A Quick Side Trip

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It had been a day. Really a week… But today, all day, it was one crisis after another, pissing out fires, trying to find reports, trying to get some sense of what the hell was going on. It was nearly dusk on a Friday night, and was the third day in a row I had left before dawn and would be rolling in at home, if I am lucky, before midnight. Burnt and ragged out didn’t even come close.

And speaking of coming, I had no time to have any sex or masturbation for a over a month, not even a quickie stroke in the shower before work. This thought hit me as I drive down the rural highway, in the fading light of September. It was still warm, but August’s oppressive heat had waned a bit. As I tore along I began to think about how great it would be to find a quiet spot, and just let loose. Then I remember that the route I was taking to get home this time, has a nice state park with a small lake.. and picnic tables.. and no lights, just endless stars and moonlight. I have stopped there to use the pit toilets a few times over the last several years but have never really explored Ankara travesti the primitive campground, (haul in- haul out, no electricity).

Then and there I know that I am going to stop and take a much need break. The next 40 miles of driving go slowly as I am hindered from the goal by tractors, semis and just slow driving. I reach the entrance as dark starts to take over and its nearly 9pm. There used to be campground hosts that helped people find spots and sold permits but with budget cutbacks, none of that is her now. As i pull in, I see the campground is empty and I am thrilled. There is a road that winds along the lake to campsites and I follow it all the way to where it ends, then shut off the truck. I roll down the driver’s window and feel the warm air flow into the cab, smell the water and summer and for a moment, close my eyes.

I had changed out of work boots into my comfy shoes before getting on the road. and I exited the cab of the pickup, grab my water bottle and make my way to a picnic table. I decided to risk it all and take off Antalya travesti my clothes to be really comfortable and so begin to strip. I keep my underwear near by, just in case I need quick cover, but I can sense that I am all alone. Once naked, I sit backwards on the picnic table so I can see the small lake.

I start slow, rolling the foreskin of my cock and lightly touching the frenulum and my cock responds, filling out and becoming firm. To help a little, I begin to lightly tug at my nipples, alternating pressure and linger as I lightly twisted the skin at head of my cock. I decide I am going to edge a little, I want to feel this orgasm in my toes. At this point I can feel my mind drift a little, with work always trying to butt in, but I focus on the feeling of rolling my nipples. After a few minutes of “popping the cork” method, I switch to a full shaft stroke. I linger a bit on the upstroke and after a bit I can feel a little precum, so I stop and dip a finger in for a taste. I remember how much I do like to suck cock and if I get the right İstanbul travesti rhythm, I love to get a cock head to the back of my throat and feel that person lose control and cum. More on that later..maybe.

I wasnt bothering to keep track of the time, but there in the dark, alone and totally focused on my pleasure I stayed in it for a while. I would stroke until I was very close and then rest for a bit and let everything calm down. Then came a buzz of text message from home, checking to see if I was OK and on my way. I took a second to make a one handed reply and then realized I was probably pushing my luck. So I began to pinch and pull lightly on my nipples, just the way I like it. I kept stroking and alternating nipples, and with a few minutes could feel the orgasm building.

Another few strokes and I decided it was time. I arched my back and felt the cum jet through my cock as my butthole quivered and I could feel my prostrate twitch. I stroked through the orgasms as my cock deflated, still twitching, cum dribbling out, utterly spent.

I licked my hand clean, savoring a bit and quickly got dressed. It was probably one of the best orgasms I had ever experienced and a reminder that I needed to take time to myself occasionally. I drove home smiling, happy that I had taken the time to pleasure myself after a long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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