A Valentine Surprise

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While reading your little love note from this morning, I step into the bathroom and turn on the tub faucet. After finding the appropriate water temperature, I flip the metal switch to close the drain. I pick up the bottle of bubble bath that came along with your love note and open it up. Before pouring it in the tub, I inhale a deep sniff of the scent.

The smell is very tantalizing, and almost erotic. As the warm water begins to fill up the bathtub, I grab the candles out of the linen closet, arrange them around the tub, and light them. The candles start to flicker and cast seductive shadows throughout the little room. I reach over and turn off the lights and push play on the stereo. Soft, sensual music begins to radiate from the little box. It is the perfect ambiance for this little retreat. I turn off the water, drop my robe, and slip into the warm bubble bath.

As I feel the warm water surround me, I start to drift off and think of the night that I have planned for you. This will definitely be a Valentine’s night that you won’t soon forget. I grab the washcloth, moisten it, and start to spread the soapy bubbles all over my body. The smell of bergamot emanating from the bubbles enhances my feeling of arousal that has begun to take over my being. I start to wash my neck and then move down to my breasts. When the washcloth grazes my nipple, an electric tingle shoots to my vagina, causing me to let out a quiet moan. I slowly move the washcloth down my abdomen to my now tingling pussy. Dragging the washcloth between my legs send shivers down my spine. God, I am so hot for you.

I recollect myself and remember why I am here. There will be plenty of time for that later. I have to stay focused on part of your gift for tonight. I reach over and grab the razor and the shaving lotion. I begin by applying the lotion over both my legs. After shaving both of my legs, I reposition myself on the edge of the tub and spread my legs. I grab the lotion and start to sensually massage it between my legs. The feel of the silky lotion being smeared around my labia gets me hotter and hotter. I pause a moment and spread some lotion around my clitoris and start to rub it ever so slightly.

At this point, my pussy is dripping wet and it takes all my energy to concentrate on the task at hand. I grab the razor and start to shave the skin around my vagina. Each pass of the razor brings me that much closer to the edge. Once I have shaved my entire mound bald, I grab the washcloth and wipe away any residue between my legs.

I grab the baby oil and squeeze some down between my legs. My fingers gently spread the oil all around my naked mound. At this point, I go no longer hold back my feelings of desire. I slide an oiled finger down my lips and insert it into my dripping wet pussy. Oh god, I need you so bad. I close my eyes and envision you standing over me, with your hard prick in your hand, and that sly smile on your face that says it all.

You are stroking it inches from my face and asking me how badly do I want it. If you were here, I would show you just how badly I did want you. But, you are not here and I can no longer deny my body what it aches for. I pull out my finger and start to rub my clitoris with wild abandon. Within a few moments, a powerful orgasm overcomes me, sending waves of pleasure throughout my entire body. After a couple minutes, I come to my senses and get out of the tub to dry myself off.

After drying myself off and draining the tub, I go into the bedroom and open my recent purchase from Vicky’s. I pull out a green and blue see-through bra and the matching thong. As I slide them on, I imagine your reaction to having your own little lingerie model tonight. That sly smile comes across my face this time. I grab the perfume that drives you wild and I spray it all over, even down my panties.

Next, I grab my makeup bag and fumble through it for the necessary ingredients. I put on some subtle pink blush and to complete the look, I add some dark blue eye shadow and some bright red lipstick. If this doesn’t say “Come fuck me now!” then you are truly blind. I finish getting dressed and start putting my erotic plot into motion.

I start dinner and set the table for a quiet little interlude, including wine and candles. Once everything is set in the kitchen, I go into our bedroom and open that locked cabinet of ours. You know the one. The one with all of our adult toys and videos. I start to browse through our assorted titles looking for the perfect mood setter for tonight. I settle on one and pull it out. I grab some more candles out of the linen closet and head downstairs. I put the DVD in the player and load up the movie. Everything is set for tonight.

You arrive home right on time and I meet you at the top of the stairs.

“Welcome home, honey,” I say in my seductive voice. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

You pause for a moment and let out a dull groan. I can tell by the look in your eyes, that my little surprise Escort Bayan is working nicely. When you reach the top, I pull you close and press my lips to yours. The kiss is a long, deep sensual kiss that has just the effect I am looking for. I grab the bulge in your pants, and tell you to go change and get more comfortable.

After enjoying a nice romantic dinner and a bottle of wine, we retreat downstairs to the family room. To distract you, I ask you to go grab another bottle of wine and pour us a couple more glasses. While you are upstairs, I load the movie and light a few candles throughout the room. Once everything is all set, I head to the bathroom to make myself more “presentable” to you. I hear you return with the wine and ask me what is going on. I tell you to have a seat on the couch and push play on the remote. I enter the room wearing just my new underwear, with a silk robe hung open just enough so that you can peek at what is underneath.

I watch your eyes shift from the action on the screen to my lingerie-clad figure. Your eyes hungrily travel over my entire body as you let out an “Oh, Baby.” I sit next to you and kiss you hard on the lips. I tell you that if you are a good boy, you’ll get to have this later. You hand me a glass of wine and respond with an eager nod.

“Why don’t we watch the movie and see if anything appeals to you,” I whisper in your ear. You choke on the sip of wine and turn to meet my devilish gaze.

“Is someone feeling a little naughty tonight?” you ask me.

I respond by grabbing your head and thrusting my tongue deep into your mouth. After what seemed like minutes, I pull away from you.

“Does that answer your question?” I inquire. You let out a dull moan. “Now, focus on the movie honey. Maybe you’ll get some ideas for tonight.” I don’t have to ask you twice.

On the television, a sexy little blonde is sucking the cock of a well-endowed hunk. She is squatting in front of her man and taking his hard dick deep into her mouth. The camera moves in close enough to see his slippery cock going in and out of her supple red lips. As she pulls it out of her mouth, a small string of saliva stretches from his head to her tongue. I see you start to fidget and adjust you pants to give your own swollen member some room to breath. Back on the television, the little vixen is really starting to get into it, and so am I.

By the huge bulge in your pants, I can tell you are too. Feeling bold, I reach down and begin to fondle your hard-on through your pants. I move in closer and let my robe fall open, exposing my half naked self to you. You turn to me and find my waiting mouth as your hand reaches around and grabs my bare butt cheek. I grab the bottom of your t-shirt and you help me to remove it. Then you gently pull my silk robe off and let it fall to the floor. Your hands start to explore my body as I lean down to kiss you on the neck. My tongue begins to blaze a trail down your chest until I reach your nipple.

Knowing what it does to you, I take it into my mouth and nibble on it ever so gently. You let out a sigh of pleasure. I reach down into your sweat pants and pull out your throbbing member. I start to stroke it and I feel you begin to squirm. I release your nipple from my mouth and start to trace circles on your stomach with my tongue. I look up to see your reaction. Your eyes meet mine and I give you a seductive smile.

“Please baby, do it.” You plead with me in a soft voice.

Between the look in your eyes, the wine and the movie, and the heat between my legs, I can no longer hold back. I know it has been a while since I have done it, but tonight, I need to have that rock hard cock in my mouth.

I bend down and run my tongue along the underside of you penis, stopping at the base of your head. I give your penis a little peck and then return to my tongue bath. I lick up and down your shaft, and then flick my tongue around the tip of your cock.

“Baby, it feels so good.” I hear your groan.

I grab the base of your turgid member and slowly suck you into my mouth. Ummm, you taste so good. I slide my lips down your penis and take as much as I can into my eager mouth. I slowly suck my way back to the tip, and then slide you back in. I repeat the motion a few more times, occasionally releasing you from my suction to let my tongue work its magic. I release you from my lips and begin to masturbate you with my saliva-covered hands. Your breathing starts to become faster and heavier.

I wrap my lips back around your sex and continue to devour you while my hands stroke your slick rod. As my head bobs up and down on your shaft, shards of electricity scatter throughout my body, getting me even wetter than I already am. I feel you tensing up and I increase the pace.

“Oh God Baby, I ‘m going to cum!” you grunt as I pull you out of my mouth and feverishly stroke your cock with my hands. You cum with a loud growl and spray your white semen Escort all over my hands and your stomach.

I crawl up your body, look you seductively in the eyes and purr.

“How about we continue this in the bedroom.”

Crashing into the bedroom, you pick me up and toss me onto the bed. Like a hungry tiger, you pounce and top of me and we lock into an intense kiss. Your hand reaches down and caresses my breast. Sliding under the flimsy material of my bra, your hand finds my nipple and you gently pinch it.

This causes shivers to run throughout my entire body. You reach behind me with your other hand, unhook the bra, and toss it to the floor. We lock into another passionate embrace; all the while your hands are exploring my willing body. You break the embrace and look me in the eyes.

“I have a little surprise tonight for you as well.” You say in a sly voice. “Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

Very bewildered and frustrated, I lay here on the bed with just my wet panties on. You return to the bedroom shortly with a red bag filled with who knows what, but I can just imagine. I feel my juices start to flow in anticipation. You pull out a blindfold and slip it over my eyes.

“What are you up to?” I question you. You tell me to just relax. I hear you rummaging through the bag and the next thing I know; you are wrapping an elastic cuff around my wrist. My other wrist is wrapped in the same fashion and then both hands are bound together and tied to the headboard. A feeling of helplessness comes over me. I wriggle and pull on the cuffs, but I am unable to free myself. I am completely at your mercy. And I am so hungry for you that I can feel my juices trickling down between my ass cheeks.

“Oh, God Baby. This is getting me so hot.” I mutter to you.

“I know.” you say in a deep sexy growl. “You will be my willing sex slave for the rest of the evening. It is pointless to fight it, so just lie back and enjoy yourself.”

Suddenly, your finger touches my lips, spreading some sort of liquid on them. I stick my tongue out and tenderly lick your finger. The taste of cherries permeates my mouth. Before I can begin to lick this tasty concoction off my lips, I feel your warm breath next to my mouth. All of a sudden, there is a warming sensation all around my orifice. I let out a flustered gasp. You tongue lovingly licks my lips and you give me a fiery, cherry kiss.

Your mouth then finds my neck and I feel your tongue lick its way down to my chest. Your sexual exploration stops once you reach the sensitive flesh around my nipples. I feel your tongue tracing circles around my areolas, and then your lips surround my now firm nipple. My body tenses from the sheer rapture of my tit being suckled in your enthusiastic mouth. You break the suction and suddenly I feel the love potion being spread all over both of my nipples.

I hold my breath in eagerness with what is about to happen. Without warning, my left nipple heats up from the humid air radiating from your lips. The warming sensation sends ripples of excitement down to the wetness between my legs. I feel an orgasm building within me. I arch my back and thrust my nipple into your mouth and plead with you. “Suck it baby, please.”

You accept my invitation and begin to greedily suck my tit. My legs spread wide and I begin to grind my butt against the bed hoping to expedite my orgasm. You read my mind, and your hand reaches down and starts to rub my pussy through my drenched panties. It doesn’t take long for me to climax, and all it does is make me want you even more.

You pull off of me and I feel your weight down near my legs. Your hands run up my thighs and your fingers wrap themselves around the elastic of my underwear. You pull off my thong and gently part my legs.

“Hello, Kitty!” you say in a delighted voice as you come face to face with my bald mound. “You cleaned up for me.”

You then dive between my legs and put your mouth on my aching sex. I know just how much you enjoy my pussy when it is clean-shaven. It brings out the sexual animal in you. You hungrily lick it all over, like a starved kitten licking up some spilled milk. Then you slide your tongue down between my pussy lips and probe it inside my hole. I start to grind my pelvis against your face.

“God, it feels so good!” I cry out as your tongue finds my swollen clitoris.

Your tongue starts to circle around my clit, stopping every now and then to suck it into your mouth. My heart is starting to beat faster as you feverishly flick your tongue over my clitoris. With each lap of your tongue, my body tingles from my head to my toes. I feel another orgasm building up within. All of a sudden you are gone.

“Please honey, don’t stop now.” I implore of you. “Let me come. Make me come. Please make me come!”

Next thing I know, a thick vibrator is sliding into my pussy as your mouth finds my clit again. The vibrator is huge and it is stretching Bayan Escort me to my breaking point. Oh, but it feels so good. I can feel the textured veins along its shaft as you move it in and out; all the while your tongue is flicking hard against my clitoris. The flicking of your tongue and the vibrator in my pussy are driving me wild with lust.

Caught up in another orgasm, my body begins to writhe and squirm. My hips and ass are rising off the bed from the incredible onslaught. I start to buck and jerk as if an electric shock had been applied to my body. The orgasm overwhelms me, taking my breath away.

“Don’t stop baby! Please don’t stop.” I pant. You are more than happy to oblige.

You lunge back into my pussy and continue to molest my hot spot. At this point, my hunger for you has flooded all my senses, bringing me to a near boiling. I am completely at your beckoning. There is nothing I wouldn’t do at this point to satisfy my hunger.

As the sexual feast continues, I feel a finger pressing gingerly against my asshole. I let out a sigh of pleasure and move my hips to allow you easier access to my little rosebud. You slide a greasy finger into my asshole ever so gently. You stop when your finger is half way in to allow my muscles to relax.

Once they do, you begin to slide your finger in and out slowly. While your finger is probing my back end, you continue to thrust the large vibrator in and out of my pussy. And then you are gone again, and so is the vibrator. This is absolute torture! I need to feel you inside me now!

And then you are back again. You are ferociously licking up all of the juices dripping from my pussy. Next thing I know, I feel something bigger than your finger pressing against my asshole. My muscles tighten up from the exhilaration of the pending act. With the initial shock gone, I feel my muscles start to relax and then the lubed up phallus slides just inside my opening.

“Oh yeah baby, that feels nice. Push it in.” I plead with you. I have never said it to you, but I love the feeling when you fill my ass with a dildo while you eat me out. There is just something about this taboo act that really turns me on.

I pull my legs up and spread them wide so that the dildo will slide in deeper. You slowly move it in and the full feeling starts to bring on another powerful orgasm. I start to lurch against your mouth and hand as the waves of orgasm take over my body. I arch my back and cry out in pleasure.

Just when I start to come down, I feel the head of your cock against my pussy. With the dildo still in my ass, you slide your cock into my swollen lips. I have often fantasized about having two cocks in me at one time, just like in the movies, but it was just that, a fantasy. But here I am your hard cock in my pussy and the dildo in my ass. Expertly, you slide your cock in and out of my pussy, while at the same time, sliding the dildo in and out of my ass.

“Please don’t stop!” I beg you. “It feels so good!” “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” I scream.

You grab my hips and flip me over onto my knees. You shove your cock back inside me and thrust it in deep. I feel your balls slapping against my clitoris as you drive deep into me. You reach around and pinch my nipple. My body shudders from the sensation. I can’t take much more of this. Your fingers on my nipple, your cock in my pussy, and a dildo in my ass! It is almost too much to bear!

Then something comes over me that have never happened before. All of a sudden, I want to feel your dick in my ass. I have always thought about it, but always thought it was something that only “bad” girls do. But tonight, that doesn’t matter. All that matters right now is nourishing my sexual hunger. And right now, I hunger for your dick in my ass.

Before I can stop myself, I hear the words come out of my mouth. “Baby, fuck my ass. I need to feel you in my ass. Please!”

I feel you pull out of my pussy. Then the dildo is gone as well. I hear faint noises of you stroking your cock with lubrication. My body starts to tingle with anticipation. Suddenly you are there at my back door. I feel the head of your cock push gently against my virgin asshole. You slide in about an inch and stop to give me time to adjust. I can’t believe how sexy and aroused I am feeling at this moment. Once I relax, I start to push against you and you slide in further. Oh my God! The feeling is incredible! You let me control the speed as your magnificent cock fills my ass. I start to move back and forth, slowly sliding up and down your cock. You reach down and start to rub my clit. After a couple minutes, I feel another orgasm coming over me. I start to squeal as the orgasm thunders down upon me.

My body tremors uncontrollably as I thrust my ass against you, driving your cock deep into my asshole. Hard and long spasms rock me, tightening every muscle in my body. I feel my rectal muscles tighten up around your cock. Apparently, the tight feeling is too much for you to bear and I hear you roar as you come deep inside my ass.

I continue to squeeze my ass until I have milked every last drop of cum out of you. As you pull out, I feel your love juices ooze out of my hole and run down between my legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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