A Slip of the Tongue

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Summary: Maybe Serene should think twice before calling on a demon to satisfy her own selfish needs, especially when she can’t watch her mouth…

This story is dedicated to a very special person in my life. You’ll always be my Angel, and I’m sorry if sometimes I make your life hell. Happy birthday <3 Author’s Note — I just want to say, thank everyone for the kind emails! If you have any suggestions, critiques, concerns, or comments, I’d absolutely love feedback; I’m very happy to be giving back to this nice site. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for giving me a try! * “…and so, great demon, hear my call! I, Serene, have need of your power! I summon you from beyond the Outer Gates; come to me in my hour of need!” I panted as I finished my chant and released the spell, exhausted from the work, and I slumped onto the hard ground, staring at the circle of salt I had prepared on the ground. Shaking my head, I willed myself to my feet; I couldn’t look weak and vulnerable when the demon appeared, and I had to be prepared for the thing. Disgusting animals…well…I just need to deal with this one for a little….I thought to myself. As soon as I stood back up, the air inside the summoning circle darkened, coalescing into a thick black mist. There was a violent flash of purple light, and as I shielded my eyes, for just a split second I could smell the acrid scent of sulfur. I opened my eyes, gazing at the circle. “Wait..that’s not right….” I mumbled out, trying to understand what I was looking at. Standing in the middle of my salt circle was a demon, and definitely a female. She was nude, and her body was almost disturbingly human; as I looked her up and down, I had to barely catch myself from sneering in disdain. Her rich black hair hung down to her backside, looking thick, full, and downright slutty. Her wide hips were flared, and her absurdly massive breasts jiggled a bit as she sighed, looking around. She wasn’t very tall, and she could almost pass as a human, if it wasn’t for the little things such as her crimson skin, her cloven hooves, and her playfully-swishing tail. Finally, I realized what I was seeing, and my confusion turned to anger. “A succubus?!” I finally yelled out, glaring at her. “I didn’t call for a succubus, you dumb beast; begone!” “Hey, hold on a sec, ok?” The demon sighed at me, pouting back. “I was sent here in my Patriarch’s stead; he’s all tied up, y’know? I’m his most trusted handmaiden though, and I can call upon anything that he could have done to serve you! So…like, don’t send me back, ok? “ I cringed, not even bothering to hide my annoyance. A stupid succubus! After all the effort it had taken to cast this spell, I had gotten a worthless slut of the underworld. Of course, she said that she could help….but she looked like a brainless moron. Demons were already no better than animals, and I had to deal with the most perverted and depraved of their lot. “Fine, you can stay,” I finally replied, and the creature smiled in delight. I hastily added, “BUT! You better listen to what I say. I have you successfully bound, demon, and-“ “Oh, yeah, yeah, no problem, Mistress Serene!” The demon interrupted me loudly, looking around in excitement. “My name’s Phage; this is actually my first time up here in so long…can we look around, and stuff?” I stared at the smiling creature, dumbfounded. Good lord, I got the biggest ditz in the underworld…I thought to myself, shaking my head. “You’re not going anywhere, Phage. I’ve summoned and bound you, and now you need to do something for me. Phage looked a little sad for a moment, but she nodded up at me, her breasts jiggling as she shivered in excitement. “OK, mistress! What do I have to do?” I rubbed my temples; her ditzy voice was giving me a headache. “Someone should be here in a moment. A mage, like me. We’re both apprentices to the great witch Anya.” Phage’s eyes lit up, and she jumped up and down in excitement. I didn’t make any effort to hide my scorn; she was jiggling around like a total bimbo! Goddess, her tits are bigger than her head… I thought to myself. “I know who that is!” Phage cried in excitement, clapping her hands. “Mistress Anya was the one who made the contract with my Patriarch!” I nodded; at least she wasn’t completely brainless. “That’s right. And I looked into his notes on how to summon him…well…you, I suppose. I need assistance taking care of a problem.” Phage opened her mouth to say something, but before she could make a sound, I heard the lab’s door opening. “Hush!” I whispered at her. “When I give the signal, you knock him unconscious! You can do that, right?!” Phage nodded eagerly, looking confused and a little nervous as she paced in her circle. I hid behind a stack of books, peeking out towards the lab’s entrance. A young, dark-skinned man clad in robes walked down the steps, looking around in confusion. His hair was shortly amasya seks hikayeleri trimmed, with just a bit of stubble on his face. The place was filled with piles of research books and journals, hiding me with ease. As he walked closer to other end of the room though, he saw the salt circle, and I saw his eyes widen in surprise, fear, and maybe even a bit of arousal as he saw what was inside it.

“Now!” I hissed at Phage, and she nodded, raising her hands at Kay. In an instant, a bolt of black flame leaped from her fingertips. Before the surprised young man could make a sound, he was on his back on the floor, unconscious.

Amazing…she performed such potent magic within the confines of her binding circle…she must be wielding a considerable amount of force… I smiled to myself; she was a useful little tool after all, and everything was going perfectly.

Phage was leaning forward, trying to see the man on the floor. “Did I do ok, mistress? Who was that?” She asked me, sounding almost concerned.

I walked forwards and knelt besides the man, grinning. “You did, Phage; you’re not so useless after all. And this…this is the apprentice mage I was telling you about; Angelo.”

If my insult bothered Phage, she didn’t show it. “He’s kind of cute…” she said, her voice soft. I made a disgusted noise; no wonder she had sounded concern. She was probably wishing she could suck his cock, or something even more depraved. “He might be a little cute,” I replied disdainfully, “but he’s a worthless mutt of a commoner. He has absolutely no right to study under Anya…well…we’ll take care of that, won’t we?”

Phage tilted her head, sounding confused. “We will? What’ll we do?”

I sighed, taking out a journal and setting it on the ground next to Angelo. “What I mean, you demonic ditz, is that little Angelo here is going to have an accident. He broke into Anya’s lab, trying to steal valuable research journals…and he even summoned a demon!” I grinned wickedly, looking down at the annoying young man…it infuriated me that he was a year younger than me, but still treated as though he were my equal. He hadn’t even studied as long as me! “How tragic, for him to lose control of that demon…” I glanced over at Phage, and was surprised to see her looking unhappy. “What is it?” I snapped at her.

“What are you going to do to him…?” She asked softly, hugging herself.

I grinned even wider; I had figured out the perfect punishment for the annoying idiot. “Well, Phage, it’s actually what you’re going to do…you’re going to make him into a stupid dog!”

Phage gasped looking distraught. I felt my annoyance grow; why was this succubus having a crisis of conscious at the worst possible time?

“Just temporarily, you know,” I added, trying to win her over. “I need him out of the way for a month or so, so Anya can name me her successor. I don’t want to take any chances of being upstaged by a moron who had no proper education. So I want him made into a dog, in body and mind, and I can take care of him in the meantime. I’ll turn him back eventually, once I learn how!”

Infuriatingly, Phage looked even more upset. “But…what did he do to deserve it…? I mean…you can’t just do that to an innocent person, right?”

I threw a furious glare at her; I didn’t have time for this, and I couldn’t let this bimbo screw it up for me. “Listen, you useless slut; I’m stuck with you, but you’re stuck with me. I ORDER you to do what I say, and I have you bound; you can’t disobey me. Do you understand, you piece of trash?”

For the first time, it looked like Phage was upset and irritated. She gave me a sullen pout, crossing her arms, clearly trying to look intimidating. “You know, you shouldn’t be so mean…y-you’re lucky I’m bound to you, or…or…”

“Or what”” I interrupted her, smirking. “You might as well be my pet; you dumb animal; you have to do whatever I say, follow whatever comes out of my mouth, and you can’t disobey me. Got that, succubitch?”

It was hard to tell if her red face was flushed with anger, but Phage looked down at the ground and nodded, trembling slightly.”So…what do you want me to do then, mistress…?” Her voice was meek, submissive, and she even appeared to be panting, as if she were on the verge of tears.

I felt a surge of vindictive satisfaction run through me, a burst of pride and heat. I had tamed a demon, subdued Angelo, and I was going to be Anya’s sole student…I was a magical prodigy! A genius!

“I want you to give Angelo the mind of a dog, the brain of a stupid mutt!” I want you to make Anya’s apprentice into a dumb beast!” I cried back at her, my body growing hot from passion.

“As you wish, mistress…” came a soft, silky voice from behind me.

I turned to see Phage, not looking submissive at all, snap her fingers at Angelo and me. I was thrown roughly to the floor, feeling an immense pressure on my back; I managed to clumsily flip over onto my stomach, but I couldn’t rise up any further.

“W…what the hell are y-you doing…?” I choked out, panting.

Phage gazed down at me, and I felt a chill run through my body. She seemed totally different than a second ago; her eyes were cold, her expression cool.

“Humans are really so predictable,” Phage sighed out, stretching. “See a naked sex demon, and you assume she’s a brainless ditz…and if I play up the act, who are you to question it? You’re not the first arrogant, bitchy woman who’s summoned me, you know that? I know how you act, how you think…did you really take me for a fool?” She let out a laugh that chilled me to the bone. I shivered, then let out a moan…oh Goddess, why was I so…so…?

“Feeling a little horny, mistress?” Phage asked casually, her tail flicking about playfully. “You really don’t know anything about succubi, do you? Our breath is an aphrodisiac…just a kiss can leave any man or woman shivering with need, and when we pant…? Hahaha, well…it looks like you understand perfectly…”

I let out a whimpering moan in reply, wiggling about on the floor…my stomach muscles jumped with need, my whole body smoldering with lust…the heat inside me was slowly building, growing, and all I could do was writhe on the floor, barely able to move under whatever spell Phage was using on me. If only I could get my hands under my robes…No! I thought to myself, shaking my head frantically, Keep it together, Serene! You’re stronger than this! Achingly, I willed my shivering body to listen to me, rubbing my palms on the cold floor in an effort to calm down.

“Y-you have to…to obey to me…” I panted out, furious and frightened.

Phage nodded, a smile slowly growing on her face. “Indeed I do, mistress. What were those words you so carelessly uttered in your lust-filled passion..?” She paused, raising a finger to her chin mockingly. “Oh, yes! You wished that I ‘made Anya’s apprentice into a dumb beast’…and I’ll be happy to oblige.” She closed her eyes, raising her hands at me and Angelo.

“Wait…wait!!!” I cried out, whimpering as I wiggled about on the floor, but Phage paid me no heed. With a flick of her wrists, she sent black flames towards me and Angelo, and I was suddenly engulfed in sensation, bucking and writhing on the floor.

Fire! I was on fire! I couldn’t keep anything straight, just that I needed, needed, needed something…oh Goddess, how could I think straight with all this heat?! I couldn’t see through the shimmering black clouds surrounding me, nor did I care…I just needed to touch, needed to stoke the flames, needed, needed, needed, needed! My stomach muscles jumped, my hips bucked…hips….my…my hips! It was like a light through the dark clouds in my mind….my hips….my pussy…I let out a pitiful groan; I never thought of it like that, it was so degrading, but…yes, my pussy, my pussy, that’s what was in need! Why was it so hot?! I needed to touch it, needed to stroke it, needed to-

The black haze around me suddenly vanished, and I blinked at the sudden light. The sensations vanished…almost. The maddening need for my…for my sex…it was lessened, but still humiliatingly present, but I could at least think straight. I wiggled around a little, whimpering as I gazed at Phage. She was stretching in her circle, eying me with a pleased expression on her face.

“Enjoying the fun, mistress?”

“Go to hell, bitch,” I growled at her. At least I could crawl a little, even if I didn’t have the strength to stand yet. I would just have to grab the summoning book and banish this slut back to the netherworld.

Phage giggled, apparently amused by my insult. “In good time, Serene. But speaking of bitches…I think our little cutie is waking up!”

I glanced over my shoulder, pausing my slow crawl to the desk where the thick tome lay. Angelo was groggily getting to his feet…well, no, that wasn’t right. Angelo was gradually getting to…all fours…

Phage smiled down at him, putting her hands on her knees. “Who’s a good puppy? Who’s a good boy?”

Angelo quickly looked up at her, his face awash in happiness, his tongue hanging out. “Arf, arf!!” He barked back in excitement, wiggling his hips frantically back and forth. Phage laughed, giving him soft praise and drawing more happy barks and yips.

I blinked, stunned by what I was seeing. Holy crap, he actually thought he was a dog!

Phage turned back to me, smiling. “It’s sad that I had to do that to such a cutie; I mean, he really didn’t deserve it. But I was bound to do what you ordered me to, and besides, I’m sure Anya will be able to fix him up before too long, and besides, I’ll make sure he’ll have some fun.” Her smile turned crueler, and I shivered at the sight of it, crawling towards the book again. At least, I tried too…suddenly, my body felt…itchy, tingly, sensitive. I panicked, thinking it was more of the insane, lustful heat from before, but it steadied out, filling my body with a low, smoldering feeling of arousal..uncomfortable, but I could still think and move.

“Now you, on the other hand…you were very cruel, mistress. And cruelty is one thing, but you chose to disrespect me, and that’s where I draw the line. And giving myself such a deliciously easy loophole to exploit…well, we’ll have a little fun, Serene…” As Phage continued to talk, the strange tingling spread…it seemed to lessen in some areas, but grow in others. I rubbed my palms against the floor; they were tingling harder, along with my feet and my ears. I shook my head, whimpering; it didn’t matter what that bitch was doing, I had to get that book and banish her!

“Looking for something, sweetie?” Phage called back at me, bemused. “Well, why don’t we send Angelo to help you find what you need. Would you like that, Angelo?” I heard a happy, yipping bark in reply, and Phage giggled to herself. “Good boy, good boy! Go help Serene out! But…you know…you really deserve a present, for being such a good dog…and I know the perfect thing!”

I heard Phage snap her fingers, and I let out a humiliated squeal from the shift in sensations. My robe had vanished! My…my everything had vanished! I was crawling around on the cold stone floor on all fours completely naked, my butt raised in the air! Blushing furiously, I looked over my shoulder, ready to hurl insults at the stupid slut, but I stopped cold when I saw what was behind me. Angelo, on all fours, wearing just as little as I was and panting happily, was just a few steps behind me. He let out a pleased little whuff as he saw me, and with a surprising burst of speed, he jumped at me.

I cried out in fear, closing my eyes as I braced for a bite or scratch. Instead, I felt a sudden harsh weight fall on my butt, slowly pushing towards my back…and as I heard a low, animal grunt behind me, and felt hot breath on my neck, I knew what was happening.

I was being mounted, like a dog! Angelo was mounting me!

“G..get the fuck off me, Angelo!” I howled back at him, wobbling and crawling around, trying to shake off his weight. I heard a low growl behind me, but otherwise, Angelo stayed with me. His arms were splayed over my shoulders, his stomach against my back, and he was bigger and stronger than me. As he began to rock his hips against mine, and I felt the heat between his legs slap against my thigh, I shot a horrified glance over my shoulder at Phage.

“D-do something! Get him off, get him off!”

Phage shrugged. “Gosh, I don’t if I can do that, Serene; I’m just a dumb animal, remember? Besides, you’ll have other things on your mind in a minute.”

“What other thi-nnnnnngh! NNNNNNNN!!!” My words were cut off by a groan as Angelo’s humping got more wild and frantic, and with a little wiggle of his hips, he slipped his hot, eager cock inside my tingling, trembling sex.

“FUCK!!! Angelo, ahhhnnngh…s-stop it riihh…r-right now!!!” I panted back at the addled mage, who was slapping his hips against mine. And…Goddess, it felt so good, every thrust sending wonderful bursts of pleasure through my pussy, through my entire body…I felt his strong, muscled chest rubbing against my back, his hot, animal grunts in my ear, his…I shook my head, gazing frantically around the room, then down at my tingling hands, rubbing them on the cool stone floor. No, no, no! I had to keep my head straight, I had to…had to…

My thoughts ground to a halt as I stared at my hands. Or at least, what used to be them.

My hands had gone completely numb, the tingling growing into a feeling of pins-and-needles. It was so strong, in fact, that I couldn’t feel it as my hands shifted right before my eyes; all I could do was watch, my mouth hanging open, as my hands changed and transformed, slowly shrinking and becoming rounder, almost daintier…and as my fingers finally finished their transformation into short little nubs, and as soft, short bubblegum-pink fur finished growing from my wrists down, my brain suddenly worked back into gear.

Cat paws! I had cat paws!!!

I shot a terrified look at Phage, drawing a grunt of surprise from Angelo, who had to wobble a bit to keep his balance.

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME!?” I screamed at the succubus, panting as Angelo kept fucking me as enthusiastically as he could.

She smiled sweetly. “Oh no, you mean…what am I doing? And it’s exactly what you wanted, honey; I’m making Anya’s apprentice into a dumb beast! Well, you were already pretty dumb, and you humans are all beasts to us anyways; you should be happy I’m going easy on you, and just having some fun!

“Fun?!” I shrieked, my cries stopped only by the tingling in my feet…and in my head…and my hips! Oh Goddess, it was happening everywhere!!! I let out a groan, losing my balance and tumbling onto my chest, my face between my paws and my ass high in the air. Angelo howled his approval, fucking me hard, gripping me loosely for support. I shifted my head, looking under me, at Angelo’s shivering legs, at my bare stomach, trying to see what was happening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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