looked at her. “Well I’ll move around you to create a few different angles and variants of the shots. If you just hold it in place every few inches you drop them I’ll try to capture the whole scene.” He replied running a hand through his hair.

“How sexy did you want this a tease, a little playful or something a little more deliberate and showing of?” He questioned her softly.

She shot him a small smile lips curling in a satisfied grin. “Well a tease is always fun, and playful. A range to work with and choose from. But something definitely very deliberate and very sexy.” She added eyes twitching as she smiled.

“In that case once they start coming down I’ll make sure I take some shots directly from behind.” He replied again watching as she merely dabbed her lip with her tongue and smiled playfully.

She didn’t need to say any more she just watched and waited fingers drawing the laces open one at a time as he moved around recording. He almost shook his head as he worked. She was a natural. They had taken photos before of course but they hadn’t been anything like this. Not even remotely, and yet it all came perfectly easily to her. The more awkward part was that not only was he enjoying it, he wanted more.

Professionally Escort of course that might be bad but personally, well that at least was going to be fun.

The last of the laces was slowly drawn open and her fingers moved to part the fabric on the front opening it up just showing of that final layer beneath them, the hint of pale blue against her pale skin. He snapped a couple of shots of it and then caught her gaze and just nodded slowly. He watched her take a deep breath, smile and then raised her fingers to hook over the waistband of her leggings.

Then he just watched captivated as they began to move. Slowly they inched down over her firm round pert bottom, gliding across the cheeks. He worked fast then just moving capturing as many angles and viewpoints as possible. He lowered himself down just kneeling to capture one different angle and then still shuffling around like that he positioned himself directly behind her eyes, camera focused on recording and watching the leggings come down even further.

He caught the moment they slithered over the cheeks of her behind and fell down her thighs. He caught the sight of the thin scrap of lace that was revealed beneath. It was he supposed something that might have been a lacy pair of shorts originally. But they had been cut shorter still fluttering around the edges where they were loose showing of a tantalizing glimpse of the perfect smooth soft skin that lay beneath.

His control began to strain a little. Watching, enjoying her show, he felt his own body, his own need begin to respond. He tried to ignore it and focus on the work. He captured the leggings slowly falling down from her firm rear, sliding down her thighs and finally down over her calves moving around to take different angles until he finally stood and puffed out a breath.

“All looked okay I hope.” She added smirking a little eyes bright with amusement as she looked back at him hand resting on her hip. He could have sworn she was showing of, stood there as she was in two scraps of thin lace and little else.

“It looked more than good from where I was.” He admitted with a wry smile of his own before he moved closer scrolling back through some of the photos to let her see. She brushed against him as she leaned closer to look and he felt himself shiver a little at that touch reacting to her more and more now and he knew the worst, or the best part was still to come.

They had set up and discussed this final part. She would remove the last two layers of clothes and he would follow her progress as she simulated the maiden retiring for the evening. Although she would be naked the actual shots they would hope to use would be more teasing and implied than anything to explicit. Just that teasing aspect left to fuel the imagination of the viewer.

It sounded simple and had been much easier before he had watched her begin to undress, began to see more of her shapely lithe body so fluid and graceful and easy to capture. Whatever there final results would be the chances were he was going to be seeing a whole lot more of her.

“Just take a quick shot of us together like this, a selfie.” She asked him.

“What right now?”

“Yes just for the kind of behind the scenes look, teasers. That kind of thing.” She remarked walking over as he shrugged.

“Sure if you want.” Easy enough to do he thought as he set the camera on the tripod and set the timer. As he waited he felt her lean in close her hand resting around his waist her head just brushing his neck as she placed it on his shoulder. He could smell her perfume, the feel of her soft, warm, close. He took the shot though and they slowly drifted apart.

After a final break to take on some water they were ready to continue and he let her settle herself ready to finish.

“We’ll just play around see what looks good, what feels good and see what we manage to take.” He explained.

“Just go with your instincts, capture what you would like to see. I want it to be natural and relaxed so just go with what feels right.” She chuckled softly her eyes still bright as they watched him.

“Remind me which of us is the photographer?” He replied raising an eyebrow as he smiled wryly.

“You, definitely you. I’m just saying. You stand for my audience today and I want them to be captivated, entranced, unable to look away always wanting more. That’s what I want from you, demand what you want, let me know what you want to see.” She finished softly a challenge to her voice, or so it felt.

Her gaze gave nothing away but he wondered, wondered if she was enjoying being in front of the camera, of being there knowing what they would do and enjoying the moment, that power of being in control and directing his attention solely on her.

It was something to think over after maybe. When he had finished and cooled off. For now he merely nodded his head a little. He knew what he wanted now and he knew that it was going to happen.

“OK will Bayan Escort see how it goes. If you’re ready. Let’s finish this.” He added softly flashing a smile as she began to move. He couldn’t look away. Already his eyes were drawn to the sight of her nipples gently poking and thrusting out against the thin lace of her top.

“Well I’m ready when you are. Just remember tell me what you want, what might look best otherwise I’m just going to strip for you.” She added, a playful smile on her face a little wiggle of her body.

She was having fun he knew that. He was himself. It might not strictly be professional he supposed but what could he do but enjoy the moment they were sharing.

“If you’re ready then. Let’s lose the clothes.” He murmured picking up the camera and making sure he was ready to start. She nodded and positioned herself by the table and let her fingers drift down to the lace chemise she wore. They grasped the bottom and began to draw it up slowly moving it once more a little at a time as he circled her, taking shots from behind, from the side just to the front. He had her look ahead or otherwise just flash a little glance back towards the camera.

But otherwise he just recorded the sight of that little thin chemise beginning to be lifted up over the slender frame of her body. He captured the taut flat surface of her belly, the skin smooth, bare and toned. The chemise continued to rise further as he clicked away eyes focused completely on her. Focused on the gentle curve of the underside of her breast. He drew back a little breathing deeply part of him wanting to see them, needing to see them.

But he tried to focus on his job capturing the best shots possibly for her to use. Shots that were more playful and teasing. Even so she was breath taking. The chemise rose slowly up over her breasts freeing the lush soft firm mounds as he hung back to one side must capturing the way she shook her hair free of the lace top. The way the curve of her breast was silhouette by the light as she placed the top carefully with her other clothes. The elf maiden now bare apart from the small scrap of shorts.

He stayed mainly behind her, just recording the smooth plane of her back, the way the muscles moved and flexed as her body glided around. He had decisions to make now of course. The shorts would be next and wherever he positioned himself he was likely to see so much more. There was simply no helping it.

As she finished with the top and glanced back at him briefly he captured her looking at him eyes bright and alert the faintest hint of colour across her cheeks. Her fingers slipped down across her torso to her hips and slipped under the shorts grasping them before easing them back a little.

“Ready?” She teased softly.

He wasn’t even sure he could answer that. He very much doubted he was capable of any rational thought right then. Short of just nodding his head in agreement, which he did. She chuckled softly eyes arching in a sly smile as she began to work the little shorts down and he raised the camera to continue.

They began to slide down over her firm round rear baring the perfect smooth cheeks of her behind as he recorded it all. He paused her occasionally just with a simple word or two so he could move and adjust his position slightly to take a shot from a different angle. Moving to the sides he captured side on views from either end, and then of course made a focus of positioning himself directly behind her to watch them glide across her firm rear and then slowly fall down her thighs until they were pooled at her feet. He caught her looking back over one shoulder at the camera, confident and bold, unbelievably sexy.

He had to look away, had to not stare at her, now naked and completely bare as she knelt down gathered the shorts up and laid them on the rest of the clothes. Nothing would have been hidden from his angle he could have seen every last inch of her. Far from the clothes affecting her confidence it felt and looked like she grew with every layer that went missing. As if by seeing him slowly losing his composure watching her, it gave her the boost to continue on further.

“To the bed now then?” She finally asked him softly.

“If you’re ready.” He agreed.

“Can I just see those last shots first?” She asked again.

“Sure here they are.” He added stepping closer and lifting the camera to let her see.

She shuffled closer and he was all too aware of her there beside him. Naked and glowing, the soft scent of her skin teasing his senses.

“They do look good. You managed to avoid anything to explicit kept it playful and teasing.”

“It was all you. I’m just working with what you give me.” He murmured again just feeling her brush against him again. He could have sworn he felt her shiver then, the friction between her bare skin and his clothed form.

“If you’re ready then, let’s go.” He repeated.

She nodded slowly and then turning around walked back to her discarded outfit laid out on the table. She stood there fingertips resting on the edge as he moved behind and took a couple of pictures to begin. They had the last set ready. It was representing the interior of the maidens bedroom.

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