A True Slave Daughter Ch. 04

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You are nothing but what your choices are. Making a decision among all the possibilities always comes with sacrifices. Hence you create the good and the bad at the same time. That’s why choices are not easy.

Vanilla sex is a term used for plain, conventional sex, which has no elements like kink, fetish or BDSM. In my opinion, this is a dull and an unadventurous way of sexual activities. So I have nothing to do with vanilla sex, for your information.

My slave had to be very comfortable with pain in the first place. Humiliation she was receiving had to make her extra eager to please me at a much further extent. Being highly intellectual was also a must for her.

I had always found it a luxury that I might use a slave at extreme and throw her away when I was done with her, but how could this be possible with Karen? Breeding any of my slaves had never come to my mind until that day. Why was it the case with her? Could it be a dangerous path for me and also for her? Better made my mind up before going any further.

A quick analysis based on what had happened, what I wanted, and what she could offer to me as a slave showed that the major obstacle to achieving a healthy conclusion was lack of time spent face to face. A short visit to her was inevitable and sooner was better.

She was waiting for me at the airport as instructed. A light blue, buttoned dress girl with a happy smile on her face was my slave daughter. A tight hugging and feeling my hand on her bottom, caressing slightly gave her a shivering immediately.

“No panties.” I whispered in her ear.

“No bra either as instructed, Sir.” She whispered back proudly.

“Are you wet?” I asked her while going outside of the building to the taxi stand.

“Very much, Sir.” She replied, smiling.

“I want you to slide your hand into your dress and make your fingers wet while I am putting my bag in the trunk.” I ordered her when we were getting the taxi stand.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I glanced at her to see her hand disappear into her dress, while the taxi driver was assisting me in putting my bag in the trunk. She showed me proudly her fingers covered with her pussy juice when I opened the taxi door for her to get in.

“Move bitch.” I whispered her.

She took a step and was about to sit down in the taxi, I stopped her.


I reached for her bottom, sliding my middle finger into her ass crack over her tiny dress to find her virgin asshole. I pushed a little and rubbed my finger on it for a few seconds. The taxi driver had just seated himself.

“You may get in now.” I pushed her into the taxi slightly.

It would take 20 minutes to the hotel by taxi. I asked her to come closer and put my arm around her shoulders. My hand rested on her breast. I could feel her already hardened nipple.

“Did you miss me?” I whispered in her ear.

“Very much, Sir.” She replied.

“Slide your hand in again.” I instructed her and pinched her hardened nipple over her tiny dress. She was in pain.

“Play with your clit to cum.” I whispered while kissing her cheek softly.

I could see her hand moving under her dress and hear her heavy breathing. She had bitten her lower lip. The expression on her face was changing in accordance with my pinching and releasing her hard nipple. My previous experience with her was telling me she could reach an orgasm very fast. Indeed, she was already there.

She turned her face to me. Her eyes were telling she was in need of my permission. I leaned in and kissed her parted lips. I could feel her breath in my mouth. I bit her lips slowly.

“Not yet.” I whispered before my lips parted.

She was desperate but had no other chance. She kept playing with her clit, biting her lower lip and looking at me in the eyes in such a way begging me to let her cum. She knew she had no ownership of her orgasms anymore. She needed my permission.

Her fear of failure was the key element I had been using for her orgasm control training. She would be exactly what I wanted her to be very soon. She would experience orgasm denial, multiple orgasms and instant orgasm under command.

I ignored her and started nevşehir seks hikayeleri to talk to the taxi driver. He was eager for a quick chat. She had buried her face between my chest and my shoulder. I could hear her heavy breathtaking. At one point she had to interrupt me and whispered in my ear ‘Please Sir’.

I stopped and asked. “What?” It was loud so that the driver could hear.

“Is there a problem?” he asked, worried.

I looked at her in the eyes. She was desperate.

“No. Everything is fine. How close are we to the hotel?” I asked him, still looking at her in the eyes.

“Just a minute, maybe a bit more.” He replied.

“Now.” I instructed her.

She buried her face against me again and cum. She couldn’t help but moaned and it came out as if it was a cry. I released her nipple and held her tight in my arms. She was trembling. Her hand slid out covered with her pussy juice.

“Are you OK ma’am?” The taxi driver had heard the sound and had to ask.

“She is fine. ” I replied. We had just arrived at the hotel.

I had booked a separate room. I checked in quickly and we went to the room.

She had asked me if I was pleased, when we were in the lift. I said I was but she should have thanked me after she cum. She was going to say sorry but I stopped her.

There was a silence since the elevator. She was standing in the middle of the room when I ordered her to unbutton her dress into full nude in front of me.

She was beautiful undoubtedly. I still had to examine her body. I reached for her face, caressed down, my index finger came below her chin and my thumb rubbed her lips, parted them and slid in.

“Suck it!” I instructed.

She sucked it eagerly. I slid it out and rubbed her lips making them wet and slid it in for her to suck it more. She sucked it again. I took it out and rubbed back of my hand through her neck down to her right breast and nipple, which was already hardened. I pinched it and she reacted immediately.

“Does it hurt?”

“A little, Sir.”

I gripped it tighter. She was trying to adjust herself to the pain.


“Worse, Sir.”

“Does it turn you on?”

“Yes, Sir.” She smiled.

I released her nipple and slapped her face with back of my hand suddenly. “How about this?”

“It does too, Sir.” Her smile was gone.

I reached for her left breast. It was firm. I cupped and squeezed it. I liked the feeling.

“Beautiful.” I commented.

“Thank you, Sir.” Her smile was back.

“Hands back!” I ordered.

I played with her tit. I pinched her nipple, pulled back a little and released it. I lifted it with my hand cupped it below. It was very firm. I slapped it hard suddenly.

“Ouch!” She cried.

“Did it hurt?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I slapped it again harder.

“Ouch!” She cried and turned her body to her right and bent slightly.

“How was it?”

“Worse, Sir.”

“They are sensitive.” I concluded.

“I guess they are. Sorry, Sir.”

“Open your legs!” I ordered her.

I grabbed her pussy rough to see her dripping wet.

“But hurting them makes you extremely wet.” I buried my ring and middle finger in her pussy suddenly.

“Ah, Sir!” She was excited.

I had prepared my other hand as if I was going to slap her again. “Bring your face.” I ordered.

She did it eagerly. I slapped her face not hard.

“Again” I instructed.

I slapped her face one more time but a bit harder. I could sense the change in her pussy. She was a real pain slut. I took out my fingers and wiped them on her right breast and then on her face, and lips.

“Turn back and bend over.” I said slapping her face a few times slowly.

I reached for her bottom, caressed her buttocks. The cane marks had faded. Her body was firm and her bottom was not an exception. I hit her on her right buttock with my hand.

“Nice.” I said looking at the red mark left on her bottom.

“Thank you, Sir.” She replied with a tone in her voice as if she would need more.

I started to spank her at a slow pace. I spanked her bottom into red that I liked.

“Beautiful.” I had stopped spanking and was rubbing my hand on her buttocks.

“Thank you, Sir.” I could feel her voice was trembling.

I slid my middle finger into her ass crack and found her virgin asshole.

“Is it clean?” I asked.

“It is, Sir, as instructed.” She replied a bit worried.

I had given her all the instructions she would need when I called her that morning after the bathroom incident. She was good at following my instructions.

I slid my finger down to her pussy, into her pussy to make it wet and up her asshole again. My fingertip was probing her virgin hole.

“Relax.” I said just before starting to push my finger in.

She couldn’t and I had to stop with my finger in up to its first knuckle. I reached for her hair, grabbed her and pulled her back roughly. I leaned in “What did I say to you?” I asked loudly.

“Relax, Sir.” She replied and continued, “I am trying, Sir.”

“Trying is not good enough, worthless whore! You have to do it, period.” I released her hair.

“I will, Sir.” Her voice was trembling and I had to wait for her to calm down and relax.

“I am ready, Sir.” She informed me and I could feel it already around my finger.

I resumed pushing my finger in. It was going easy. “Good girl” I said when I had my finger in her asshole completely.

“Thank you, Sir.”

She was tight. She was eager. She was ready for my hard cock in her ass. It came to mind to fuck her virgin ass right there at that moment but I saved it for another time. I pulled her back, grabbing her hair and leaned in again.

“Give me your mouth!”

She didn’t have me wait for long. Was I kissing my own daughter or my slave? I didn’t care. I felt her breathe on my face. She moaned in my mouth. I bit her lips and ate her mouth. I let her suck my tongue. It was wet, very wet. It was much beyond than a passionate kiss. She would have had an orgasm, if had pushed her a little further.

Our lips parted. I took my finger out slowly and wiped it on her bottom. I could hear her heavy breathtaking. I could see the lust in her eyes.

“I am not going to hurt you any further tonight.” I informed her. “I will fuck you hard instead.”

I pushed her down onto her knees in front of me. She had been looking into my eyes. I put my right foot on her lap. She needed no command to take my shoe off and then my sock. I unbuttoned and took my shirt off while she was taking my other shoe and sock off. She reached for my pants, unzipped them and pushed them together with my underpants down to my ankles. I kicked them off. My semi hard cock was in full view now.

Her hands were on my hips. She started licking from my left knee up to my inner thighs. She tongued my left ball and took it in her mouth. She sucked it softly. She did the same for my right ball, too. I didn’t interrupt her. She was doing well. Her eyes locked to mine. She started licking my cock from the base to its head, and then down and then up again. She tongued its head and took it in her mouth. She sucked it, slowly going up and down slightly. I was getting harder.

“Go deeper.” I instructed.

She was going down slowly. I could feel her wet lips around my cock. It grew in her mouth and became very hard. I was about to touch her throat. She stopped smiling. I put my hand on her head and pushed her against my cock. She went a bit more and gagged. I released her back. Her smile triggered me.

“One more time. Deeper.” I ordered looking her in the eyes.

She was trying again. I held her head between my hands.

“Deeper.” I repeated and pushed her head hard against my cock. She gagged but I didn’t care. I pushed her harder until her lips reached base of my cock.

“That’s it” I said and released her looking into her eyes with full of tears. “You will be doing it much better soon. I will teach you.” I comforted her and she nodded.

I grabbed her hair and almost dragged her onto bed slowly. I had her laid on her back. Her head was at the edge of the bed, leaned back. I leaned over her and grabbed her tits, squeezed them. My right hand reached for her wet pussy between her legs opened wide, grabbed her. She moaned. I rubbed my hand on her pussy and slapped it. She cried. She was like a toy in my hands.

Her head was between my legs. I lowered myself so that my balls touching her lips. She took of them in her mouth eagerly. She sucked it and I slapped her pussy again and squeezed her breast tight. I was going to fuck her mouth hard.

“Take my cock in your mouth.” I instructed while adjusting myself so that my cock head was at her lips. She took its head in and I pushed hard.

I was in her mouth completely. She was struggling. Her hands were useless to help her in order to slow me down since her arms were under my knees pressed against the bed. My hands were on her breasts. I started to fuck her mouth violently. I fucked her more than a minute and pulled my cock out. She was in a mess, breathless. Her face was covered with her saliva and tears.

“I am not done yet.” I said after I saw her recovered. “Open your mouth, bitch!”

She opened it eagerly. I shoved my cock in her mouth down to her throat again. It was another session of a harder deep-throat fucking. I was pinching her nipples very hard all the time. She was in pain, she was gagging and she was getting what she deserved. I was satisfied with her performance when I was done.

“Good girl.” I said with satisfaction.

“Thank you, Sir.” She said breathless.

I held her head between my hands looking at her in the eyes.

“Messy face.” I said smiling at her. She smiled back to me.

“Do you want to see it yourself?”

She nodded and said, “Yes. May I, Sir?”

I grabbed her hair and dragged her in front of the desk on which there was a large mirror. She put her hands on the desk, bending over and examined her messy face.

“Thank you, Sir.” She was smiling at me in the mirror.

I wanted to fuck her right there. She had seen the expression on my face. She opened her legs wider and poked out her back as if inviting me to fuck her. I grabbed my cock and approached her, rubbed my cock head on her pussy.

“Oh, Sir.” She was looking at me in the mirror.

I didn’t wait for long and started to penetrate her. My cock was going inside her pussy. She was tight and wet. When I looked at her in the mirror, I had already grabbed her hips and buried my cock deep inside her. She was biting her lower lip.

I started fucking her with gently strokes at first, harder and harder gradually. She was moaning. I had bent over her and put my hands on the desk too, looking at her eyes in the mirror. I could hear her heavy breathtaking and moans.

“You are going to cum, aren’t you?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Not yet.” I said and she nodded as if she already knew it. “Do you like me fucking you?”

“Very much, Sir.”

“Who is fucking you?” I shoved my cock deep inside her.

She hesitated for a moment and replied, “You, Sir.”

“Who am I to you?” I was fucking her harder.

“My Master,” She replied.

“Who else?”

“My owner,”

“Who else?” I was ready to cum.

“My Father!” She cried.

“Now!” I exploded in her pussy. She started to cum immediately, trembling moaning under me. Her pussy was squeezing my cock as if milking it. She had closed her eyes. I could see the relief in her face.

She smiled at me when she opened her eyes.

“Are you happy?” I asked.

“I am happy, Sir.” She answered.

“Were you on the pill?”

“I was, Sir.” She blushed.

I didn’t tell her I was going to breed her but she knew I was.

“Take that glass.” I pointed the glass on the desk.

She took it in her hand. I guided her hand down to her pussy. She understood it immediately. She held it there as I slid out her pussy.

I was sitting on the bed and watching her legs opened wide and holding the glass under her pussy. My semen mixed with her pussy juices was leaking out from her pussy into the glass.

“It is enough. Drink it now!”

She raised and turned to me smiling with the glass in her hand and drank it slowly. She was absolutely happy.

“Come to me on your knees.” I instructed her.

She came to me on her knees and started to lick my cock into clean. She was good. She would be real good as a slave. I had already decided about her. I was satisfactorily done for that night.

“Go get clean in the bathroom.” I ordered.

To be continued…

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