A Slut’s Journey Pt. 03

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I used to wonder what it would be like to be on the other end of a blowjob. After all, I loved getting my dick sucked. Did I have what it takes to let a man feed me cock? Would I allow myself to serve another man’s pleasure? Was I just trying to degrade myself, or was this something I really wanted?

The girls in the porn I watched certainly seemed to enjoy themselves (most of the time anyway). I never imagined I would take physical pleasure in sucking dick. So why couldn’t I stop thinking about it?

It was the “taboo” of the act that interested me at first. Secretly doing something sexually that none of my guy friends had done, but almost all of my girlfriends had done, thrilled me.

The internet gave me a medium to make those desires a reality with near total anonymity. I simply had to post an add on the local mfm section of an online classifieds page along with a description of what exactly I was interested in. Then, I just sat back and “picked a winner”.

There I was… a young, “straight”, normal, white kid exploring everything that made my dick hard. I had met up with my first willing partner in the most ridiculous way imaginable (see The Hunger is Born PT. 4). Unable to let it rest, I found the internet and hooked up with an anonymous monster of a cock for a session in a garage. I decided to push the age gap for my 3rd cock and found an aggressive experienced senior with serious twisted Mr. Rogers vibes.

I liked sucking cocks. No, I loved it. Absolutely nothing turned me on as much as the chance to get some dick, or more accurately, some stranger’s dick. I knew I would be chasing stranger dicks for the rest of my life. That thought alone made precum start to dribble in my pants. Even just imagining giving head gave me pleasure.

Before I became a cocksucker, I had never given a thought to black cock. It just wasn’t something that would have crossed my mind. Once I finally gave in to my desire, I knew I wanted to try them all. Black cock lived in my head rent free.

I sat at work one day, and I decided to post a classified. I was a young white guy looking to explore with a black man. It took no time before my inbox was filled with replies and pictures of big, swollen, black dicks.

One reply stood out from the rest. He lived on the other side of my city and he could host. But, that’s not why he stood out. He asked questions.

“Why did I want to hook up with a black man?”, he asked.

I had to think about it. There were a few reasons that leaped to mind. I responded honestly.

“I’m really interested in the stark contrast of skin color. I want to see my pale white hand around a dark cock. I want to know that skin intimately.”

He agreed and found the idea of the clashing skin tones a big turn on. He had never been with a white man or woman either. He invited me over to his place that night to meet.

I felt absolutely electric!

I drove to his place just south of downtown that night and parked out front on the street. It was a warm autumn night, and the sun had set early. I took a deep breath, and walked up to his door.

I knocked twice, and was greeted by James “the poet” with a sly grin. James was average height and kind of “stocky” build. His hair was shorter and styled in waves. His skin was the color of coffee with a splash of cream.

“Come on in,” he said. I followed him into the kitchen of his small house before walking right out the back door onto a small patio. The patio was fenced on two sides providing some ground floor privacy. The neighbors’ upper windows had a good view of his patio though.

He explained that he had a dog inside that would be all over “the new guy”, and asked if I mined sitting outside for a bit. The night was alive with the sounds of the city.

He took a seat with his back to the fence, and I sat across from him, our knees almost touching. We engaged in some idle small talk. “Did you find the place alright,” and “do I have a lot of experience hooking up online?” type of stuff.

“Do you have a problem with blowing me right here on the porch”, he asked?

The porch lights were off and it was pretty dark, so…

“No, I like that idea.”

“Well, come over here on your knees then,” he asked/ordered.

He slid out of his shorts and spread his legs. His dick was dark and difficult to see well in the dim light. I took him into my hand to feel my way down, and then I just opened my mouth and took him inside.

At that point in my life, I wasn’t really sure what my default style of blowjob was. I hadn’t learned to read my partners’ reactions yet, and we hadn’t really talked about what kind of head he wanted.

I took his cock in slowly. I allowed my tongue to explore and lightly feel the completeness of his cock. It was quite hard and pretty veiny. His pubes were trimmed closely, and his balls were huge and full. They hung very low in his dark sack. I cupped them with my off hand, while I guided myself around his 7″ cock with the other hand.

I gently sealed porno izle my lips around his shaft and slowly worked up and down the length, focusing on the sensations of his veins dragging across my soft wet lips. I kissed the head, sensually like a deep wet French kiss between young lovers.

He smelled faintly of baby powder, fresh from a shower. I supported myself between his legs, his knees under my armpits, so I could use both hands in concert with my mouth.

I caressed his firm bare thighs running my fingers from his knees to his groin. He squirmed a little and his cock pulsated in my mouth.

He leaned back into the fence moaning lightly with pleasure, his eyes closed, totally into the moment. I felt his balls slowly pulling up against his body as his sack seemed to shrink.

“Any of my neighbors can see us if they look out their windows” he said almost whispering.

I snapped back to reality after delivering 10 minutes of blowjob that could only be described with words like loving, sensual, romantic, and worship.

Suddenly aware of my surroundings, I fished my own cock out of my shorts. It was swollen and had already made a mess of my boxer briefs.

“Good. Stroke your cock while you suck mine,” James said. I continued lovingly bathing the length of his cock with my tongue as he ran his fingers through my hair.

“Time to swallow…”

Simultaneously, he began pumping volley after volley of cum while I made love with my mouth, and I began shooting my own cum onto the ground.

I switched hands and pulled the last of his cum from his spent cock, abandoning my own cock. My sperm covered hand mixing our cum together as I stroked his cock and cleaned him until he was soft.

“Fuck. We will need to do that again really soon,” he said with a giggle.

He checked me over before I left and found some cum on my shirt.

“You had better clean that off before you get home,” he said.

I lifted the shirt to my mouth and sucked up the little spurt.

“If you’re up for it, maybe I can come back next week for round 2,” I offered. I walked to my car and sat there thinking about what I had just done.

That was the most sensual sexual experience I had ever had, and it was with a man. A beautiful black man no less. The sticky slightly salty cum lingered in my mouth the entire trip home. My lips sealed my mouth closed as his cum glued them together as it dried.

I made my way in to the house. I’m not sure my cock ever softened, even after I came for him. I headed straight for my room to stroke my cock and think about what happened that night.

I checked my phone when I got to my room, and I found a text message from James waiting for me.

“That was incredible”, he wrote. “I know we talked about hooking up again next week, but do you think you could come back tomorrow? I can’t stop thinking about your mouth, and I want a chance to explore this more.”

“YES! Definitely!”, I replied with haste.

I wondered if he was going to take me back outside for round two. Was I going to be in a different position when I blew him next? So many thoughts! I was his to use as he wished.

I had recently watched a porn where a guy puts a woman on her back on a bed and lets her head hang off the edge. He then basically used her mouth like a pussy. I wanted to try that! Before I knew it, I was cumming all over the place. I texted him that I could be at his place at 7PM.

I had decided that I was going to go with whatever James The Poet had in mind. This lifestyle was still so new to me. Plus James was a bit older and seemed more experienced than I. I would follow his lead, wherever it took us.

The next night, I was at his place and knocking on the door at 7PM sharp. My cock ached in anticipation.

“Hi Jack! Come in. I put the dog outside, so we’ll be inside tonight.” He led me to his modest living room.

It was dimly lit. Bob Marley played softly in the background. The room smelled of spiced incense. I took a seat on his couch, and to my dismay, he took a seat in the chair beside the couch.

We started making small talk. I learned that he worked at a funeral home. He drove the bodies to and fro and had been doing this job for a year or so. He liked to write poetry and painted in his spare time.

In contrast to the very zen feeling of his home, James was dressed in a suit and tie. He pulled out a small wooden cigar box and asked if I would like to smoke with him. He said it would help us chill and enjoy each other’s company.

He produced a joint from the box and lit it up. Happy to find out he wasn’t talking about cigars, I accepted when he passed it to me. We leisurely smoked it up while he took off his jacket, tie, and shoes and got comfortable.

His phone rang, and he got up and answered it.

“Work…” he whispered to me with his hand covering the receiver. I sat there on the edge of the couch and acknowledged him.

He pulled me up by my hand and led me to the middle of the room. He put porno a hand on my shoulder and guided me to the floor. He took a step forward while he continued his call. He pointed to his crotch and bobbed his head “yes” to me.

I took that as a command. I got up to my knees and unzipped his pants. I pulled his still soft black cock out of his pants and began kissing it. It began to grow in girth and length. I could see it filling with blood and swelling at my advances.

In the light I could appreciate how beautiful his cock was. His shaft was inky black, much darker than his skin tone. The head was plump and shiny. It was lighter, almost pinkish in color. His balls were massive and completely hairless. I needed this!

I decided to start with his balls. I gently put one into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it like a lollipop. I took both of his balls in my mouth and tried to swallow them while my tongue danced around his perineum and his engorged cock rested on my face.

I looked up at him while he talked on the phone. He looked down at me smiling with approval and appreciation. He began undressing.

He quickly ended his call and took my hand. He led me through the house to the steps to his upstairs and to his bed. He sat, now completely nude on the edge of his bed and spread his legs wide for me. I began undressing as well, following his lead. I knelt before him and jumped right to business.

I was eager, so very eager, and it showed.

“Slow down a little. More spit. I want this to be slow and sloppy”, he directed.

I obliged, happy for the instruction.

“Work my balls again. That felt amazing.”

As I suckled his balls, he put his slobber-coated cock back on my face. He ran his cock along my eyes and forehead, long spit strands connecting us while he wiped my face with his beautiful black cock.

“Now back on my cock. Slowly. Take it as deeply as you can”, he said.

“Oh fuck!” he exclaimed as his cock unexpectedly entered my throat without much effort.

“Fuck yes! Fuck yes!” he chanted.

“Get up here and lie on your back” he ordered.

Was this about to happen? Was he going to fuck my face like the porn bimbos I’d been so jealous of?

He slid me back so my head was hanging off the bed. I tilted my head back and opened my mouth completely for him. He stood at the edge of the bed with his legs spread wide and lined up his cock with my open mouth.

He leaned into me and let his cock disappear about halfway into my mouth. I sucked it like an eager calf. He slowly started pushing, and I felt his cock head clear the first sphincter in my throat.

“Ooh God!” he moaned, and leaned all the way into me. I felt my eyes bulge as my gag reflex fought him. Thankfully, he didn’t care. I felt and saw his huge low hanging ballsack cover my eyes.

He pinned his knees against the edge of the bed and fed me that cock. He left it buried in my throat and held it there still. I could feel him making his dick twitch as he ground ever last millimeter of cock inside my hungry mouth, stretching my throat and sealing off my air supply.

After a few seconds, he slowly withdrew.

“Are you ok” he asked while he wiped globs of sticky saliva from deep in my throat all over my face.

“Yes, this is so hot! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”, I said between breaths.

He took my arms and hung them off the end of the bed. Then he pinned them below his knees so as to immobilize me further. The The Poet pressed his swollen black cock back into my throat.

He began withdrawing and pumping as he searched for the exact point where his cock head would penetrate the tight sphincter of my throat. Over and over, he accosted my throat’s defenses, until it no longer protested.

Another breath and slobber facial and he was back in my throat. Satisfied that my throat would no longer try to deny him, he began fucking it deeply. He would only withdraw about 3 inches before slamming it back to maximum throat penetration. His balls slapped against my face the whole time. My throat was his now.

He was totally in the moment. I belonged to him, and he knew it. He fucked and fucked my throat, denying me breath for longer and longer until it was almost a full minute between desperate breaths.

“Turn around and get on your stomach. Now slide back here and put your feet on the floor”, he ordered.

I complied, like the good sub I was becoming. I felt something cool and wet run down the crack of my ass. I felt his fingers begin to probe my asshole. I didn’t think, I just enjoyed the sensations. I arched my back and reached for his head behind mine, pulling him closer to me.

This seemed to signal to him. I felt significant pressure against my asshole. I also felt his hot breath against my skin and one of his hands take me by the hip. Then next thing I felt was like a bolt of lightning hitting me as his cock entered my ass!

He pulled me back against him, throwing both arms under my armpits and holding me like he was rokettube a backpack. The more I arched my back, the deeper he entered me until I felt his balls pressing against me.

I squealed out a little breath. I was careful not to move and risk any additional pain. My body was immediately hot and I began to feel sweat beading on my forehead. He held us like that, his cock fully penetrating me for probably a minute. I felt my asshole relaxing around his shaft. I began to squeeze his girth with my tight knot. He slowly pulled out while I protested.

“No no no, don’t stop” I begged.

“I’m just getting started” he said and pushed all the way back inside me.

Slowly, he began half strokes, slow and gentle. I could feel my asshole straining against his shaft, squeezing him, desperate to keep him inside of me. As he would thrust in, I would relax and invite him inside deeper.

I collapsed forward and put my chest on the bed, raising my ass for his use. His pace quickened, building in speed and force. I reached down between our legs and cupped his balls in my hand as he drove that cock into me over and over.

He bent over and rested his chest against my back, while one of his hands slid under my chest to tweak my nipple, his hungry cock never leaving my ass.

He leaned back and pulled me back up to him, my shoulders against his chest again. I arched back against him in a state of bliss, and I began pressing my ass against him. His left hand found my chest and he returned to playing with my nipples as he fucked me. I put both of my arms over my head and reach back to run my fingers through his hair.

His breathing was deep and started to get choppy. I ground my ass forcefully against his cock which assaulted my bottom like he was as driving piles into bedrock. His hand moved down from my chest and grabbed my cock.

Surprised by the flood of sensation, my knees began to wobble. I was straining as hard as I could to hold back my own orgasm. Just when I could hold it no longer, he stopped balls deep inside me and fired his first rope of cum inside my body. My cock erupted firing my own jet of cum onto his bed. We grunted and groaned together as he came inside my ass, and I returned the favor like some sort of cock puppet.

He pulled out of me, and I dropped to my knees to try to get any leftover cum in my mouth. The taste was not unpleasant.

“I didn’t know you wanted to fuck”, he said between breaths.

“Neither did I. That was my first time”, I admitted.

“Well, I promise it won’t be your last time!”

“Promise me?” I whimpered almost begging.

“Promise”, he said in return. “Now get dressed, it’s been almost an hour since you got here. Your girl is going to get suspicious.”

I threw on my clothes and he walked me to the door.

“I have to go to NY for a couple days. I’ll get ahold of you when I’m back and we can try some new positions!”

I thanked him (like a weirdo) and walked out to my car. It occurred to me that I had a full load from a beautiful black cock sprayed all over my insides, and my cock began to grow again…

It was going to be a lonely couple of days.

I went to work Tuesday morning and settled into the longest work day of my life. It had been 3 days since our last meeting, and I couldn’t stop checking my phone. I was like a bitch in heat and all I wanted was James.

I felt the buzz in my pocket when the text I was waiting for finally hit my phone.

“Tonight?” was all it said.

Instantly my cock grew hard and a pit formed in my stomach.

“Yes… please”, I replied wondering how I would get through the next couple hours.

I went home and showered. I threw on some loose fitting running shorts sans underwear and an old t-shirt. I wanted to be able to get naked as quickly as possible. My cock was at full attention the entire way to his place.

James greeted me at the door and handed me a glass of bourbon. He was also dressed comfortably. He handed me the blunt he had been smoking and told me to relax.

“I’m going to take a quick shower. Why don’t you make yourself at home. We’ll be playing upstairs tonight.” He walked off to the bathroom and I heard his shower come on.

I finished my drink and took a few more pulls from the blunt. My head was swimming. I was definitely relaxed. As I waited for him on his couch, I decided to get naked.

Precum beaded nicely at the tip of my swollen cock. I swiped it away with a finger and rubbed it into my lips. I decided to lean back on the couch and before I knew it, I was stroking my cock. I wasn’t ready to cum just yet. I decided to head upstairs and get comfortable on his bed.

His bed was stripped except for sheets. A small towel and a bottle of lube sat on his nightstand. I stretched to get loose and decided to apply the lube to my hole in preparation. I was face down and ass up with two fingers deep inside me when James entered the room.

“I see you started without me” he said.

“I just wanted to be ready for you,” I replied startled and a little embarrassed.

He took the bottle of lube and applied a generous amount to his cock, stroking its full length.

“Good. I like that” he growled in a low deep voice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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