A Ride in the Patrol Car Ch. 02

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The ride to the station didn’t take long. Logan and Harvey kept telling me that chief Wood was their boss and that I should show proper respect. That when every single word of his is an order and that I should be a really good boy. I assured them that it wouldn’t be a problem and then they talked about how useful could I be around the station. That made my heart race – I mean how great would that be, to start gaining experience with police work even before I officially become a cop?

Even though we all put our clothes back on, I couldn’t help but notice the bulge growing in both the officer’s crotches. I asked them if they needed any help with that but they just responded very nicely that I should save my enthusiasm for the station. I did as they said. The thought of meeting the head of the law in this town actually got me going a little bit as well…

The station wasn’t a big building and during this hot, lazy day, it seemed fairly deserted. The two officers led me through the halls and I couldn’t help but stare at everything around me. Is this where I could be working in a couple of years? We reached a door at the end of the hallway. Logan gave it a quick knock.

“Come in,” a deep voice said on the other side of the door. That must have been him, I thought. Wow, even his voice sounded like he was the boss around here.

We entered a smaller office, smelling faintly of smoke. Chief Wood was sitting behind his desk and he looked exactly like the man I imagined. Broad, hefty shoulders, head of receding salt and pepper hair, a stubble on his face, piercing eyes… His uniform was open revealing an undershirt and a bunch of chest hair and a little belly. Overall, he looked like the exact man I would love to call my boss.

He wasn’t alone in the room. I noticed a holding cell on the right – there seemed to be a criminal inside. A man in his forties, bald head and a bushy beard. He was wearing a leather jacket with some kind of a sign on his shoulder and ripped jeans. He was eyeing me together with chief Wood, giving me a wicked smile.

“Afternoon, chief,” Logan said, putting his hand on my shoulder, “This is Bobby. He is VERY passionate about cops and their work. We thought that if you have the time, maybe you could show him how we treat the rookies around here.”

“Is that right,” the chief responded, his eyes running up and down my body. I felt like this was the time for me to say something.

“Yes, sir,” I said, my voice stuttering a little bit, “My name is Robert – I mean Bobby. Well, of course you already know that… Anyway, I was obsessed with cops ever since I was little. I’m eighteen years old and I’m thinking to enroll in the police academy in three years. It would mean a lot to me if you could… show me the ropes a little bit? As officer Logan said, I’m very keen on getting some real police experience.”

“We can all see that, kid,” the criminal in the holding cell joined the conversation, with a grin on his face, “Might wanna wipe that little drop of experience those two left on your face earlier.”

My hand reached for my chin and I realized that I still had some of Logan’s cum on my face. Blushing, I scraped it with my finger and reflexively put that in my mouth. That made the officers laugh, together with the criminal behind the bars. Chief Wood just raised his eyebrows.

“I can see you’re really passionate, son,” he nodded to me, “Come closer to me, so I can see if you’re a real cop material.”

I came closer and chief Wood turned in his chair to face me. Next to his massive body, I felt like a twig.

“So you wanna become a cop, huh,” he told me, his eyes on me.

“More than anything in the world, sir.”

“Why do you want it so much? What fascinates you about cops?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged, “I just think about it all the time…”

“‘It’ rus escort being the police officers?” chief Wood raised his eyebrow. It felt like an interrogation, but I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable. Just more and more excited.

“Yeah,” I smiled, “I think about them a lot.”

“Being a policeman is a lot of responsibility, son. You’ve got to have what it takes mentally and physically. Why don’t you show me your body, so we know what you’re made of?”

I hesitated for a second, not sure if I understood the request.

“I’m sorry, sir?” I took a look behind me, where the criminal was undressing me with his eyes, “Do you want me to take my clothes off, right here?”

“You can’t become an officer of the law if you’re ashamed of your body, my boy,” chief Wood said, crossing his arms on his chest, “Don’t worry about Saul over there – he won’t bite you. Well, at least not from behind those bars.”

I remembered what officer Logan told me before. The chief’s word is an order. I started taking my clothes off and putting them on the floor. All the eyes of the room were on me as I was slowly uncovering my body. When I finally took off my underwear, I heard chief Wood grunt in satisfaction and the criminal called Saul chuckle behind my back.

“Very good, boy,” chief Wood nodded, “Always respect the command of a superior officer.”

“I’m very good with commands, sir.”

“Glad to know that. I understand Logan and Harvey already showed you some of the stuff we expect from a rookie?”

“Yes, sir – they were incredibly helpful and thorough.”

“Very well then,” he said, rubbing the bulge that was growing inside of his pants, “Why don’t you show me, what you learned, son?”

He didn’t have to ask me twice. I was on my knees as soon as he finished the sentence and my hands were eagerly reaching for chief’s zipper.

“Told you he was a good material, sir,” Logan said, watching me together with Harvey, “He’s gonna make a hell of a cadet.”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” chief responded. He opened a drawer and reached into it, just as I was reaching into his open fly. His bulge was massive – his black boxers weren’t doing much to hide the half-stiff sausage growing in them. I gasped as I pulled it out – a beautiful, cut dick with a pair of nice, hairy balls. Chief wood liked to keep it natural and I was impatient to see what kind of a smell he would have compared to Harvey and Logan.

“Don’t just stare at it, son,” Harvey told me, leaning over the table, pulling on his own bulge, “Show the chief your appreciation of police work.”

I opened my mouth and put the monster in my mouth, just as chief Wood lit up the cigar he pulled out from the drawer. His taste didn’t disappoint – he tasted just like a masculine leader of his format should. My arms leaned on his meaty thighs as I dove right onto his cock, throat deep. I heard a moan escape chief’s throat and my heart jumped with pride.

“Fuck yeah, kid,” I heard the criminal sigh behind me, “Work that cop dick.”

“You’re doing a great job so far, son,” the chief told me as he stroked my hair, “If you keep that up, I think we’re done looking for an intern for the office. Use your tongue a little bit more, and don’t forget about my balls.”

That motivation was certainly more than enough. I started tonguing chief’s piss slit as my hands rubbed his beautiful, full looking balls. My nose was full of the cigar smoke and the masculine sweat. The chief’s bush had an intense smell that was hitting me up every time I forced him down my throat. It really felt like I was a colleague. Servicing my superior officer – as was my place.

I sucked chief Wood for a while and drank a ruch dose of his precum until he finished his cigar. Then he spoke to me again: “You’ve yenimahalle escort been eyeing those cuffs by my waist. Would you like to see them in action?”

I let his cock pop out of my mouth and a trail of precum to drop from my hungry lips before I answered.

“I’ll be happy for any experience, sir!”

“That’s my boy. Come on, get back on your feet.”

I did as he said and to my surprise, he led me to the holding cell. I locked eyes with the criminal, who seemed to be all pent up, rubbing his bulge over his jeans. Chief Wood took the cuffs off of his belt and put one of my hands inside of them. Then, he put them through the bars in a manner that made it really uncomfortable to be standing up and then he locked my other hand in, immobilizing me. Since there was a horizontal bar fairly low on the grid not allowing me to put my hands up, I naturally fell to my knees so I could arch my back. I looked up and saw Saul looming over me, way closer to the bars that he was before. His menacing looking bulge was right in front of my face.

“Do you know what ‘protect and serve’ means, son?” chief Wood asked me, as he stroked my hair and gently pushed my head between the bars, “It means you aim to serve the public. Even if they’ve gone bad, you gotta remain the one who plays it by the book. You gotta serve them as well as the ones who are innocent.”

“Damn right,” Saul said, opening his legs and pushing his bulge into my face. It smelled like musk and liquor, “Maybe a good blowjob once in a while would keep me on the right path. Stop me from stealing those cars.”

“What do you say, son? Are you able to help Saul here become a better man?” chief Wood asked me.

Well, this was certainly not what I expected. But I guess he was right – even though Saul broke the law, he was still a citizen. And any citizen had as much right to get his dick sucked as anyone else.

I grabbed the zipper of his pants with my teeth and pulled it down. Saul rested his hand on my head as he start fishing out his dick. As he uncovered a thick, intense smelling cock out of his pants, I heard chief Wood’s pants hit the ground behind me.

My lips closed around the criminal dick before my face and I started sucking him with as much passion and eagerness as I showed to the officers and the chief before. Saul tasted strong and didn’t care too much about his hygiene, but his cock felt as right in my mouth as the ones before did. And I would do anything to make the chief happy.

Saul was a bit more eager than the chief and started ramming his cock deep into my throat. I was gagging at first, but then I got used to it. The rough treatment left my face all wet and sticky and created a long drop of saliva mixed with precum, slowly falling from my mouth to the floor. As I was trying my best to help Saul become a better man, I felt a pressure on my anus.

Saul’s dick slid out of my mouth to give me some air at that point, so I was able to speak for a while.

“Is that your nightstick, sir?”

“I suppose you could call it that, boy,” chief Wood responded, as he grabbed both of my shoulders with his strong hand and started pushing it into me. I moaned but my mouth was soon silenced by the criminal cock waiting to be serviced before me. I was hanging on the cuffs, my mouth working overtime to suck off this big brute as chief Wood started taking my virginity right there and then. I couldn’t imagine a better man than a strong policeman like him to give it to at that point.

The room was filled with moans and grunts and heavy cigarette smoke, as the chief managed to open me up enough for his huge dick to be able to penetrate me completely. Luckily, I was already stretched from Harvey’s nightstick. Before I knew I felt his bush on my ass cheeks and I was proud that I was able to take all of his dick with relative ease. Given that I’m not by any means gay, I suppose that was a pretty nice accomplishment.

Both of the men fucked me with vigor and my body started feeling tired and heavy. My lust was through the roof, as chief’s dick was hitting that sweet spot over and over again. I wasn’t about to give up, though. Even though my mouth was full of the taste of Saul’s dick and my ass was getting the ride of its life, I had to show that I had what it takes to become a part of the team. So I sucked hard and spread my legs even further.

I guess I did a good job blowing the chief before, because he didn’t last very long. Before I knew it, he was grunting louder and louder. His hips started thrusting into me even faster and soon I felt something warm filling up my ass. I moaned as I realized chief Wood has filled me up with his cum and that made me horny enough to suck Saul’s dick with even more passion. He stopped fucking my throat for a bit and just let me lick the tip and play with it.

“That’s it, play with it,” he encouraged me, “Christ, what a cocksucker you are…”

“God damn,” chief Wood whispered between moans and slapped my ass. He pulled out his dick and I felt a stream of cum running down my leg. I was tired, but so satisfied – like I did a good job. I thought that would be it, but then I heard some movement behind me.

“Logan is going to take you for a while too, son,” Harvey said, as he approached me from the front, “Meanwhile, I’m sure you’ll have enough time to service us both.”

His dick was already out of his uniform pants, as hard as juicy as ever. Even with the handcuffs, I managed to alternate between his and Saul’s dick, giving both sides equal attention. The taste of the two men was mixing in my mouth and I was in delirium before I felt another cock pushing against my asshole.

“Still tight,” Logan said, as he started penetrating me, “I bet you could fuck the whole station and not get tired of it.”

Don’t mind if I do, I wanted to respond, but Saul was busy choking me with his dick at that time while Harvey was beating off in front of my face. I caught the chief with the corner of my eye, leaning against the bars, his now limp dick hanging out of his pants, nodding in approval. I never felt so fucking proud and happy.

The three men continued to stuff me with their dicks with no hesitation. Logan was pretty easy to take with the chief’s cum lubricating me from the inside. My throat was feeling a little sore from the two massive dicks, but I was doing my best.

Saul’s orgasm surprised me with how sudden it was. He just roared like an animal and started shooting cum right when he was balls deep in my throat. His hand made sure my head was pinned on his cock, ready to swallow it all. As I was doing my best to not waste a drop, I heard Harvey moaning and felt his hot cum splashing on my face and into my hair. Looks like he couldn’t hold it anymore and just needed to shower me with his rich cum.

“The fourth load is coming, kid,” said Logan, who was now riding me pretty hard, his dick attacking my prostate. His sweaty body was bouncing against mine and his dick felt amazing in my ass. Right as the Saul pulled out his dick out of my mouth to rub it on my face, Logan moaned and started filling me up, mixing his load with the chief’s and filling my ass.

My head was spinning from the adrenaline. I don’t know how much more time I spent cleaning Harvey’s and Saul’s cocks with my mouth before chief Wood finally unlocked the cuffs. I collapsed on the floor, feeling something liquid and warm against my belly. Did I cum during all of this? I apparently did, but I didn’t even realize!

I looked up and I saw chief Wood handing me his hand. He helped me stand up and gave me an appreciative smile.

“You seem like a perfect candidate, kid,” he said to me, “Report to my office on Monday at 5PM. It’s time to start your internship.”

My honest, cum-covered smile brought all the men surrounding me to a chuckle. This was going to be an amazing opportunity.

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