A Summer Pickup

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It seemed to be just another boring day. Or, it had seemed that way to Pat when he’d first gotten up. But that was before things changed. Quickly. The way they do in a movie or something, not like they ever had for him or anyone that he’d known. And it had all began with a phone call.

He’d almost ignored it. The bell was shrill, and someone had left the volume up too high. But Pat reluctantly reached out and picked up the receiver. “Wha’?” he said, still half asleep. “Who’s dat? Wha’ ya want?”

“Hey there! Pat! I wake ya man?” the annoyingly cheerful voice at the other end asked. “It’s almost noon. I thought we were going to the mall for lunch and stuff before picking up my sister at the bus station.”

“Yeah, yeah… gotcha… lunch… mall… sister… gotcha.”

The voice laughed. The sound echoed through Pat’s brain. It actually helped wake him somewhat. Allan. Only Allan laughed like that. “Okay bud, if you say so. Grab a shower and a soda or a cigarette, get yourself going. See you in half an hour or so.” Pat sighed as he dropped the phone back on its cradle. Tried burrowing back into his pillow, but gave a bigger, louder sigh and sat up instead. Shaking his head, he got out of bed and made his way into the bathroom.

Pat’s eyes flinched when he turned on the lights. I keep that room too dark, he thought to himself, as he blinked and shook his head. When his vision cleared, he regarded his reflection in the mirror. Allan’s right. I need a smoke or some caffeine. But shower first. He reached in and turned the water on, letting it warm itself while he took a morning piss. Then he flushed the toilet and undressed. Gingerly, he stepped into the shower, the steamy water both making him flinch and move closer into its touch. And making his still mostly erect penis liven up. “Oh, hi there… haven’t said a proper hello to you yet, have I?” Pat chuckled as he ran a hand along the length of his dick.

Under pressure from hand and shower, the erection came back to life. Pat murmured to himself as he tried to focus his thoughts back to the dream he’d been having. Or dreams… he smiled… the cheerleaders in the elevator… mmm… the lady on his paper route who kept implying she had a special tip for him… ooooh… the couple who picked him up last summer… yeah… his slowly ground his hips, thrusting himself through his fingers, other hand braced upon the wall of the bathtub… that was a good one…

That had been when he was staying away for the summer. Between sophomore and junior years of college, when he’s changed majors and had to pick up some classes off-session to keep him on track for graduating on time. Not that he had, but it had seemed to be a possibility back then. He’d also been working, and staying in town had let him not only not give up his job, but had allowed him to not have any breaks in service when it came time for merit review and a raise.

He’d stayed at the house his fraternity kept. During the school year, due to safety concerns, they weren’t allowed to have students living on the property, but the summer was different. And so, that’s where he’d lived. And, usually, it was a cool thing, since everyone who was also in summer school or lived in the area would drop by and they’d party. It’d been a big party for most of the summer.

Then came the Fourth. Over the holiday, all the locals split for the beach a couple hours away. He, not having a car or off from work, had had to stay at the house. And this meant one thing for Pat.


The house was cool as a party site. But it didn’t have cable. Barely had television since the reception in that part of town was so bad. But, it had one thing that helped a little. Around the block and down the street from the house was a bookstore. An adult bookstore. Kind of cheesy, maybe a touch sleazy… especially the holes in those peepshow booth walls… but not a bad place on the whole. And, when he wasn’t in a mood for porn, it had an old Donkey Kong game in the corner.

So, this particular Friday evening, Pat had pulled on a pair of gymshort styled swimtrunks, an old t-shirt from some band or another, and his sneakers and walked down. He’d intended to blow a few bucks on the peeps, play some video game, and maybe rent a movie to take back, but when he passed through the id Kıbrıs Escort check, he had other thoughts.

When the clerk buzzed him through the door, he entered with his head down, watching his footing over the plate set in the floor of the doorway. Letting the door close, Pat had looked up into what had been the best ass barely covered by denim short shorts he’d seen in months, if not the best ever.

She was playing the Donkey Kong in the corner. Her long, sandy blonde hair was pulled back and tied in a ponytail at the back of her head. It fell down her back, along her spaghetti strapped summer blouse, and hung midway to her waist… the longest ends dangling just about at the small of her back. He walked slowly over. He knew he was staring, but so was the clerk and the guy by the dildos and little smutty novels, and the other guy who was pretending to be checking out the titles of the peepshows. Looking over her shoulder, he saw she was as far along as he would get. He nodded to himself… thinking she was pretty good… and played well, too… but not saying anything to distract her. She caught sight of him in the glass of the machine’s front and turned at a break point between levels to look at him without the reflection.

Smiling, her bright, blue eyes sparkled even more in comparison to her golden tan and the whiteness of her teeth. “Heya… you’d be Pat, right?” She laughed at the surprise that was, no doubt, evident on his face. “Don’t worry. I asked Bob at the counter who had all these high scores. He described you pretty well, I’d say. ‘Course, the ole faggot’s probably interested in you, which always makes a person stick in your memory. Oh… back to the game… ” She returned to playing, her braless titties shifting under her shirt as she moved. The sheerness of the top left no doubt they were as tan as the rest of her, and that the AC in the shop was possibly set a little high.

Pat watched her for a bit more, than stepped back to see what else was new in the store. He drifted back to watch one of the peeps, having gotten some quarters from Bob… and regarding him a little more closely after what the girl had said. The first booth he came too had its VCR already on the channel he’d wanted, and he dropped a few coins in watching two guys talking a chick into their van and out of her clothes. He came back out to find the girl had finished playing and was speaking to the guy from the peep board. He tried not to eavesdrop too badly as he moved to play the game, but she stopped him as he was about to hit start. “Mind if I play too? Never get to play with others. Bill doesn’t believe in video games.”

Pat shrugged. “Cool by me. Let’s play.”

They played for a while. Played both the video game and a much older game. He mentioned about school and work. She told him her name was Tina… that her and Bill were married a while, but that he didn’t mind her flirting. Pat said how he’d thought nothing wrong with flirting. That what you did among consenting adults was your thing, y’know? Tina nodded, saying she knew, and glanced over at Bill when she thought Pat wasn’t noticing her.

And Bill had come over. “Time to go.”, he said in a bit of a gruff voice. “Been playing this damn thing too much.”

Pat stepped back and looked at Bill. “Sorry, man… guess got too much into things. Ya know how that can be, right?”

“Yeah. Jus’ don’ believe in wasting money on those things. Nope… don’t believe in it.”

“I see.”, Pat nodded. He then looked at Tina… looked over her long, tan legs… her perk, large-but-not-too-large-for-her-body breasts… and then at Bill and smiled. “So, like, what *do* you believe in, Bill?”

Bill seemed taken aback. He flicked his eyes to Tina and then to Pat and then to Tina again. He returned Pat’s smile with one of his own. A big, broad smile that made him seem even more of the large, backwoods, mountainman type of guy he already resembled. “Lot of things. Why don’t we go have a smoke?”

“Sounds good. Haven’t had a cig for a while.”

“Ya jus’ smoke tobacco?”

“Only for lack of anything else.”

And so the three of them ended up riding around in the cab of Bill’s truck, passing a joint around and talking like they’d known each other for much, much longer than several hours. During the ride, Bill asked Kıbrıs Escort Bayan Pat if he was a titman. “I have to admit it,” Pat said,”An nice, rounded ass always draws me in much more than anything else when it comes to body parts… not that I’d say no if a pair of tits came my way.” Bill gave Tina a nudge. She shook her head lightly. He looked down at her in an almost stern way, and she began rolling her shirt up. Those breasts Pat had been trying to eye whenever she’d bent over the Donkey Kong all night came into view, and Pat licked his lips without thinking about it.

“Told ya hon… even the guys who aren’t into tits, are into yours… “

“But out here… “

“It’s dark. No one looking but us… you looking, Pat?”

Pat nodded, having lost the power of speech for the moment. This wasn’t happening, was it? Tina smiled at him, taking one of his hands. “You can do more than touch, if you want.” She moved his hand over to her right tit, where he flexed his palm about it on instinct. She sighed, settling back a bit in the truck’s seat. Pat gave another squeeze and then leaned over to lick around the big, brown circle of her aerole before sucking the nipple of her breast in between his lips, catching it in his teeth and nipping it. “Oooohhh… .and you say you’re an assman? Mmm”

Just then, the truck swerved slightly. Tina sat up more. “Bill… don’t get too into things while you’re driving!”

Pat sat back up and faced forward. “Turn here… I told ya, I’m staying around the corner from the shop. Let’s just go to my place.” Bill shrugged and Tina said alright by her, and they turned down the street to the fraternity house. Tina’s right hand slid over Pat’s thigh and her fingers groped for his hardness. His erection wasn’t full yet, but… like it usually did when he’d gotten high… was already thicker than usual. She squeezed it, and cooed. She leaned into him and whispered while fondling his length through his shorts.

“Whacha gonna do with this, mister assman?”

Almost in a daze, Pat led the couple up the steps to the porch and into the house. He clapped on the lights in the front room, and hit the remote for the radio upstairs in the study they’d made into a dj studio. “You’ll have to forgive the mess. Party central only has one resident at the moment, and I’ve been a little busy tonight.” He copped a feel of Tina’s backside as she came over to him, and draped his arm about her waist as she stayed at his side. “And appear to be getting busier… ” He tilted Tina’s face up to his and kissed her. They began with simply a long buss… but their lips parted as the kiss went on, and their mouths opened… tongues and mouths and lips moving about in a deep, wet, french display. Hands coming up and caressing each other… Pat fondling the globes of Tina’s ass… Tina reaching between them to run her hands back along Pat’s hardness and to the tops of his trunks.

“Uh huh… busy, busy… “, Tina said as she moved her hands to Pat’s hips and slid his shorts over his hips and down to the floor. The sound they made was echoed by that of Bill’s jeans landing on the side of the couch. He’d sat down while they’d been kissing and undressed himself from the waist down. Sitting on the couch, he had his thick cock in hand, enjoying watching Pat and his wife getting to know one another. “Ooh, two hard dicks… whatever is a girl to do?” Tina said with a laugh and a wink, giving Pat a tug towards the couch. “Hmmm… .looks like feeding time… “

She bent from the waist over Bill’s lap. He’d gotten up to sit against the back of the couch, just under its top, as opposed to on the cushion. Tina, bending over as she had, was at the right height to drop her mouth right over his cock, sucking the entirety of its length between her lips, tongue visible in her cheeks as she licked and sucked on him. Her head and body both bobbing upon the thick erection before her. Taking his cue from her words, Pat knelt quietly behind her and slid his hands up those tan, tone legs. He caressed his way along about her shins and up her calves to her knees. He leaned in to breath warmly on her skin as his wands went past her knees and crept sinuously across the flesh of her thighs.

He toyed with the edges of the leg openings in her shorts, then firmly grasped the fabric in his Escort Kıbrıs fingertips and tugged them down in a sudden, sweeping motion. Tina gasped at the exposure of her bottom, then went back to blowing Bill and shook her ass at Pat in a teasing… beckoning manner. Pat took the invitation, bringing his face right up against her lacy, high cut panties… not what you might have expected to find, but what else would’ve fit beneath short shorts like she’d been wearing? He rubbed his cheek against hers, and ran his finger along the crack of her ass down to her pussy. He gripped the panties by their crotch with two fingers and drug them off her… slowly, as opposed to the sudden way he took her shorts.

Now fully exposed, Tina shifted her stance to spread her legs as far apart as was comfortable. Pat licked and kissed at her thighs and ass, while his fingers explored her pussy. When the wetness and the movement of her hips showed she was getting antsy, he backed off his fingers and began laying long, lingering licks along the entire length of her womanhood… paying special attention to the rosebud at the end of the line. “Mmm, uh huh… ,” moaned Tina as she squirmed under Pat’s mouth and tongue. Spreading her open with a pair of fingers, Pat continued to eat her as she ate Bill. He was just getting into the rhythm of matching her movements with the fingers he had up her pussy when she paused to push him off and pull him up by his shirt. “Need more than fingers.”, she said in an almost breathless whisper. “Give it to me.”, Tina demanded as she released her hold and turned to brace herself against her husband.

“Whatevah ya say… “, Pat answered as he brought his hard cock up into the space between Tina’s thighs. He rolled his hips, rubbing the length of his shaft along the inside of Tina’s upper leg and teasingly ran it through the wetness oozing out of her. With a smaller grunt, he shoved himself forward, penetrating her and provoking a deeper, more lingering grunt… more of a groan… from both of them. For several minutes, the threesome continued… Bill watching the looks of pleasure on both Pat’s face and his wife’s… Tina alternating between sucking and licking at Bill’s cock and just jacking him while savoring the in-and-out thrusts behind her… and Pat grooving on the tightness of Tina’s pussy and the wildness of having brought this couple home with him in the first place.

After a while, though, Tina broke the pace as her breath began getting more ragged than ever. She bit her lip and sighed through the gap her teeth made in her otherwise clenched jaw. Pat sighed as well, as Tina’s action with her mouth was mimicked in the way her pussy suddenly clenched around his dick and began squeezing it. He picked up his speed to match hers, and the pair of them started to rock together. Beneath them, Bill slipped further down on the couch, moving Tina’s hands to brace herself against his chest and torso, and taking over on his own shaft. “Getting close, baby… just say when… “, he said, leaning forward to kiss Tina… their mouths and tongues working each other over with a passion they hadn’t shown so far.

She gave almost a yelp, and bore down backwards against Pat. As if they’d been waiting for just that cue, Pat and Bill began to come as well. Pat’s cock throbbed and pulsed within Tina’s pussy, his come spurting inside of her. Bill, on the other hand, went stiff and leaned back into the couch back. He lifted his pelvis and began shooting his wad against Tina’s chest, but she dropped her body and caught most of his cum on her lips and cheek. They all cried out and then collapsed on the couch in a mix between heap and row. Tina and Pat exchanged kisses, Pat and Bill looks of satisfaction and that good sort of fatigue you have after a really effective workout.

With a grunt like he’d given that summer… and many times since… Pat came all over his fist and the floor of the tub. The steamy water quickly whisked it off to the drain, while he leaned against the wall on his bracing arm. Man, he thought, that’s always so intense. And I hadn’t even gotten to the best part… oh well… guess that’ll be for this evening’s beat off. Pat chuckled to himself, finished his shower, and got dressed. As he headed out the door, the phone rang again.

“Good, I caught you.”, Allan said. “I’m running behind. Just go to the food court and wait for me, ‘kay? I should be along soon.”

“Whatever, dude… see ya when I see ya… “, Pat replied. He hung up the phone, doublechecked himself in the hall mirror, and headed out.

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