A Surprise Visitor

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Max was sitting up in his room when he heard a nervous knock on his door. He hurried downstairs since the rest of his family was out shopping and then watching some lame movie. “I’ll be there in a second!” he called.

He stopped at the door and unlocked it, opening it and peaking through because otherwise his dog would run out to greet the visitor. An oddly familiar girl stood on Max’s porch, he could of sworn he had seen her somewhere…

“Hi, Max…It’s me…Kendra.”

Her beautiful voice wrapped around his body and sent a shiver through his spine. He stared for several seconds, as if unable to believe that this girl was really the same he had known for so many months now. “Wow…Kendra…is that really you?” he finally stuttered, pushing his dog away with his foot.

“Yes, it’s me…I’m finally here…it took a lot of work, but I did it for you, my love.”

Max stepped outside and shut the door, hugging Kendra and kissing her on the lips. He soon realizes what he just did and pulled back from their kiss with a small blush. “Well…what are we sitting out here for? Come on in!”

Max re-opened the door and led Kendra into his house. Kael, the dog, jumped eagerly on Kendra, happy to meet someone new! Finally, Max managed to get the dog off so that he could lead his friend to the living room and onto a big couch.

He glanced over at Kendra, not sure what to do. Things had been awkward since they gave up being master and slave over the internet…but perhaps things would work out now? He eagerly hoped so.

Suddenly, before he knew what he was doing, Max blurted out what he was thinking! This caused Kendra to turn a pretty shade of pink, spreading from her cheeks, to the rest of her face, and down her neck! “W-well, don’t you remember? I promised when we met that I would do anything you wanted without question…Master,” she replied, the blush turning red now.

As if to test whether or not she was telling the truth, Max leaned forward again and moved his body over hers Malatya Escort and pushed Kendra onto her back. Lying on top of her soft, wondrous body, he kissed her again with even more passion. His tongue lashed out into Kendra’s mouth eagerly. He felt her crotch grow hotter as he knew this was turning her on.

“Mmm…good girl,” he moaned, the post-hypnotic suggestion taking root and causing Kendra’s pussy to moisten in need.

“Th-that’s not fair,” she gasped, desperately grinding her crotch against him, feeling his hard cock pressing at his pants.

“Ahh, sorry my slave, you are mine…to do whatever I wish with,” he said lustfully as he reached up and squeezed Kendra’s right breast, “Understand?”

Kendra arched her back and closed her eyes in rapture as he roughly groped her. “Y-yes, Master!” she whispered back, her panties now totally soaked.

Sitting up, Max heard Kendra groan in disappointment, making him chuckle. “Don’t worry, we will be continuing soon…get up in front of me and do a strip tease,” he said as he sat up again.

Kendra nervously moved in front of her master and stared at her feet. “Master, I don’t know how to do a strip tease, what do you want me to do?” she asked quietly.

Max leaned forward and spoke up, “Hey, don’t worry about it, just go with the flow. Just dance for me until you reach a point where you think it won’t interrupt the dance to take off a piece of clothing. Keep that up until you’re totally naked, now be a good girl.”

Shuddering as the command made her even hornier, Kendra quickly thought up the easiest dance she could remember and started performing for her master. Even as easy as it was to move, she couldn’t find a good moment to do anything. Then she just knew what to do! She kicked her feet behind her, throwing her shoes onto the other couch in the living room. Swaying her hips, she played with the hem of her blouse and smiled, slowly lifting it up and finally over her head. Her breasts bounced slightly in her bra Malatya Escort Bayan as she continued to dance.

As she does a twirl, she unsnaps the buttons on her short jeans. She comes up to her master and sits in his lap, rubbing against him and swinging her hips as she slowly shimmied out of her shorts and stepped out of them, leaving them at his feet. Her red lacy bra and matching thong left little to the imagination, blocking only what they were supposed to, Max could even plainly see that his slave was clean shaven…

“That’s it, now take off those last things,” he said, pointing to her bra, panties, and socks, “Then come over here and give me a lap dance, let me feel you…”

Too aroused to dance properly, thinking only of rubbing her virgin body against her master, Kendra quickly did a few more shakes of her rear as she stripped! She quickly climbed into her master’s lap and pressed her breasts to his chest, rubbing the hard nipples against his own chest. Her sopping wet pussy was leaving drops on his pants as she rubbed against them!

Max then lifted his own shirt and tossed it to the side, pulling Kendra off so he could lean down and suckle on her nipples. Just as he was about to, he stopped and commanded her again, “Take off my pants and underwear to the best of your ability with me sitting down, and then jerk me off until I say to stop.” Finally, he took her hard bud into his mouth and bit down, twisting and pulling on her sensitive nipple with his teeth!

Kendra could barely move to obey, needing so desperately to finger herself under this relentless assault. As she felt the warmth of her master’s cock between her fingers she just had to disobey… Instead of stroking him with her hand, Kendra began to rub her pussy against the arch of her master’s cock!

Max pulled the nipple he was feasting on out of his mouth and immediately pushed Kendra off him again. “You disobedient slut! I don’t need hypnosis to do this anymore!” he yelled, before pulling Escort Malatya Kendra over his lap, her legs and breasts dangling on either side. Max pulled back his hand and began to spank his disobedient pet.

Once her ass was a beautiful, pinkish color he stopped and told her to sit up. She did so in a hurry and he stroked Kendra’s cheek, giving her another kiss and murmuring, “Good girl, my little sex kitten.”

Max then returned to a normal voice and said, “Well, if you’re that eager to lose your virginity then I suppose I got no choice, do I? Lay back and spread your legs as wide as you can for me, good.”

Max moved between his slave’s stretched legs and began to rub his cock up and down her slit, teasing her more and more. “Beg for it first, pet, tell me how badly your slutty cunt needs my cock!”

Kendra bit her lip, trying to stop herself, but seeing Max in such control like this was too much of a turn on, she couldn’t stop herself. “M-m-master! Pleeeeaasse!!! My pussy needs your cock! It’s so wet and eager, Master! Please fuck me to your hearts content, don’t stop using my…my cunt, until you’re completely satisfied!!” she cried in need.

At long last he thrust his cock into her! Filling her tight pussy completely and shattering her hymen! As quickly as the pain from losing her virginity came, it vanished as Max pounded into Kendra’s cunt, the pleasure obliterating any pain she could have felt! Her legs wrapped around her master’s hips, and her arms circled his neck, trying to force even more of him in her!

He couldn’t hold on after two years of no sex, and with Kendra being a virgin, she didn’t last long either. They both were soon convulsing in pleasure as both their orgasms wracked their bodies. Max felt himself empty his load into Kendra and immediately asked, “Wait! You’re on birth control, right?!?”

Unable to speak, Kendra simply nodded her head and then closed her eyes. Max pulled out of her as his cock softened. He saw her falling asleep and smiled. He picked up their clothes and put them in his room, then lifted Kendra, finding she was much lighter then she looked, and brought her up the stairs and laid her on his bed. He slipped in next to her and curled up next to her, enjoying a warm body next to him as he slept for the first time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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