A Sub is Born

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I was 32, not young, but not old either. I’d had several relationships, none of which satisfied me, I didn’t know why, I was successful in everything else I did, just not relationships, it felt like there was always something missing.

Then one day that changed, not over night but it changed, when I look back now I can see it, now it all seems so clear.

I met him one Friday night in June, hadn’t planned for this night to be the start of my life as a slave but it was, he knew it but I was blind.

That first night there was something about him, I could see he kept looking over to me, but when he saw me watching he didn’t turn away he made no secret of the fact he was ‘checking me out’. I thought at the time he was looking for sex, to get laid, I’d had one night stands and that’s just how I saw this, I saw him and I wanted him, I don’t normally have trouble in getting the man I want but it lasts a night may be two and that’s it, I’d get bored and move on,

So when he came over I thought I knew just how this would go, we’d talk a bit, flirt a lot, have a couple of drinks, end up in bed, how wrong was I.

As I kneel here now dressed in black seamed stockings, high heel black shoes, black leather Basque and of course my collar as instructed, waiting, waiting for him to come through the door. He has taught me who I am and what I need. My whole world now seemed to revolve around pleasing him, he has given me a freedom I never thought I could have, and I have never felt so loved, cared for, so special.

That first night was strange, we talked, we flirted, we drank but at the end of the evening instead of ending up in bed, he just kissed me at my door and said goodnight, that he’d call me.

2 days later he called, we went to dinner, we talked, we drank, we flirted and again he kissed me at my door but this time before saying good night his hand touched my face and as he did this he said, “I want you, but I want you my way, you will be mine,”

It wasn’t a question, it was a statement, it was as if was asking himself the question and not me.

I tried to touch him, my hand went to his cock, it was hard but he pushed it away, and said

“No, I told you I want you my way, do you want me?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer so I said “yes,” I certainly wanted him, I didn’t know what he meant by his way, but at that moment I didn’t care, I wanted him.

Before he left me on my door step he said,

“I will see you Friday; wear a black dress, black stockings, black high heels and black bra and no knickers.”

“Are we going somewhere special,” I asked.

No he said, “We are staying in, Friday you will start to become mine,” His had moved down from my face and over my breast, his fingers lingered there before moving down over my hips, all the time he looked into my eyes, his mouth close to mine but never touched my lips. My body reacted, I could feel myself getting wet, there was something about him, I instinctively lowered my eyes from his gaze.

That night while I lay in bed I couldn’t stop thinking of him, I felt excited and restless, I really wanted him.

By the time Friday night came I had composed myself again. 7.30, I was ready, dressed as he’d asked me too, I didn’t know what tonight held but I didn’t care I was horny and I’d felt his cock, it was hard and I wanted to see it, feel it inside me, I knew from past experience that after a few dates it would probably be all over but I didn’t care I wanted to get laid, I wanted him.

The door bell rang, I waited a few moments before answering, that would be the last time I did that, I would never keep him waiting again.

When I opened the door he just looked at me, and said,

“To busy to answer the door to me,” I felt myself blush and my heart started to beat a little faster.

“No, I didn’t want to seem too keen,” I said trying to smile.

” Is that so” he said, a strange smile appeared on his face

“Soon you will be telling me exactly what you are and how keen you are,” I was puzzled but thought what the hell I needed to get laid.

It was then I noticed his bag, black leather, odd looking shape, I thought it was an overnight bag, how arrogant, he assumes he’s staying, but as I stood there in front of him something inside of me knew this was no ordinary night.

He stood there and looked at me, every inch of me up and down and then said.

“yes you tuzla escort will do very well.” he made no attempt to hide what he was doing, no attempt to hide the fact that he was seeing me as he wanted me, the only thing he said was “the dress is a bit long but I can teach you how to dress properly.”

By now I was feeling uncomfortable, he thought he was in charge, he obviously didn’t know me, but hey I was going to get laid, that’s what mattered to me right now.

Once inside he looked round, I thought he was just being nosy; he went into every room when he finally came back he turned to me and with that quiet, calm, controlled voice that is now so familiar to me now said,

“Take off the dress,”

I just looked at him, my eyes looked down to his cock, I could see he was hard and I was wet and wanted his cock inside me, so giving him my best sexy look while slipping out of my dress I stood there in my heels, stockings and bra, when he just stood there and looked at me and made no move to come towards me I stepped towards him, he stepped back.

“Turn round,” he ordered.

I hesitated then did as he said. With my back to him for what seemed like forever I began to feel for the second time that night exposed and uncomfortable.

When he finally came up behind me, he whispered in my ear,

“Tonight you will be mine; I know what you are and what you want, what you need.

I felt his hand on the back of my neck, his fingers in my hair, I moved my hand behind me and went to feel his cock, just before I got there he grabbed my wrist and said “you will touch that when I tell you you can and not before is that clear.”

“yes,” I whispered, this was really turning me on, I thought any minute he would reach his hand round and start to play with my pussy, I needed to feel his fingers inside me, I was about to tell him what I wanted when he said,

“What you want is cock, tell me that’s what you want, tell me you want me to fuck every hole you have.”

That may have been true but I wasn’t about to say it to him, I liked sex but I wasn’t a slut. By now though I had this overwhelming desire to please him, this was exciting, no one had ever spoken to me like that, but what came next was such a shock.

He was behind me, I was semi naked and feeling horny and light headed, when he moved away to where his bag was I looked round, he saw me and said,

“Tonight you can get away with that, tonight I want you to see and hear, to experience everything that is about to happen to you, you will do what I say, when I say it that clear.”

He stood up, and came to me, he was so close I could feel his breath on my cheek, I looked up into his eyes and I think it was at that moment the real me started to emerge.

By now I was somewhere between ecstasy and anxiety, I wanted to please him; I wanted satisfaction, a satisfaction that I had not felt before.

He picked up his bag, took me by the hand and led me round to the back of the sofa to where my small dining table was, he moved the few items that where there and told me to bend over it.

“I will pleasure you when I want, I will punish you when I want, you will give yourself to me in a way that you have never given you self to anyone. I will show you what you really are and teach you control and obedience.”

I looked at him, his hand came up to my face, stroked my cheek letting his hand run down the front of my chest, over my stomach before going round the small of my back, his other hand on my shoulder he pushed me round and bent me over the table, his hand on the back of my neck he bent over me and said

“This is where it begins; this is where we find out what you really are.”

From his bag he took out 4 sets of cuffs and tied each of my wrists and ankles to the table legs, I was exposed, my head hanging over the edge of the table, my wrists tied and my legs spread wide open, then he said in a low voice,

“Tonight you will tell me what you are.”

I felt his hand run down the small of my back, over the cheeks of my arse, his fingers just for a moment lingered near my virgina, I waited for him to push them inside me but he didn’t instead I heard the zip on his bag when he walked round so I could see him he was carrying a cane, he showed it to me, he stroked my cheek with it, ran it over my shoulders and down my back, over the cheeks of my arse before running it over göztepe escort my arse hole and down to my clit stopping only momentarily at the entrance to pussy, I thought he was going to push it in but he didn’t.

Then I heard him say in that low voice,

“Tell me what you want, tell me what you are?”

” I don’t know what you mean,” was all I could say, but now I was so wet, so horny, I needed to get fucked; every part of me was throbbing my pussy wet and aching.

“Tell me you are a cum whore, tell me you are a slut who will do anything to get cum in her holes.”

I objected to this, I wasn’t a whore or slut, but the second I started to say that I felt the searing pain of the cane on my bear arse, it felt like I was cut, I was convinced that he had draw blood, I tried to pull away but the cuffs cut into my wrists, I wanted to rub my arse but couldn’t, all I could do was lie there, I could feel tears starting to sting my eyes. His hand was rubbing the cheeks of my arse, gently caressing where the cane had left its mark, again he said,

“Tell me what you are,”

I said nothing, I felt the cane crack down on me and I cried out, then the cane was rubbing over the welts that had appeared on my arse, he put the tip of the cane at the entrance to my arse and said,

“Tell me, beg me to fuck you with this, to fuck your arse, tell me, that what you want is cum, tell me you want your cunt fist fucked while your arse is being fucked, tell me that when I’ve cum inside your arse that you want to lick me clean, that you’re just a dirty fucking slut that can’t get enough.”

“I can’t say that, I can’t say those things,” I was crying, but my pussy was throbbing, I didn’t know what was happening, the pain was unbearable, but the things it was doing to my pussy, I was wet, not just wet I was dripping.

‘Crack’ the cane came down again.

He laid the cane down on the table next to me and came round and crouched down in front of me.

“Look at me,” he said.

My eyes now wet with tears came up to meet his gaze.

“Yes you can say it, you know what you are, I saw it the first time I set eyes on you, I could see you were a dirty little slut that would do anything for cock, let go and admit it, tell me what you are, tell me you are my fucking cum hungry whore.”

By now he was whispering in my ear, the pain was intense, but so was the feeling to let go, my mind was spinning, he stood up and picked up the cane, crack, crack, crack, three in a row, the pain, tears ran down my cheek, my hair was wet, I could feel the ridges appearing on my arse, I could feel something running down the inside of my thighs, I didn’t know if it was blood or cum.

“Say it, tell me, tell me you want my cum,” by now I was sobbing I could hear myself saying

“Yes I want your cum.”

“Tell me where you want it?”

“In my pussy.”

“And, tell me, beg me to fuck your arse, your mouth, your pussy, tell me WHAT YOU ARE.” His voice was now raised but still controlled.

“I’m a cum slut, I want your cock, I sobbed, I want to feel you cum in my arse, I want you to rub you cum in my face, I want you to fist fuck my pussy while you fuck my arse, I’m a dirty cum whore who wants your cum in every hole.” I blurted out.

I couldn’t believe what I was saying, those words coming from my mouth, I could hear myself saying them but it was like I was in a different place, but for the first time ever I felt free, something inside me clicked, not in my body, although that was reacting in ways I couldn’t believe, but in my head, it was almost something physical, I could feel the change, I had no idea what it was but it felt so good, I had finally found the thing that had been missing in my life, like I could finally be me, this man had made me do things and say things that I never thought I would, but it was liberating,

He whispered to me “do you want your pleasure now.”

“Yes please,” I begged.

Not that I needed it, I had already climaxed, to my horror I climaxed the last time I felt the cane come down on me, I was climaxing while I was sobbing the things he had made me say. I felt his hand between my legs, rubbing his fingers in my juices, then rubbing my juice over the lines he had given me on my arse. I felt the cold of lubricant round the outer ring of my arse.

“Have you ever given this hole to anyone.” He asked while the tip of üsküdar escort his finger was slowly working its way inside me. I shook my head.

“Say the words,” he commanded.

“No I’ve never had anything up my arse,” I replied, I had never let anyone do that, plenty had wanted to but I always refused, I knew I would not be able to refuse him, if he wanted it he would take it and I would let him. By now my mind was starting to understand that I would do and take what he wanted to give.

He removed his finger and walked back to his bag.

Then i felt something slowly pushing its way in, I was scared, I tried to stop whatever it was from going in but he just kept saying

“Relax, just take it, you’ll love it you cumslut” he whispered while all the time his other hand was holding the cheeks of my arse apart, he just kept pushing and pushing, slowly I started to relax, allowing to object to penetrate me, he worked it slowly in and out I could feel it sliding inside me, stretching me till I thought I would split, the pleasure, the pain, then I his fingers on my clit, rubbing while he was fucking my arse. I was ready, it would have been instant but he knew and stopped, I begged him

“Please please don’t stop, I’m so close again. It felt so good, please don’t stop.”

I was on the edge, so close now to going over.

“You will address me as Master at all times, if you forget I will punish you, you will want me to punish you so you can please me better, understood.”

“Yes …Ma..Ma..Master” I stuttered.

“Good girl, now what do you want?”

“I want you to make me cum.”

His hand instantly came down over the welts on my arse.

“I want you to make me cum who?”

“I want you to make me come please master.”

“That’s better, now relax and enjoy.”

I could still feel whatever it was he had put in side my arse, now I could feel something being pushed inside my pussy, gently he was working it in and out, getting faster, the pleasure, the pain, my mind was racing, I couldn’t stop it, it was coming, something I’d never felt before, I could hear him saying to me

“Beg me; beg me to let you cum.”

Without hesitation I was begging,

” Please please Master, please let me cum, I’ll do anything, please I need it so much, I want your cum, I want to feel your cum inside my arse then I want to lick you clean, please give me your cum,”

I don’t know what he was fucking me with, I didn’t care, I’d let go, I wanted whatever he wanted to do to me, I was his slut, his dirty whore, I would do whatever he asked me. Then it exploded, an orgasm like I had never had before, it totally overwhelmed me, I stepped over the edge and from that point this was the only place I wanted to be, this place he had taken me to, I let my orgasm come and come, I just let it go like I had never done before, I’d never wanted to let anyone to see me but now I didn’t care. Once my orgasm started to subside I just lay there. In my haze I could hear him undo his belt, he came and stood in front of me, I heard the zip on his trousers being undone, he grabbed my hair and pulled my head towards his cock, I wanted his cock, he pushed into my mouth, I could feel the object up my arse, the dildo up my pussy and now I had his cock in my mouth, I sucked, his hand grabbing my hair forcing his cock down my throat, all my holes filled I was cumming again, I couldn’t stop, I didn’t care, he was right what a dirty fucking whore I was, but I didn’t care I was his dirty fucking whore, then I felt it, his cum down my throat and I sucked every last drop, drank it like my life depended on it. I had never felt so free, so completely whole.

He untied my hands and ankles, pulled me up off the table and wrapped his arms round me and whispered in my ear,

“This is just the beginning, I am going to teach you, to train you to be my slave, you will learn how to please me, to take your punishment, you will open yourself for me. I like to punish my slaves, not just for what they do wrong but to keep them good.”

All the time he spoke he stroked my hair, I felt safe, I never wanted this feeling to end. I didn’t know what my future held anymore, I didn’t care, this is where I wanted to be, this is what I wanted to feel.

He led me to the bedroom, I had no idea what time it was, how long he had been here, it was like I was in my own world. He laid me down on the bed and laid next to me, I curled up in his arms and fell asleep; when I woke he was gone. He left a note, as I read it I smiled, he would call me at 2, there was no doubt in my mind, I knew he would, no uncertainty, I was at peace. I rolled over and drifted back to sleep.

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