A Visit and a Drive

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Feet Legs

*Note: A big thank you to 1sickbastard for giving his time and efforts to helping a new author write her first story. Also, all characters are over 18.


Last night, I drove down to my mom’s house for a visit. My last visit was back in December, and this visit was long overdue. After she retired for the night, I sent him a message asking if he’d like to go for a drive. After about an hour, he and I discussed where to meet.

We met in the local chain store’s parking lot. He slowly walked towards my car, and around to the driver’s side. I rolled down my window to greet him.

“Hey you! It’s cold out there, why don’t you hop in?” He walked around to the passenger side of my Jeep, and climbed into the seat. My stomach was a wonderful tangle of knots. I was happy to finally meet him in person.

He and I rode around for a while, just chit-chatting. I took him to a couple of my favorite local hiding spots for parking. When we reached the second spot, I pulled into the lot and shut off my car. We sat and talked for a bit, and this was the first time I was able to focus on him completely. This spot is not totally private, but usually only the game warden will come by. It sits off of the access road around the lake, slightly downhill from the road. The lot is visible from the the road, and passing cars can easily see the lot. It’s peaceful however, and quiet. The only sounds I could hear were his voice and the sound of the lake crashing into the rocks.

During a pause in our conversation, he reached over the center console, grabbed a handful of my hair, and pulled me to him for a passionate kiss. I felt a sudden flood of pure lust as he pressed his lips forcefully into mine. Moments into our kiss, he shoved Alanya Escort Bayan his hand down my shirt and pinched my nipple, hard. My body responded to his advances with my clit throbbing incessantly, aching for a release.

After a few minutes, I decided to stop the advances and suggest a better hiding spot. I needed a few moments to regain my focus, so I stepped out of the Jeep, lit a cigarette, and walked around the back to sit on the tailgate. He climbed out and followed me.

As I was opening the back of the Jeep, he grabbed me from behind, and whispered in my ear “Bend over and bare your ass to me, now!” He grabbed my hips, and pulled my ass to him. He then reached down the front of my pants, and started fingering my wet pussy right there in the open. I could see cars going by, knowing they could see us in their headlights, but I didn’t care. He continued to torture my aching pussy while I finished my cigarette, but did not allow me to release. After finishing my cigarette, we climbed back into the Jeep and set out for another spot. I made sure to take the time to fold down my back seats, I knew we’d need the room later.

As a bit of payback for his torture and denial, we drove around for another hour or so just talking. I had to clench and release my pussy the entire time to help ease the aching, something I can do without anyone noticing the pleasure I’m giving myself.

Finally, I’d had enough of his torture, and my own. We headed to my favorite hiding spot. I knew no one would bother us there. It’s a dead end cul-de-sac, with no houses or street lights. It is dark, private, and no reason for traffic.

I parked the Jeep facing the entrance to the cul-de-sac, shut off the Alanya Escort lights, and killed the engine. No sooner had the engine quieted down, when he reached over and grabbed a handful of hair, repeating his earlier advances. This time, he wrapped his hand around my throat. My panties immediately soaked at his show of dominance. My body could no longer lie, I had to be handled at that moment.

I scrambled out of the front seat, opened the tailgate, and climbed into the back. He followed within seconds, shutting the tailgate behind him. Within in seconds of closing the tailgate, he had his hand in my hair again, kissing me, groping my breasts and pinching my nipples hard. Then, he put his hand on my throat, still holding my hair, and bit my nipple. As I laid back, I jumped in surprise and pleasure, and ground my hips against him. He pulled my camisole and bra down, exposing my tits, and started alternating nipples, paying attention to both of them with bites and nibbles.

I couldn’t take the confines of my clothing anymore. I stripped off my Henley overshirt, as well as my bra, leaving me in just a tight camisole. He pleasured my breasts some more, before his attention turned elsewhere. He forced his hands down the front of my pants, and roughly shoved two fingers into my wet, aching pussy. My body completely betrayed me as I started grinding against his hand, wanting desperately for him to finish me off right then. I could no longer hide my lust, but he had other plans.

His lust became evident as he forcefully pulled my pants down. This left me in just a pair of satin red cheekies with black lace on the edges and a black camisole. He pulled the panties to the side, and started fingering me, while Escort Alanya pulling my hair, begging me to squirt for him. He started with two fingers, then three, then four. Each finger added caused me to moan like a whore in heat. The stretching was a wonderful combination of pain and pleasure, one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

He changed positions, allowing my mouth access to his pierced cock. I started to suck his gorgeous cock while he continued to finger my wet pussy. It was a completely new experience for me, as I have never had a pierced cock before. The moans coming from his mouth told me I must be doing ok.

“Are you going to be my good little cum slut?” He growled at me as he started to finger my cunt a little more roughly.

“Yes, I’ll be your dirty little whore!” I moaned in response, knowing full well he ultimately controlled my release.

He pulled his hand out of my pussy, immediately replacing it with the other. He shoved the hand that had been in my soaking wet pussy into my mouth, and I responded by greedily sucking his fingers clean. He wrapped his hand around my throat again, squeezed and forced his cock into me for one stroke.

The sensation of the ring at the end of his cock stretching my pussy, combined with a forceful thrust and the squeezing of my throat was enough to send me over the edge. He wouldn’t let me cum just yet, though.

He pulled out just as fast, released my throat, and began to clean my pussy with his tongue. I was in heaven, begging him to keep going, when he shoved 3 fingers into me. He finally said the magic words, “Cum for me, slut!” I began bucking and squirming, trying to get away from his hands, but he held me down and forced me to have another, and another. When he thought I had came enough, he fucked me rough and hard, cumming in me and letting me suck his cock clean.

“What a good little slut you are!”

We redressed, and I drove him back to his car. I slept peacefully, my pussy still throbbing from the abuse.

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