A Self Portrait Threw Mine Eyes

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Mirror, mirror on the wall… What do you see? Or rather, what personal mysteries do my eyes seek?

What human flaws shall this reflection cast inward?

Should I tell you the truth? Or would it be better to say that I am ravishing?

There is He that tells me that I am beautiful, but am I?

He says that I am lush and pleasing to His eyes… Not merely for my cloths, or my figure which was given me; He says He Loves me for my Heart… The raw rare beauty that I am in the Mind and Spirit.

Me being of short stature, am a mere 5’1″. My hair is curly brunette, with natural highlights of gold and red. My lashes are long, full and dark, while my eyes are a deep forest green.

As my eyes stare at themselves, I wonder what makes me unique?

My facial shape is oval with a petite nose, lips that are sensitive and dusty pale rose hue. My shoulders are bare as is the rest of me, as my eyes traverse slowly down the double image of myself. My eyes stop at my high breasts as they too stare at me, small C cups are their mature size, my aureolas are large when relaxed and comfortably warm… as they are now. They are a soft tan-pink tone, surrounding a medium rosy texture of the semi-hard nipples. My gaze lingers upon the stainless steel barbells that run threw them, green 1/4″ balls act as stoppers to keep the jewelry safely in the piercing, my choice to pierce them was not simply for sexual play, but for sensual appeal and attraction. For my nipples have always been super sensitive, even before I had the bejeweled.

My eyes leave my globes of womanhood, tracing my short ribcage, my short mecidiyeköy escort waist to my fleshy hips and thighs. A belly button ring adorns my navel, matching green balls on each end. My hips are what He enjoys the most… Says it gives Him excellent leverage when we are making love. My thick thighs make my cheeks burn with dislike, but He says not to change them for they are gorgeous. I turn to one side, eyeing myself in profile, following the curve if my butt. Two dimples directly above my ass cheeks make me smile slightly… Butt dimples were a strange thing to have but I enjoyed them. He says He Loves my ass, the way it curves and features me well. My thighs tapper lower to my knees and then to my muscled calves and ankles. My feet and hands are small, not tiny, maybe too some but they merely just small. He Loves the feel of my small soft hands wrapped firm around His thick shaft, while my tongue and lips explore and love Him.

My earrings twinkle in the lamp light as I face the mirror once again. My body jewelry sparkling as the light gleams off of their surfaces. My curls hang loosely around my neck and face, framing it which only adds to my soft petite form.

My fingers pluck at my nipples, while my eyes flutter with feeling, vibrating thrills shoot straight to my womb… Wetting my core. My vagina begins to pulse and ache with a familiar need, a need of desire and comfort. Kneading the bulbous flesh of my breasts I tremble with sensations. My mind instantly turns to thoughts of Him. His smile, His eyes, His voice… The way He touches me, the length and girth of His ample nişantaşı escort shaft. The taste of His flesh in my mouth, between my lips, my tongue lapping. My fingers petting and stroking eagerly.

My middle finger slipped towards my clitoris as I backed up, sinking into the deep fluffy sued couch, my legs spreading instinctively as I began to press slow circles on my exposed clit. My breasts spread out across my chest like round plush orbs, simply begging to be kissed and suckled, my nipples were extended, sensitive like my clitoris is… My barbells standing out against my flesh adding to their natural appeal. My circles grew rougher as my pussy lips got wetter, my scent wafting threw the room as I grew increasingly excited. The curly triangle pube hair was soft against my palm, it tickled as I twirled my finger, my vagina grew hot and began soaking and dripping with each passionate thought.

Licking my lips I kneaded my larger left breast with my fingers, with my free hand flicking and gently tugging on my nipples making me moan aloud while my pussy ached with need… Ached to be filled and fucked.

My moaning grew into panting groaning as the feeling of my clit being tended too as my other fingers toyed with my hardened tits. My stomach began to tense as I leveled my hips up and down, my vagina dripping and heated begging to be thrust into, to have a vigorous plundering. My orgasm built as wave upon wave of sensations rolled threw my little body. My mind spun and swirled with thoughts of Him, His thick hard dick moving in and out of my soft warm body, my pussy gripping Him, clasping etiler escort Him intending to draw His manhood in and never let Him go. My cheeks flushed with heat as my orgasm broke over me, my vagina shivering violently, squeezing madly yet still aching to have a hard rod buried to the hilt. Gasping and groaning loudly I bucked as my bliss irrupted within my needy cunt. My bucking only caused me to want the real thing even more, my finger massaged my engorged clit harder, my juices soaking my inner thighs. Moaning with ever increasing need I rubbed my way into another rippling orgasm. Rocketing my body into panting His name as it torn within me, my vagina grasping and squeezing so harshly, pulsating it’s glistening heat.

Trembling viciously as I again forced another climax on myself, screaming His name, my body crying for His stiff cock. My eyes caught my reflection in the oval length mirror, I saw just how wickedly wanton I was being. There I lay legs spade apart like a lustful school girl, my 20 year old body shivering with need, my tight gripping pussy never ceasing it’s eager power filled squeezing. My tits looked good enough to eat as they sat lusciously on my chest, the green glinting from the light. Cum glistening on my puffy, enflamed vagina lips. And lastly my green eyes were half hooded with wonderful bliss. He always Loves my face after I’ve been made to cum so fully and completely. A true portrait of happy, wonder and satisfaction.

“Fuck me! Fuck me…ohhhhhhgod fuck me!” I cry aloud as my fingers tease myself to immense pleasure, building, pluming within my womb. My womb begging for rich thick cum. My legs went wider, my mouth open as I gasped over and over again. The pleasure was beyond intense, my body convulsed violently as I could nearly feel His long fat dick pushing into my small passage. My warm pussy cream soaking Him making Him slippery with my Love.

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