A Winter Cabin, 2011

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Insulated under the canopy of low clouds the damp breadth of the snowfall almost felt warm to Giselle under the covers in bed with her father. Twenty or more inches of powdery fresh snow blanketed the New England woods around the cabin, and snowflakes still falling the muffled early morning stirred her awake.

Brimming with sleepy excitement she delighted in the enchanting winter wonderland just outside the cabin window. Surrounded by the profound stillness, her arms at her sides, her legs together she just laid there perfectly still the first few moments: she loved the snow, being at the cabin, being in her father’s bed her father asleep next to her, her shoulder warm against his, her nineteenth birthday just a week away. She rolled her shoulders together her nipples and breasts humming, a warm buttery tingling between her legs; she’d just awakened to a dream, her whispering to her father, “touch me Daddy, nnnnggh Daddy, feels so good Papa, don’t stop Daddy, feels so good,” her father leaning over her, her nightie pulled from her bare shoulders, “oh god, Daddy,” her father sucking her puffy hot nipples, squeezing her breasts in his big hands, “suck them Daddy, ohhhh god Daddyyy, yesss, suck my nipples, Papa.”

Giselle touched the damp heat of her throbbing little pussy through her nightgown wanting more than anything for it to not be just a dream. When she closed her eyes, she could still feel the sensations of her father’s fingers, his warm mouth surrounding her breasts, the tingling feeling deep in her belly. She fantasized slipping under the blankets and waking her father, sucking him into her warm wet mouth, “Nnnn, Daddy, want your cock, in…my mouth,” her pussy flooding wet to the thought, sucking his cock, “you like it, when I suck you, don’t you Papa,” thrilling herself, his fingers in her hair, him pulling her mouth to his swollen thick cock. “Ohhh god Daddy, yesss, fuck my little mouth cum in my mouth, Papa, let your little girl make you feel good, Daddy.” She imagined both of them moaning her taking him deep in her throat lavishing his cock with her tongue, them 69’ing him licking her creamy hot little pussy, how she’d go wild sucking his cock as he licked her.

She fantasized him whispering growling half awake how much he loved fucking her warm little mouth, “ohhh lil baby, yesss, suck Daddy’s cock, that’s my good girl,” his fingers pulling through her hair, him whispering in their private little world how good she was, his lil baby, their secret, sucking his cock, making love to his cock, his incestuous little girl, his little lover sucking her father’s throbbing hot hard cock, sucking him into her warm little mouth under the covers where no one would see.

Dreamily sleepy Giselle raised her nightgown, above her silky thin panties, and lightly pressed her fingers into her wet little slit.

Gushing out a hot quivering breath she slipped her hand under the delicate waistband and almost came touching her smooth shaven creamy wetness, the feeling extraordinary, her pelvis lifting to her fluttering fingers, her breaths fluttering in tandem when her handsome father woke and started to get up trying to be quiet to not wake her. She pretended to still be asleep as he stood braving the stark cold room to start a fire.

Giselle reached out to touch his shoulder to stop him but pulled her hand back as he moved beyond her reach, sliding her hand back under the covers, brushed her fingers through her creamy pink slit. Her tender little hips barely raising and lowering as she drew in a breath, picturing his bottom in her hands, her father her lover between her legs, her legs spread for him, wrapped ankles wrapped around his calves. She imagined pulling him deeper into her, his huge thick cock fucking hot and thick inside her, “nnn Daddy, yesss, fuck me, fuck your little girl,” his daughter so urgent and aroused she gushed into the blankets words that could make her cum, “…your big girl, Daddy,” a story in the book she’d found, Daddy’s Big Girl, compelling her incestuous fantasies, “fuck me Papa, fuck your big girl, Daddy, fuck my…little-girl pussy,” she gushed out silently.

She fantasized her father looking into her like a wild animal, him leaning to suck her full firm breasts, “nnnghh Daddy, my nipples Papa, suck them…for me Daddy,” her swollen hot nipples, her aching hot nipples, him fucking his swollen thick cock into her tight wet throbbing little cunt, harder deeper faster stretching her open.

She fantasized his growling, “that’s my good girl, fuck Daddy’s cock, lil baby, yessss take Daddy’s cock, Giselle, let Daddy make my big girl cum, cum on Papa’s big cock my sexy little lover girl,” her fingers brushing faster over her swollen little clit, “my little baby, so tight, so soft, mmmm, lil baby, that’s right, be Daddy’s big girl,” images of her father sucking her hot aching swollen breasts into his hot wet mouth, her fucking her own father, squeezing him inside her.

Little Giselle pictured osmaniye seks hikayeleri her father in her mouth again, her sucking him again, “You love my warm little mouth, don’t you Daddy, the way I suck you, pulling on you like this, don’t you Papa, your big girl sucking you, the way I use my tongue, my warm little mouth,” her favorite fantasy, her looking up into her father’s eyes, “my little mouth,” him deep in her throat, loving giving him such pleasure, “fucking your little girl’s warm little mouth,” she quivered all over, wanting him to hold her firmly by her hair, him cumming in her mouth, her sucking him so hard, pulling on him, swallowing all of her father’s hot incestuous cum.

She replayed the image again and again, seeing herself milking his cock, building, jacking his cock, “Ohhh god Daddy,” she purred under her breath fantasizing the copious amounts of her father’s cum, loving him in her mouth, “cum in my mouth Daddy,” making herself cum to the thought of him in her mouth, sucking him, her little pussy quivering hot, making love o her father’s cock, wanting his seed, “cum on my face Papa, cum in my mouth Daddy, wherever you want Daddy, fuck my little mouth papa, nggghh, Daddy, fuck my little mouth,” she whispered so hotly under her breath her body shook into the blankets, so her father couldn’t hear.

She imagined her pulling on his cock, sucking him so hard, the look on his face, his gripping her by her hair, exploding in her mouth, “Ohhhh little baby,” he’d groan, “yesss, swallow Daddy’s cum, baby, suck Daddy baby, suck Daddy’s cock. That’s my good girl, swallow Daddy’s cum baby, ohhh Giselle, lil baby, such a good little girl for Daddy, my…big girl.”

Giselle stared at her father’s broad shoulders his wide back his bottom him so palpable under the loose flannel of his soft cottony pajamas. She loved his strength, the way he moved; she recalled her tracing his two tattoos with her finger, one on his bicep, the other on his shoulder, him telling her their symbolism, the importance of their meaning for him. She watched him light the fire, and rolled over onto her stomach, on top of the heat where her father had been laying, pressed her swollen aching breasts, her belly, her throbbing mound into his warmth, his lingering scent filling her with desire, a safe, luxurious warmth.

She imagined lying on top of him, them kissing, her father’s tongue in her mouth, “Kiss Daddy, lil baby,” he’d whisper, “ohhh little baby, you’re so hot, so sexy,” her humping her shiny slippery wet bare mound against his hard aching cock, “that’s my good girl,” her wriggling on top of her father, “Daddy’s…big girl,” her hips involuntarily rocking against the warm linens, her fingers slipping in and out of her wet little pussy.

“Daddy’s little lover,” she hissed under her breath imagining him inside her, stretching her open, her moaning out, “nnngghuhdaddy, fuck me, your — your big girl, Daddy, ohhh god Daddy, suck my nipples, Papa,” both her arms under her, both her hands, her fingers strumming over her throbbing little clit, subtly, covertly pushing in and out of her soft creamy wet little cunny, hidden from her father heightening the intensity of her arousal, “ohhhhgoddd Daddy,” cumming on her fingers, her entire body taut, shaking, trying to not moan out loud.

Thinking she was still asleep, her father moved about the cabin unselfconsciously tending to the fire, thoughts of his daughter in the bedroom, his little Giselle making him unbearably hard. He’d woken to her feminine scent, the lovely smell of her hair, her warmth right next to him and made himself get up; in those first few instants of being awake his cock was already throbbing hot hard, his balls tingling and warm needing release. Laying next to his incredibly sexy daughter he’d fantasized how easily he could just pull her on top of him, raise her nightie, grip her tight little bottom in his big hands, fuck his hugely hard cock into his daughter, his Giselley, his little girl, bury his raging hard cock into his little baby’s warm little cunt.

He imagined her soft little voice, what her moans would sound like, “Nnn, fuck me Papa, your…big girl, Daddy,” his cock aching throbbing hard, “nnngguhhhdaddyyy, ohhh Daddy, yeah, so big in me Papa, yeah, deeper, Daddy, in me Papa.” God how many times had he fantasized her sucking his cock, her warm little mouth, “yesss, fuck my mouth, Papa, cum in my warm little mouth, let me make you cum, Papa,” his hands in her hair, her sucking him off, “cummm Daddyyy,” him cumming in his daughter’s hot sucking eager little mouth, her fingers wrapped around his cock, her cupping his balls as he exploded as she swallowed all of him fucking him with her beautiful little mouth, the same breaths she’d read poetry aloud to him from, the same glimmering excitement in her eyes, the same warm glow her looking so deeply into his eyes.

Giselle could see his breaths in the cold room and closed her eyes when he turned to look back into the bedroom at her in his big bed. She caught her breath seeing her father’s erection tenting the front of his flannel pajamas, and still laying on her stomach, pressed her fingers deep into her swollen wet little pussy. She watched him take off his flannel pajama shirt, and felt herself cumming again. She imagined them being lovers, father and daughter, her man looking after her building a fire for her; Giselle felt warm all over with love and a hungry lusty desire for her father.

Looking out from under her eyelashes, sure he wasn’t looking in her direction, she studied his bare chest, imagined her fingers trailing through his chest hair, touched her fingers through her creamy wet little slit, waited for him to pull down his pajama bottoms, to see his erect incestuous daddy-cock. She imagined rubbing her bare cheek on his chest, smelling his scent, her little bottom pushing up, in rhythm with her fingers fucking into her dripping wet little cunny, just barely, so he wouldn’t notice her fucking her warm little pussy, thinking of him, strumming her fingers through her pink little slit her fingers burying in her slippery, creamy wet humming little slit, her hips pressing, rolling, so soft warm. She fantasized the feel of the warmth of his skin against hers, her breasts and nipples tingling in his strong arms holding her to him. She fantasized him pushing her against the cabin wall, him raising her nightgown, him pushing his hot hard throbbing cock into her, him fucking his daughter, his little girl, his big girl, him taking her from behind, him cupping her hot aching tits in her big hands, his grunts and hot breath.

She saw herself pushing up on her tiptoes, to kiss him, her rubbing herself on him, pressing against his daddy-cock, “kiss me, Papa,” she’d whisper, “want you, Daddy.” She saw herself rubbing on him through her nightgown, her naked underneath, just like the daughter and her Daddy in one of the stories, in the book she’d found packed in one of the moving boxes. How the man let his nineteen-year-old daughter climb into his bed, how she laid on her father’s belly, his chest, how she would make him hard just laying on him, whispering in a little voice, “nnn Daddy, let me…be your big girl,” making her father hard, and as he got hard, how she would rock her pelvis, her nightdress pushing up, her bare belly, her bare little pussy sliding along the full length of her father’s erection so soft and hard, his entering her, warm wet gliding in and out through the lips of her swollen hot little cunny.

Giselle imagined herself sliding like that on her father, her nightie pulled up, her father’s cock slipping inside her, just the head at first, her belly, her breasts her bare groin so warm hot on her father’s hard cock. She loved the part in the story where the girl on the verge of cumming whispered, “Papa, I…I want you in my mouth, Daddy, I…want to suck you, I ant you to cum in my mouth Daddy, can I Papa?” The father in the story let her, his daughter sucking him so deep into her warm wet willing little mouth, her cumming sucking him, his holding her by her hair, fucking his little girl’s mouth, cumming in his daughter’s eager hot sucking little mouth.

The story made Giselle squeeze her legs together her breasts swollen her nipples pushing into the blankets. She wanted to make her father hard, her pulling on his cock in her little hands, looking up into his eyes, her taking him in her warm soft mouth. She quivered under the blankets imagining his hands on her head, in her hair, holding her as she sucked him, her father’s throbbing hard cock, making him cum in her warm little mouth, milking his cock with her warm little mouth. “Ohhh god, Daddy,” she whispered into the pillows, cumming on her fingers in her father’s big bed, him just across the room, his daughter fantasizing over and again sucking him, how she’d please him like that every night under the covers.

When she opened her eyes again he’d already changed into his clothes and was going out the door to get more firewood icy and buried under the heavy bulk of powdery new snow. Giselle took the opportunity alone to bring herself to a quaking, wracking orgasm, imagining her father climbing onto her from behind, straddling her legs, her warm little bottom pushed up into his warmth, his growling, “Daddy needs my little girl,” his cock entering her, fucking his cock into her, taking her from behind, “Mmm, lil baby, so warm around Papa’s big cock, that’s my good girl, push back, lil baby, you feel so good baby, make Daddy feel good with your tight little pussy baby, mmm you like Daddy’s big cock, don’t you sweetie,” taking her from behind, trapping her under his weight, “you like daddy’s cock inside you, don’t you lil baby, let Daddy have you lil baby”

His thrusts against her tight little bottom, her answer, a guttural quivering, “yesss,” his thick throbbing incestuous hard daddy-cock thrusting into her, “fuck me, Daddy,” the bed shaking as she begged for more, cumming all over her father’s hot hard pulsing thick daddy-cock as he exploded inside her, rope after rope of his incestuous hot cum splashing inside her, his little lover.


Lighting the fire, the heat from the flames on his arms and chest reminded him of how last night sitting on the bed his daughter came up to him, stood between his open knees like a lover would. So sweet in her crisp white nightie how warm and soft his Giselle felt as he took her in his arms. How beautiful she was, how intelligent, the depth in her eyes as he looked up at her and they looked into one another, her so perfumy feminine warm under her nightie, her firm breasts pressing out through her nightie, how they jostled, how his cock stirred swollen aching hard.

The way she moved reminded him of her mother straddling him in bed, her sliding against his cock; how her eyes would close, how her face would turn skyward; how a slight smile would turn her mouth just so; how her lips would part, how her movements would smooth; how she would cling to him, his little bear, whispering, “Mmmnnn, Daddyyy,” her hips slowing to little rocking movements, her pretending, “feel’s, so good Papa.” He’d just smile back at her glowing on his lap, her hugging him, “I love you, baby, so much,” and kissed him warmly on the lips, staring into his eyes smiling, “my sexy Daddy,” her husband’s cock still so hard between her legs, wet with her cum as she slipped him inside her, “nnngggh, Daddy, so big, Papa, let me make you feel good Daddy.”

A young woman now, Giselle’s weight on one leg her hip rested against her father’s chest, leaning in toward him sitting on the bed her small hands on his shoulders, he breathed in her fragrance; a freshly bathed powdery soft scent that made him remember years ago, the same fragrance coming from the bath he shared with his sister.

That fragrance, to this day one of the most erotic scents he could imagine, a woman’s bath, her wet and glistening, in this case his younger sister showering, bathing, washing her hair, the smell of shampoo, that indistinct sweet flowery feminine perfume.

His cock throbbing hard pointed directly up at Giselle’s crotch through her gown, him hugging her to him, breathing in his daughter’s sweet feminine scent; god how he loved her, god, how he wanted her.


A year apart in age he and his sister both in their late teens, both still virgins were like any other ordinary siblings except one fateful summer weekend at the lake they’d discovered how good it felt, and how exciting it was to swim under the boat together where no one could see them rubbing against each other. Touching one another through their swimsuits, how exciting and fun it was they’d found, getting each other so sexually aroused, both of their bodies tingling, aching, throbbing in the silent blue world all their own underwater. Their secret, them plotting in hushed smiling excited whispers to do it again every chance they could in private, the thrill of lovers bursting in their chemistry.

He remembered watching himself underwater touching and rubbing his fingers through the cleft of his sister’s soft little pussy, how the look on her face would change, cupping his fingers over her mound pushing against the silky soft thin fabric of her swimsuit. How they’d come up for air unseen under the overhang of the bow, beaming at each other, all smiles and heavy breathing, their secret, their play. How, hanging on to the anchor line they bumped and rubbed on one another, their bodies tingling, how’d they’d take big breaths and sink back under the surface. How they’d swim underwater touching, feeling, how they’d swim all the way under the boat, rubbing on each other swirling through the water, suspended, touching each other’s sex, feeling as much as they could before coming back up on the other side, again and again.

He recalled with some wonderment being nineteen, and how aching throbbing hard his cock was in his suit. How he’d hump his hips into his younger sister’s soft warm belly, and her into his, her little hands as she squeezed his cock, her soft groin pressing into his aching hard swollen thick cock, her soft little cunny sliding up and down his length, his fingers rubbing her soft warm-hot slit through her suit gripping her bottom, the two floating under water, their electric tingling hot arousal.

Then the one night she came up to the forward cabin of the boat, and climbed up into the bunk with him; they must have planned it, for her to come after their parents and relatives went to bed because he distinctly remembered being naked, how hot and humid it was, how unbearably throbbing hard his cock was waiting for her. Then seeing her naked in the light through the bow hatch above the bunks set in a V into the point of the bow, his little sister, so petite, her so perfectly soft-smooth, so little on top of him, how warm-hot and indelibly translucent her skin was, the heat of their bodies together when she laid on him, how they didn’t say a word, their breathing so loud and hot both frenzied rubbing on the other.

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