A Stormy Night in England

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You are in England living in a castle and the time is 1066 A.D. It is a cold and stormy night. You guard informs you of urgent pounding on your castle gate. You come out to investigate this unwanted intrusion to find me (a runaway servant from a neighboring land) begging for refuge. You lower the gate to see what is my plight is.

I tell you of a mean lord who beats and starves me every time I do not do his bidding. You beckon me to come in out of the rain to see what I look like. I am wearing nothing more than a scantly tattered wrap. It shows the sides of my legs up to my hips and parts of my breasts are glistening from the rain.

You remove my hood and I look deep into your entrancing dark emerald green eyes. I gasp at the moment that those eyes swallowed me up. You too seemed to enjoy the sight of me. You show me to the warm fireplace to discuss my fate. I stand by the fire and you inform me that you would protect me from my master if I become your personal slave and beckon to every whim you may have.

My eyes get bigger looking at you not sure of my options. You see the worry on my face and tell me to come by you so I can sample some of my duties. I walk over very slowly dreading Kıbrıs Escort the worst. Your first command is to remove my tattered wrap so you can see all of me glowing by the firelight. I remove the wrap very slowly and am now completely bare. You seem to be getting a little aroused by my actions. When I am standing there you come up to me and walk around me several times before you tell me to get down on all fours on the bear rug.

I do so while you are still pacing around me. You ask me if I have ever seen bears mate? I reply with an astonished NO. I hear you move up behind me with one of your hands rubbing the inner side of my legs. At first I am a little scared, but am getting aroused at the same time. When you don’t get a cry for you to stop, you then keep letting your fingers explore the rest of my legs and backside.

I am now finding myself getting wet. You seem pleased with my responses and start to nip at my ass. I try to hide my whimper of enjoyment. I turn around to return the touching and caressing, but you tell me slaves are not to respond until spoken to. I turn back around a little worried. You are now slowly removing your jacket and britches.

You come Kıbrıs Escort Bayan back to me and again you start exploring on my back half with your fingers touching every part. When you get to her and touch her you realize she is wet. You inform me that you must taste her. So from behind I feel a warm tongue slowly probing her depths. I try to move back further to engulf more but you slap my ass saying I am not to move. You return to your sampling and now thrust your tongue deep inside. I let out a small cry of pleasure. You sense my body starts to tighten and stop.

I am now panting with anticipation. You then start to move your hands up my back massaging every muscle until you get to my shoulders.

From behind you start to nibble and bite my shoulder blades and neck. You are sending shivers down my spine. You chuckle at this response. You come around and sit in front of me and tell me to orally make love to him, as I have never done before. At the first sight of him I gasp for pleasure at the size.

I start to grab for him and you slap my hand away saying no hands allowed. I then slowly drop my head with my tongue slightly sticking out to first taste him and Escort Kıbrıs to lick him up and down until I swallow him. You inhale deeply as you feel my breadth on him. I start to flick my tongue on the tip of him and working my way down the base. When I get to the base I decide to suck on your balls, one at a time. You throw your head back mumbling something incoherent.

I start back up the base of him until I get to the tip and finally thrust him deep into my throat. I now start sucking him up and down in a rhythmic pattern until you pull away from me. I look at you hurt thinking I have not pleased you as you requested, but the look in your eyes subside any fears I might have had. You now crawl back behind me and grab the back of my hair until my head is arched back. At that instant you slam him deep inside me. The pleasure is so overwhelming I let out a deep moan from the back of my throat. You start to make deep moans as you keep thrusting him deeper and deeper inside of me. Within in a few moments you start to bite my shoulders and neck while still pulling my hair back.

I start to cry out harder, harder, and you do with such force that I start to cum. When she starts to tighten around him you let out a one last moan and you release your juices of life into me. When both our bodies subside from the shaking we collapse on the rug. This time you look tenderly into my eyes and ask me if I could handle my job of pleasing him and you and I reply with a thousand times yes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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