A Wet Experience

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Ali sat down in her leather office chair and kicked off her shoes with a long sigh. It had been the worst day in as long as she could remember. Her secretary quit without notice, leaving Ali to run the office alone, while trying to see clients and handle paperwork. Three clients had emergencies, so she’d had to squeeze them in on top of an already full schedule. The phone had rung off the hook, and despite having put the answering machine on, the noise still disturbed her sessions with clients. She’d also managed to spill coffee on her favorite silk blouse. “What I need,” she murmured to herself, “is a date with a bottle of white wine and a swim in the pool.”

At 34, Ali was single, and not looking. Sure she dated a bit, and had plenty of men who wanted to get more serious, but she was more focused on her career as a psychologist in private practice. She figured when she was more settled with her new practice, then she might look more at men.

Upon arriving at her apartment, she quickly removed her clothes. She soaked her silk blouse, then stood before her full-length mirror, wearing only simple white cotton panties. She thought she still looked pretty good even though she never had time to go to the gym anymore. Measuring 5’5″ and weighing 136 pounds wasn’t too bad, she figured. Her body had gentle curves to it, and her abdomen displayed the slightest bit of roundness. She hated that part of her body. No amount of working out had ever given her a perfectly flat belly. Her 36C breasts were still perky, standing up high on her chest, and often accented when her auburn hair fell just above the slopes. Her green eyes pierced into her own image in the mirror, and her freckles often made her fair skin look more tanned than it really was. Hidden by the panties was her closely cropped pussy. She kept her pubic hair trimmed close, a neat triangle of hair, and shaved her lips bare. Not that she had anyone to really keep it groomed for. She ran her hands over her nipples, and sighed. “What I need more than wine is a good fuck,” she told her reflection.

She donned her red bikini and poured a glass of wine. Tucking the bottle into a mini ice-chest filled with ice, she was ready to relax. Locking her door behind her, she walked over to the pool.

Looking around, she was delighted to find she was alone. She settled her things on a chair by a table, walked over to the water and dipped a foot in. “Perfect temperature,” she thought. Elevating herself on her toes, she sprang and made a beautiful dive into the water. When she met the surface again, she began to swim laps. The water flowed over her skin, cooling it, and she focused on that sensation.

After her customary 40 laps, she climbed up the ladder, feeling the water cascade over her skin. She felt very sexy suddenly. “Too bad no one is around now,” she muttered into her wine glass as she brought it to her lips for a sip. She carried the glass around to the shallow end of the pool and sat down with her feet in the water. She spent several minutes staring into the water, sipping wine, and quickly found herself daydreaming of the last time she’d had sex. She felt herself get moist, and sighed heavily.

“Is this a private party?” The male voice penetrated her thoughts and she looked up quickly. She blushed when she saw Jim standing hesitantly in the gate, pointing at her wine glass.

“No, no, not really,” she stammered. Her face flushed with surprise. She had always been attracted to Jim. He lived 2 buildings over, and they sometimes saw each other at the pool, or in the parking lot. They had chatted a few times, small talk mostly, but it Escort Bayan had never failed to stir sexual feelings from within her. Yet here he was, his eyes moving over the string bikini top that did not completely cover her breasts. Good thing she was sitting down, she thought, so that he could not see the bottom of her suit, which fit a little too tightly also, accenting the shape of her cheeks more than actually hiding them from view.

Now she watched as he carelessly tossed his towel on a nearby chair and climbed down the latter into the pool. He began to swim with long perfect strokes, pulling his muscular body through the water at an even pace. She stared at the way the muscles in his back rippled. A small smile crept over her face as she did a mental inventory of the man. Jim was 32, and stood 6’1″. He weighed about 190, she guessed, and his skin was a light tan. He had the softest hazel eyes she had ever seen, and they always seemed to be laughing. His best feature, she decided was his firm ass. More than once she had stolen a peek at it when it was encased in denim. It was the kind of ass a woman could hold on to while she pulled him closer to her.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Jim said suddenly, pulling her out of her reverie. She blushed deeply at the cliché he used. If only he had known what she’d been thinking!

“Not enough pennies in the world to make me tell you,” she quipped. She surprised herself at the ease in which she responded, opening the door for more conversation and flirting. She looked down at him resting his arms on the side of the pool, most of his body still in the water. He folded his arms on the side, propped his chin on them, and looked at her.

“Oh come on now,” he teased. “You were so lost in thought I spoke to you twice before you heard me. What is so thought provoking?” His hazel eyes twinkled in the fading sun. He cocked his head, and chuckled at her. His gaze remained on her face, making her face blush a beautiful crimson. She looked away, but not before he noticed her blush.

Instead of answering his question, she changed the subject. He looked disappointed at first, but soon they were involved in discussing a wide variety of topics. She felt herself relax a bit, whether from the wine or just the comfort of being with him, she did not know. Every now and then, Jim would reach out and touch her knee while they talked. His touch felt like electricity to her, sending waves of pleasure into her, creating more moisture inside her bikini bottom.

She could stand it no more. Blushing furiously, she leaned forward and kissed him. Their lips parted together, and their tongues met in a clash of passion and tenderness. He sighed deeply as he broke the kiss. She watched his eyes, no longer reflecting the sun, but now the pool lights. In the deep wells of his eyes she saw fire, and a need for her. He reached for her, pulling her into the pool so she was standing with him in the shallow end. They wrapped their arms around each other, and kissed again. She could feel his erection pressing into her, and she rocked her hips softly against him. He moaned into her mouth, moving one hand to cup her breast. She felt him tug on the strings holding her top on. Soon it was free, and he tossed it beside the pool. Briefly she looked around to make sure no one was watching. They were still alone.

He held her breasts with both of his strong hands, circling the large nipples with his thumbs. She tipped her head back, and he began to kiss her neck and throat. His lips were so hot, almost burning into her. He continued playing with her breasts, fascinated Escort with how sensitive her nipples were to his touch. He bent his head to them, sucking gently on one of them, biting it gently with his teeth. She groaned and held his head in her arms, cradling him to her chest. He took his time with her tits, paying plenty of attention to that much-neglected area. He circled her other nipple over and over with his tongue, memorizing the feel of it in his mouth. His other hand stayed occupied with a gentle massage on the other breast. Ali had never had a man administer so much attention to her breasts. She could only imagine what the rest of her body was going to get.

She wanted to feel him in her hand, in her mouth. She ducked down lower into the water, so that it reached her shoulders. She pulled his cock from his trunks, and begin to slowly stroke it underwater. His eyes narrowed with pleasure, and he moaned softly as he pulled her closer. She stroked him firmly, and even under water she could feel his pre-cum seeping out of him. She released him and guided him to the steps, where she used her hands and a sly smile to urge him to sit on the side of the pool. From here, she knew she could easily suck him. He settled back on his hands, spreading his legs slightly so she could stand in between them.

She flicked her tongue across the tip, tasting him. The musky taste of him intoxicated her at once. She sucked the head into her mouth, then released him to lick her way down to his sac. She massaged him with her tongue, then gently sucked on of his balls into her mouth while she stroked him with her hand. He gasped at the sudden surprise, then entwined his fingers in her hair. She loved the fact that his balls were shaved. She took the other one into her mouth now, gaining confidence in his ragged breathing. She let her tongue lead her back up to his cock, once again taking him into her mouth. She sucked him earnestly, wanting to please him. She increased her pressure, sucking him faster now. She opened her throat and took him all the way down, allowing the tip to hit the back of her throat. He cried out once, then whispered to her, “Oh my God that feels so good.”

She deep throated him several times, then backed off a little. She massaged his balls with her hand while sucking him hard but slow. She focused on the feel of his pulsing veins, the rigidity of him. He groaned and suddenly pushed her away by her shoulders. “No,” he gasped in a hushed voice filled with sexual heat. “I don’t want to come yet. I want this to last.” He slipped back into the water with her and kissed her deeply.

His hands found her ass, and held her firmly while they kissed. He moved his lips down her neck, across her throat and to the other side. His fingers found her pussy, and he caressed her sex in a circular motion thru her bikini bottom. He wanted to feel her pulsating pussy. He pushed the bikini to the side, and plunged his finger inside her. She gasped at the the penetration, then moaned deep in her throat. His thumb located her clit and while he finger fucked her, his thumb massaged her throbbing clit. He was determined to make her cum. It didn’t take him long, for he knew exactly where to touch her, and how to kiss her while his fingers worked at her. Soon she was spiraling into an intense orgasm, clutching his arm and quieting her moans into his chest.

He led her to the steps and stopped her on the second one. He pulled her bottoms off with her help and tossed them with her top next to the pool. He bent her forward, dying for the taste of her. He leaned forward, and her mind stopped working Bayan Escort as soon as his tongue found her clit. She lost all sense of the things around her and was only able to focus in the pleasure he provided her. She was no longer aware they were outside, in the open, in a public area.

Jim wasted no time bringing her to another climax. His tongue set her on fire, dipping inside her hole to taste her, and then back to her clit. He worked feverishly, wanting her to flood his face with her cum. He flicked his tongue back and forth over her clit, listening to her whispered moans. He inhaled the scent of her arousal, and savored the sweetness that seeped from her.

Ali rocked her hips backwards, trying to press her cunt further onto his face. She was lost in pleasure, and wanted the feelings he was creating with his mouth to continue. She cried out when he sucked her clit into his mouth as thought it were a little cock. She could feel another orgasm building. He placed a hand on her ass, squeezing the cheek, then finding its way to her little rosebud. “Relax for me Ali,” his voice commanded. She tried to, but teetering on orgasm left little ability to just relax her back door. His finger pushed inside anyway, and his tongue went back to her clit. He finger fucked her asshole while his tongue applied pressure to the most sensitive part of her womanhood. At last her body erupted in orgasm, and she rewarded his efforts by squirting her juices over his mouth. He swallowed several times, and what he could not lap up dripped into the pool.

He was so turned on by how wet she had gotten that he knew he had to be inside her. While she clutched the rail, trying to catch her breath, he moved up behind her. With one thrust he was buried completely in her tight pussy. She was hot, and clamped so tightly around his cock he wasn’t sure he would be able to move it within her. He just held his cock where it was, deep within her pussy, and rubbed her back and murmured soft words to her. He was amused that he had made her cum so hard.

When she was at last relaxed, Ali felt Jim start to slide his cock out and then plunge back in. She placed her hand on the step in front her, and pushed herself back against him. He thrust slowly in and out of her, grunting softly with each stroke. She loved the feeling of his cock inside her. She wasn’t sure, but it felt like at least 8 inches of heaven stroking the inside of her wet pussy. He made her feel so good that she was oblivious to everything else around them. The temperature had cooled of considerably, but all she was aware of was the steady thrusting of Jim behind her.

She felt another orgasm approaching slowly. Jim felt her growing tight around him again. He reached around and began to fondle her breasts with one hand, and stroke her clit with the other. He was moving faster now, feeling his own impending orgasm. Ali rocked back against him, moaning each time he entered her. She knew he was struggling to keep from letting go just yet. He stroked her clit faster, and she screamed out in pleasure when her climax coursed through her body. She pushed against him, clamping her muscles tight around his thrusting dick. He grabbed her hips and held her still as he released his hot load inside her. He groaned a long groan as he shot into her. Ali could feel his penis pulsing with each squirt of his cum. She held still, wanting to hang on to this moment for as long as possible.

When their orgasms subsided, Jim leaned over and wrapped his arms around Ali, still lodged in her cunt from behind. Neither said a word. As he grew soft and slipped out, Ali invited him to join her in her apartment. She picked up her discard bikini and accepted her towel from him. She wrapped herself in it, and once he had gathered the rest of their things, they left together quietly. Each was envisioning the possibilities that lay ahead of them.

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