A Submissive Lady Joins a Couple Ch. 02

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Our exhaustion pushed us asleep fast. I remembered laying down, smiling at my good fortune of laying between two beautiful naked women and was out. At dawn, I awoke. Full bladder and a full hard-on. Testosterone. As long as I can remember, I’ve woken up close to 5 a.m., with a raging hard-on. Testosterone, heaven or hell sent-who knows. My morning wood was something I’d put up against the Ginsu knife any day.

Tenderly, I removed my body from the two sleeping beauties, and went straight to the restroom to drain my bladder. Pissing with a full hard-on takes time and usually the act settles down the erection. This time was no exception. As I left the restroom, I felt the heaviness of my exhaustion and was looking forward to several more hours of drifting in dreamland. I eased myself back into the bed, careful not to disturb either of the ladies, and managed to get the covers back over our bodies.

I then turned sideways and immediately my groin region rubbed up against Jewel’s protruding behind. My first instinct was to carefully scoot away, however, my body reacted differently. Blood slammed into my penis, causing it to swell and it was now rubbing up against Jewel’s naked ass. Inches away from her pussy. A bit of embarrassment washed through me, but then I remembered by dialogue with Jewel from the night before. The shy guy had to be led away, and enter one a bit more dominant.

Slowly, I moved my body down a little so my cock was lined up underneath Jewel’s behind. Using my right hand, I felt for her pussy lips. Once located her lips were parted and I guided my dick into her. My entrance was surprisingly easy, assisted by Jewel when she pushed her butt back towards me. A few thrusts and I was buried. I spooned my body around hers, every so often softly pushing into her. We both muttered moans of approval, and then I fell back asleep with my lower unit buried happily in her. No doubt this was about as close as one could come to knocking on heaven’s door while sleeping.

Four hours later, I awoke to the sounds of the ladies whispering and giggling. My cock was detached, I was on my back and the ladies were laying on my chest and stomach. I smiled at the sight, then tried to drift back off, but was too distracted by their giggles and conversation on the prior evening’s events.

“Hey sleep faker, we know you’re awake as your tummy keeps shaking every time you chuckle at one of our comments,” noted Jenn. She then picked her head up and gave me a nice morning kiss. “Good morning my love,” she added at the end.

“Mind if I have one of those,” followed up Jewel.

“Sure,” I replied with a lucky duck smile.

“Was talking to your wife, Sir,” Jewel replied. Then stuck her neck out and gave Jenn a bit longer of a kiss. Afterwards, she looked goofily at me, then added, “Guess you can have one too sexy,” and give me a full kiss.

The ladies repositioned themselves so I had one on each side of me, with their heads on my shoulders and bodies pressed up against mine. Laying there I could feel their wonderful breasts resting on my rib cage, and each had a leg positioned on top of one of my legs. Of course, I couldn’t help, but think their pussies were inches away from my cock and partially open.

“Jesus, someone is already hard. Go figure with two naked ladies partially on top of him,” Jenn stated after she bumped her leg against my pole. “You just keep that away from me for a bit. My vagina is chaffed! How does yours feel?” Jenn asked Jewel.

“Not too bad. Last night was fun. I’d have no problem doing it over.”

“Shit. I can’t believe I turned into such a slut. It will be a little embarrassing to see everyone this morning. Would duck out and dash away if I could,” replied Jenn.

“Don’t say that. You were amazing. The guys sure as hell all thought so, and I think so did all the girls. I thought it was pretty cool and confident of you to take charge the way you did. If you two hadn’t pulled me from the media room I’d probably still be in their masturbating to the memories,” stated Jewel.

“Shit, my little boat down there is so sore I won’t even think about rubbing it for a few days,” Jenn declared.

“Maybe I can massage some of your soreness away honey,” I offered as I pulled my arm loose of Jewel’s head and pushed my hand towards my wife’s pussy. I’d barely touched her folds, when she used her forearm to guide my advancing hand away.

“No! It’s off limits right now.” Jenn then pulled away and stood up.

“Shit honey. Look at your body. It’s hot. Why don’t you let us give it some attention? Or at least let us give you some kisses?” I asked.

Jenn answered, “No touching my pussy and no kissing. You know that would be unfair and I’d just end up being more sore.”

“Or cured. Remember Mexico? Or when we use to fuck for days on end?” I inquired.

“You are not going to talk me into fucking you right now. I am going to take a shower, get dressed and get ready to move along. My parents bedava porno can’t watch the kids all weekend. If you want a little action I’m sure you could ask Jewel for a little loving,” Jenn shot back and delivered the last part with a little laugh.

Jewel responded by moving her body so she was sitting on top of me reversal cowgirl style, with her legs spread about my thighs and her pussy pressing directly onto my flattened cock. Gently she began to rub her vagina up and down the shaft of my cock. “So Jenn, are you telling me I should fuck your husband right now?” As she stated this she was directly facing Jenn who was just five feet away.

“I’m saying I think it would make him happy.”

“Happy if I did this?” Jewel then raised herself up a little, placed the tip of my cock at her entrance and slowly raised herself back down until my cock had fully penetrated her. I had to admit it felt wonderful. Naturally, I responded to the pleasure. My hands looped around Jewel’s hips as I began to thrust into her.

“That does look hot. Damn you two,” my wife responded.

“I’d really like to fuck him, but I want to fuck the both of you. Why don’t we pick this up back at your place this afternoon before you have to pick up the kids,” Jewel asked as she raised herself off me.

Jenn laughed out loud as I lay there with my cock pointing to the heavens and a bemused look at me face. “Poor guy. So close, yet so far. Come here honey. We do need to motivate.” She offered me her hands and pulled me up. “Hope you can live with the blue balls for a bit.”

I pulled her into my arms, and begin to kiss her fiercely. We made out for about 30 seconds, and I’d positioned my cock at her entrance. Our tongues touched, and I felt Jenn’s hips push into mine, and as they did I grabbed her ass with two hands, raising her upwards until our anatomy aligned then I eased my cock into her. She let me get two strokes in, then stopped our fun.

“Damn you, damn you. Making me feel like a nympho. Come here Jewel. I want you to bend over in front of him so can show him how hot and swollen your pussy is.”

Jewel complied, and Jenn used her fingers to spread Jewel’s pussy lips wide apart. With her free hand, Jenn grabbed the base of my cock and used it to pull me forward until my cock was touching Jewel’s pussy. “Push your dick into her, then pull it out nice and slow so I can see how her glistening juices on your cock,” Jenn instructed.

I complied, pushing my cock into her, until I hit bottom and slowly pulling it out, then repeating the process a few times. At the same time, Jenn reached under my dick and rubbed Jewel’s cliterous. It didn’t take much of this to get Jewel panting.

“How does Jewel’s pussy feel?”

“Moist. Tight. Like it needs a good fucking,” I replied.

“Are you going to fuck her hard right now?”

Instead of answering, I grabbed hold of Jenn and pulled her towards me with a simple instruction, “Kiss me.”

Jenn complied by approaching me open mouthed. We kissed deeply, while I continue to slowly fuck Jewel. After a bit I lowered my fingers to Jenn’s pussy and inserted two digits. Jenn’s response was to open her legs up and kiss me more aggressively. As we kissed I softly fucked her pussy with my fingers, as my thumb began to gentle caress her clit. She began to thrust her pussy onto my fingers. And then I did the unexpected.

I stopped everything and pulled out. “Here’s the deal. We either open the curtains and get on with our fun, or we shower, wrap-up and head home for the fun. There are some toys there I’d like to share with Jewel.”

Jenn was giving me quite the look of disbelief. “You jerk. You know I’m all sexed up now. If others hear us or show up while we are having fun I’m not sure what will happen.”

“Why don’t you two figure it out, and let me know,” responded Jewel as she eased back, grabbed my cock in an attempt to reinsert her pleasure stick.

I started to laugh then added, “Ahh, it’s not so nice to be interrupted at certain times is it ladies?”

“Please, just fuck me,” Jewel answered and again grabbed my hard-on.

“No. No. No. You two decide. We are all worked up. It’s a great high isn’t it? And we are definitely going to fuck. You two just need to decide whether we fuck right here. Actually, it might be better out on the porch or enjoy this pent up energy for a bit, clean-up, drive home and then wickedly unleash it?”

At this point, Jewel stood up and the look on her face was pure art. Pissed off, shocked and deep in heat. “Are you serious?”

“That is so typical of you Jack. We could just push you right onto your back on the bed and you wouldn’t know what hit you until you came,” Jenn replied.

“You could. I’m sure I wouldn’t complaint too much. How’s your soreness?”

“You are naughty! Let’s go home,” Jenn answered then marched off to the restroom.

“Shit. I can’t believe we are all so horny and you are going zenci porno to make us wait. I’ve been sexually frustrated way too much the last few years. Hope those toys are naught. Men, men, men. I’m going to get my stuff, then head home to freshen up. Actually, this will be fun. Mind if I take one of the robes?”

“Go ahead. We’ll give you a call once we get home. Shouldn’t take us too long. I’ll shower after Jenn, say our good-byes to the crew, get a quick bite to eat and then head home. Have a little something special planned for you there. Provided you follow directions properly.”

With that, Jewel grabbed a robe and departed after giving me a quick good-bye peck. I gathered our misplaced, tossed about, items from the night before, and checked on what items were missing and needed to be searched for in the house.

The guest house itself took a little bit of searching as it consisted of a large bedroom with a king size bed, surrounded by floor to ceiling ten foot windows. It was perched above their garage so had a great view. In the rear was basically a long separate room with two openings facing the bed area. This part contained a separated toilet, and a large glass encased shower room. On the opposite end, was a small kitchen with a frig, microwave, dishwasher and small stove. I heard the shower stop running so I walked towards the shower area to catch Jenn drying off her naked body with a towel. She did have quite the body.

Her tits were perfect. A solid C cup, with quarter sized areola and nipples that stuck out almost an inch when erect. Her ethnicity was an exotic blend, but people often assumed she was Greek with her olive toned skin, naturally curly brown hair with reddish tones and her large brown eyes. Her legs were muscled, and guys went nuts when she wore high heels often assuming she was a professional dancer as her ass was also a treat. Physically, her best trait was her smile. Perfect teeth and hard to displace. She could smile at someone who just cut-off a finger and they’d smile right back. Personally, I had arguments with myself about her best feature: her wicked smart brain versus her happy upbeat personality. Downstairs, she waxed regularly, and when she became excited her pussy juices flowed like a river.

As she dried off we joked about our sexual teasing and plans for later in the day. “What exactly are you scheming up for Jewel,” she asked.

“Honestly, I haven’t figured that part out, but it sounded good. Maybe we should tie you up, take turns making out with you, and then slowly screw in front of you.”

“You are horrible, but that might be something Jewel would enjoy more. And you better get in the shower. I know how your mind works, and you can’t seem to get your eyes off my body. Hurry up so we can torture Jewel some more and enjoy a few orgasms. Now you have me thinking of fun things to try.”

“I’ll shower Ms. Hurry-Up so we can fuck her friend.” I then approached her for a kiss.

“No! If we start kissing I, and you, know exactly what will happen. All this sex is like a drug, and we just keep wanting more. Get into the shower now!” Just then we heard a loud knock, knock, knock from the bedroom balcony.

“Shit! Who now?” asked Jewel as she quickly grabbed the other robe and put it on.

“Damned if I know,” I replied while quickly grabbing a pair of boxer briefs and slipping them on. It was a bit ironic with how focused we’d become on not being nude given the prior night.

We both walked into the bedroom and standing outside were Laura and Jake. He had a tray containing two small coffee cups, while Laura had a bottle of bubbles, four glasses and a small cup.

“Come in, and good morning,” I saluted them.

“We brought you some cappuccinos and items for mimosas. Down below everyone has been enjoying them so we thought we should include you two,” stated Laura.

“A cappuccino sounds wonderful,” replied Jenn as she hugged the two. Then added, “How is the crew downstairs this morning?”

“Everyone’s good,” answered Jake.

“You mean how is everyone after our wild festivities last night?” stated Laura.

“Yes, just wondering if anyone was acting funny or having any regrets. Am worried people might react differently this morning after they sobered up,” Jenn answered.

“We were too, but seems like everyone is cool. The mimosas helped loosen a few lips so we openly chatted about the events, not to read too much into them and after a bit people even started laughing about certain points,” Jake informed us.

“What were people laughing about? Hopefully, not my tiny dick and fat ass.” I added.

“No no, it’s all good. Laughing most about their thoughts as the evening progressed. I whipped up the drinks, while Jake handed out head and shoulder massages. We also laughed about the change from dinner to all out orgy, how hot and horny certain things made us and the craziness of it all,” answered Laura.

Jenn sipped brazzers porno on her cappuccino, then noted, “This is perfect. Does it come with a massage also?”

“The massage comes after a mimosa. Figured we too should chat and make sure you all are fine,” Laura advised as she popped the cork off the bubbles and began to pour out its contents into the four flutes then topped each off with just a dash of orange juice and handed them out. “Cheers! To a wild and fun night, erotic adventures and living life to its fullest.”



“Cheers, and hail to erotic adventures,” I added.

“The night was a blast. I maybe had too much fun if there is such a thing, and my worry was some this morning would be mad or exhibit disdain for my, well my performance and demands. That’s my take on the evening,” Jenn popped off.

“Right to the point. I like that,” Jake replied.

“That’s my wife.”

“Personally, I thought you were amazing. We’ll we since I usurped you for a long spell and did things I’d only dreamed about when totally alone, but admit I had similar concerns. What I can tell is people were a bit surprised, quite natural, and no one seems jealous. Maybe a few are jealous, but I think maybe they want a piece of you or us or that whole whatever you call it we did last night,” Laura stated.

“That’s not too bad,” my wife responded.

I could tell she was a bit nervous as her flute was going down quickly. “With this crowd, their pretty nonjudgmental. You two obviously approved, as did Bob, Allison and Jewel. So are Marcellus and Magnolia upset?” I asked.

“That was quick. And nearly on the mark. Not upset. Marcellus is exhausted and sexually zapped. When we were discussing the night I could tell it heated up Magnolia, heated us up too, and she pouted, half-jokingly, that she didn’t get to share any love with Jenn and that was a shame,” Laura answered.

“Did people get tangled up again?” Jenn queried.

“I wish. No, I think some would have liked too, but then Jewel left quickly, Bob and Allison are getting ready to head out for a meeting, and Marcellus is trying to nudge Magnolia along. We thought it would be rude if you two came downstairs to an empty house so brought you some goodies.” Jake stated.

“Is there any left?” Jenn asked and I could tell she was visibly relieved that the rest of the group was fine. And the way her eyes twinkled a bit when Laura was mentioning that Magnolia wanted a romp with her I could tell she was flattered. Who wouldn’t be?

“The bottle has a few more pours left, but we are out of orange juice,” Jake advised as he refilled Jenn’s glass. “We were told there are some orange trees at the end of the property and thought we’d grab some after this stop.”

“What about my massage?” Jenn asked as she lowered her robe to expose her neck and shoulders.

“A massage whore. I love it. A fellow sister,” Laura answered. “Jake why don’t you give Jenn her massage, and this one here and I can wonder down to the orchard to find some fruit and get them squeezed somehow.”

“Great minds think alike,” replied Jenn.

I pulled on my t-shirt and advised “This is the only item of my clothing, along with my briefs, that ended up here. Not sure how to explain that, but we can go search for the missing parts or I can go out as is.”

“You’re fine. No neighbors and those briefs do look cute, especially like the fit and surfboards on them. Is there anything in here we can use to carry oranges?” Laura asked.

My boxer briefs were special order, and obviously outlined my package. I walked into the kitchen area and on the table was a small wicker basket. Perfect! I showed it to Laura, then we headed off exiting out the back door as Jake was beginning to rub Jenn’s scalp.

At the base of the stairs Laura stopped me. “Hold up. We look pretty silly with you in briefs and the t-shirt and me in this very stained party dress. Let’s fix that and have some fun. Give me your t-shirt. I complied, and while taking it off Laura slipped out of her dress, and tossed both garments onto the stairwell.

“There. Now we match. Much better, just don’t stair much and I’ll try to do the same,” she added.

I was left with my boxers on, while she had on a small white thong that basically consisted of a tiny triangle. Her tits and ass were fully displayed, and I took them in with a smile. We’d known Laura and Jake for a couple of years. Not close friends, but good friends. Our work lives always seemed to conspire to keep us separate and tied up at different times so getting together didn’t happen frequently. However, this hadn’t kept me from noticing her body.

She was fairly small. Maybe 5′ 2″, but well proportioned. Her tits were big for her size, and her ass perfect. Whenever she moved both assets seemed to jiggle on their own, as if purposefully teasing you. Ironically, this matched Laura’s personality. Bubbly, laughing and feminine. Each time we did get together, there were several instances when my eyes would stare at her swaying firm ass or bouncing tits and marvel at what fun they would be to caress and fondle. And now we were headed out to pick fruit, with both of her assets on full display which my cock had also noticed.

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