A Taste of Medicine Pt. 02

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A continuation of my first ever attempt at a story. Again, very short and sweet, and obviously pure fantasy. I am the first to admit that dialogue is not my strongest area, so I tend to gloss over the talky bits…


I was drained and happy. I hardly knew what she meant when she said she would get a colleague to clean me up. But I was about to find out. After about ten minutes, the door opened and in walked one of the other nurses. She was not dressed as nurse Claire had been. Her name tag said “Teresa Robinson” and she was in the standard nurses’ uniform. Or was it? I looked more closely, and saw that she had on more makeup than I remembered her wearing before. A pale pink lipstick and heavy mascara accentuated her eyes; plus she wore four-inch high stiletto-heeled court shoes, definitely not regulation. She was older than nurse Claire, late thirties I would guess, and her short dark hair was cut in a cute bob the swished freely about her cheeks. She was also a lot bustier. Claire’s tits had been small and pert, but Teresa’s were huge, DD cup or perhaps even bigger? I was no expert, but she had a fantastic hour-glass figure, slim of waist, wide of hip and oh-boy, those tits! I could have stared down her cleavage forever. She had several buttons undone and was showing off a quite spectacular décolletage.

Only then did I notice that she was pushing a trolley covered with a white cloth. As she got next to the bed, she looked down at the mess created by my own spunk, and Claire’s juices, all over my abdomen and the bedclothes. She tutted, and looked at me with a disconcerting expression; a mix of disgust and sheer lust.

“Looks like I’ve got some washing to do” she said, and with that whipped off the covering on the trolley. It revealed a large bowl of steaming-hot water, some medicated soap, and several wash-cloths and towels.

I was suddenly feeling slightly nervous, lying there completely exposed to her. Before I could react or say anything, she unceremoniously grabbed my soft and shrunken penis between her thumb and forefinger and held it up like something she’d found in the gutter. She tutted again, and let me go. My cock flopped back, but there were just the first stirrings of arousal from her warm touch. I tried to look innocent, but probably failed miserably.

“Lift up!” nurse Teresa commanded, indicating with a gesture what she wanted. I lifted my hips from the bed, and she expertly slid a deep towel under me, obviously to stop the bed from getting wet, then she turned and organised herself with the water and soap. Escort Bayan Steam rose from the water, it looked hot. She thoroughly soaped a wash-cloth in the water and turned back to slap the cloth down onto my very slowly hardening cock. I yelped in surprise and pain, the water was very hot! After a few seconds I started to become accustomed to it, and Teresa started to soap my groin.

She parted my legs brusquely, and reached down with the soapy cloth, lathering my entire abdomen meticulously. She thoroughly slathered my cock, my balls, and reached a hand underneath to get right into my butt-crack. I could feel her fingers pushing into my anus slightly through the wash-cloth. With all the soap she was spreading around, my normally tight opening was soon well lubricated, and her finger slipped in a little way quite easily with each slathering. I getting very slippery with all the soap, as she kept returning to the trolley to re-lather the cloth, and her constant rubbing and probing was getting me very arousing. It wasn’t very long before I was almost completely hard again.

She looked back up to me, smiling suddenly.

“That’s more like it.” She said, and turned to dry her hands carefully on one of the many towels she had on the trolley. When her hands were dry, she turned back to face me and reached up to begin slowly unbuttoned her uniform, clearly making sure I had a very good view as each button was popped open to reveal more and more of her ample breasts. I couldn’t help myself, and I reached down to touch myself, but she slapped my hand away sharply.

“Leave it alone!” She said, business-like. “Leave things to the professionals.” Then she continued to unbutton her uniform tantalisingly slowly. Eventually, when I was completely hard, she had her uniform open all the way down, and she slipped it off her shoulders, laying it carefully over the handle-bar of the trolley.

Beneath the severe uniform she had on a black lace bra, only half-cup, and barely big enough to contain her huge tits, they were almost spilling out over the top of it. I glanced down her body, taking in the view. Nearly completely exposed by the semi-transparent lace bra, her breasts was just magnificent, and I could see her large dark areolae through the lace, her nipples making obvious points through the material that barely reached high enough to cover them. I my gaze went down her body, I saw that she had on a matching black lace suspender-belt, with four narrow suspenders that held up very sheer black stockings with a lace band at Escort the top of each. Matching black lace bikini-style knickers covered her pussy, although I could almost see through the semi-transparent material. She leaned forward, and I could see the material of her half-cup bra straining, and her breasts almost falling out of it as she did so. I had a hard time not reaching forward to fondle those magnificent orbs as they dangled just inches from my face.

She looked into my eyes, following their gaze to what I couldn’t help but stare at.

“Well?” She said, demandingly. “Are you going to stare at them all day, or are you going to suck them like a good boy?” And with that, she reached behind her back and unclasped the catch on her bra, letting it fall to the ground.

I needed no more prompting, and immediately reached forward to cup them in my hands. I felt their weight and roundness, the softness of the skin, and as I touched the nipples I felt Teresa’s breath catch in her throat. I suddenly realised that the commanding efficiency was mostly an act, and by now she was as turned on as I was. At least I hoped so, as I drew those magnificent huge breasts towards me and started to lick and suck at her left nipple. As I did this, I pinched and squeezed the nipple on her right breast with my fingers. After a few minutes, I swapped to lick at the right nipple whilst my fingers fondled and squeezed at the left. She was panting hard now, her hands went behind my head pulling me into her and she thrust her chest forward into my mouth eagerly as I sucked her nipples hard. They were very large, almost as big as the tip of my thumb, and the very firm flesh behind them was smooth and warm to my caressing touch and licking tongue.

I could feel myself getting even more turned on my all this, and by now I desperately wanted her to touch me again. I glanced up to see her head thrown back as she thrust her chest forward, pushing her breasts into my waiting mouth. My cock was desperate for attention, and the lack of any meant that it was just starting to soften as I continued to suck and play with her breasts and nipples. I was unwilling to stop in case she just walked out, but I needn’t have worried. She must have been keeping an eye on my cock, as she slowly pulled away with a sigh and looked down at my still hard, but very slowly softening cock.

“That will never do.” She said sternly, and reached behind her to grab the soapy wash cloth again. Slap! The hot water and soap-covered cloth came down, and she started again re-lathering Bayan Escort my cock, balls and down to my anus. After just a very few minutes she stopped and looked down at me, then to my surprise she climbed onto the foot of the bed, straddling my feet, pinning my legs down, and then she bent forwards, lowering her chest down towards my groin.

Her breasts slipped easily either side of my now rock-hard cock, and she pushed them together with her hands, sandwiching my soap-slathered cock tightly between them. Then slowly, very slowly at first, she began to move her body slightly up and down the bed. With all the soap, my cock slipped easily between her breasts as she started to give me the most glorious tit-wank.

The view was unbelievably fantastic as I looked down the bed at her. My cock would completely disappear for a second or two as she reached the top of a stroke, before emerging again, and again, covered in warm soap, as she worked her tits up and down my length, holding me tightly between them. She certainly knew what she was doing, and after a few minutes I could feel myself building towards a climax already, getting closer and closer with each stroke of her slippery white mounds that enveloped my engorged cock.

The visual stimulus was almost as arousing as the physical, as I watched wide-eyed whilst she continued to slowly wank me between her soap-covered breasts. Then suddenly I couldn’t help myself, with a cry that I couldn’t muffle, I came in a powerful jet that almost hit me in the face, landing on my chest. My second and subsequent spurts landed on her breasts, coating them in white jism that slowly merged with the soap-suds to make a sticky mess. She continued to push her beautiful huge breasts up and down the full length of my cock for a while longer, milking every last drop of semen from me. I could feel my cock jerking spasmodically as my body tried to cum, but there was nothing left, and the dry-jerks were almost painful. Having now cum three times in less than an hour, I could feel my balls starting to ache as I was drained dry by an expert.

Only when I was completely empty of cum did the wonderful nurse Teresa unwrap herself from around my cock as I started to finally soften, and she calmly reached for the wash-cloth again. She cleaned herself carefully, as if I weren’t there, washing my cum from her breasts, and then drying herself carefully and seductively in front of me before nonchalantly putting her bra back on, followed by her uniform, before turning her attentions back to me. Again the soapy wash-cloth was put to use, and I was cleaned thoroughly. After a few minutes I was spotlessly clean. She removed the thick towel from beneath my hips and, as I lay there on the hospital bed, naked, exhausted, and satisfied, she simply walked out without another word.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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