A Piece of Tail

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When we met I was not certain if it was a good idea to try and get to know her. In my eyes she was so very young and only five years older than my own daughter. Cute and pretty, it soon became apparent that she had every intention of getting together with me. Brunette, about 5′ 4″ with a few extra pounds that only accentuated her large 38C breasts, she was a very nice looking woman. Her being college age only made this seem a bit taboo and exciting too.

“Why not?!” I told myself, for I had not been dating much at all. After a quick exchange of e-mails and a telephone call there she was in my car. Her smile was so bright I couldn’t believe she actually laughed at my very silly jokes! Being the southern gentleman, I opened doors and let her go first since she was so beautiful in a blouse and skirt.

Originally I figured this to be a simple dinner date just to get out for awhile. Going to a Japanese restaurant where the chef cooks the meal in front of you seemed like a good idea at the time. The chef was not very good tossing food around and missing his targets.

She had ordered shrimp while I am a steak and potatoes kinda guy. The Chef starts his little show where he was supposed to toss a cutoff shrimp tail onto his hat. Not only did he miss his hat but it ended up in my date’s lap. Seeing me ready to stand up for my date the chef quickly tries to laugh it off saying, ” A really hot piece of tail tonight missy?”

Sure she was sexy but before I could decide if what he had said was offending her honor Amye says with a smile while pointing at me, “He’s the only one getting this hot piece of tail tonight!” I would find out later that Amye was like that all the time. She could come up with a saucy remark on a second’s notice and she was almost never at a loss for words.

Confused and dazed by this unexpected statement my cock stirred at the implications. Not a virgin, no, but still I was naive. Until this woman all the other women I had dated were very conservative in sexual attitudes. Okay, prudes. Unable to read her mind after that last comment I pretended to concentrate on the meal in front of us.

Trying to be a gentleman I made a few jokes which she was polite enough to laugh at. I even took the liberty of touching her shoulder and back during the meal thinking myself oh, so bold.

The meal went well enough but soon it was getting late. I offered to take her dancing at a club or anywhere she wished or even just for a drink. She asked what I had to drink at my Bostancı Escort place and missing the mark totally I said, “Oh Soda, Orange Juice, Milk, Water… the usual.”

“Maybe a soda at your place and perhaps we could catch some TV, or a video?” she said.

Still thinking of myself as the true Southern Gentleman I took her back to my place. Walking in the door I asked, “What flavor of soda do you want?”

“Maybe I’m not that thirsty after all, just kinda hot,” she said.

She took me by the hand passing through the kitchen area heading directly for the den. She put her bag down next to the sofa then turned around and gave me a very big kiss. Now even I can’t miss that one so I kissed her back just as passionately. She said, “Now that’s what I was really wanting.”

Still kissing we some how melted onto the sofa arms and legs now entwined. The blood was rushing through my ears pounding to the beat of my heart. It had been so very long since I had even kissed a woman. Now here I was passionately kissing a very sexy young woman who obviously wanted much more. Not missing my que on this one my hand played along her back until it rested upon her nicely curved ass. This elicited a slight moan from Amye. “Oh yes…” she said.

I’d never been with such an aggressive woman. For no sooner had my hand touched her ass then I felt her hand sliding forward to cup my crotch. She immediately found a very hard erection. Stroking it she says, “So I guess you ARE enjoying yourself!”

“Yes. I feel like a school boy on his first hot date,” I said. Amye continued following the contour of my bulge with her hand as my hands now enveloped her breasts. I could feel the hard nipples even through the bra.

“Amye, you are so well rounded. So firm. Your nipples are so hard trying to push their way through this fabric.” I told her as I fondled her breasts.

What happened next is difficult to describe. She said, “I can’t wait any longer. I want you.” With that exclamation she began undoing the buttons to her top. Almost tearing off the last two her blouse was flung to the side. I tried undoing the back clasp to her bra, but, taking longer than she cared for that too was deftly tossed to the side. Amye stood up. I had the most glorious view of well rounded mounds of womanly breast. What a sight.

“You are absolutely beautiful.”, I said while I was pulling down the zipper on her skirt.

There she stood in the middle of a pile of clothing. Rising up I enveloped Ümraniye Escort her in my arms. I held onto her as if she is only a dream that might disappear at any moment. Her lips were on fire as I once again found the delicious sensations of kissing her though this time with an animal lust wanting to devour every inch of her. My teeth grasped her earlobe tantalizing her. Her throat was bared to me, the wolf, as I nipped from one side to the other leaving small marks all down along her shoulder leading to her breasts. Savoring the taste of her skin, I worked my way around each breast being careful not to touch the nipples just yet. My hands roamed in delicate yet insistent circles along her back going lower and lower until I roughly grasped a butt cheek in each hand. She moaned in obvious delight.

That’s when I sucked a nipple into my mouth. Like a grape I enveloped it with no intention of letting it go as I savored this moment hearing her gasp of delight. My tongue ran laps yet again around those mounds. One hand still kneading flesh on her backside, the other worked it’s way forward. She instantly parted her legs at the feel of my hand nearing her cunt. It was obvious what she wanted, and I had every intention now of fulfilling her desires, but on my terms.

My fingers could feel her wetness already while the palm of my hand rotated across her mound. “Oh yes.” she said.

“What do you want Amye?”, I asked.

“I want you to fuck me.” She minced no words. Foreplay at an end, we rose seemingly reading each others minds as we went to the bedroom. She lay down positioning herself with the expectation of me doing it without any more foreplay. What sort of men had she been with before if that’s all she expected I wondered. I certainly didn’t consider myself as being ‘experienced’ but I truly enjoy myself most when my partner is sincerely enjoying themselves just as much as I am.

I scooted across her laying beside her now. “Oh please.” she whimpers, “please fuck me with that cock of yours…” as she continued to stroke its length.

Without saying anything I once again devour her breasts, then open her cunt with one finger. Letting it slide along her outer lips, I split her open. She’s very wet. I can feel the nub of her clit very pronounced so it’s clear that she is very turned on. My finger is so wet as I let it curl up and enter her womanhood. “Oh yes,” she says yet again.

“More please, I want you so bad.” Using two fingers I am soon finger fucking Anadolu Yakası Escort her to her obvious delight.

“More…” she says. Taking my hand she pushes yet a third finger inside.

“oh yes that’s it… I’ve been wanting you inside me all night long and this feels so very good.” she exclaimed.

She is still pumping my shaft with very firm strokes and I know I can’t hold back from enjoying such a truly hot vixen. I position myself on top of her with my cock at the entrance to her fiery tunnel. Still holding my shaft she spreads herself open and guides me inside her.

So close to heaven it seems, I relish the feeling of being with someone who truly wants to be with me.

The animal nature in me quickly takes over all thinking abilities and I begin to thrust. “Oh yes baby that’s it. Fuck me,” she says.

I’d almost forgotten how the rush of pure lust can be intoxicating. “Oh baby, deeper… harder,” she starts repeating over and over. I feel her hand sliding down to brush her clit.

“That’s it.” I encourage,

“cum for me baby, cum on my cock. Your pussy is so wet it’s almost sucking my dick inside you.” She is definitely turned on by the dirty talk as I encourage her even more.

“Oh you are a bit of a slut, my slut for tonight!” I tell her.

It seems like an eternity, yet at the same time it’s over way too soon for my liking. She is bucking underneath me, with the beginning of her orgasm I can no longer hold back and I feel myself erupt into the depths of her pussy. I continue pounding away with the sensations overwhelming me. Then she curls up against me grasping me with every ounce of strength she has. “Oh yes, I never want to let you go…”she tells me. My cum deep within her I find that I can think of no other place I would rather be than in her arms.

Reality hit me in the face that I really didn’t know this girl to have gone this far so quickly. ‘Oh my goodness what if she has a disease!’, I thought. Neither one of us had mentioned the use of a condom.

Trying to broach the subject delicately (since it was already too late) I said, “Um, you don’t have to worry about being pregnant. I’ve had the Doc fix that for me”

she gave me a playful slap on my shoulder as she laughingly said, “I had a hunch that you were like that. I truly felt like I could trust you, truly trust you, unlike any other man I’ve ever been with. I’ve only been with a few other men and I’ve been tested so we’re okay together.”

Startled, I was also relieved. We had clicked together so quickly that it seemed rather unreal yet so very natural. I had a feeling in my heart that this may actually be something special, something I had always missed in my life, a woman I too could trust. Who knows what else it could lead too!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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