A Seeker’s Sexual Pilgrimage Ch. 03

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Group Sex

Things went better with Cookie. For our second date, I took her for a walk around the Indiana University campus. This is a great place to take a date. First of all, it is beautiful. There are a zillion trees and a creek with lots of wooden bridges to stop on. I know it like the back of my hand so I can be a tour guide to most women. (“This is the Old Well House. Legend has it that all co-eds have to be kissed here or they won’t last a year. We wouldn’t want that would we? Maybe I better give you a little kiss just to be sure. Or, this is the Kinsey Sex Institute where they have the second largest pornography collection in the world…They don’t have a picture of you in there do they? (Alternatively, I have the largest collection. Wanna see it?”))

Cookie and I stumbled across an orchestra concert on the lawn outside the music building. Later, our bodies bumped while we were walking and we decided to hold hands for security. Cookie and I stopped in the Union Building and sat on leather couches and talked about how much we liked each other and swapped some history.

When I dropped her off at her car, we hugged and kissed and I slipped my hand down the back of her pants and caressed her butt. She jerked back at first, but I drew her to me and she moved into my kiss and grope.

When I got home there was an email from her inviting me to her place for dinner the next night. The dinner was good, but it was not the primary reason why I stayed for a year.

To me, Cookie was that cute little cheerleader I could never get in high school. About five foot two, (my ex was five seven) small body (big bones), blonde (brunette) and over sexed (once every ten days whether I needed it or not.) Cookie was also an angel on the earth. The sweetest woman I ever met who would coo my name like it was a mantra and gaze at me like I had walked out of a dream. It was exactly the sort of healing I needed.

Cookie loved to give blowjobs. She was the first woman I was ever with that preferred oral sex to vaginal sex. When I came, she would suck me dry until I begged her to stop because after orgasm my tip became super sensitive. At certain points I became tired of blowjobs and felt a need to stick it in some pussy. When I expressed my need, she was happy to comply.

She loved to watch me masturbate and asked permission once to take pictures of the event. Then she asked me to take pictures of her. Some of them can still be seen on the web if you know where to look.

One night we were fucking in the ‘lazy man’ position. I was working her clit with my left hand, my dick was in her twat and two fingers were up her ass. In mid stroke I slipped the cock and fingers out and redirected my unit into her anus. It slid in without preamble. It was the second best of the three assfucks I had so far had in my life, even without any visuals.

We completed the act and fell asleep without discussing it. The next day, at breakfast, Cookie turned to me and said: “You fucked my ass last night.”

I was a little embarrassed about it really. I guess one of the reasons I like ass so much is that it is so private and forbidden. It feels like you aren’t really supposed to talk about it so I didn’t say anything, I just looked down at my food. Cookie took my chin in her hand, raised my face to her’s and said, “I’m still glowing.” I guess she wanted it to happen again. She got her wish.

Another time, as I sat in an arm chair in the living room of the beautiful house that she lived in, reading a book and digesting the lunch that she had cooked for me, Cookie came up to me, puddled into the area between my feet, put her hand on my package and said, “May I have the pleasure of taking you into my mouth?” That’s really where the story “Candy and Kate’s Fantassies, Ch. 01” found it’s Genesis.

Late one evening, when I thought she was asleep, she caught me masturbating to some Internet porn. I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to Internet porn. It’s my habit to stroke for about an hour a day. I love it. It is great to select the woman and poses and the particular parts that I find most lovely while maintaining a steady, slow rhythm and then, when I am ready, to go back over the best ones and finally blow while staring into my favorite of the day. There’s a redhead that I like who has the most perfect anal sphincter I have ever seen. There is something about a redhead’s coloration that is so hot and this particular one has the shape, the ridges, the hair line, the corona that for me is perfect. So even though I was getting serviced well and regular, I began to miss my Internet girlfriends and one night when I thought Cookie was asleep, I sneaked into the office, got online and started stroking. Cookie came in and caught me. Many women would have freaked out. My angel slipped into the chair behind me, reached around and helped out. Maybe it was after that that she wanted to start taking pictures.

So you’re probably wondering how I fucked that one up. Well, it was a little more complicated Büyükesat Escort than that. For one thing, Cookie put on fifteen or twenty pounds while we were together. I think it is natural for women to get in their best shape when they are man hunting and then relax and bulk up once they think they’ve bagged one. She had a small body though and it didn’t look good on her. So that didn’t help as time went by and the intensity of the sex began to taper off anyway.

Also, Cookie and I were both really lost lambs. She had ended her business of twenty years shortly before we met even though it was successful simply because she wanted to reinvent herself. When it turned out harder than she expected, she got a little depressed.

We spent too much time together and started to get a little tired of each other.

I had been married for twenty-eight years and much too excited about the female buffet to limit myself and be easy in my mind about monogamy again so soon. She knew I looked around at other women and it made her angry. One time at a bar in New York I flirted a little too hard with a nineteen year-old transvestite and embarrassed her. She never really forgave me for it.

Finally, I drank too much.

So after about a year, I decided I would buy a house to fix up as a project. The house I bought had a finished basement and one evening I decided I would just stay there instead of driving all the way back to Cookie’s place in the country. After that I didn’t really live with her anymore.

On Halloween, Cookie told me it was over and that she had a new relationship. She never had any trouble getting a man.

Just a week later, she was diagnosed with colon cancer and within a year was dead. I am grateful I was spared having to watch her die. I would have happily given that to her, but the truth is that I was so raw myself I didn’t have the strength.

So it was back to the Internet for me. Now I’m hitting all the highlights here, so what you have to keep in mind is that the great majority of my time was not devoted to wild fucking. It was devoted to trying to find someone to fuck or to thinking about all the things and people I had lost or pondering what I should do and where I should go. So even though this all sounds very casual or even cold hearted, it was really on most evenings, a terrifying and lonely journey. So I passed the time between Halloween and Christmas, immersed in the quest. The women I wanted didn’t want me and the ones that I tricked into thinking I was perfect were a far cry from the image I held in my mind. Then Eve contacted me.

Initially I wrote back to her and said, “thanks, but you live five hundred miles away.” Undeterred, she continued to harass me until I gave her a phone number.

She was the first woman I had phone sex with before we physically met. Actually she was only woman that ever brought me to orgasm over the phone. So then I became a bit more interested in meeting her. On my birthday, she drove from Columbia Missouri to Bloomington to be with me.

Along about when I opened the second bottle of wine, we moved onto the couch. I began to unwrap my birthday present. I just reached over and began unbuttoning her blouse. Now a lot of people don’t believe that breasts get bigger when a woman gets aroused. I have anecdotal proof however. When those girls popped out of her blouse, what must have been an adequate bra on any other occasion could hardly contain them. I stared into her overflowing bags of comfort and released a deep breath of contentment.

Eve had a body that many twenty-year-olds might envy. The space between her legs where they ran into her torso must have been three inches wide. I wish I had measured it. There was plenty of room in there for her pussy. Lots of room when you got your head in there too. You can’t have proper camel toe unless you have a space there.

I started in right away kidding her about getting a spanking and she played along, sashaying around and pouting. She was down to her underwear when I said, “that’s it, young lady, time for your spanking.” I pulled her over to me and got her into position to go OTK.

“I didn’t agree to this” she protested as she pulled her panties down to her knees.

I wasn’t very educated as a spanker at that time so she got off pretty easy. Most of the girls I spanked up to that point would say, “harder.” I didn’t want to hurt them. I was mostly into the erotic aspect of it, the bottom pointing upward, bare and vulnerable. The panties tucked under the bulge or pulled down to the knees. The opportunity to spread the cheeks apart and enjoy the view. I’ve learned a lot since then.

Many girls like a good sting. There’s the pure sensation aspect of it. They can feel something at least. Maybe the sting makes their asshole tingle too.

Also, there are psychological implications to the spanking. There’s the ‘Daddy’ thing to consider. Perhaps the Elvankent Escort young lady feels a certain atonement for guilt as a result of a good spanking. There might even be a religious basis that is satisfied.

To some people, surrendering control means that they are freed of having to think or perhaps that they are freed of all responsibility. It might be the only way they can relax.

So you have to adjust your technique to suit what the subordinate wants or they won’t be satisfied. If they don’t get a certain degree of punishment it is just a tease.

As a top, or spanker, the benefits are obvious. I get a great view and I get revenge on all the naughty little girls who were ever not nice to me. I really, truly do not want to hurt anyone and I won’t go there, but I have learned to give a little more than I would on my own just because that’s what they want, and I aim to please.

So it turned out, Eve liked a good spanking. I told her she was obviously a naughty girl or what the hell was she doing there with me??? (I would give her a good slap here) I was obviously interested in sticking my unit into her pussy! (A whack on the other cheek.) Did she want me to stick my unit in her pussy??? (Now you start a steady beat, one side then the other. I personally am not a big fan of the steady beat, preferring the ‘surprise’ approach, but the spankees, or as they prefer to be called, “bottoms,” seem to enjoy being able to anticipate the action.) NAUGHTY LITTLE GIRL!!! (Each syllable gets a stroke.)

With any luck at all by this time she is screaming: “Yes! Doctor Deucel Sir! Stick your cock in my pussy! Please, Doctor Deucel Sir, stick your monster cock up my asshole!”

After that we got doggie and I gave her the old thumb up the butt routine. She took it like a champ so I was emboldened and went for both thumbs. There I am, pumping away digits inserted, it was great. “Why not go for the homerun,” I thought to myself. So I asked her. “Do you want me to put it in there?”

“No,” she said. “I can’t take it. You’re too big.”

Now every man wants to hear about how big they are. The particular bearing it might have to reality is not the issue. Yet, to hear that you are being denied entrance on the basis of size is distressing. Still, a gentleman at this point will have to assume that the young lady is just being polite. After all, he’s got his member buried in her acceptor mechanism and two thumbs inserted in her asshole, so he asks again. If she refuses again at this point, as Eve did, then the gentleman will have to satisfy himself with the digital manipulation of her anal orifice and with ramming his manhood into her pussy until she screams and he shudders his burden of testosterone deep into her neutralizing chamber.

You don’t need to feel sorry for me however. The next weekend I went to Columbia to visit her and I got her ass that time.

I got a lot more than just her ass actually. I know it stretches the bounds of credence for me to relate the following tale and I admit that it is something of a coincidence, but she had a college age daughter living with her as well. Nina, her daughter, was also experimenting with being a lesbian and Eve was letting Nina’s friend Leslie stay with her. So we’re fucking away in one room and they are doing a lot of twenty-year-old pussy licking in the next one.

Later, the stars align and we are all in the kitchen together. We’re semi-naked, sweaty and redolent of musk and cunt. We are talking and laughing because everyone is in a very good mood when Nina comes over and gives her mother and me both a hug. Then Leslie joins in. We are all hugging. Hands start slipping around a little. Two minutes later we are all in bed together and not only am I bagging the illusive mother/daughter combo, but there is a second ripe plum thrown in for extra measure. It’s too much pussy for my miserable cock to handle. I want to phone the governor to send in the troops. But there is no help and they are relentless and fuck me until dawn.

So why am I not living in a compound in Utah with my happy little incest family you might ask.

Well, how much luck do you think one man should have? I only thank the powers that shape the universe that I had my night. The girls, of course were only interested in the bizarre factor of it and mom was so embarrassed that she made me leave the next day.

That wasn’t the worst. I was planning on leaving soon anyway. I was in my truck and headed South because it was winter. I had two friends in Florida I could go visit. I also had an Internet woman in Coral Beach waiting to meet me.

Abbey was into extreme sports. She did marathons and triathlons. No fat at all on her. No fat means no tits. Washboard abs right on up to the shoulders.

She had a big dog, Malamute or Husky or something. It was very alpha. Did not enjoy the sight me humping his mistress. Too bad for him.

The whole time Beşevler Escort though, since my birthday, I had been in contact with another woman, Kathy. Kathy was another former cheerleader. Apparently I hadn’t gotten all that cheerleader shit out with Cookie. Later I was to discover that every second girl claims to be a former cheerleader. We’ll never know how many are prevaricating.

It’s a little hazy to tell you the truth, but I know Eve was here on my birthday and I met Kathy in Indy maybe the day before or else two days after when Eve had gone home. I do know it entailed a bit of surreptitious emailing.

Kathy claimed she could sell my paintings for me. I’m a sucker for that kind of shit. I met her at the Indianapolis Art Museum. She got free tickets to a special exhibit. Fabric arts or some such shit. We hit it off. Flirted and bumped asses and had dinner it got a little hot and then I left on my trip (first stop Columbia.)

Kathy and I had some good conversations and a lot of cute emails. At some point I had to decide between Kathy and Eve (who had gotten over her embarrassment and was probably ready to re-enact the event.) For some reason, Eve seemed like the past and Kathy seemed like the future. Probably just because I hadn’t nailed Kathy yet.

Eve was way more pissed off than Sally had been. It’s no fun to have hatred directed at you. Everyone handles rejection differently. A lot depends on where you are at in the cycle of life. Some take it personally and become angry. Maybe they have built it up in their minds that this was it, now and forever. You have lied to them and betrayed them. It doesn’t matter what the facts are.

Some people feel a lot of competition. They are going to do better than you from now on Goddamn it.

Some people want to make the parting as easy and non-confrontational as possible. Cookie, who had owned a furnishings store for decades before she met me and who had a pole barn full of great junk, made sure that I had everything I needed for my house. She actually helped me lay the floors and picked out the paint colors before she set me adrift.

Some have a very logical, analytical approach. I’m one of these people usually. I try to understand why it didn’t work in hopes that it will increase the odds of me making a relationship work one day. I recognize that usually they don’t work. I am sorry and sad that I can’t be with someone who has been my best friend anymore. I try to do what I can to move on. Frequently that seems to mean getting busy on the Internet.

I’m pretty good at the Internet bullshit. I wrote a pamphlet called: “Trolling the Internet for Love and Lust.” Nobody bought it. Still, I fancy myself something of an expert at Internet dating. It’s available from Lulu.com.

So after a while, my attitude was, “fuck winter. I’m going North to Fuck Kathy.” She could feel my dick from a thousand miles away. She made me hold off on masturbating for three days so I would have a full load for her. Three days is a personal record.

I got home and the next day she drove down from Indy. I was waiting for her outside on the front porch. I was wearing a sport coat. Maybe I shouldn’t have been romancing her so hard.

We had lunch and then went to take a nap. Kathy sat on the left side of the bed and took off her shirt and bra with her back towards me. Then she put on a tee shirt. That was an exercise in futility. I stayed in my tee shirt, so we would match, but I let me jeans fall and then, after turning in profile, so my pecker’s pose wouldn’t be wasted, peeled off my underwear. I had a full erection for her viewing pleasure. I climbed onto the bed on my knees and shook it in her face. She half closed her eyes and half turned her face away. Pretending to herself that she didn’t see it.

I slid under the sheets with her, got my hand between her tee shirt and skin and began the grope towards her breast.

Ahh, sweet juggs, when first you wrap your palm around a new one. The perky poking nipple. The bumps and curves. The tiny hairs. The tweak and stroke til it reaches towards your mouth. You know their thighs are moist already. Everyone knows. The juice of their pussy breaks free and wafts into the air. Do the little molecules have a brain as they seek out your nostrils? Like an aura, like the rays of the sun as it breaks around the curvature of the Earth, the dew arches outward from the center of her slit and infects the brains of everyone in sniffing distance.

Soon, the little born again virgin is dry humping and moaning and guiding my erection towards her throbbing cunt. She is well on her way to becoming a well-balanced cock whore.

Me, I’m just reveling in my new conquest. I’m so proud of my powerful body part and full of the moment that I fail to grasp the significance of it to Kathy. Men often do that.

Yes, Kathy has fallen instantly into the trap of thinking that I am the answer. One good trap deserves another, so that’s what she plans for me. She probably doesn’t think of it as a trap or think about it at all for that matter, but my cock in her pussy means a lot more to her than just that my cock is in her pussy. For that matter, my finger is rubbing her perineum. Exploring the area just above her anus, like the darkest parts of old Africa. No one’s ever been there before. I prepare the way.

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