A Vacation to Remember Ch. 02

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A Vacation to Remember – The Waterfall

Patrick, his mind still reeling from remembering the night before, looked over at his beautiful wife. Marie was wearing a lime green v-neck tee and denim shorts. From the way her nipples were poking through the material of the tee it was clear she was not wearing a bra. Patrick wondered if she wasn’t wearing panties either. Well time would tell. Her hand was still stroking his cock through his shorts.

“You are going to have to stop doing that or I will have a mess in my shorts.” Patrick said.

“Why should women be the only ones who have to walk around with soaked underwear?” Marie retorted.

“Just commenting,” Patrick continued, “besides I would rather not waste a good load of cum that you could enjoy. Oh and are we really going to the bookstore or did you have something else in mind?”

Marie finally left Patrick’s cock alone and leaned back in her seat running her hand up inside her shirt. She pinched her nipples making them jut out even more. Her moans were almost like a cat’s purr as she ran her hands across her stomach and over her breasts.

“This feels so good.” Marie said. “I wish it were you doing it though.”

Patrick reached over but Marie smacked his hand away. “Both hands on the wheel big boy!” Marie chided. “Safety first you know.” Marie grinned devilishly at Patrick as her hands continued roaming.

“Why don’t we forget the bookstore and head over to Singing Waters?” Marie suggested. Patrick didn’t need any more urging and took the next turn that would take them to the semi-private picnic area. “I thought you’d like that idea.” Marie said with a smile. “Are we there yet?”

Patrick laughed at the joke and Marie joined him. In a few minutes they pulled into the roadside parking area and walked down into the picnic area holding hands and giggling. As they crossed the foot bridge leading to the water Ordu Escort Patrick reached down and cupped Marie’s ass causing her to jump a little in anticipation.

Patrick took a quick look around the deserted swimming area and led Marie to the upper falls. This area had always been a favorite of Patrick and Marie’s and they had shared many fantasies about the things they would like to do there. Fortunately the weather had kept all of the regulars away from the popular swimming area.

Marie backed up to a large table like rock and motioned Patrick to her. Their lips locked and tongues writhed as they kissed passionately. Patrick reached down his hands finding the bottoms of Marie’s shirt and he pulled it up and off. His hands roamed over her body that she had denied him just a few minutes earlier. Patrick squeezed her tits his thumbs roughly rubbing across her nipples which hardened further with this attention.

His mouth slid down Marie’s neck and he sucked her right breast into his mouth. Patrick’s teeth found her rock hard nipple and teased it. He traced small circles around her aureole slowly shrinking the circle until he used the tip to press Marie’s nipple into her breast. “Yes!” Marie hissed, “I love it when you do that.”

Patrick continued to worship his wife’s breasts as he unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them and her underwear down as his mouth followed their descent. Patrick planted kisses and licks down Marie’s torso teasing around her pubic mound as he undressed her.

As he started to rise Marie took advantage of the situation and spun him around and pressed him against the rock. Marie caressed Patrick’s cock through his shorts as Patrick pulled off his shirt. As soon as the fabric cleared his chest Marie attacked his nipples. She knew that his nipples were as sensitive as any woman’s and that he loved to have them sucked. Marie didn’t disappoint Ordu Escort Bayan him as she sucked, nibble and squeezed until his rock hard cock seemed ready to burst.

Patrick picked Marie up and placed her on the rock spreading her legs allowing him access to her dripping cunt. Patrick pushed back the hood covering Marie’s clit and used his thumb and forefinger to stroke her clit as he would his cock. Marie’s body jerked to this attention and Patrick ran his tongue up and down her drenched slit teasing the tip of her clit as he reached the top before slipping it into her before starting the whole process again.

As Marie’s cum coats Patrick’s tongue he slides two fingers deep into her reaching up to find her special spot. “Ahh, ahhhh, I’m cumming.” Marie gasps. Patrick smiles as he slides his tongue down Marie’s pussy to tease the rosebud of her ass. Marie’s hips buck pressing Patrick’s tongue into her ass. Patrick rolls his tongue tightly, like a cock, and uses it to fuck Marie’s tight asshole.

Orgasms rack Marie’s body as Patrick fucks her pussy with his fingers and her ass with his tongue. Her cum flows out of her pussy and down to meet Patrick’s tongue; he smears her cum across her ass and slides his middle finger out of her pussy and into her ass in one stroke. As Patrick fucks both her holes at the same time he takes her nipple into his mouth again. Marie is almost out of her mind with all of the stimulation. “I want to feel you fuck me everywhere! Now!!!” Marie screams.

They move into the water to a shelf of rock at one of the smaller waterfall rapids. The ice cold water flows over Patrick’s torso as Marie takes his cock deep into her mouth. The combination of the cold water and Marie’s hot mouth is incredible and pre-cum seeps out of Patrick’s cock. Marie strokes Patrick with her tongue as she slides up and down his shaft. She sucks hard on the head of Escort Ordu his cock nipping with her teeth. Patrick grabs her hair and thrusts his hips up fucking her mouth hard and fast. Marie opens her throat and takes all of him into her letting him set the pace. Finally Patrick releases her hair and his cock comes out of her mouth with a pop. Marie tongues his shaft as she goes down to take his balls into her mouth one by one.

Patrick and Marie switch positions and he dips his dick into the waterfall before plunging it deep inside Marie’s pussy. The sensation of being filled completely but with a cold cock instead of a hot one causes Marie’s pussy to convulse again. She leans back and lets the water cascade over her shoulders and breasts as Patrick thrusts into her. He pulls his cock out and brings it to her mouth so she can taste both of them.

“Fuck me more!” Marie begs. “I want it hard and fast in the waterfall. The water is so cold and you are so hot. I need your dick now.”

Patrick spreads Marie’s legs and thrusts roughly into her. “Is that what you want?” he asks pounding into her.

“Oh yes baby fuck me hard.” Marie moans. “I’m cumming baby, make me cum more! I want to be your cum slut.”

Marie knows how much Patrick likes it when she talks dirty to him and hearing her makes him redouble his efforts. He reaches up with one hand to squeeze her breasts and uses the other hand to reach behind Marie and slides his middle finger into her ass.

Marie can tell that he is getting close. “Cum with me! Shoot your hot load deep into my cunt! I want your cum, give it to me now!” Marie yells as her own orgasm hits.

As Marie’s pussy grabs his cock Patrick knows that he is at the point of no return and with one more hard thrust he presses his cock deep inside Marie and with a scream unleashes spurt after spurt of boiling hot cum into her. Marie thrashes as the cold water makes Patrick’s cum feel even hotter.

Patrick leans over and kisses Marie tenderly. “Do you think they miss us yet?” he asks.

“Probably,” Marie says as she pulls him tight to her “but I don’t really care right now.”

To be continued…

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