A Walk to Remember

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When she left the house, she knew that it was more than the anticipation of endorphins and the solitude of her nightly walk that she was looking forward to. Before even getting to the trail her heart began racing, and she had to take a moment to calm her nerves. She was about to break all the rules tonight, something she wasn’t used to doing. She had done what was expected her entire life; from grade school, through high school, to college. Her marriage was no different. Her husband just replaced her daddy, so she did what she was told—always. But tonight was different. Tonight she was taking a step towards an independence she wasn’t used to. Nothing was going to stop her tonight.

“Calm down,” she told herself as she began her walk. It’s just a meeting, a meet-and-greet, so to speak. Just to get to know someone, a potential lover for her and her husband to play with. They were just beginning to explore the secret world of swingers. This one had caught her interest…so why not meet him. Ok…she knew that wasn’t why she was meeting him. He’d never work in the gig she and her husband had going. First of all, he was too young. Second of all, he had told her kissing was important to his lovemaking, and since it was against the rules her husband had established for their extracurricular playing, there was not hope for it. So why was she meeting him?

As she walked towards the designated meeting place, she had to ask herself yet again why she felt the need to go against what she KNEW her husband would hate. He’d never approve of her meeting someone without him there…much less without his permission. She kept coming up with the same answer, excitement. This is what she had been missing for years. Excitement. It was probably why she had agreed to her husband’s suggestion of swinging to begin with. Swinging definitely wasn’t her idea, not originally anyway.

So here she was, walking along her normal five mile route, but with the intention of not completing her walk. What she expected to happen, she wasn’t sure.

She had started talking to him just that day. When he messaged her, she couldn’t help but notice several things: first of all his obvious good looks. He was young looking, clearly in his twenties. He had a hot boyish charm that would capture any woman’s attention. Clearly he was Latino, with a lovely natural tan, black hair and black, searing black eyes. However, beyond his good looks, she also noticed that he had just signed up for the site that very day. “Nice,” she thought, “not jaded to the lifestyle yet.” Finally she had looked at his age. Oh my! Only twenty-seven. So young!

As they had chatted, she couldn’t help but think how different it would be to have a twenty-seven-year-old, as opposed to her fifty-one-year-old husband. Libido and stamina were bound to be different. This was proven during their chat when after sharing a few pictures of each other; she got daring and sent him one of her in a bra. He commented that he was going to have to go again. “Again?” she thought. What was he talking about? It was then that he confessed that he had came while looking at Tekirdağ Escort her first picture she had put up for him. That was only a few minutes prior, and here he was saying he needed to do it again. Wow! Far different from her husband, who was good for once, maybe twice a week, if she was lucky.

Maybe that was why she was now walking toward the meeting spot, getting more nervous with each step. She didn’t want to analyze it too much. She was just going with it. Besides, it was just a meeting. Right?

As she walked to the designated meeting area, she could tell he wasn’t there yet. Maybe he won’t show. That’s probably for the best. She had just about convinced herself that he wasn’t going to show when she saw someone coming towards her. In the semi-darkness, she could tell it was him. Oh God…here she goes. Her heart started pounding.

She greeted him with a smile she was afraid looked trembling. She could feel the nervous excitement coursing through her like electric currents. Her hands trembled slightly as she greeted him with a friendly hug. His return hug was slightly more than friendly, but not off-putting or uninviting. It was just a little too intimate for the circumstances. Then again, maybe hers was too stiff. She felt like a fish out of water.

After her awkward greeting and self-doubt— after all, what would a young stud like him want with a mom like her—she invited him to walk down the dark path with her and chat. The chatting was mostly polite chitchat. Basic get-to-know-you crap that was used to avoid what was really going on. As they slowly walked down the path talking, she could feel his eyes burning into her, seeing through her awkwardness to her desire. She felt convinced that he could see her heart pounding out a primitive drum beat of desire.

They didn’t have to walk far before they found a secluded little, dark spot to talk privately. She leaned up against a wooden rail as they continued their pointless conversation. That’s when he swooped in. Before she knew it, he had his chest arrogantly pressed up against her. He didn’t reach out to hold her, didn’t touch her at all save for his chest against her breasts. He stared hotly into her eyes. Ducking his head close to hers but not actually touching her. She back up slightly, shyly.

“I know what you’re trying to do,” she said with an air of pretend shock. She had known all along he’d at least try to put a move on her. She just didn’t know if she was prepared for the reality.

“What?” he said cockily. “You don’t want me to?”

She wanted to say yes, but her mind kept screaming at her that this was against the rules. The DAMN rules! He must have sensed her hesitation, because he backed off for a second. This made her mad, frustrated—at herself. NO. I’m NOT losing this opportunity to get something I want, and right now, I want to kiss this amazing looking man.

With a flirtatious smile, she stepped closer to him. “Well, just a small one,” she whispered as his lips met hers. That first kiss was not hesitating, or brief. It was long and hard; tongues were seeking. Tekirdağ Escort Bayan She was desperate for more. God, it had been SO LONG since feeling anything like this and he felt so good. More than that, she was wrapped tightly in his amazing scent. Her senses seemed to be exploding and wanted more.

That is when she felt his fingers starting to wander the front of her cotton walking pants. She wanted to grab his hand and place it where she needed it, but she couldn’t; that same hesitation she’d been dealing with for years stopped her from aggressively pursuing what she wanted. His finger roamed and flicked, never quite hitting the right spot. All the while, he kissed her with passion and enthusiasm. She was spellbound and frustrated all at the same time. Finally she could feel his experienced hand reach for the top of her pants and reach inside her panties.

Oh God that first touch was like fire! She could feel that she was soaking wet and yet she burned with unquenchable heat. She breathed harder and gave a little moan as pleasure filled her with the stroking of that one finger.

Still kissing her, he held her tightly with one arm as his finger did magical things to her clit. It was as if he could read her mind; he knew exactly how to touch, where to touch, and how much pressure to use while doing it. She began to pant, and as much as she tried not to, her moans grew stronger and more urgent.

She grabbed onto him tightly and broke the kiss in order to place her face in the crook of his neck as the first orgasm sent wave after wave of spasms through her body. She gasped and moaned and couldn’t stop the little muted cries of pleasure that came from deep within her chest.

In her experience, when she came like this she would push the man’s hand away and recover. When she tried to do that this time, however, he would not remove his hand, but instead kept his fingers flicking and moving over her soaked pussy and clit. Without warning, a second orgasm hit her, sending her over the edge again. She held onto him tightly for fear that she would fall to the ground. He supported her with his strong frame and continued flicking and stroking.

The third climax made her eyes roll and she couldn’t take one more minute of being touched. She was overly sensitive and was not going to be able to tolerate one more orgasm given that way. But oh God! She felt amazing and charged. Did that really just happen? Here? Out on the walking trail? Where anyone could have seen or hear? She was insane!

He stood there holding her as she caught her breath, trying to regain her senses. “Are you okay?” he asked with a little concern and a lot of pride in his voice. Okay? Was he serious? Of course she was okay. She was better than okay.

“I have to get going back,” he whispered to her when she stepped away from him. She knew she too should be heading back. So they turned around and slowly headed back the way they had come.

She knew the trail quite well now and knew every well lit area, as well as every darkened, hidden cove. As they were coming Escort Tekirdağ to one of the more isolated areas, a half-formed idea compelled her to act spontaneously.

When they were about half-way through the tree lined area she stopped and grabbed his hand. He wasn’t prepared for her move and turned around to face her questioningly. She simply smiled coyly, took a bold step close to him and kissed him. This time SHE was the aggressor and she knew exactly what she was doing.

He gave a muted moan of pleasure when she ran her hand over the front of his jeans, feeling for a hardness she KNEW would be there. She was not disappointed. There was an unmistakable hardness beneath her fingers and she wanted to investigate it further. With a confidence she didn’t know she possessed, she broke the kiss and looked him in the eye when she unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans. He didn’t break her eye contact.

She wasted no time in releasing his cock from his pants and underwear. She smiled playfully when she saw his eyes dart around nervously checking to see if anyone was coming. They were totally alone on the dark trail.

She allowed her fingers to get familiar with the feel of the velvety soft hardness of his cock. She familiarized herself with his length and girth, both of which pleased her. She could feel every inch, but not see him for the darkness. Somehow that frustrated her.

She looked directly into his eyes as she held him and milked him with her hand. “What do you want?” she asked quietly. He didn’t hesitate when he whispered back, “I want you to suck it.” She didn’t have to be asked again. She put her hands on his hips, lowered herself into a squatting position in front of him, and hungrily took him into her mouth.

The first taste of him was amazing. He had his own unique smells and flavors. She allowed her tongue to roll over him and explore. He gave a little, quiet gasp and allowed her to do as she wanted.

She loved what she was doing and loved what she was feeling. This was HER moment. She returned his earlier gift by taking him as deeply into her mouth as she could get him. He grabbed the back of her head, winding his fingers into her hair. She moved her mouth up and done on his cock, all the while her tongue was lashing and rubbing. Her mouth gave soft suction. She couldn’t get enough of him. She love the low sounds he was making, love the way his hips pumped slowly against her working mouth.

She sensed the change in him when it happened. His breathing came in harsh gasps. She could feel his movements growing stronger and knew he was so close to his own climax. Knew she wasn’t going to stop him. Knew she was going to break just one more rule for the night.

He aggressively held her to him as his orgasm hit. She could feel him fill her mouth with cum, but there was no disgust in her. He tasted good, felt good and she didn’t want him to stop. His knees soon sagged a little, though, and she could tell that he was weak from the experience.

Standing up, she hugged him and smiled. She felt quite proud of herself. She knew she had pleasured him and it felt good. She had pleased herself. More than anything, she felt powerful and desirable. THIS is why she came out here tonight.

They finished their walk quietly and comfortably. Neither of them needed to say much. With the softest of kisses, they parted ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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