A Stranger’s Instructions

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The envelope in my mailbox was addressed to “Beautiful Blue Eyes.” And the handwriting was exquisite. And so was the smell of cologne.

I went back into my apartment, closed the door, and opened the letter:

“If you’d rather not to any of this, you don’t have to.

If you think you’d enjoy it, read on.

Here’s a timeline:

Today’s June 22. On June 23, you’ll be receiving some cash in the mail.

Use it to buy a sexy black teddy. I’d do it for you, but I want to make sure it fits you and you like it, and you’ll be better at that.

On June 24, you’ll be receiving two long satin black ribbons in a package.

On the evening of June 26, I respectfully request that you lay these out side by side on your apartment floor. Wear your new teddy if you’d like to.

If you’d like my company that night, at 9:30 pm, turn your living room light on and off three times.”

Then, make sure your front door is unlocked, and stand in front of the door with your back to it. Don’t look at me when I come in.

In my right mind, I wouldn’t do a thing about this. And suadiye escort I was glad I the letter said I didn’t have to. But I was also getting moist between my thighs. I decided to wait to see if I really got money in the mail the next day.

And I did. Enough twenty dollar bills to buy something quite luxurious. And I’d been meaning to buy myself something nice for quite some time anyway. The black lace made me feel so pretty, and it felt so soft on my skin.

The next day, the two long black ribbon came.

The next two days were a very, very long wait. And then it was the evening of June 26. I got into my black teddy again – not only was it sexy, it was actually comfortable. And I laid out the ribbons on the living room floor, as directed.

The clock ticked excruciatingly slowly, but finally it was 9:30. And I turned my living room light off and on three times. And then I turned my back to the door, facing my hallway.

The door opened. He didn’t speak, but I sensed his masculinity, in his footsteps and his breathing. Then, the next thing I knew, a satin black yakacık escort sleep mask appeared before my eyes. He brought it tight against them, and fastened the strap behind my head. I was in pitch darkness now. He wasn’t going to let me have any light at all.

“Good evening, beautiful blue eyes.” What a rich baritone voice, pouring into my left ear. He gave it a nibble. Wet again. Erect. Down below, and on my chest.

I knew he was taller than me. He pulled both my arms behind my back and pushed my wrists together. Then I felt him bind my wrists with what must have been one of the black ribbons from my floor. Still behind me, he started to kiss my shoulder, my neck. I imagined what his shoulders and neck looked like. I let out a moan. He turned me around, and then he was kissing me on the mouth.

I felt his hand run up and down my thigh. I felt it getting nearer and nearer to my wet vulva and wildly erect clitoris. I wanted to take one of my hands and guide his right to the good spot, but he’d done a tight job around my wrists. Didn’t stop me to try to pull against şerifali escort the restraint a bit, but to no avail.

Eventually his finger slid under my teddy and up to my clit, and his other one into my vagina. With his free hand, he cupped my right breast. He was guiding me into pure ectasy.

“You make the most amazing noises, but you’ll worry the neighbors,” he said, in a near laughing voice. He uncupped my breast and removed his finger, and I sensed him reaching down to the floor. “Here’s your second ribbon,” he said, and I felt him slide it under my teeth. It was long enough to wrap around my head twice, so my moans were really muffled.

His hand moved up and down my thigh again, and his fingers made his way up again. I screamed with delight, right into my gag. This was my night, this was definitely my night.

Then he slid his finger out again. “That’s all your getting for tonight, beautiful blue eyes. Just the fingers.” He unwrapped the gag, but said “Leave the blindfold on.” Then he untied my wrists, and turned me away from him.

“I’ll send you more instructions soon,” he said. “If you want to move forward. You can take the blindfold off after you hear me close the door behind me.”

“Will I get to see what you look like?” I asked him.

“You get to imagine what I look like,” he replied.

And then he was gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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