A Quickie with the Boss!

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I had an unreciprocated attraction with a coworker called Jo that I had only recently met. We worked in the same office and were often at loggerheads over the details of certain projects. She outranked me and often over ruled me in any idea I was passionate about, which led to some almightily, heated showdowns. Despite this there was a sexual tension from every touch and look. After very heated row we’d look into each others eyes and connect, our heavy breathing in sync. Something was there but what?

One hot sunny afternoon I had to pick up a very important parcel from her flat and take it to the station for a train. She invited me in and gave me the parcel and offered me a drink.

It was hot and so we sat on the sofa back so we could be nearer the open windows letting in the slightly cool draft. We only had five minutes and our small talk had dried up. There was not enough time for a deep conversation and so we just kept looking at each other in an awkward silence. She put her hands up to her head and pulled her hair back. As she did this she arched her back an thrust her ample boobs forward. Her ultra white blouse stretched under the strain, the buttons looking like they were about to pop because of her heavy, protruding tits.

Her head turned and I looked down at her healthy tanned legs, sexily trapped in her pencil skirt.

I looked at the clock, five minutes to go. I looked at Jo who had provocatively kept her hands above her head.

“I can’t wait to get out of these office clothes.” Her eye’s glazing over slightly.

“You can in five minutes time,” I reassured, “What are you going to do then, shower?”

“Oh yes!” she sighed.

“I wish I could join you.”

“So do I,” she teased.

I sighed, “God what can you do in five minutes?”

We looked at each other in silence our eyes interlocking as she sexily let her hair down.

‘Fuck it,’ I thought, I’m going for it. “Do you fancy a quickie?”

“Yes! Thought you’d never ask!”

We both jumped off the sofa in time and started to rip our clothes off.

Jo’s blouse ripped open scattering buttons everywhere letting her boobs burst forward in Escort Bayan their sexy push up bra.

I pulled my shirt over my head in one go and then immediately hobbled on on foot as I removed my shoes and socks watching Jo reach behind to unhinged her bra and release her beauties.

I hopped around in danger of losing my balance with my eyes glued to her

tightly bound boobs.

Her white bra went loose and slid down her arms revealing her solid boobs with their pert hard little nipples. I lunged forward and grabbed her around the waist and pulled her onto my hungry mouth. I slathered quickly over her tits before I felt her hands push me away by the shoulders.

“No time, get your cock out!” She coldly instructed.

I obeyed and yanked my trousers down in one swoop, my cock standing up hard for attention.

Jo smiled and as she sized me up her hands on her upturned hips ripping down the zip of her skirt.

I fell to my knees and helped her pull down her skirt revealing her dainty white cotton panties.

I buried my face in her divine triangle, breathing in her pantie soaked scent while my hands kneaded her buttocks.

“No time!” she urgently reiterated, pulled her moisture sodden undies, revealing her neatly trimmed black bush. I quickly stuck out my tongue to taste her nectar as she passed for a second before slumping to the floor..

She lay on her back and I quickly got between her legs and took hold of her panties at the waistband. I yanked them down to her knees as she lifted her legs high and placed an ankle on each of my shoulders. I rapidly pulled her surrendered panties up over her dainty feet and pushed them into my face. I breathed in her scent and sighed as she spread her legs wide, the pink of her pussy glistening in the sunlight.

She laughed as I held her panties high over my head and twirled them triumphantly on my forefinger before flinging them across the floor.

“One for the workers!” I joked.

Fuck they were wet! “They would have stuck to the wall if I’d hit it!” I joked.

“Hey!” she admonished playfully, slapping my ass.

“I’m ready to fuck you boss!” Escort As I rubbed my cock head in her already gaping pussy.

“Come on! There’s no time for jokes!”

She urgently reached down and grabbed my cock and guided me in. I slipped in with ease taking her immediately to my balls.

“Fuck, you’re sopping wet!”

“Just fuck me!” She scolded impatiently.

I went straight to the short strokes, her sodden pussy squelching with my accelerated penetration.

She sighed gratefully as I directed my cock quickly to stimulate all her inner parts, our thighs already slapping together.

I watched her boobs roll with my accelerated pounding, beads of sweat already running down my back into my ass crack.

I opened my mouth and captured a passing nipple and sucked hungrily.

Her tits were amazing and I wanted to make a meal of them but as I glanced at the clock with her teat still in my teeth I could see there was only minutes to go.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She pleaded and once again I took up the pace drilling harder into her sodden pussy.

We started to breath hard as I pushed on my carpet burn’t knees. Holding her wrists high above her head watching her tits roll to my pounding.

Unsurprisingly, as her pussy was so waterlogged and I was pumping her so fast, she fanny farted!

“Boss?” I laughed.

“How embarrassing!” She cried ripping her hand free to cover her eyes.

“Oh Cum, please cum!” She pleaded between her gasps.

I tried to push on fearing I was going to lose my breath.

“Cum!” She admonished, slapping my ass urgently in time to my accelerated fucking.

“Yes boss,” I let out through my strained strangled throat as I felt my cock inflame and my balls draw up!

“I’m going to cum!”

“Yes, at last!”


I gave my all down the final straight! Our thighs slapping, our bodies sweating, my hard balls swinging, her pussy squelching, my cock swelling.

We both screamed out as my cock exploded and I deposited my first shot of hot spunk deep into her!

I slowed my fucking in time to my spurts and cries while looking at Bayan Escort the clock.

It was time to go and so I hastily withdrew my cock from its haven and shot a long pearl of spunk over her face and down her sweat soaked body. I pulled my weary torso up onto my knees and hit her again from her pussy to her tits with my hot semen.

“Thank you!”

“Sorry boss, must rush!” I laughed as I got to my feet leaving her spread and leaking body on the floor.

I quickly got into my trousers still shooting my seed.

“Watch the carpet!” She scolded lightly, gulping in deep breathes while licking my semen off her face and fingers.

“Sorry Boss, must dash!”

I picked up my shirt and the package, slipped into my shoes and ran.

I glanced at her heaving fucked body, still spread on the floor and ran out.

I felt my spunk still dribbling down my leg as I ran down the stairs.

I was quickly out the door and into my car, the fresh air cooly igniting my sweat.

I turned the car around and started by her flat. I looked up to her window and there she was, waving her white panties above her head while her other arm covered her nipples. I laughed and blew her a kiss before speeding off.

The next day we were at work arguing across the table. She looked magnificent in a long black patterned dress with a deep cleavage.

“Oh those gorgeous tits,” I sighed within.

Suddenly she passed me a note. I opened it up. it read “I’ve got carpet burns on my ass you bastard!” I laughed and sent one back declaring the carpet burns on my knees. She sent me another note. “I’ve no panties on!”

I lost my ability to argue as all my hot blood went to my cock. She was looking hotter and hotter as I gave into point after point. I got another note.

“Fancy a quickie?”

Later in the toilets I had her up again the wall, her dress pulled up and her tits popped out, as I rammed home my cock! I covered her mouth to deaden her squeals as I unload into her!

I zipped up and made to leave.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“Back to work,” I answered innocently.

She pushed me downwards by my shoulders and I obediently went to my knees.

“Your not finished here,” she declared pulling me onto her spunk filled pussy by my ears. “Now eat!”

I worshipped her pussy on my knees. “Just where I’ve always wanted you!” she laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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