A Surprisingly Good Haircut

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Some parts of the story are important, and some are not. Some, likewise, are believable, and others are not.

The least believable part of the story is that Lola decided to get her hair cut, not at her preferred salon, but at an old-fashioned men’s barber shop. The young man who worked there, whose name she did not know, was certainly attractive, but there must have been other ways of meeting him, talking to him, looking at him. A myriad such will suggest themselves the moment you try to think of any. Judge her impractical if you will, but Lola determined that a haircut from this boy was the thing she wanted, and it was, incredibly, what she got.

Of Lola.

She was not old, and not too young. Her specific age is unimportant to the storyteller, so make it what you will. Her appearance you may fill in for yourself if you will, simply by blocking out the fact that she was somewhat short with very pale white skin, and long, wavy auburn hair that flowed and flamed up like a deciduous forest in high autumn. You may substitute for her beautiful curves -a figure which harkened back to standards of beauty last seen just after the second World War- whatever form you wish to see. She is what you want her to be, though truly she was beautiful with sexy hips that sway when she walked. She had slightly red cheeks, though not rosy, and an almost pointed, catlike nose. Her eyes were blue, lively, and playful.

The young man on whom Lola’s eye had fallen was, like her, not old and not too young. His chin was firm, his eyes piercing, his nose strong, and his skin a few Mediterranean shades darker than mine. See him: not smiling often, but when he did it was a thing worth noticing. Though his profession required little in the way of muscle, he was in peak physical condition with broad, muscular shoulders and short, jet black hair. Credit his physique to swimming or to rowing or to sailing, for the setting, though this is again unimportant, was a maritime one. An ocean breeze blew through the empty summer streets in this quiet ocean-side town.

Enter Lola.

She walked slowly and uncertainly up to the door of the barber shop, nervous about what might happen. She wanted a close look at this man, but she wasn’t sure what her limits were. He had intrigued her, caught her eye, perhaps at a bar on a previous night, or as she walked past. It doesn’t matter. She loved her long and luscious hair, but she was on an adventure, and adventures require unexpected sacrifice.

She wore a white halter-top dress with navy blue stripes which hugged and accentuated her figure backwards and forwards, leaving some, but not all, to the imagination. Her legs, like the white on her dress and the swell of the upper part of her breasts, reflected the sunlight that streamed down upon the street quite dazzlingly. If she had known how good she looked, things might have followed differently, but everything was just as it was.

Passing the striped pole that has been the symbol of the barber’s trade for centuries, she pushed open the door and stepped inside. A small bell rang, and the aging barber who owned the shop looked briefly up from his work, before indicating an empty rocking chair and returning to his craft. The elderly man whose few hairs had apparently needed trimming stood up out of the barber’s chair, grunted his satisfaction, and handed the barber some money. There were two other people in the shop, a portly gentleman in checkered shorts, polo shirt and straw hat, and a young boy of ten with bright blond hair.

While the portly man, the boy’s father, sat for his haircut, the young boy and Lola passed the time with a game of checkers, played on top of a barrel between their two rocking chairs. The young boy won, though not all rules of the game survived intact. When the father’s cut was finished some time later, the lad took his place, and the former sat observing the barber’s progress. Lola paid heavy attention alternatively to her nails, the street, and the rest of the shop.

The air was hot and thin and humid and suddenly shattered by the ringing of the bell on the door, which signaled the arrival of the young man Lola had come to explore.

He was there, by happy chance, to conduct the latter part of the day’s business, and then to close the shop for the day. With a workmanlike expression he crisply offered the barber’s chair to Lola, who nearly slipped in nervous haste, but didn’t. She sat with grace and poise, she hoped, and he covered her beautiful dress with the standard protection, a black cape. Being a good deal taller than Lola, the young barber gave her seat a few pumps to bring her up to a convenient height so that he would not have to stoop as he worked. As he ran tissue around her neck to keep the clippings out, he asked her what he could do for her today.

She said none of the lewd things that quickly popped into her mind as she admired the mans muscles through his thin, white t-shirt, and instead said, “Just a trim please, to even the length up. Nothing special.”

The man smiled a becoming smile, and reached for his clippers and comb.

He spent ten minutes or so trimming around the edges, pausing only to wet his comb, and ever so intent upon his work. Lola was free to look where she would, and roved the man’s body boldly with her eyes. She traced the lines from his pectoral muscles up through his strong shoulders, down the lengths of his arms, and back again.

Snip. Snip. Snip.

Suddenly the young boy in the next chair said, “WHEW, finally!” And hopped up from his chair. His father shrugged to the barber apologetically, paid for their cuts, and walked the boy out the door with promises of ice cream leading the way.

The elder barber turned to his young colleague and remarked, “it’s been slow like this all afternoon. People staying away on account of the heat. If you don’t mind finishing up here I’m going to go home early to help Betty out with the washing up. She won’t ask for the help, but both of us are starting to get to the age where we can’t turn it down either, when it’s offered. D’you mind at all, Max?” [a sensible enough name, Lola thought]

“Not at all. You tell Betty I said hello.”

“I’ll do that. When you meet your wife you’ll know how helpful a thing like this is. You’re not a bad kid, we’ll keep you around for a while longer. I’d say you can’t succeed as a barber being slow as molasses, but if business is that slow too, why not? And you’re young and picking it up. You’ll be ok.”

“You flatter me, sir. Have a good one.”

The door closed behind the man, leaving Lola and Max alone in the dusty barbershop.

“Well… how am I doing?” Max asked a little awkwardly.

“Well, thank you. Very well” Lola said encouragingly, meeting his eyes for a moment and smiling. He turned to refresh the water on his comb and went back to work. He ran her hands through her hair to find the strands whose length he had been about to compare, but this time his touch seemed both gentler and firmer, as if his purpose were different. It probably meant nothing.

Snip. Snip. Snip.

He continued cutting. There was probably very little left to do, given what a light job it was in general, but he said nothing and Lola didn’t press him. She closed her eyes as he trimmed the hair above her forehead, and realized that she loved his smell, a deep, manly scent that blended with the ocean air in a most enticing fashion. She opened her eyes and went back to admiring the man’s shoulders, and then followed his torso down in her mind across the stomach, which she was sure would be flat, if not muscular, to the plain, belted blue jeans he wore. She followed her imagination further down, across the forbidden line, mentally undressing the barber completely as he stood not six inches from her, but as ignorant of the fact as if he had been six hundred miles distant.

The idea of such public, secret naughtiness caused Lola to flush, slightly. She felt it more and more, and became aware of the fact that her substantial breasts were slightly firmer and more sensitive than they had been moments ago, and that she was beginning to feel a bit damp between the legs. She did not stop imagining the young barber naked, and the dampness resolved itself first into moistness, and then she was positively wet.

Snip. Snip. Snip.

The black cape which covered her went straight from her shoulders to her knees, leaving a large empty space between it and her body. It was possible, she thought doubtfully at first, to moved her arms and hands beneath the cape without the barber being any the wiser. She tested movements to see if any motion would be detectable, and decided that she could play a violin under that cape without anyone else knowing about it. Except for the sound, of course.

She moved her hands slowly down the front of her dress, and pulled the bottom up towards her stomach slowly, inch by inch. After a minute of bunching it up, the dress was high enough up that she could slip her right hand down to press over the front of the silk, white thong bursa escort she was wearing. It was quite wet, and as she ran her fingers slowly along it’s edges, she realized it was leaking a little as well.

Letting the rest of the dress fall back around her arm, she put her left hand back on the arm of the barber’s chair, as if to say, “I’m not up to anything! Nothing to see here!” Max clearly had no idea that anything was afoot, as he simply continued his slow, methodical chopping.

Snip. Snip. Snip.

She rubbed her middle finger slowly and gently around the bottom of things, touching herself just a little bit at a time. She stroked her thong’s edges teasingly, where it met skin, shocking herself with her own softness. As she ran her fingers up and down her thong her wetness increased noticeably. Finally she could resist herself no longer, and she edged her hand beneath the fabric and right up against her naked flesh. She didn’t succumb completely, however; she paused to run her middle finger up and down the length of her now-soaking pussy before she stuck it all the way in.

Remembering herself just a little, she looked up to check on her companion. If he was aware of any change in the room, there was no indication. How wrong this was, she thought to herself! How much trouble she could get in! It excited her more, and she pulled her finger out, and reinserted it along with a second finger. As she slowly fingered herself under the cape, she grew bolder in the realization that the secret was hers alone.

Snip. Snip. Snip.

Now she was finger-fucking herself while looking at the man she lusted for, while he touched her and ran his hands through her hair, and he had no idea. Lola was so pleased and in such pleasure that she didn’t look away when Max happened to look up at the mirror, straight into her eyes. She held his gaze, secretly fingering herself faster and faster, and they held eye contact for a long moment before he looked back down again.

She was unbelievably hot now, more turned on than she had ever been. Her left hand gripped the arm of the chair to steady herself as she masturbated beneath the folds of the protecting cape.

Max stepped away for a moment to moisten his comb again. Stepping back past Lola’s left, he passed so close to her that his the front of his waist, which was at a level with the chair, brushed right up against Lola’s covered left hand. She reflexively yanked her hand away and both studiously acted as if nothing had happened. Lola awkwardly cleared her throat. But she could have sworn that she had felt a certain amount of stiffness in the moment’s contact, and not of the figurative variety.

Was he enjoying her as much as she was enjoying him? She dared not to hope so, but it was her adventure after all, and it wasn’t over yet.

Snip. Snip. Snip.

She had lessened her fingering for a moment, but she resumed it with increased fervor, fueling her arousal with thoughts of what she had just touched. For it to reach her hand across the space separating them, it must have been a very careless action… or a fairly big thing. Or both?

His penis had been so close she could touch it. She had touched it, sort of. It was as if she was being teased by the room itself, with its hotness and humidity and the tightness of his jeans and dusty, musty smell in the room. It was as if she was being squeezed slowly by the room and the lust which she couldn’t possibly divulge, on which she had already acted far too much. The tension was terrible, but she could not stop, and a growing part of her wanted more.

Snip. Snip. Snip.

The next time she made eye contact in the mirror with the man she lusted for he held it for so long that she finally dropped her gaze. He sniffed the air and asked, “Does it smell funny in here to you?”

Lola realized that the smell was emanating from her wet, swollen pussy, and blushed. She said, “Um, yeah a little bit. I wonder what that is?”

“It is… vaguely familiar.” answered the young barber, who had somehow managed to drag out what might easily have been a ten- or twenty-minute trim into a time that felt like centuries. The clock showed that, indeed, some forty minutes had passed since the ordeal began.

Snip. Snip. Snip.

The next time Max’s somewhat stiff cock brushed, through his jeans, against the hand which Lola had replaced on the arm rest when she had gone back to finger-fucking herself, it was harder to believe it was an accident, though he kept on moving as if it hadn’t happened. Lola’s “Hmmm” detector might have gone off earlier if she hadn’t been so busy paying attention to shoving her soaked fingers in and out and in and out of her ridiculously wet pussy, but now she tried to imagine herself inside the man’s mind for a moment.

She said to herself, “He has kept me here for a seriously long time without letting me leave. If I were cutting hair I’d have finished and kicked me out the door to close ages ago. He hasn’t said much or smiled much, but he’s a shy boy. And he smiled a little. The eye contact… The brush-ups…” The realization that someone likes you is, unless you are used to it, a very gradual thing. As we remarked earlier, Lola was not so self-aware, and it was therefore only at this point that she began to believe that the palpable sexual tension in the room was not only constricting her.

Snip. Snip. Stop.


It appeared that the trim had reached a point of climax, though Lola had not. Max, the young barber, reached for the small hand mirror, which in reflection from the larger would show Lola how well and how evenly he had cut her hair. He stooped a little to look into the mirror levelly, from the same height as Lola’s own head, and absentmindedly asked her if she was pleased with the result. Pleased? Oh yes. And the hair looks surprisingly good too!

Using her feet to push off from the ground she whirled the chair around to face him. “I love it,” she purred, looking directly and expectantly into his eyes, and slowly leaned forward towards him.

The speed with which they went from a foot apart to having their tongues in each other’s mouths was breathtaking. Their kiss was violent at first, as they probed and explored each other with their tongues snaking, but the force lessened over time because of the awkwardness of her sitting in a chair and his stooping over her. She stood up a little, running her hands up and down his back. He slid his hands up her neck and down it again, across the tops of her smooth, bare shoulders, and then massaged her cheeks sensually as he held her kiss.

It might have gone on this way with great passion for both, but Lola was far too worked up already to have too lengthy a make-out session. To make her intentions clear she ran her hands down the man’s back to his jeans and grabbed his ass with force. He proclaimed the message heard loud and clear by moving both his hands down to cup, squeeze and press together her swelling breasts, gently but forcefully.

Breaking the kiss finally for a moment he said, “But here…?”

Lola, in no mood to wait for a change of scenery, stopped his mouth with a kiss again and responded in the affirmative by swiftly unbuttoning his jeans and pulling the zipper down.

She had been gradually sitting back down and he had been gradually following her, but then she pushed his chest up and sat down hard in the chair. Her feet found the pedal to the chair and lowered the height swiftly until her face was even with his belly button. She quickly reached into the black briefs he wore, found the stiffening penis hidden there, and pulled it up, exposing it to the air.

For just a moment she admired the size, shape and color of his throbbing cock before she stuck her tongue out and teasingly swirled it around the head. She looked up at him, and locking eyes with him once more, ran her tongue slowly down the length of his shaft, back up it, and then under the swelling head, just teasing it with the tip of her tongue.

Glancing to her left at the large window which opened onto the deserted main street of the town, and considering the unlocked door and “Open” sign, Lola rotated the barber’s chair so that it’s back concealed both herself and her barber’s partial nakedness. It would be suspicious to a passerby and lead to certain capture if someone should enter the store… but she just didn’t care at this point. Her pussy was dripping, and she wanted Max’s cock, and that was that.

Returning her attention to the be-hardened barber, Lola held her head closer to his cock, easing it into her mouth slowly. He groaned as she closed her lips about his dick and slowly worked it around her mouth with her moist tongue. She was pleased by its size; it did not stretch her mouth, and would not hurt her, but it was big enough to be almost uncomfortable. But not quite. It filled her mouth up though, that was certain, and her pussy, seemingly with a mind of its own watered at the prospect of feeling it soon.

She pulled her head back and sucked forward görükle escort down the length of his cock, pulled back and sucked him in, letting as much saliva as she could muster coat the throbbing cock in her mouth. The taste of it was meaty and salty and intoxicating, and she sucked it some more. As she sucked forward and backwards, up and down on his dick, she reached her left hand up to caress and coax his soft testicles. Though he had been making pleasurable noises for some time he let out a particularly deep and satisfied sound as she did this, and she determined not to stop. She ran her right arm up through his shirt to caress his chest, and kept working his dick in and out of her mouth, oh so wetly.

She said “Mmmm” and then pulled his dick slurpily out of her mouth briefly to observe “your dick is delightful” before shaking it a little bit to encourage stiffness, rubbing it against her cheek, and then circling the head a few times with her tongue. She plunged the cock back into her mouth with abandon, sucking gently but quickly, urgently, for real. He was just incredibly hard, she thought.

He reached down and took her right hand, pulling her slightly up with it, and brought it up to his mouth. He slowly and sexily sucked on her fingers one by one, running his own soft tongue up and down them. She loved it and it turned her the fuck on. He pulled her fingers out, realizing that they tasted the way the room smelled, and said, “you seemed like the calmest customer ever while I was cutting your hair. I had no idea you found it so exciting. You have been very bad today.”

She slurped greedily on his dick again three more times before pulling it out of her mouth to ask him if he had any problems with the situation.

He began what might have been a clever response, but it simply emerged as “aaaah” when she stuffed his cock back into her mouth and rubbed her left hand on his balls.

Taking stock of the situation and the peril it presented, Max asked between groans of pleasure if he had not better “close up the shop real quick.”

She seemed to relent, but then held onto him just a little longer, sucking down on him and up, down and up, down and up, slowly and wetly. When she finally let him go, she withdrew his cock from her mouth slowly, teasing the end of it with her tongue again.

Reluctantly free, Max swiftly shoved his wet penis into his jeans for a moment, staggering towards the door to turn the sign around to “closed” and deadbolt the door. The shop was old-fashioned, as we observed earlier, however, and had, instead of blinds, very thin curtains. They would have to do, he thought, pulling them shut. They didn’t conceal everything, but a would-be viewer would have to peer through a crack to see in.

Max briefly considered the possibility of getting into trouble out of lack of care, with eyes absentmindedly trained on the floor as he turned around. As he slowly looked up, his eyes took in a white dress with navy blue stripes in the chair nearest him, and then traveled over to see Lola partially sitting up in his own barber’s chair with her legs spread as wide as she could hold them, her left hand holding her thong to the side, and her right rapidly exploring and fingering her beautiful pussy.

She had hair, there, but not much. Or a lot or none. It is not important. She was fucking the hell out of it with her dripping fingers, her mouth was slightly open, her tongue was sticking out between her lips, and her eyes screamed “FUCK ME” in a way that only eyes can.

He strode purposefully over to her open body, losing his shirt as he went. He pulled his cock back out and knelt just slightly so that the head of it would be against her swollen labia. He held his cock in his hands, enjoying her wetness on the tip of his penis, and then rubbed it slowly up and down, beguiling Lola’s pussy with alternating promises of gentle caresses and a forceful fucking to come.

He took his cock and slowly spread her pussy lips apart with it. She was so fucking wet, it was just wonderful. He pushed into her very slowly and cautiously at first, not wanting to hurt her. She reached up with one hand and ran it sexily through his hair, rubbing his scalp erotically in a way that took any remaining limpness, if there had been any, out of his cock.

He pushed himself the last three inches into her, and stayed there for a few moments, locking his mouth to hers in a passionate kiss. As their tongues chased each other, dancing around in each other’s mouths, he began slowly to withdraw his dick from her. When he was halfway out, he slowly pushed his girth back in again.

Lola couldn’t believe how good his cock felt in her pussy. She moaned aloud “ooooh.” “mmmmm,” and as he fucked in and out a little faster, in and out a little faster, in and out just a little faster still, she said “oh yeah, just like that. Fuck me honey. Fuck my wet pussy.”

He started pumping, thrusting in and out of her, reveling in her wetness. He reached his arms out to spread her legs even wider, marveling at the loveliness of her pale skin, particularly the large breasts with wide areolae and soft, puffy nipples, the palest shade of pink. As she held her legs apart so that he could keep fucking her, in and out, in and out, smoothly and wetly, he reached his arms up to encircle her wrists, pinning them to the back of the chair.

He had her completely in his power now, and the vigor with which he shoved his cock into her beautiful, soaking, gaping pussy increased and increased, in-out-in-out-in-out. The force with which he fucked her caused his balls to slap up against her thighs and her sensitive asshole, increasing her pleasure even more.

They carried on like this, he spreading her pussy lips apart as he thrust into Lola, then backing out, only to reacquaint himself with her wetness half a moment later. As he humped her her breasts swayed gently to the rhythm. She was spread wide open for him, as wide as she could be. She pulled a had free for a moment and reached down to gently tease her clit as he continued to hump her.

Suddenly Lola pushed him back and out of her, reaching up with a hand to grip his hair sexily but strongly, and gently pushed him downwards. He had an idea of what she wanted, and having tasted the essence of her delicious pussy on her fingers, had every wish to accommodate her desire.

He knelt down, bending towards her swollen pussy, and reaching his strong arms around and under her thighs, pulled her hips up towards his face.

He didn’t rush things, not by any means. He slowly kissed and teased with his tongue around the inside of one, slower and slower towards Lola’s gaping gash, but then just kissing her wetness and continuing on over to the other thigh. Having kissed and licked around her inner thighs in this way for what seemed like eons, he slowly worked his way inwards until his tongue began to flick casually at her pussy lips.

When he knew that she was at the peak of her anticipation Max stuck his tongue as far as he could up Lola’s pussy. She gasped “Oooh” with pleasure and arched her back. He ran a hand up and over the front of her pubic mound, massaging her there as he gently ate her pussy.

He ran his tongue up and down her pussy, sucking in her delicious juice. He pulled his face back for a moment, inserting a finger to explore her more deeply before sticking his face back up to tongue-fuck her with increasing urgency and speed. She gasped and moaned and ooh-ed and ah-ed as he tongued her pussy and waves of pleasure washed over her.

Lola wanted that cock back in her. She sat up, pulling the barber’s hair up as well until he was standing. She got sharply up, stood to the side, and pushed him roughly down into the seat. His ass firmly in the chair, his cock pointed straight and hard to the ceiling like a compass. She stood up on the bars beneath the chair until her pussy was positioned directly over the head of his cock. She lowered herself slowly onto him, gasping as he re-entered her.

Her gorgeous ass, perfectly curved, soft, and firm was in Max’s face at first, then down towards his stomach, and then it was moving up and down on his midsection as she rode him. She fucked up and down on him, increasing her tempo as she slowly accustomed herself to the awkwardness of her foothold. Her beautiful tits bounced slowly up and down with the motion of her body as she fucked him harder and harder.

Her pussy lips were quite swollen and she held her breasts, squeezing her own nipples for just a moment to send a small thrill of pleasure up her spine. She fucked down on his erect dick steadily, enjoying the feeling of him coming out of her and then filling her up.

She looked up to the mirror and beheld herself, mouth open, nipples hard, and hair streaming as she rode the beautiful man she had lusted for, and her pussy juices flowed harder. Lola’s ass was flying to and from Max’s point of vision, and he fucked up to meet it. But Lola’s feet and legs were growing tired in the strange position they were in, escort bayan so she blithely hopped off of his dick, turned around, and climbed back up.

Facing her man, she was able to straddle him and rest her knees against the bottom of the chair on the sides. It was a tight fit, but the chair was a fairly large one, and it allowed them enough room. Her big tits were directly in his face now, and pressed together and almost against his nose by the closeness of her arms. He stuck his tongue out and adeptly circled around and around her stiffly pointing nipples with it. He brought his hands up to squeeze them for a moment, but she turned the tables on him by grabbing them and holding them back against the chair. She was in charge.

She looked back at the barber’s mirror to see his stiff, throbbing cock pointing at her dripping pussy expectantly as it hovered above him. She slowly moved herself down until he was just barely inside her. He groaned with anticipation as she held the pose, very gradually moving her soaking pussy down his shaft. Having just barely covered the head, she slowly pulled herself back up until her pussy hovered completely above him. She savored the moment and the expectation, and then suddenly shoved her pussy all the way down his prick, filling herself up with him.

His cock was so hard, so firm, it felt just wonderful, it filled her as her pussy flowed around it. She pulled up and then sat down on his cock hard, and again harder, and again harder, and again harder. Up and down and up and down her taught, curvaceous ass rode in the mirror, and up and down and up and down her big tits bounced and flew in his face, and up and down her drench pussy lips slid on his solid dick.

The sight of his prick fucking in and out of her as she looked over her shoulder into the mirror drove her into a frenzy, and she began to shriek out “FUCK ME! OH YES! OH YES! FUCK ME! JUST LIKE THAT! FUCK ME! YEAH OOH YEAH OOH YEAH OOH YEAH OOH YEAH FUCK!” He thrust up to meet her gaping pussy and she engulfed him again and again and again. Their rhythm and timing suggested a couple that had been fucking for years, but they had only just met.

He moved his hands to her ass, squeezing it and helping to support her and regulate their rhythm, but it got in the way of the view, so he moved them up to squeeze her breasts and her nipples, just a little at first, but then harder, and then good and hard.

She rode him with abandon, feeling her pussy tightening as her clit rubbed up and down the top of his cock, loving the feeling of him playing with her nipples, and loving the feeling of her clit rubbing up and down his cock. Her clit sent shock waves through her pussy and through her body, and she gave up trying to regulate the speed of his thrusts and her own fucking down onto his dick as he shoved it into her.

Then she felt her pussy begin to spasm and tighten and she could sense her climax coming, roaring towards her, and she lost any control she had left, pulling her pussy up and down and up and down the big throbbing dick of this man she had just met, fucking him and fucking him until her pussy began to clench and unclench and clench and unclench.

Just as this happened, she felt his dick lurch and begin cumming within her. His hot cum spurted up into her pussy over and over and over again with more and more urgency. He pushed all the way into her for his last spasm, as far as he could go, and she pressed down on him, taking his cock and keeping it there, locking the lips of her spasming pussy around the base of it as she moaned out “OOH OOH OOH OOH OOH OOOOOOOOOH” in her own triumphant and exhausting orgasm.

She slouched against him with his cock, his cum, and her wetness all inside her, her bulging breasts just below his head, trying to catch her breath. He gripped her ass and heaved, his own exertions hadn’t been anything to sneeze at. They stayed that way for several minutes, all fucked out.

She clutched at his muscles admiringly, and shifted her pussy around on his cock a little, producing the desired twin groan of pleasure and discomfort. Her mischievous eyes looked down at him as he slowly massaged her breasts, cupping and squeezing them gently. He was still inside her, and she could feel his dick, so recently spent, slowly beginning to come to life again. She pushed herself down and up on him slightly to gauge the reaction, and he stiffened palpably. They weren’t done yet.

She hopped suddenly off of his slowly-hardening dick and kicked the foot-stand to raise him into the air. She was fine with kneeling, but it was there and it was convenient, so she brought him up to her.

She came towards him as before, slowly, and gingerly, but suddenly and passionately plunged his whole dick into her mouth, cum, pussy juice, and all as she felt her lust returning and building again.

She swirled his cock around in her mouth with her tongue, causing him to groan deeply, and she reached up to support his testicles again with one hand while she circled his shaft with the other. She pumped him in and out of her mouth with her hand squeezing his shaft and running up and down it, up and down up and down and her mouth was filled with wetness which she spread around the cock, from the head down the length of it, rubbing in the soft liquid with her hand as she jacked him off.

She held the shaft up towards her head from the base for a moment, pulled back, sucked up a bunch of saliva, and then spat it all down onto the head of the penis, swiftly taking him back into her mouth and sucking up and down on his hard, wet dick again. He became longer and firmer as she sucked him up and down, up and down, swirling her tongue on his prick and rubbing him with her smooth hands.

When she thought he could get no stiffer Lola got up again, and turned around. She bent over directly towards the mirror and wiggled her ass provocatively at the barber’s face.

He did not need to be told twice.

He stood up and rubbed his cock along her still-soaked slit, then pushed sharply into her. He could see her breasts hanging down in the mirror, looking bigger than ever as her beautiful nipples bounced with the fucking he proceeded to give her. He shoved his dick into her and pulled back, waited, and shoved it in even harder. He held her ass with his hands, and it fucked his mind just as much as he fucked her pussy to see him going into her and out of her, to see her pussy lips pulling backwards towards him as he came out, to see her amazing wetness on his cock. Her asshole was lovely and pink, and the sight of it engorged his cock.

As he fucked her harder and harder, he reached up and pulled her head back towards him. He worked his cock in and out, in and out, wetly, hardly, roughly, smoothly, in and out, in and out he fucked her and he pulled her hair. As her head came back her breasts came up until they were almost pressing against his barber’s mirror, flying forward and back with the rest of her body as he fucked her.

He stood still for a moment, stopped fucking her to see how she would respond, and she looked back at him coyly. She smiled playfully and slowly eased her pussy back onto his throbbing dick. Then she pulled forward again… and eased herself back onto his dick. Then she pulled forward again and pushed herself back to him harder, her ass slamming against him, and then she fucked back on him harder and harder, her ass shaking gloriously with the force of the contact.

He pulled her hair again and began to meet her strokes. Lola could not believe how excellent she felt as his cock filled her up, left, and filled her again. He shoved it into her and into her and into her and she was so wet and he so firm. She had thought it was in her head but realized it was out loud that she was thinking, saying, yelling, screaming “YES! YES! AH! OH! OH! OH! AH! YES! FUCK ME! OH YES! OH YES! AH AH AH AH AH AH YES YES YESYESYESYESYES!”

Their rhythm was ridiculously fast, he slammed into her, fucked the shit out of her, thrust harder and harder. Harder and harder, in and out in and out with her beautiful pussy lips sliding up and down his throbbing cock and her beautiful cream-colored ass slapping against him noisily and her huge tits swaying and bouncing with the force of it. He could stand it no longer and spent himself, less forcefully than before, but still with a great deal of cum into her wet, yielding pussy.

Lola, knowing that this was it, thrust herself back against him, burying his erupting dick as deeply as she could manage it into her throbbing pussy. His stiffness, his spasming against her clit, the sexiness of him pulling her hair, and the image of it all right in front of her in the mirror all exploded together in her second orgasm. He shoved his dick into her one last time. “OOOOOAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOO!” she screamed as she came

She gripped his cock between her legs tightly, her mouth gaping open and her tits resting against the desk as his cum began to leak out of her pussy and trail down her leg.

The caught their breath gradually in that position, holding it until his cock finally slipped out of her, spilling his seed to the ground.

She was all shagged out, dazed. But she was happy.

Even the haircut was good.

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