A Sinful Family Ch. 01 – Moving In

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Author’s Note: What you are about to read is part one of a many parts series following a particularly perverted family who engage in all kinds of taboo sex. There’s a grand total of thirty-one characters detailed in these stories, a long introduction phase in the first chapter sets up the story and introduces a lot of the characters. This phase does not contain sexual content but is necessary to set the stage, once it is over you’ll never have to go long without being inundated with perversion. But skipping ahead is not advisable as you won’t understand who the characters are or what’s going on.

Disclaimer: There’s something for everyone with a perverted mind in these stories but perhaps not all will appeal to you. Maybe you’ll develop a liking for certain characters and only want to read the chapters containing them, or you only want to read chapters which features (or doesn’t feature) a certain fetish. Then the tags are your best friend. In future chapters the tags will reveal which characters are involved sexually along with what major fetishes are explored. You can find the tags in the bottom right corner of the last page. But beware as the tags will be containing spoilers.

I wish you pleasant reading and hope you find enjoyment in the perversions below.


Chapter 01: Moving In

Jaime looked anxiously out of the window of his parent’s car as they traveled by luxurious house after luxurious house. They were driving through the Beverley Hills in Los Angeles which, shockingly enough, was soon to be their new neighborhood. Jaime’s maternal grandfather was filthy rich but had never wanted to share any of his wealth with his three children; Marie, Steve and Julia. Julia was Jaime’s mother and at age forty was the oldest of the three siblings.

Without financial support from their father they all had to make it in life on their own.

That all changed however when Grandpa Henry suddenly invited them and their families to come live with him and Grandma Grace in his newly built mansion; free of charge.

It was an offer too good to pass up and all the children accepted the invitation and brought their families with them.

Jaime thought it was all more than just a little bit odd, his grandfather had never seemed to be interested in his own children or his grandchildren and yet now he invited them all to come live with him. What made the circumstances even more surprising was that he had apparently invited Jaime’s father John’s brother and sister, along with their children and their father to come live in the mansion as well. Why the grumpy old billionaire wanted to invite, to him, complete strangers into his home was a topic of debate in the family.

Jaime’s brother James and his sister Jennifer, who were twins, didn’t know what to make of it but mom felt strongly that her father had simply gotten nicer with age. Something Jaime doubted though he couldn’t rule it out as that sometimes happened with old people.

Dad had of course taken it as a personal compliment of the highest order since it was his family the old man had invited and theorized grandpa wanted to tie close bonds to him personally. It might seem like a reasonable thought at first but the times Jaime had seen Grandpa Henry and dad interact grandpa had not seemed very interested in his son-in-law to say the least.

Jaime’s father was a local politician and as such couldn’t help himself from asking for campaign donations when in the presence of a wealthy person. That instinct didn’t mesh well with grandpa’s notorious reluctance to part with his money. Whenever dad had brought up the subject of donating money Grandpa Henry’s mouth would tighten and his eyes smallen.

Jaime had developed a theory he did not dare to mention to anyone. John’s sister was a relatively famous pornstar, something that was known to everyone in the family but still not talked about openly. As such Jaime figured the most likely reason why dad’s whole side of the family had been invited was because grandpa wanted to be near her. Perhaps he didn’t want to make it too obvious and invited them all as a result. Jaime felt that would be much more in line with grandpa’s selfish nature. He figured dad would be absolutely furious if he thought grandpa wanted to perv on his pornstar sister however so he didn’t dare to air his theory to the rest of the family.

The car pulled along further up the hills, dragging behind it a trailer containing their belongings. The knot in Jaime’s stomach intensified as he realized they were getting closer.

He wiped some sweat away from underneath his wavy, caramel brown hair and told himself to stop being nervous because there was nothing to be nervous about but to little avail as he couldn’t shake the nerves.

Sure, he was to live with his family but a lot of them were almost unknown to him, they were all relatives from either his father or mothers side but some of them he had only met once or twice before. Jaime’s mardin seks hikayeleri dark blue eyes wouldn’t stop twitching as his mind raced in anticipation, he wrung his hands until they hurt but he still couldn’t get rid of the stress. Then he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his ribs; his older brother James had just dug his elbow into his side hard.

“Owh! What the hell did you do that for?” Jaime asked angrily as he clutched his side.

“You looked like you could need it.” James said with his grunting deep voice and chuckled.

James was only one year older than Jaime who was eighteen, but at 6’2, 175 pounds he was significantly taller and stronger than Jaime who was 5’10, 150 pounds. Which meant he had little chance to fight back when James decided to exert his physical strength. In fact even James twin sister Jennifer was stronger than Jaime. She was taller too at 5’11, though he still outweighed her. Not that it mattered all that much as she was somehow routinely able to pin him to the floor whenever they had been wrestling.

“Why would I need an elbow to the ribs?” Jaime asked angrily as he scooted away from his brother in the car seat.

“For the nerves, or are you still feeling nervous?” James asked with a wry smile on his lips.

To his surprise Jaime realized his brother was right, he didn’t feel as nervous as he had just a few seconds ago, that elbow to the ribs had really worked.

“Thanks.” Jaime muttered, half smiling in response.

“You’re welcome, now look at this.” James said as nodded towards Jennifer who was sitting hunched over and biting her nails in apparent distress. James rammed his elbow hard into the side of his twin sister’s body.

“AHH!! WHAT THE FUCK??” Jennifer cried out loud with a pained voice as she grabbed her right side.

James chuckled fondly at her misfortune but stopped chuckling when she began swinging punches his way while cursing him out.

“YOU BASTARD!!” Jennifer yelled as her punches rained down on James who now smiled and covered up.

“CALM DOWN BACK THERE!” dad shouted.

“BUT DAD JAMES HIT ME IN…” Jennifer complained loudly.

“NO MORE SHOUTING!” dad barked loudly.

“She started it!” James said with a tone of voice like he almost believed it.

“STARTED WHAT? I DIDN’T DO ANY…” Jennifer shouted back in response as she punched James arm as hard as she could.

“JENNIFER!” mom called with her strict tone of voice which she rarely used.

Jennifer quieted down and stopped punching her older brother by a few minutes.

“But mom…” she groaned.

Mom turned around and looked at her twin children angrily.

“I don’t want to hear anything more from you two, we’re almost there and I don’t want the first thing grandpa sees is you two going at it! Understood?” she asked threateningly, shooting daggers out of her dark green eyes.

The two sandy blonde haired twins nodded and stopped squabbling, but if Jaime knew his siblings well they would soon be going at it again, for some reason they always seemed to be fighting.

It wasn’t long until they saw the mansion’s gate approach and as they got closer a stunning view of the mansion up above revealed itself. Jaime had seen pictures of the mansion and knew it was massive but still felt shocked by its sheer size and grandeur.

Five towers formed the topmost part of the mansion, four of them were located in the corners of the rectangular five floored mansion. The fifth tower was slightly thicker and located in the middle. The facade was made out of pink and white marble structured in a visually pleasing way that made the mansion shine in the daylight. A bright red bricked inclined roof stylishly bound it all together above and a massive fountain near the entrance shot water far up into the air in three different directions.

Jaime’s jaw dropped, ‘He was going to live in that?’, what little anxiety he had left in his body turned into excitement and the view seemed to have a similar effect on the rest of his family as they all shared in a united, “Woah!”

James started rubbing his hands together and Jennifer smiled broadly, mom stopped fiddling with her wavy red hair while just staring at the mansion and dad had problem keeping the car on a straight line, so much in fact that mom eventually had to pull on his suit to draw his attention to the road.

The mansion was unlike anything Jaime had ever seen, it had looked impressive in photographs but it hadn’t glistered like that in the pictures. The sun bounced off the mansion as if to indicate it was its favourite place to be reflected by and there was an air of royalty, class and excess stemming from its exterior that was unmatched by anything Jaime had ever seen. Its size was also not done justice in the pictures, it made large houses look like small sheds in comparison. Jaime suddenly realized just how large an 180,000 square feet house really was.

Dad drove the car up to the gate and cleared his voice before pressing what looked like a doorbell with speakers nearby. It took a few minutes before there was a response and they begun asking themselves how long they were going to have to wait when they heard a familiar voice coming through the speakers.

“Who is it?” Grandpa Henry’s stern voice asked.

“It’s us, uh…John, with Julia and the kids.” dad replied hesitantly.

“Alright, I’m opening up…welcome to your new home.” Grandpa Henry said with some friendliness in his voice.

They all thanked grandpa quickly while talking over one another and dad drove through the now opened gate.

The road past the gate was not particularly thin, it was possible to meet another car but if one were to accidentally drive over the edge the consequences would be terrible. Steep rifts surrounded both sides of the road as the mansion was located isolated atop a mountain.

A car driving off the road would be tumbling several hundred feet down along the hill before it finally crashed towards plain ground. Jaime swallowed hard at the thought, the treacherous looking passage only lasted a couple of hundred feet however before being surrounded by a large flat green area containing lots of different kinds of fruit trees and berry bushes.

Dad ignored the garage located further down the road and drove up to the front of the mansion. They passed the massive fountain on their way to the mansion itself, Jaime estimated that the fountain’s jets shot water at least thirty feet up into the air and marveled at its majesty as they passed by.

Dad parked the car as close to the front of mansion as he could and they all got out of the car.

Jaime brushed his shoulder long brown hair out of his face and straightened his shirt a bit as he walked towards the entrance. The front door was huge, at least fourteen feet tall and eight feet wide and made fully out of white marble. Jaime imagined the front door on its own must’ve cost about as much to make as his parents home had been worth.

Mom and dad walked in front of Jaime and he thought they looked like the letter ten side by side. Dad being tall and thin and mom being a bit shorter but twice as wide. Jaime heard Jennifer walk up behind him and she soon passed him with her long slim legs as her blonde pony tail flung merrily side to side.

Jaime figured Jennifer wanted to be first to open the door to make a good impression on grandpa and found himself taking a few long steps to catch up to her. But James jogged up behind him and gave him a rough shove that almost caused him to stumble and fall.

He managed to stay on his feet however and saw how James caught up to Jennifer as well.

He pulled on her pony tail, she turned around, swore and tried to punch him as he passed her by but missed.

Mom turned around at that very second and gave Jennifer a stern non verbal warning with her eyes. Jennifer silently tried to argue with her by pointing at James but mom raised her eyebrows warningly and Jennifer quickly gave up on arguing her innocence.

When they rang the doorbell it was James who stood closest to the door and got to greet grandpa Henry first, they shook hands and Henry brought James in for a light embrace.

Henry was a tall man, especially for his age; there was not a lot of sixty-six year old men who stood at 6’3. His posture was still upright as well. He had short white hair and a thick white mustache. He wore an expensive looking red long sleeved shirt made out of silk that glimmered when it caught a few rays of sun.

Jaime was the last to greet grandpa and when they shook hands he felt the impact of his long, thin, but strong hands around his own. There was a lot of life left in Grandpa Henry that much he was sure of, he wouldn’t be surprised to see the man reach a hundred. Grandpa’s shrewd light blue eyes peered wonderingly into Jaime’s own as he pulled him closer to him; all the while maintaining eye contact. Jaime felt himself overwhelmed for a second by the sheer intensity of the old man’s gaze, his thick s-shaped eyebrows only further added to the intimidation effect. Just when it started to get too much to handle grandpa let go of his hand and broke eye contact, he placed one arm around Jaime’s shoulder and walked alongside him into the house.

The massive entrance hall’s floor was covered in white marble and several large pink marble pillars supported the high ceiling. The walls were made out of a combination of white and pink marble and were dressed in what Jaime assumed to be expensive paintings. The crown jewel of majesty however was located in the center of the hall where a massive staircase made wholly out of pink marble dominated the room. It was at least fifteen feet wide and about eighteen feet up into the air a plateau split the massive staircase into two smaller staircases that branched off as they made their way upwards through the mansion.

“I take it you are impressed with what you’ve seen so far?” grandpa asked with his deep coarse voice.

Everyone hurried to acknowledge that they were and what a sight it was.

“Well it wasn’t cheap I tell you that.” he said and smacked with his lips, “It still isn’t, the taxes on this thing are criminally high!” he said and looked angry for a brief moment as he let go of Jaime’s shoulder.

Jaime’s dad looked around at the massive marble clad entrance hall with obvious awe, “I can only imagine!” he said dreamingly.

“I doubt it.” grandpa said coldly, “But maybe you can change it, you’re a politician aren’t you?” grandpa said and half-laughed.

Jaime saw how dad squirmed for a brief second, before finding his footing.

“Well, as you know I am all for tax reductions, as a representative of the Republican Party I have worked hard this very issue but…”

“Yeah yeah, I’ve heard it all before, donations et cetera et cetera. I wasn’t aware that you were running a campaign this year, I thought it was in two years?” grandpa said and eyed John carefully.

“Well, running a successful political campaign is not a one year process we need funding year round it…” dad replied quickly before being cut off.

“More money as always.” he scuffed, “We’ll talk about all that a bit later, let’s not bore the young folks with talks of politics shall we?”

“Of course.” dad replied courteously and almost bowed a little.

Jaime imagined dad was quite pleased, whenever he had brought up money before grandpa had flatly refused but this time he had said they could talk about it later.

“Where’s mom?” Julia asked her father.

“She’s out shopping, as usual unfortunately.” Henry replied and shook his head slightly.

“She’ll be back in a few hours I’d imagine…once she’s bought every mink coat in California!” he said and bursted out into a loud laughter.

They all joined in, mostly out of courtesy Jaime figured and he felt a bit bad about laughing at his grandmother as he liked her a lot more than grandpa.

Once grandpa had settled down from laughing he got around to explaining where they would be living. There were five floors in total but the top one was only accessible through the five towers and the attic, neither of which they were allowed to access. Grandpa explained that he liked to use the towers to seclude himself with his own thoughts when he needed to be alone and said there was no point going to the attic as it was just storage. No one questioned this request but Jaime found it a little bit odd. Why did grandpa need five towers for himself? ‘What was he really doing up there?’ he wondered.

Grandpa continued by saying there were fifteen bedrooms scattered through the mansion and since there was thirty inhabitants, everyone would have to share one room with another person. Mom and dad would of course be given one bedroom and since they were an uneven number siblings, one of them would have to share a bedroom with someone from another branch of the family. Perhaps a bit ill advised grandpa decided that Jennifer and James would share a room; since they were twins. Maybe he didn’t know how poorly they got along and even as mom suggested that, ‘Maybe it would be best if James and Jaime shared a room instead?’ he didn’t budge.

“They shared a womb so they can share a room!” he proclaimed and laughed.

The twins looked at each other with smallened eyes and mom seemed worried but she didn’t press the question further. Grandpa then revealed that Jaime would be sharing a bedroom with Candy.

Jaime felt his face redden, ‘Candy’ was his one year older cousin and was the child of his paternal aunt Candace; the aunt who was a pornstar. She had two daughters, Charlotte and Caroline who were twenty-two year old twins. And then there was Candy. ‘She’ had been born as ‘Cody’ and used to be a boy, but after having gone through surgery and hormone treatment now both looked and sounded like a girl.

In fact Candy looked about as feminine as Jaime figured was humanely possible.

Even more so than her two biologically female sisters; which was crazy as they were quite feminine looking themselves. It made Jaime feel very confused. He used to know her as Cody but Candy looked nothing like Cody. There was no denying the transformation had been incredible but it only made him feel more uncomfortable around her.

If he hadn’t known she was trans there was no way he could’ve figured it out from her appearance. But Jaime did know, and all he could think about was that there was probably something swinging between her legs still.

James elbowed Jaime in the side upon hearing the news and grinned wide and Jennifer covered her mouth while giggling. Jaime zoned out at that point and didn’t hear almost anything else grandpa said about the house, all he could think about was having to share a bedroom with his trans cousin.

The next thing he heard was when mom asked how many of members of the family had arrived. Grandpa replied that most had arrived but that the majority was out and about which was why it felt so empty. He also mentioned that a lot of the staff had not yet been hired so they would have to carry up their own luggage.

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