A Stepfather is Seduced

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I heard my stepdad, Hank, drop his bags inside the front door and mount the stairs to the second floor.

“I’m home!” he called out, not certain anyone else was.

“Daddy!” I yelled, bounding out of my bedroom and into his arms as he reached the top stair.

“Hey, be careful,” he laughed, as he caught me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him fully on the lips and melding my warm nubile body into his. “We don’t want to tumble down these stairs and have to call 911.”

I was wearing thin cotton track pants low on my hips and a thin T-shirt that left a lot of bare skin exposed. I felt his cock begin to tingle and stir.

Hi. My name is Cindy and I’m a pretty hot stepdaughter. My body still has some baby fat that gives my well-rounded curves a delicious plump firm look and feel. Whenever I catch Hank looking at me I know that he just wants to run his hands all over my young tender flesh. From my jutting, full, pear-shaped breasts with their naughty nipples threatening to poke right through my tight tops, to my mouth-watering bubble butt and long shapely legs begging to be spread, I radiate a sexual heat from every cell of my delicious 5’7″ frame and it goes right to men’s groins. Add in my long, blonde hair and beautiful, slightly pug-nosed face, well, when I walked into a room every man, Hank included, turns to me like a dog in heat. Okay, so I’m a self-satisfied little nympho with an exaggerated opinion of herself. Sue me.

I giggled and hugged him tighter. “Maybe we could get a room together in the hospital while we recover.”

He slapped me playfully on my delicious behind (Oooo, spankies!), giving it a little squeeze before he pried himself away. I let a look of disappointment briefly flit across my face and then I was smiling again pulling him up off the stairs and asking him how his business trip had been. We have an easy close relationship that has always been charged with an undercurrent of strong sexual attraction. Other than lingering hugs and slightly intimate ‘innocent’ touches, that attraction has been left safely unexplored on both of our parts. This weekend I was intent on changing that.

Before he left on his business trip we had celebrated my 18th birthday. I was 18 but didn’t look more than about 15 or 16 (a hot 15 or 16). I knew it was hard for him to resist me but resist me he did, although with my easy physical affection and barely contained hormones I know it was a challenge for him.

I was fourteen when Hank first began dating my mom, Linda, the bitch. They started off hot and heavy enough. Very soon the three of us were living together under the same roof. But, as usual, my Mom’s affections disappeared almost as quickly as they had appeared and she became cold and uninterested in him. I heard him trying to draw her back into his bed, even suggesting they see a counsellor together, but Mom wasn’t interested. All of her energy went into her work and Hank was left frustrated. We were both mostly left to fend for ourselves.

I think I was the reason Hank didn’t just pack up and leave and maybe that is what started me being attracted to him. It was obvious I was starved for love by both of my asshole parent’s; my father is a loser who only criticizes and ridicules me on the few occasions he is willing to make time for me and my mom is even colder to me than she is to Hank. What did I ever do! But I’m a naturally affectionate and open kind’a girl (go figure); Hank stepped in and responded to my loneliness and not in a ‘creepy’ stepdad way. We formed a loving friendship and have fun together. He is always careful to boundary his sexual attraction to me and he frustrated my hot young desire to explore those same steamy stirrings. I don’t give up easily.

I think he was surprised at my interest in him; he’s almost three times my age. But I have a thing for older guys and, to me, he was hot! Hank took good care of himself and for an older guy he was in great shape; 6 foot, well-muscled, piercing blue eyes, great sense of humour and, oh yeah, well-hung. His package was noticeable especially when he was hanging around the house in his running shorts. More than once he caught my curious eyes locked onto his groin like heat seeking missiles. Even though he would move himself out of viewing range, no doubt for fear of his own missile rising in response, I got to see the outline of his hard cock a few times, pressing against the flimsy material of his shorts. I was guessing 8 inches of thick meat. Soon I hoped to confirm my estimate with my hot little hands. (Oh God, I’m getting wet! I wonder if he can smell the steam rising out of my pussy!)

“So, where’s mom?” he asked, snapping me out of my wet daydream. I figured he’d already guessed the answer.

“Didn’t she tell you?” (No, of course not, the bitch.) “She’s gone to a conference in Montreal to replace some lecturer who got sick and won’t be back for three days.”

Now he was showing disappointment and frustration. How hard would it have been for my Mom to make a phone call and tell him what was happening? I saw his dejection and moved in to mersin seks hikayeleri hug him. “It’s okay, daddy. I’m here.” He kissed the top of my head and gave me a little squeeze, wiping the disappointment from his face. I could see that he was determined not to bring the sexual frustration he felt with my Mom to his loving stepdaughter.

“Okay!” he said brightly, “I’ve got to unpack and shower. Are you free, my lady, for supper and a TV movie when I’m done?”

Oh yes, kind sir.” I jokingly replied then, after a pause, “but can you make supper, daddy, I need to finish some homework.”

Whenever I called him Daddy, which I did more and more, I saw a guilty rush of arousal flush through him. I purposely played with the word to evoke Marilyn Monroe singing ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President’. It was loaded with ‘naughty little girl wants her daddy’ undertones and, boy, I could see the effect. Somewhere below his proper behaviour, this daddy wanted to give his little stepdaughter exactly what she wanted!

He pulled away from our hug but not before I could feel his cock begin to thicken and rise. A little while later, showered with dinner in the oven I heard him wander into the living room where I was stretched out on my belly working on my school assignment. I had allowed my thin cotton track pants to slide low on my hips exposing the swell of my buttocks and naughtily revealing about an inch of my ass crack; my T-shirt had pulled up high on my back. My whole body tingled as I felt his eyes devouring the luscious curve of my bare skin from the bottom of my T-shirt to the elastic waist-band of my pants.

The thin cotton clung like a second skin to my ripe, full, ass cheeks; I imagined him fantasizing sitting down beside me and casually sliding his warm hand down the smooth flesh of my bare back and underneath my waistband to stroke and squeeze my luscious ass cheeks and the backs and insides of my smooth silky thighs, his fingers probing down towards my sweet wet heat. Whew! Once again I was soaking wet down there and I was willing to bet Hank was hard as a rock!

Rolling over onto my back I said, “Hi.”, softly. My eyes shone with a knowing, ‘I know that you were staring at me.’, look. He cleared throat and announced that dinner was in process. His voice sounded strained and he was holding the towel from his shower strategically in front of his groin. I was willing to bet that his hard cock was thrusting out like a hungry dog on a tight leash scrabbling for his dinner bowl. Down boy!

But the torture was just beginning. I watched his eyes take in the voluptuousness stretched out before him. My big full breasts with their bold, ‘tweak me’ pokies were straining against the thin fabric of my T-shirt which was riding up to expose my flat golden-skinned belly. I knew the soft inviting curves were naturally drawing his eyes down to the elastic waistband resting tantalizingly just on the top of my pubic bone; I had enticed a few blond pubic hairs out into view for his increased pleasure. The dark hollows on either side of my pubic bone would be inflaming his lust, beckoning his hands to slide down the few small inches to my aching, wet honey pot.

I couldn’t help but giggle, delighting in my body’s ability to arouse him and in his obvious discomfort; he was so cute when he was embarrassed! I turned back onto my belly causing my waistband to pull and reveal even more of my inviting ass crack. Oh how I craved to have his hungry lips and probing tongue possess my baby smooth cheeks. I stood up; slowly bending over to pick up my books allowing him a long look at the mouth-watering globes of my ass before I moved towards the stairs to go to my room.

Pausing at the bottom of the stairs, I turned shyly, lowering my eyes. “Daddy?” I said in that tone I used when there was something I wanted. He raised a sceptical eyebrow.

“Yes, my little kitten, what is it you want.” We both laughed at our game.

“I baked some special brownies for you today. Can we eat one before supper? Please, please, please, daddy. Mom’s not here to make a fuss. Please. It won’t spoil our appetites, I promise.” He knew, of course, that they would be laced with weed. We had shared my special brownies before, only when my mom the prude wasn’t around. Hank wouldn’t often say yes but I was counting on him feeling a little tired from his trip and not capable of mustering any resistance. He agreed and I bounced upstairs to change into my TV dinner PJ’s.

By the time he had dinner set up in front of the TV couch I had changed. My pyjamas were like little boys flannel pyjamas, a top with a collar and four big buttons down the front (I left the top button and bottom button strategically undone) and a pair of matching light flannel loose shorts that came down mid-thigh. Depending on how I moved and bent I could give Hank enchanting glimpses my breasts curving enticingly toward but not revealing my rubbery stiff nipples or, alternatively, expose my smooth silky midriff.

The brownies were lethal and already beginning to have their effect as we started dinner watching a funny movie that had us rolling with laughter. Occasionally I would casually lean forward and let my top fall open almost allowing one of my juicy tits to escape their flimsy cover. I wouldn’t look at Hank when I did this but I could hear his breath become ragged. Then I would lean back and give him time to get control again. I was having so much fun being a naughty little stepdaughter.

Eventually my daddy became sleepier and sleepier and lay back down onto the soft cushions of the couch. I knew that soon he would be asleep so I curled up into his arms, my head on his shoulder, my hand resting in his chest hair underneath his robe and pretended to watch the TV. The looseness of my top gave him a great eyeful of my cleavage as he dozed off. I slid his hand down to rest low on my hips; his touch made my body tingle with anticipation. Even as he was drifting away I could see that he was growing a chubby. As his breathing deepened I let my hand roam down over his stomach, gently pushing his robe aside to give me clear access to my target. I could see his cock swelling in response to my warm hands caressing his bare skin but he remained asleep. Lightly my hand moved further down until I was gently squeezing his hardness. I moved carefully not wanting him to awaken- yet.

I moved up to his belly and down again, this time my small warm searching hand slid under his waistband to softly take hold of his cock. ‘Oh, my God!’ I was holding my stepdad’s hard cock in my warm little hand!!! I thought I was going to orgasm on the spot! My own breath was becoming ragged as I tenderly squeezed and pulled on his swollen rod. Hank took in a rough breath and shifted. My stimulating him was getting through and I knew I didn’t have much time before he would wake up.

I lifted his shorts down and away from his body. His cock and balls looked incredible, the swollen shaft standing rigid out from his belly. ‘Here goes!’ I thought as I lowered my hot wet mouth down onto his shaft and moved my head up and down, swallowing him in deeper and deeper. He tasted scrumptious!

His breathing changed and his body twitched then suddenly I knew he was awake. …But he didn’t say anything!?!? His stepdaughter was sliding his pole in and out of her mouth and he was letting it happened!

‘Got you!’ I thought, and increased my sucking, letting his cock pop out of my mouth so I could lick and kiss the length of it, gently sucking his balls before returning to slide his hard rod down the back of my throat and bounce on it like there was no tomorrow. He was thrusting and moaning now, his hand on the back of my head, urging me on, driving his meat into my face all the way to the hilt; in and out, in and out, both of us now in a frenzy.

I felt his cock begin to swell and I knew he was close. ‘Oh, God, Cindy! I’m going to come!’ he gasped, ‘Do you want me to pull out?’ For answer I increased my speed and in a moment I felt hot spurts of his cum shooting down my throat. I struggled not to choke and to drink in as much as I could but load after load of his sperm filled me up and flowed out of my mouth and down my chin to his belly. Even after his tank was empty he kept thrusting until at last he let go and sagged back down into the couch.

I kissed and licked his grateful cock as it softened, using the tail of his bathrobe to wipe up the excess cum on my face and his groin. Looking up into his eyes I watched him as he caught his breath and tried to get his stoned mind around what had just happened. He had just mouth-fucked his stepdaughter!

“I’m sorry, daddy. I just wanted to look at it. It’s so beautiful! I guess I got carried away. Please don’t be mad.”

He pulled me up into his arms and kissed my forehead. ‘Oh, darling, I’m not angry. But this is wrong, I shouldn’t have let this happen.”

“Don’t say that. I love you. And mommy’s a bitch. I know she is mean and cold to you. You deserve to be loved.”

I rose up and pressed my lips firmly on his, my tongue pushed through his teeth and began to explore his mouth, letting him taste himself.

“No, Cindy. Stop. This isn’t right.”

I sensed his weakness. Smiling I pulled back and slowly began to undo the remaining two buttons of my pyjama top. “Do you really want me to stop?” I pulled my top open to let him feast on my firm young breasts.

“Really, daddy? Really? I’ll stop if you want me to.” My eyes sparkled with mischief as I displayed my proud melons. He was speechless as I lifted my right breast towards his mouth. His hand lifted of its own accord, cupping my heaving breast and guiding the swollen rubbery nipple to his eager mouth. Gently he sucked my nipple in, rolling it and flicking it with his tongue making me gasp and press into him as he licked and sucked and nibbled on my sweet flesh; my back arched in ecstasy. Hank was mine!

I swivelled my body pulling my right breast away and presenting the left for his attention. He greedily complied as his right hand continued to cup my right tit pulling and tweaking the nipple with his thumb and index finger. Hot electric explosions were lighting my young flesh on fire! He lifted his mouth back to mine and our tongues entwined as his right hand slid down my body and pushed underneath my waistband to, FINALLY!, squeeze and caress the baby smooth cheeks of my ass. ‘Oh, Jesus, let me die!’ I thought as his warm hand lightly played with the tender sensitive pouches of flesh close to the heat of my hot cunt. The sweet aroma of my hot sex as I became more and more aroused intoxicated us both. His hands roamed freely over my firm yielding buttocks that I knew he had lusted after as much as I lusted for him to possess them. I moaned and pressed harder against him as he took his pleasure, squeezing and fondling and caressing my sweet firm buns.

Slowly he shifted our bodies, laying me flat on my back, allowing his mouth to once again feast on my succulent breasts and hard nipples. His right hand caressed the insides of my thighs slowly moving up towards my heat. I wanted each moment to last forever as he possessed his forbidden fruit. His hand cupped my mound through the material of my PJ’s, wet and fragrant with my secretions. I pressed into his hand and he stroked me as my moans mounted and I gasped and shuddered with my first orgasm. He slid his hand down onto the bare smooth flesh of my thighs and up under the hem of my shorts, finding and pressing directly on my wet hot mound. I was becoming delirious. His fingers began to gently probe and part my tender lips, gently stroking the slick silky flesh as my breathing became more rapid. He move tentatively at first, playing me like some powerless instrument, his expert fingers increasing the intensity of their penetration, guided by my increasing loss of self-control. His thumb and index finger found my clit and played with it, flicking, tweaking, rolling it as my body began to buck and my moans mounted to soft cries: “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh,God! Oh, God! Yes! Yesss! Yesss! Aaaahhhh!!! Ooohhh!, Oh my, Oh,my!

I looked up at him with glazed eyes, my mouth open, my breasts heaving up and down as I slowly settled down from a powerful series of orgasms. I had come close to passing out but Hank was far from finished with my aroused little teenie body. He slid my shorts all the way down my luscious legs drinking in my nakedness with hungry eyes. Who was in charge now? His right hand played across my belly, down into my pubic hair, stroking and caressing my unprotected thighs. He bent his lips down to kiss my belly button and descended towards the rich sexual aroma of my cunt, licking, kissing, smelling me as he gently parted my thighs; taking his pleasure. I had dreamed of Hank tasting my sweet juices and now, inch by inch, my stepdad’s mouth moved towards its tasty feast.

He slid off the couch onto his knees pulling my legs up over his shoulders. I was like a rag doll completely in his power as he slid his hands under my buttocks and lifted the sweet flower of my womanhood up to his face. He leaned in and breathed my smell deep down into his lungs. I thought he might swoon just from the heady fragrance of my sex. I wanted this moment to live forever. His thumbs parted the lips of my love canal and the rich scent grew stronger. He paused drinking me in then gently began stroking the walls of my silky wet labia with his soft tongue. Fireworks began to go off in my head and I twisted and moaned as his tongue deftly traced the lips of my sensitive cunt.

It felt like he wanted to suck every drop of my honeyed liquid into his hungry mouth but instead of ravaging me he teased and tortured with his skilled tongue, softly licking my wetness; a master slowly increasing his power over his lustful slave. He flattened his tongue and deeply licked from the bottom of my cunt lips to the top like a cat licking up fresh milk. I heard myself moan louder and louder as I deliriously pushed my cunt with increasing urgency toward his teasing tongue. Still he slowly licked me, his tongue becoming more pointed as he pushed into my juicy flesh. My thrusting was becoming bucking and he moved his attention to the hard little nub of my clit. “Oh, oh, ohhh! Stop it’s too much!” I cried, then “No! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! OH MY GOD!!!”

He was working my clit hard now, licking, flicking, sucking, nibbling; my body bucking uncontrollably. Aaaahhhhh!! Suddenly I spasmed and my legs locked around his neck. My whole body went rigid. I might have been drowning him in my sweet juices but I didn’t care. Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaaaaaahhhh!!!

My body convulsed and went slack; my legs fell away allowing him to breathe again. Both of us were breathing heavily, me splayed open, hanging half off the couch, Hank falling into a sitting position lying back on my thighs. He turned his head and gently kissed my tender skin on the inside of my thigh. Soft electric aftershocks pulsed through my body. I looked down into Hank’s eyes; both of us were looking from far away, making a slow journey back to earth, smiling in (multi)orgasmic bliss. My juices and smell were slathered all over his face; his eyes moved to take in my heaving breasts as I slowly recovered my equilibrium. I looked to his gorgeous piece of meat and saw it begin to stir and swell; calling to me. Without question there was still going to be… more to cum!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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