A Son Captures His Mother

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Reader, this is a story of a son’s blackmail, then seduction of his gorgeous conservative and religious mother. She became his willing lover in more ways than one. Her son was the powerhouse her husband was not. The conception for this story lies elsewhere.

Mary Magdalene Carter was stood stock still in her kitchen, at her feet were six smashed plates that she had just dropped. She was aghast, her first thought was her husband, what would he say, what even would he do, to her especially.

The plates were antique, not completely rare and irreplaceable, but they were her husband’s. He had bought them with some money a relative had given him on the day of their marriage twenty years ago. A marriage she had regretted ever since, but being the devout religious people they were, she had no choice but to make the best of it.

They were members of their church, did all the fund raising things, pealed the bells, they worked for the church everyday, cleaning, repairs. But most of all were the religious leanings, bible reading being the most learned. Her husband had grown into a domineering crusading man, bible thumping being one of them. He expected, nay demanded, his wife follow his lead, and Mary being a soft spoken, and in essence, a mouse to his lion, she surrendered all her worldly goods and obeyed him all the way.

Mary, while being a quiet devout and conservative Christian, was also, underneath the frumpiness of her clothes that she wore, a strikingly good looking lady. She was tall at 5ft 10″ her soft hair was always up in a bun. But at night she let it down and brushed it until her arms ached. She was full bodied , had firm breasts still, even at the age of forty now. Her figure was still amazingly good due in no part to the toil she put in at home and the church. And had wondered, if there would ever be a day in her life when she would feel appreciated.

And she had needs, needs that her husband didn’t take care of, or care about. He took care of his own using Mary. But Mary, apart from very rare occasions, never had the satisfaction from the ‘Wham Bam,’ thank you maam her husband used her for.

Mary had settled for this life, she had reasoned that God was waiting for her, and she would find her desires within his arms when the time came. That at least was what she believed. Ronald would never brook any criticism, he was always right, he was pious to the extreme. They even had a lights out policy, “When the Lord darkens our day, then we darken our ways,” he would say, and no lights were allowed on.

Mary’s own guiding lights were her two children, both of whom were complete opposites. Her son, the elder of the two was Thomas, he was nineteen, and Hannah, who had just turned eighteen. Thomas was not a chip off the old block so to speak. He was a strapping lad, a good 4 or 5 inches taller than his father, and outweighed him now too. He was rebellious, took no part in what he called his father’s religious shenanigans after he was old enough to decide what he wanted to do, not what his father insist he do. But he was a Christian never the less

Hannah really did take after her father, to the point of zealousness sometimes, often castigating her mother for her slovenly ways before the Lord. But while she was her father’s daughter in her religious ways, she was a spitting image of her mother, tall, dark haired, and extremely attractive. Her ways, even though she tried to hide them were sensuous in every department. Her father of course doted on his beloved daughter, and pitied his son for falling by the wayside of righteousness. Thomas thought of himself as a normal boy in his own eyes, he liked the girls, had tried the odd spliff, and had taken alcohol.

But he was also good at school and had excelled in his studies, as had Hannah. And he was always on the lookout for an opportunity to aid himself. He had never been in trouble with any law enforcement officer. But he had sailed close to the wind a few times.

Now Mary was realising just what she had done, Ronald would be more than furious, over the past twenty years he had on occasions given Mary, what he called a lesson from the Lord for being errant in her ways. In other words a good slap! Now Mary saw one definitely on the horizon after this.

Her husband wasn’t really a bad man, but he was a nasty man, a bully, and like all bully’s he was a coward at heart. He had started out as just a deeply religious man, but now that had turned into a zealous trait. He was a very successful business man,. Money was no object, their house was a seven bed roomed detached place, but his rules were that they lived in a religious past.

The house was dark, not dank, but wood panelling, high ceilinged, deep cornices, to a loving family this could be a palace. But to Mary and the children as they grew, it was a place to be feared. But Thomas as he grew began to not hate his father, but to ignore him to the point where unless he had to, he didn’t speak with him.

Ronald was a workaholic, he did the jobs marmaris seks hikayeleri of three men, saving the company 1000’s and 1000’s a year. But now at 48 he was a walking heart attack waiting to happen. He was greatly over weight, didn’t take exercise, and drank whisky by the bottle, but it didn’t affect his lashing tongue when his temper got the better of him.

Just then Thomas walked into the kitchen, he saw his mother whom he loved dearly, and she was in tears and shaking to the eye. He had often had told his mother to leave the rotten b*****d and start a new life. Mary was of course horrified by his use of such profanities, and defended her husband, to which Thomas scoffed at her.

“Mother,” he said, and stood there with her, “what’s happened, have you done this?” “Yes,” she wept, “what will your father say, Oh my goodness, what am I going to do, he will be so angry with me.” Thomas could feel the fear and tension in her, so he dived into action. He grabbed a brush and pan and swept all the pieces up, took them to the bin outside and disposed of them.

“Oh thank you darling,” she wept, “but your father will see they are missing come Sunday when he wants his dinner.” His father always had dinner on the plates and crockery, the only time they were used was on a Sunday. This was now Monday morning.

“Mom, I’ll go on the internet without him knowing and see if I can find their replacement okay?” he said. His father had no idea that their son was using the devils ways, he had allowed it into the house for educational purposes only. He had no idea his son was a whiz with computers and easily over rode all the controls his father had had installed. And not using prayer from the Lord to deliver them from evil.

Thomas picked up the one plate that had only broken in two. “This is going to cost you mother, he will go bananas, you know that don’t you?” He told her. Mary was in mortal fear by now, he would beat her she knew it. “Yes Thomas I know what will happen, I will do anything for you please help me, please?” she really was in a mess, and her son felt truly sorry for her. But at the same time the germ of an idea started growing his mind.

He had started secretly spying on his mother a few weeks ago, and now he knew that underneath all the wool and cotton, was a woman of rare beauty. And this might just be the way in to see a lot more he had decided. It was Sunday evening, his mother had dropped the plates while her husband had gone to their church to talk with the Father.

“If this can be done mother, we will have to come to some sort of agreement yes?” he said. “Yes Thomas, yes,” she replied hopefully. “I mean it mother, you will pay me my way,” he repeated. Mary would agree to anything to get herself out of the mess she had just created. Thomas got some glue and fixed the two halves together, he photographed the plate, measured it, took as many details as he could. The manufactures name, ID number, and date.

Thus armed he hit the computer, he went right around the world using every social network he could find. He added the photos, and details, sizes, depth, everything. He researched antique shops and dealers. In 24 hours he had a hit, it was in a small shop 100 miles from where he lived, he called them and plate in hand he set off to view what looked like identical plates.

When he saw them, he knew they were what he wanted, the only difference was each plate was ¼” smaller. This he knew, was of no consequence, there was no way his father would guess that, he told himself. He bought the plates which were expensive and nearly cleaned his bank balance out, but he didn’t care about that. He had greater things on his mind than mere money.

The Tuesday morning Thomas showed his mother one of the plates. “What do you think mother, good enough do you think?” he teased. Mary gasped, first in surprise and then in delight, “Oh Thomas you may have just saved my life, Oh Thomas thank you thank you thank you.” Thomas took a deep breath, “Now or never Tommy lad, do or die,” he whispered in his head. “Don’t forget our agreement mother, anything you said?” “But Thomas there is only one plate, I need six don’t I?” she murmured quietly. “Now mother, you let me worry about that, not you, do we have our agreement or not?” “Yes Thomas we do, as long as you save me from my troubles.” She told him. “Oh I can do that mother no problem, you’ll see, but it will be one plate at a time though, come with me mother please.” He told her and walked down the hall. Mary frowned and wondered what her son was up to, but she followed him. He walked up the stairs and entered his bedroom.

When he saw she was behind him he smiled at her, they were alone in the house and would be all day. “Now mother,” he said, “you will get this plate, followed by the others after you have committed yourself to my wishes.” “Wishes Thomas, what do you mean?” she asked nonplussed. “Before I tell you what I want mother let me say this, and please don’t interrupt me either.” he told her.

“I know you don’t like the life you lead. I know you don’t like father, And I’m almost certain your sex, or love life is the pits. And I would bet that you would love to get away from it, or at least change it dramatically. In fact mother, if you could bring yourself to admit it, you would say you hate your life, and you hated him.”

What her son had said made her legs give way, and she tumbled to his bed. She sat down heavily, “Thomas don’t speak that way, your father provides us with a very good way of living, we have everything we need, all the money we want…” “And you mother,” he interrupted her forcefully, “you have nothing at all, nothing!” “But….” she started, then she gave way.

“Mother, I am going to change your life, and the only way I won’t is if you disobey me by making me have to tell him about the plates, how I saw you throw them to the floor in anger.” This of course was a lie, but one she knew her husband would definitely believe. “Please Thomas,” she said in a defeated way, “what is it you want?” Now Thomas drew himself up, ‘the bigger the better,’ he told himself. “You can start by undoing that blouse you have on, and now!” he told her forthrightly. “Thomas, I can’t do that,” she protested. “No, what will father say about the plates then, as soon as I show him them and that they are smaller, he will know the truth won’t he?” Mary sat on her son’s bed stifled in her thoughts. “But Thomas, you are my son, I can’t do such a thing, please?” Thomas pretended to get angry, “If you don’t do as I say, you can leave right now, and I’ll go to father when he comes in from work, go on mother, GO!” he yelled.

Mary stayed, “Just undo my blouse, but why Thomas why?” He smiled to himself, “So I can see you mother, I want to see your body. It isn’t right that father is the only one who gets to see you. Now this is for the last time, do as I say or go, and I mean it!”He went to his door and stood at it waiting for her to leave.

Mary stood and her fingers went to her blouse, and slowly undid the buttons from the top down. She stood and watched her son, she had not a clue what his full intentions were. “Open it mother for goodness sake, don’t mess with me or else,” he warned her. She did so, again slowly, “Now the bra mother, undo that too!” “Please Thomas, why are you doing this to me?” “Because mother, I can, I am, and I will. You can choose to go, no one is forcing you, it’s your choice.” Mary reached behind her back and undid her bra. She was in absolute fear and dread, her upbringing in the church had always led her to believe in modesty, piety, and to cover the flesh.

Stepping forward rapidly, Thomas pulled the blouse down her arms and off, and in a liquid movement the bra had gone too. Mary gasped and took a step back in shock, only to trip on to his bed once more. Her hands went behind her to save herself from falling right over. And there they were in all their majestic glory.

The twin orbs were high and proud, her pink nipples erect and proud, they were magnificent. Her bare shoulders smooth and rounded, her slim waist and tight stomach. Mary felt an uncontrollable thrill pound through her body. Thomas was suddenly stood right in front of her, his knees either side of hers. She looked up to see the wild look of lust flitting across his face.

“Please Thomas, let me go please I’m begging you, you’ve had your fun Thomas, I have to leave.” Thomas stood aside immediately, “Go on then mother, leave,” was all he said. “Thomas….” Mary knew the consequences, she had almost forgotten she was naked from the waist up. Thomas stepped back over her again, and took the control away from her. Then he unzipped his jeans and stood there waiting.

He reached down and unceremoniously squeezed both of her nipples, the shock and surprise almost bent his mother in half. But it also lit a fire in her belly, one she hadn’t had for so many years. Thomas stood back again, “That’s enough for now mother, we’ll talk later!” And he walked away and out of the house, he had a huge hard on, but his idea was to get his mother used to the same idea. Mary sat for a time on is bed, her stomach was rolling and rumbling,

“What was that?” she pondered, the excitement she felt was new, and unaccustomed to it as she was, but she thought she knew. Her nipples were still ringing from the hard squeeze he had given them. And then her mind reeled from the religious learning’s, it was her son, this should not happen, it won’t happen, I won’t let it happen again. I’ll tell Ronald about the plates, then this will stop. The decision was made, Mary felt better, and she would challenge Thomas, and put him deep in his place!

Two hours later Thomas returned, as he walked into the house, he called out, “Hi mother, where are you?” Mary was in the sitting room, bible on her lap, and saying prayers. “In here Thomas,” she replied, she was set to take him to task. Tell him of his very errant ways, that she was done with his demands, she was going to tell his father about the plates. Thomas walked in and she fell in on herself.

Thomas had a look in his eye that she couldn’t deny, her son had her measure, she dare not let his father know about the broken plates. He stood there for a moment, his eyes locked on to hers, she was frozen to the spot, he grinned inwardly, “this is going better than I could have hoped for,” he told himself gladly.

“Come with me mother,” he said, and walked away to his bedroom. Mary hesitated then followed, “what am I going to do?” she thought. When she entered his room very reluctantly, he was stood with his back to her. “Go on mother,” was all he said, but she knew full well what he was telling her. She undid her blouse, and again she undid her bra. But this time she removed them herself. She stood there, she didn’t know he was watching slyly through the mirror. He pointed to his bed and Mary sat on it, just as she had this morning.

Thomas turned and stepped up again, his knees once more outside of hers. Her breasts were again high sited, and her nipples this time were rock hard. He reached down and squeezed her them again, and once more a blast of electricity bolted through her body. This brought a growling response from Mary’s constricted throat.

Thomas unzipped his jeans and stood still before her. “Thomas please?” she begged, it had no effect, she was deeply religious, and this was against everything she believed in. But his needs were greater than her protestations. He just stood there, then he quickly gripped her nipples once more and Mary almost howled like a wolf on the wild prairie. Thomas fished out his super hard cock. He knew he shouldn’t do this to his mother, she was beside herself with fear.

And he also believed that he was doing this for her too, he needed to make her happy, the way she had been when he was small. It was all his father’s fault, he had browbeaten her into the woman she now was. He was determined to find her for herself, and for him. Mary could only stare open mouthed at the appendage before her, and she was stunned, it was big, it was round, it was red, and she could tell it was as hard as a table top.

It was also waving at her, bobbing around in front of her face, her mind flashed back to the day she had kissed and sucked her one and only cock. She had been eighteen, and was in love with a boy, so she did it for him. She had loved every second of the hot hard flesh as she savoured it, and that was the last and only time it had happened, a one off.

Thomas stepped a little closer and the tip of him touched her cheek then brushed her lips before she could draw back. But that one fleeting touch to her lips, and the long forgotten man smell was the breaking point. Mary could feel the heat from it, the absolute power in it. She suddenly had an urgent need to taste it, she needed to taste it, and she needed to get closer for that smell. Her mouth obeyed her silent command. Her lips savoured the end, the taste encompassed her mind, as her lips pouted all by themselves and slid over the bell like end of her son’s demanding cock.

Mary was entranced now, she was doing something from long ago, and the sweet memories were flooding her mind, keeping her from reasoning, and making decisions she could no longer make. Thomas gently put his hand on her head, and moved her over his expanding rod of fire hardening flesh.

Mary pressed forward to him, he entered her more and more, and his mother was on the point of fainting such was the unassailable desire to eat what was being offered to her. She heard a distant voice from afar.

“God moves in mysterious ways Mary, he loves you, make him rejoice in you.” This was all she needed, God had spoken to her, sent her down this road, he was leading her to redemption. He was guiding her to her appointed goal. Thomas had whispered the words, not realising that his mother would submit herself to what she believed to now be, her calling.

Thomas just let it happen, he had no desire for this to come to an end, he was in his own personal heaven. Rocking back and forth as his beautiful mother worked on him, sucking a little harder each time, taking more of him in each time. And his mother, unknown to him, had no desire for it to end either. The smell and taste of Thomas was all she needed to complete the task set for her by her Lord. Her tongue massaged him, her lips created a swell within him. Mary wanted to get him all into her mouth, but could only get about half in, later, she told herself defiantly.

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