A Teenager’s Revenge Part 8

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Kelly Willis nervously rang the doorbell of the house she had grown up in, a week after the orgy in the Delaney rec room. Her resilient body had recovered from its use and abuse at the hands of the five men who had fucked her so thoroughly, although she had been sore for the first few days.

It felt strange to her to be here, now that it was no longer her home. And she was nervous for another reason: this was to be the final act in the drama, the culmination of all of her plans. And even though she knew her step-father very well and could anticipate his reactions to a large extent, she also knew that he was volatile, quick to anger, and even violent at times.

As always, she had planned carefully. She was wearing a tiny little miniskirt that barely concealed her blue gingham bikini panties. Her top was the same gauzy, transparent one she had worn the first day at the Delaney’s house, the one that did nothing to conceal her braless breasts. She had put on a shirt on over it for her trip over to her old home, but had thrown it in the shrubbery before she rang the bell.

Gerald Willis answered the door in his bathrobe, having just taken a shower. He frowned when he saw her in the doorway. He had little use for Kelly, and absolutely no use for her mother. As he looked down at her revealing outfit, his frown deepened. The little slut! “Kelly…what are you doing here?”

“Hi daddy,” she said, unable to break the habit of calling him that. “Can I come in?”

“Kelly, this isn’t really a good time. I’ve got to leave in a while.”

“Oh, I won’t take too much of your time, daddy. I just wanted to ask you something.”

Gerald wrestled with himself for a moment, and finally relented. He had to admit, Kelly was some piece of eye-candy. “Oh, all right, but just for awhile. I’m really busy.”

He held the door for her and she walked past him in her platform sandles, her breasts quivering in the sheer top with each step she took. She sat down on the couch, and he sat down in a chair opposite her. Her legs were parted a little, providing him with a clear view of her panties, which were clinging tightly to her bare labia.

“Okay, so what’s so important?” said Gerald, forcing his gaze away from the cleft between her legs. He could feel his cock lengthening involuntarily against his thigh as blood pumped into it.

“Daddy…I just came to ask you if you could loan me some money. To buy some clothes. School is going to start, and I know mom can’t afford to buy me much. I don’t even want to ask her, and I know she’d never ask you. She’d kill me if she even knew I was here. I could pay you back out of my babysitting money.”

Gerald was shaking his head. “Kelly, you’re wasting your time. I wouldn’t give your mom a dime, and I’m not about to give you money so you can go buy some more of those skimpy outfits you wear.”

“But daddy, it’s what all the kids wear now,” she said, carelessly letting her slim legs part a little more.

Gerald fought with himself as he watched his stepdaughter, imagining his cock deep inside that luscious little snatch. How many times had she paraded herself around him like this, careless of her near-nakedness? How many times had he thought of her as he’d pumped his come into some bimbo he’d met on the road, imagining that he was flooding her tight, 13-year-old pussy. But he had never dared to do anything with her.

“You look like a slut, Kelly, like a little teenage cock-teasing whore. Is that what you want?”

Kelly glared at him. “Maybe it is!” she said angrily. “Maybe I DO want to look like a whore. Maybe that’s the only way a girl ever gets your attention!”

Confronted with Kelly’s righteous anger, Gerald quickly became contrite. “Okay, okay, calm down, Kelly, I’m sorry I said that.”

Kelly had lost control of herself for a moment, but now she forced her anger down. She couldn’t let him get to her if she was to be successful. Her face relaxed and she sat back against the back of the couch. Her voice was meek. “I’m sorry too, Daddy.” She watched as his gaze was again drawn to her barely hidden pussy.

“Daddy….,” she began again, her voice quiet, hesitant, as she spread her legs carelessly apart, deliberately eased her hand down between them. “I was just thinking…maybe we can make….an arrangement. I’ve grown up a lot since the divorce. I’ve learned a lot. You know, about sex. I’m not a virgin anymore, daddy. I’m even on the pill.” Her fingertip touched her barely concealed slit. “If you gave me the money….

Her stepfather’s eyes narrowed. “What are you saying, Kelly?”

She gently rubbed her clit through the thin material. “We could do things together, Daddy. I could make you feel good. You could fu…”

Gerald was on his feet, walking over quickly and grabbing her by the wrist, his grip like iron. “You fucking little whore!” he grated, through clenched teeth, pulling her over to the large nearby ottoman as she cried out. “You think you can come in here and wave your tits and your juicy little cunt in my face and get whatever you want? You’re just like your whore mother!”

“No, Daddy, don’t!” she wailed, as Gerald bent her over his lap, reached up under her skirt and yanked her skimpy little panties down over her pert ass cheeks, leaving them stretched tightly between her thighs.

“The difference is, you’re still young enough to be punished this way!” He raised his hand and brought it down on her naked ass in a hard SMACK!! She squealed and sobbed and struggled to escape him, but he held her tightly, raised his hand, and slapped her again, hard, leaving a red mark on her ripe ass cheek in the shape of his hand. Her ass quivered as he spanked her repeatedly, wriggling to get away from him. Yet, through it all, though, Kelly could feel his stiff cock pressing up against her tummy. He was hard as a rock!

“Stop it, Daddy, STOP IT!!!” she cried. “I’m SORRY, DADDYYYYYYY!!!”

Gerald, too, was all too aware of his aching cock poking up against his step-daughter, aware of her squirming against it, and even more aware of her naked pussy, clearly visible to him, it’s pink petals dewy with her wetness. It was too much.

“Oh, yeah, I’ll stop!” shouted Gerald as he grabbed her again by the wrist. “I’ll give you what I’ve wanted to give you for a long time.” He dragged her, stumbling behind him, to the couch, and pushed her over the padded arm. He shrugged the robe off and it fell at his feet. Gripping his cock, he positioned it at the entrance to her pussy.

“NO, DADDY!!!” she screamed, just as he thrust forward and buried his throbbing cock in his step-daughter’s tight, wet cunt in one hard, furious lunge.

“UUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!” she gasped, as his thick cock filled her. Her heart leaped excitedly. She had done it!! She had seduced her step-dad, in almost the exact way she had planned it. She exulted as he began to pound his cock in and out of her nakedly exposed pussy, jolting her body with each powerful thrust.

Gerald angrily fucked her, marveling at how tight and wet Kelly’s cunt was, how deliciously it gripped his lust-hardened cock. “Are you sorry NOW??!!” he shouted, driving into her relentlessly, his balls slamming against her clit. “HUH? Fucking little CUNT!”

Kelly sobbed, her cries punctuated by his hard thrusts. “Yesss, Daddy, OH!!! UHH!!! I’m sorry!! gaziantep escort OH!! Please! OH!!! Just FUCK me!! FUCK your baby girl!!”

Her words enraged Gerald even more. Christ, the bitch was LOVING it!! He jammed his cock into her to the balls a few more times, his mind reeling with his anger. Then he pulled out of her and dragged her to the wall, forcing her against it, holding her wrists. His other hand guided his cock to her cunt and rammed it into her again.

“AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!” she moaned as he buried his cock inside her. He let go of her wrists and she wrapped her arms and legs around him as he fucked into her with a driving fury. Kelly felt her orgasm well up, rising powerfully within her, driven upward by her feverish excitement at being wantonly fucked by her own stepfather. “OH, GOD, DADDY, FUCK ME HARD!!! I’M COMING!!!!!

Kelly screamed as she came, shuddering against him, digging her nails into his back, her vaginal muscles gripping his cock tightly as her body convulsed in an ecstatic frenzy. Still enraged, Gerald carried her upstairs to the bedroom, impaled on his lust-hardened cock, and deposited her roughly on her back, on the very bed her mother had fucked Enrique on. She lay there, trembling from the force of her climax, as he grabbed a jar of lubricant from the night stand. Dipping his hand inside, he smeared a huge quantity of it across her exposed asshole, and then dug some more out and spread it over his cock.

Kelly emerged from the haze of her orgasm just in time to realize what her stepfather was about to do. “OH, GOD, DADDY, NO, IT’S TOO BIG!!! YOU’LL HURT ME!!!

But Gerald was already moving up between her legs. He reached down and grabbed her by her throat, choking her, as his other hand gripped his cock tightly and he positioned it at the tight, virginal pucker of her ass. He answered her then, his voice strangely calm, but powerful and menacing. “I’m gonna fuck you in your tight little ass, Kelly, and there’s nothing you can do or say to stop me, so stop fighting.”

She stared up at him, scared and gasping for breath, but stopped struggling. His hand still at her throat, Gerald slowly drove his cock against the resisting muscle, slippery with lubricant. He increased the pressure relentlessly, feeling it gradually open to admit his cock. Kelly raised her legs instinctively, bending them at the knees, as she felt him slowly force her asshole open.

“Ohhgoddddd…” she moaned, her breath catching in her throat, as she suddenly felt the head of his cock pop inside her. She was prepared for the pain, but she wanted her stepfather to believe he was the first to fuck her in her ass. She screamed in feigned agony. “OH DADDY, STOP!!! STOP!!! IT HURTS!!!!”

Gerald released his grip on her throat, and stopped for a moment, savoring the feeling of his cock inside her tight, virgin ass. He let her calm herself, let her body become accustomed to the unnatural, obscene penetration. After a moment, her sobs and cries diminished, and he pushed slowly into her, inch by slow inch.

Kelly looked at him, wide eyed. The pain was easing now, but still intense. “Oh, god, Daddy…go slow! It’s so big!! I can’t take it!!”

Her step-dad stared into her eyes. “You can take it, and you will. You’re mother always loved being fucked in the ass, too.” He sank his cock one more inch into her unyielding asshole, then backed out a little, then drove still deeper.

“Ohhh, Daddy…” she moaned, tears streaming down her face. “Oh god!!”

Gerald thrust forward again, this time burying his cock all the way inside his stepdaughter’s violated back passage. Her ass gripped his cock like a hot, tight fist. Slowly, he began to fuck her.

Kelly groaned as he began to slide his slippery cock in and out of her. The pain had gone now, supplanted by a growing thrill, coupled with a feeling of degradation, of subjugation. In her mind, she was outside of her body, watching herself being savagely fucked in her ass by this evil, angry man, her own stepfather. And she loved it!

“Yeah, you like it now, don’t you, you fucking little whore. Just like your mom.”

Kelly moaned and whimpered as he slowly moved inside her. “Ooooh, yes Daddy!!” she gasped, breathlessly. “Yessss, I like it now! Just go slow! Fuck me nice and slow!”

“Ohhh, fuck, you’re ass is so fucking tight!” he groaned. “You’re daddy’s little fuckslut now, aren’t you? HUH?”

“Yesssss, Daddy, I’m your little whore,” moaned Kelly. “Nobody’s ever fucked me in my ass before! Only you, Daddy! Only you!”

Gerald began to fuck her faster now, his cock sliding easily in and out of her brutally stretched asshole, as he felt his balls begin to tingle with the first stirrings of his orgasm. But her defilement was not yet complete. “Get on your knees! Let me see how much you want it!”

He slid his cock out of her ass and she quickly turned over and got on her knees, her back arched downward, her ass high in the air, wagging invitingly from side to side. He moved up behind her and guided his aching cock back into her ass, penetrating her easily now.

“Ooooh, yessss, FUCK me, Daddy!!” she hissed. “Fuck me up my asshole!” She reached back and began to rub her clit frantically with her fingers.

Mercilessly, he begin to saw his cock in and out of her, looking down to watch it impaling her tight hole. The sight of it made him almost desperate to come, to flood her ass with his pent-up semen.

“Yeah, you’re my little come slut. You want your daddy’s come, baby? Huh? You want me to pump your tight little ass full of my come?”

“Ohhh, yes Daddy, I want your hot, thick come. Give it to me!” She felt her own climax building as he fucked into her like a wild animal.

Her obscene entreaties, coupled with the tight grip of her asshole, drove him past the point of no return. He groaned like an animal, buried his cock all the way into her ass, and began pumping spurt after hot spurt of semen into her depths. “OH, FUCK, BABY, TAKE IT!!!! UHHHHHHHH!!!!! EVERY FUCKING DROP!!!!”

“OHHHH, YEAH, DADDY, SPURT IT ALL INTO MEEEE!!!!!!” she moaned, her body convulsing violently as she felt the thick warmth of his sperm flooding her with it’s soothing warmth. She had done it! He was filling her ass with his come!! And just like when all those men had used her body at Mr. Delaney’s, it felt so good!!

Her knees collapsed and her stepfather fell on top of her on the bed as his cock continued to flourish, his semen still spurting wildly into her ass. They both fought for breath, their bodies dripping with sweat. Kelly shuddered in the aftermath of her intense climax, wanting to keep his cock buried in her ass forever. Finally, however, Gerald slid his cock out of her still-slippery ass and rolled over on his back, Kelly moaning with disappointment. He got up, went to the dresser, and wrote out a check to her for $1,000. He dropped it on the bed beside her, and without a word, went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Kelly waited, exhausted, until she heard the water running. Then she sat up, picked up the check, looked at it and smiled. It was time. She rolled over and picked up the phone from the nightstand, and calmly dialed 9-1-1.

The police were there before Gerald finished his shower. They found Kelly on the bed, sobbing quietly, with her stepfather’s syrupy cum oozing from her thoroughly fucked asshole.

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