A Snack Before Dinner

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I heard him slam the front door as he came home. I swear, the man has to make noise wherever he goes…I smile as I listen to his heavy footsteps on the stairs. I idly stir the pot on the stove, listening to his footsteps cross the bedroom to the bath, listening to the water turn on. I’m sure the clothes he was wearing are spread across the path he walked, dropped carelessly as he pulled them off. Thinking of his naked body in the shower, the hot water sliding over his skin the way my fingers love to, I start to stroke my breasts through my t-shirt.

I was so caught up in thinking about him and what I’d like to do, the timer on the stove rang and I dropped my spoon onto the floor. Why am I down here? It seems so silly, when all I want is him. Maybe just a taste to tide me over until bedtime…sort of a snack before dinner. I turn off the oven, the burner, and slide the pasta water off to one side. I think I need a little play time before dinner…

Upstairs, I pick up clothing as I cross to the bath, then add my clothes to the pile as I dump them all into the laundry and step naked into the bathroom. Steam is everywhere and the warm moisture in the air teases my skin, my breasts, my pussy. He’s facing away from the glass shower door and my mouth waters as I watch the water cascade down his back. Tight ass, lean hips, long legs…I can feel the tingle in my belly as I cross to the shower.

His hands are running through his dark hair as he sticks his head under the water. I carefully open the door, then step into the rush of steam, sliding my arms around his waist and pressing myself against his backside as the door clicks shut behind me. I feel his start of surprise, but my fingers are already sliding down his stomach, seking. I rest my cheek against his back, savoring his strength, hearing his heart beat quicken. My fingers find him…already hard and thick. His hand closes over mine, pressing his hot shaft against my palm. I give him a gentle squeeze, enjoying the jerk of his hips, stroking under his fat head with my thumb.

“I hope you don’t mind,” I purr, as he turns, his hands coming up to my shoulders, “But I needed a little snack before dinner.” I give him a wicked smile, enjoying the way his eyes darken and heat. His big hands cup my face and he kisses me hungrily.

“I’ve been thinking about a snack all day,” he growls, his voice low and rough. I slide my hands over his chest and stomach as he kisses me again. His hands catch mine. “I’ve been needing Kayseri Escort your hands all day.”

That makes me laugh. He works with his hands…I love the strength in them, the rough edges…but my little hands couldn’t do half what he does, even if I knew how. Except…for one thing. One thing I do he says I do better than anyone. “I hope you’ve been thinking of my mouth too.” I don’t just want to touch…I want to taste, to savor, to enjoy pleasuring him.

The look in his eyes as they lift to mine makes me shiver. “I’m yours for snacking, baby,” he murmurs.

I slide my hands down his wet body as I sink to my knees. His cock stands up long and rigid in front of me, visibly pulsing with his arousal. I lick my lips in anticipation and hear him groan softly. With a smile, I tilt my head to watch his face as I brush my tongue over his head. Despite the rain of hot water, I can taste his saltiness, the taste that’s just him. I swirl my tongue around and around, teasing him, watching his eyes narrow as his body tenses. Licking, laving, I move up and down his shaft, trailing along throbbing veins, moving lower. My hands rest lightly on his hips and I feel his hands close over them, strong and hot. I smile as I dip my head lower and lap at his balls. The groan this time makes his muscles vibrate under my fingers.

I pull back enough to see his face. His eyes are closed, his jaw clenched, the day’s growth of beard dark against his light tan. He’s enjoying this and that makes me even hotter, even bolder.

Opening my mouth, I slide it over his tip, pushing his head into my mouth, down into my throat as my lips slide down his shaft. I want to moan, but my mouth is stuffed with his cock. I ease back, then take him in again, as deep as I can. I feel his hips tremble with the urge to thrust into my mouth and I smile. I want to push this so he can’t help but thrust. This time, as I swallow his cock, I tease him with my teeth. His breath catches, and I pull back enough to just hold his bulbous head in my mouth and begin to suck.

My hands slide out from under his, one wrapping the base of his shaft as the other strokes his balls. I feel him tighten, tense. I feel his shaft swelling, the head between my lips growing, ready to burst. I want to feel it…taste it…drink his cum. My touch is firmer, my mouth hungrier.

“Stop…” His hoarse groan is lost in the rush of water as I hollow my cheeks to increase the pressure. “Baby, please.” Kayseri Escort Bayan One of his hands pushes my head back, his other hand pulling his cock away. “I don’t want to cum in your mouth tonight,” he murmurs, giving my head a stroke, “I want to feel you cum on my cock as I explode inside you.”

“Are you really, really sure…?” I let a little wheedle into my voice, to tease him. I love to play the little girl for him, to let him be the big man. I do love to ride his cock, love to feel that hot splash of cum inside me…I guess I can wait until after dinner to really feast on his cock.

“Come up here, you little witch,” he growls, his hand sliding from my hair to my chin, with enough pressure to guide me up to my feet. “Step back against the wall and let me look at you.”

I lean against the wall opposite him, stroking my hands up and down my body. I can feel the heavy ache in my breasts as I toy with my nipples, then the slickness between my thighs, the quiver of my pussy as I cup my mound. I’m ready for a ride and, judging by the hot lust in his eyes, I’m going to get everything I need.

“You’re a bad little girl,” he smiles wickedly as I again slide a hand between my thighs, this time fingering my folds, my clit. I know it makes him hot to watch me play with myself.

“Only with you,” I whisper, biting my bottom lip as I rub my clit. The little zings of pleasure make my belly quiver and I know he can see it. My breath catches as he steps towards me suddenly, grabbing my wrists, lifting them above my head and pressing them to the wall.

“I want you,” he groans the instant before his mouth crushes to mine. I feel his cock against my belly as he steps closer, the brush of heat like a brand against my sensitive skin. I’m so aroused, I tremble with the need to feel him inside me. His hands shift, one holding my tightly while the other strokes my hip. His mouth nips at mine, his tongue teasing.

“Lift your leg to my hip, baby,” he growls softly, his eyes meeting mine, “Open yourself for me.” I comply, the hand that was on my hip guiding me…I have to raise on tiptoe to fit my hips to his. His cock slides against my folds, making me whimper. Big fingers rub and stroke as he guides his cock and settles his head against my opening.

“You’re slick and hot, angel,” he murmurs as his tip presses just into my pussy. I press my hips against his, moaning, my head tipping back and giving him access to my throat. He laps Escort Kayseri at my neck as his rigid length penetrates slowly, teasing me, stretching me, drawing out fulfillment and increasing our pleasure.

“Please…” I moan again, my hands twisting, tugging against his grip. I need this…I need to be filled with his cock. I can’t wait any more.

“I’ve got just what you need,” he whispers as he laves my collarbones, the curve of my neck, still slowly inching into my pulsing cunt. Finally, his cock pushes to my core and he fits himself inside to the hilt. We groan together, the sound echoing in the enclosed shower. A second later and he’s moving, thrusting slow and smooth, filling me again and again.

“Oh, yes,” I whimper, rocking my hips to meet his strokes, loving the long caress in and out of my aching cunt. He grunts a little, his knee nudging me until I lift my other leg and wrap both around his waist. His hips pin mine to the wall, his hand still binding my wrists, his cock inside me…he surrounds, fills, controls me. Each thrust is deeper now, with my legs spread wide, touching that tender spot that has me shuddering.

“Good girl…ride my cock, baby,” he growls, driving into my pussy. I squirm with pleasure, my ankles crossed as my weight pushes him deeper. I feel the tension in my belly, the need for more, and arch against him. He responds by thrusting hard, faster, hammering my cunt.

“Yes!” I cry out, arching more, as the spasms start, my core clenching, my pussy tightening around his shaft. He groans, driving harder. There…I sob, my body shuddering, his cock enveloped by my cum.

“Yes!” His groan vibrates his belly against mine as his cock pulses, shooting heat directly into my core. I shudder again as he ejaculates repeatedly, our cum mixing, spilling from my pussy.

He releases my hands and I wrap my arms around his neck, burying my face. He cups my ass, taking a step back, then another, until we’re under the now cool rainfall from the shower head. The water spills over our shuddering bodies as our breath slowly returns to normal, as his penis empties into me and softens.

I hate to separate, but… “I need to finish dinner,” I murmur in his ear, my hands playing with his hair. He helps me stand, chuckling as I waver a little with the after effects of hot sex and loose limbs.

He shakes himself under the spray, then steps aside to let me wash up. “I smelled tomato sauce when I came in,” he mentions, his eyes hungry on me as I glance over my shoulder. Italian is his favorite.

“You smelled correctly,” I smile, “Chicken Parmesan.” His special favorite.

“Babe, you’re going to get lucky after dinner too,” he grins. I hide my smile. That’s why I made it, sweetie, I think but don’t say…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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