A Year Ago Ch. 09

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This is an evolving story of Sara’s sensual investigation. Please review the first phase of the story . . .


I hadn’t driven on these roads for several years, and not in the evening. The countryside was beautiful as the sun slipped lower casting golden rays on the young hay fields. The Audi wasn’t running well and I considered calling the Garage to move the appointment when it just died. I was able to pull on to the shoulder. I was uncertain, but I guessed I was about a mile from Angelicas’ home. The heels made walking untenable. Sitting there a moment I failed to see the pickup truck stopped behind me.

I was startled. “Excuse me Miss,”

There was a man at the side of my car. “Sorry to surprise you, but do you need a hand?”

His face was nice, I smiled, “I sure could use a lift to the Norton house. I think my battery is dead.”

He moved away form the door to allow me to get out, “I’m supposed to be there. Is it about a mile?”

I was careful to hold my legs together and prevent my hem from riding too high. I didn’t want him to see my hose.

He smiled, “Oh I’d say closer to a mile and a half but I can get you there alright. My dirty truck has a reasonably clean seat. I don’t want to ruin your lovely dress Miss.”

I turned to see an old Chevy, “Thank you for the offer. I’m Sara,” extending my hand.

“Joe, I live up the road a bit.”

Once in the truck I was happy the dress wasn’t too short. I kept still as Joe drove to the Norton gate, “I don’t know what happened. I have an appointment to have it checked, I mean the battery.”

He turned to look at me, “I was just behind you Miss Sara. Your taillights were dim. I’d guess you lost a belt for the alternator. I don’t think it’s the battery.”

We arrived at the large house and I thanked Joe, “I’ll have my mechanic get that off the road tonight. Thank you for the assistance Joe.”

The view beyond the house, which faced east, was a soft setting sun, not a cloud in the sky. I saw Madison’s Ford. Three other cars were at the door as well.

“I’d wait until the morning Miss Sara. No one will mess with it. Good night and say hello to Mrs. Norton.” I watched him turn the old Chevy and leave.

As I walked to the door it opened and a young woman wearing a black uniform smiled, “You must be Miss Sara. Did Joe bring you?”

I shared the car problem as she escorted me to the Library, “He said I should have the tow truck pick it up in the morning. Do you think that’s OK?”

“I’ll check with Thomas. He’ll know if that’s acceptable. My name is Jenn.” She was a brunette with her shoulder length hair held up in her cap.

I entered the room and a man near the doorway introduced himself, “Hello, I’m Blair Lace and you must be Sara.”

I said hello as he took my hand and kissed it, “I’m a bit late.”

I wasn’t comfortable with his gesture but I was still learning the ways that a woman is moved about by those around her. Blair was wearing a tuxedo, which made me happy I had dressed appropriately.

Blair had taken my arm as we stepped into the carpeted room. I saw Madison was wearing a chocolate dress with cream heels and Avery had on a LBD similar to mine.

Angelica turned from her conversation and seeing me approached, “Sara, you’ve met Blair. Blair runs a small software design company. Come meet the others and have a glass of Moet.”

Angelica stepped nearer and kissed me, a little too close to my lips, whispering as she did, “He’s got a great body, humm?”

I whispered back, “He’s definitively good looking Angelica, but I guess I like girls.”

As we parted I said, “I’m sorry I’m a little late. I had a little car trouble. Your neighbor Joe gave me a ride. My car is along the road.”

She seemed to not hear me, “How nice. You’ve probably lit his interest as well.”

Was she testing, looking for how I handled a man? Her statement seemed intent on annoying me. Or maybe she was just distracted by the other guests?

She introduced me to the two other guests I didn’t know, “Sergi is staying with me while he’s into town, and this is my dear friend Cora.”

This Sergi wasn’t a handsome man and his suit didn’t fit him nicely. I stepped toward Madison but Cora came to say something as Angelica crossed the room to speak with Avery.

Cora was about Angelica’s age, a little taller and dressed in a magnificent black lace dress that fell passed her knees. She had beautiful jewelry about her neck and on her fingers, “You look beautiful, that’s a Gaultier, and it fits you nicely Sara.”

I complimented her on her necklace, “Yes I hadn’t a thing suitable to wear for this evening. A bit too much I fear.”

She smiled slyly, “So you’re a young ‘business woman’. I can’t imagine having to run a company. I don’t work. Others can handle my accounts. I have plenty to do with my charges.”

We talked about her outfit and she explained the history of her jewelry. I was glad to have Angelica call her over to speak with Blair.

I erzincan escort watched her walk away, her butt swaying beneath her dress, her heels and hose black. I reviewed the conversation. What did she mean by ‘her charges’?

The maid Jenn came in and spoke quietly with Angelica. Turning to me she said, “don’t fret Sara. I’ll have Thomas get you home later.”

I wondered why the other girls were so quiet, “We both feel a little out of place Sara. Thankfully you were only ten minutes late. It’s nice that she’s included us all, but why? This Sergi is a little weird and Cora hasn’t said two words beyond hello.”

Avery added, “My dress has to be the least expensive here. I can’t wait to leave. Blair is good looking but he wasn’t interested in our design discussion. Typical guy; he thinks we’re a couple.”

Dinner was served by Jenn and the chef Thomas.

After dinner Angelica said standing and walking out of the room, “Thomas we all loved the meal. Thank you for your effort. Let’s go into the Living Room and enjoy some music, shall we?”

Sergi left soon after, “I’m tired Angelica, please forgive my retiring early.”

The party seemed to be ending. It was nearly ten. The girl’s followed his exit shortly too. Blair and I were discussing some computer issues and I missed saying goodbye to them.

As I tried to leave Angelica insisted I see her new greenhouse.

“Blair will find his way home. It’s this way Sara.”

We left the house an started across the lawn with the softly illuminated glass house about 30 steps off the stone terrace.

“The grass is difficult in heels. Hold my arm Sara.” Angelica led us to the building.

I sneezed lightly as we entered the glazed space, “You’ve got me out here Angelica. I have to tell you that I’m quite allergic to many plants.”

“It may be the plant food or the other treatments, not the green stuff Sara.”

She hit the light switch darkening the entire yard, “I wanted to share the view of the stars on this clear evening.”

I considered how we had just met yesterday afternoon, but how she knew more about me than nearly anyone. Was this a pass? Was she after something another than friendship? I was very attracted to this woman but I was so ‘green’ to my new world I didn’t care to add any complexity. I watched her watching the stars.

“There’s one!” she pointed to the dark sky.

“What’s that Angelica?”

She turned about with a near child like joy, “A shooting star Sara.”

That wasn’t what I was expecting. Moving beside her I asked, “How long have you wished for a greenhouse?”

“It was a present from my late husband for my thirty-sixth birthday. He died before it was completed last month. I hated living so far away from town, from the City. The great exposure here led to the idea. I hadn’t considered how I might use the space after dark. We’re so far removed from everything and it is very dark.”

I saw a telescope in the corner. She moved to a small padded bench at the end of the space. Sitting she said, “Come sit with me.”

I sighed and walked the ten steps, noting that the concrete floor wasn’t very even, “In the dark it’s not easy to move in here.”

Angelica said, “I’ve been out here every night. It’s sort of an evening pray. He was wonderful to me.”

She had tears in her eyes, I offered a small hankie. She continued, “You’ll get used to it, I mean, I’ve gotten used to the darkness and the slightly rough surface.”

She was just inches away, my hand near her thigh, “He was nearly twenty-five years my senior. Most people assumed I’d married for his money. That isn’t correct. We met in Paris and fell in love, simple, not complicated. And I had made a comfortable living, and enjoyed working.”

We spent nearly an hour chatting and not once did she speak of my gender change. At one point she reached for my hand, as a friendly touch, not to control nor direct me. I enjoyed just hanging out. It was a perfect night, beside the dinner and the car issue.

“I’ve got a bottle of wine there in the cooler. Can I offer you a drink?”

I considered this but said, “I should head home Angelica.”

We walked the short distance to the house holding each other to avoid a fall. She went up to bed via the rear stair, “Jenn will see you out dear, Goodnight.”

Finding Jenn in the Kitchen she said, “Thomas is available to drive you home Miss Sara.”

Thomas brought the BMW around and took me home but stopped along side the Audi. He suggested that he would confirm the belt as suggested by Joe.

“Yep, the belt’s gone. What year is the Audi?”

As we continued toward town we spoke about the neighborhood where I lived and as we pulled into my drive he said, “My Mistress is very keen on you Miss Sara.”

He refers to Angelica as Mistress, but so did Jenn.

“Well I think she’s lovely. I’ll try and get a mechanic back there tomorrow before Noon to get the Audi running OK?”

Cora watched Angelica from erzurum escort the bedroom window. This young ‘girl’ was surprising. She’d believed Angelica previously when they had reviewed this Sara. There was no tell, nothing to indicate that she had been born a boy. Even up close her skin was smooth and her neck feminine.

Cora considered how Angelica was going about the seduction as discussed. Maybe a little too slowly but then Sara seemed more alert than Angelica had initially implied. The other two dykes couldn’t be her lovers.

As Angelica entered the room she saw Cora at the window.

Her Mistress was smiling as she said, “I’m not certain the ‘girl’ can be brought to her knees dear. Lest by you. May I suggest, “

“No, you are to stay clear of her. I need her as a friend, maybe more than I need to prove something to you.”

Cora moved toward the bed, “Sara is more beautiful than I thought.” She caressed her lover’s bottom.

“You’re very wet my little pussy.”

Sunday morning I looked out and the Audi was in the drive!

There was a note with the keys in my mailbox. “A small present from Mistress Angelica”

The note was in a feminine hand. Maybe it was Jenn’s note, and she just considers Angelica her boss and therefore her mistress.

At least this ‘gift’ freed up my Sunday. Maybe I could get some shopping in later. I stayed undressed and read the paper on the sofa in my robe and slippers. Needing to pee I was distracted when I walked to the bath and saw my medium plug and the lube. After completing the cleansing I settled the medium plug in my tight opening and sat down to research the concept of ‘lesbian submission’ on the web.

Earlier in the week I’d found that there were many different types of submissive women. I just couldn’t get excited about some of the acts shown. Did they willingly commit to spanking? It sure looked as such. All of the pain and torture stuff was also not in my imagination but the subtle control and protection was a different matter. Some of the dome – sub relationships discussed on-line sounded very positive.

Most surprising to me was the strong use of fake phallus and even anal penetration. Maybe I had come far with my dressing in these two weeks but seeing women who clearly enjoyed cock but only if it was attached to a girl was exciting. This to me seemed to be the best of both sexes. Though I was far from prepared to initiate a relationship.

I still hadn’t even seen the doctor to confirm how or if I should consider using hormones or plan for breast implants. Once I had attached my full C forms I was sure I wanted my breasts to be a good medium in size. I had seen a French porn movie earlier in the week. The actress Claire’s boobs were the perfect size. I snapped a picture to show my doctor on Tuesday. Now I needed to stay focus until my appointment, and relax today. I sent a text to Cheryl at Nordstrom.

Moving to the closet to dress I pulled out the toys, and the larger plug. I was excited just holding this thing after my lesbian research. There were a lot of women with plugged asses!

I sat on the bed and rolled to my side and removed the second plug. The larger one was significantly wider but to my delight it slipped inside and sealed my bottom. I stood and put on my heels and pulled a thong into place. Moving about with nearly a six inch cock stuffed inside my bum was a challenge. Not because it hurt but due to the stimulation! My little cock was dripping enough to soak my panties.

By eleven I knew I would have to take this to the next level. The web browsing wasn’t helping. The number of images of girls playing with each other’s butts was too much. That slim dildo with the soft skin would be my first lover and I was shocked how randy I felt. The cleansing of my bottom had made me a tramp?

I paused with this thought. I needed a break, or some exercise. I quickly removed the plug and changed into my shorts and sneakers. Walking to the school track I was enjoying the late morning sun. For a Sunday the track was quiet. There were only a few people around jogging. My walking pace was comfortable and every few minutes someone would pass.

As I walked I considered the new need to be filled. Was the logic I used correct? Being a woman was a lot of things but becoming a slut wasn’t on the list. My bum occupied my mind as a walked around and around. I felt comfortable with the new manner of playing. I decided to head home, shower and allow a cock to come into my body.

Pausing I looked at the other people. Maybe there were four girls and three guys on the track. I wondered if any had had anal intercourse. Then I had a strange feeling; a feeling of being watched. Looking about as I walked up the grass no one seemed interested in me. Approaching the street I saw it. Thomas was sitting in the BMW nearby. I decided to move casually toward home but also toward the car. As I got within twenty feet I saw it wasn’t Thomas. It was Angelica’s maid Jenn.

“What are bursa escort you doing, spying on me? Your mistress sent you to catch me doing something untold? Sent you to spy, and take pictures?” I saw a big camera on the car seat.

Jenn was crying and shaking. “It wasn’t Mistress. It was I. I’d heard her discussing you with Mistress Cora last evening. They said you were ‘special’. That you had a . I was curious, that’s all. Please forgive me. I, I’m sorry Mistress Sara.”

I moved a few away and turned toward the track. Jenn must have driven over to help Thomas with the Audi earlier today. Why was Angelica talking with Cora about me? Could Angelica have said anything about my gender to her friend? What was the reason the maid was here now?

Turning back to Jenn, “Why did your ‘mistress’ have a ‘curious’ discussion about me Jenn?”

Tears messed her beautiful face. Until now I hadn’t seen this woman. She was a little shorter than me in height, and her breasts were small. She was dressed in jeans and sandals and a t-shirt that had a logo on it. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her erect nipples were distracting me.

“They are lovers Mistress Sara. For months they’ve spent at least two afternoons together. I know they are lovers. I see many things. They leave the bed a mess and the toys; I have to clean it all, put things back to normal. I’m sorry, please don’t tell her or she will release me. That would be the worst, if she released me I won’t easily find another good situation.”

No one had ever called me that, ‘Mistress’. I was surprised how the words struck me. Mistress didn’t seem to be an address to this woman. It was a name. Was Jenn a paid Maid? I wondered this while letting the spy sit there.

I stood wondering about Jenn’s employer and her collection of ‘friends’. Blair was interesting but he seemed a little submissive to her and Cora. That dude Sergi was definitely weird. Possibly Angelica ran a stable of ‘charges’ or was it her ‘dear friend’ Cora?

Jenn seemed innocent of any involvement or was she a true submissive maid? But she had shared the relationship between Angelica and Cora. That alone would get her fired but maybe her ‘release’ was something different.

Each of these three women seemed to have a different need of me. I wasn’t prepared for these twists in my path to being a woman. Yet I was becoming more confident each day. My world was new but I was the one in charge of my changes.

Standing there looking back at Jenn I wonder if I could do this ‘dome’ thing? Could I do that? I had a new research topic. Looking back to the BMW I saw that she was still weeping.

“Why shouldn’t I tell your employer?”

Now passed my anger I was more than I little excited. But I wasn’t trained to think this way. Today was supposed to be for my initiation. Could this spygirl be more important?

Opening the rear door I got into the BMW, “Drive me to your Mistress, Now!”

Looking to her eyes in the rearview mirror I barked, “You spying little cunt!”

Maybe this might be easier than I thought. I wanted to understand what was happening with these women and how I was involved. Jenn dried her face and drove off quietly. It surprised me that she didn’t try to direct me away from her ‘Mistress’.

We walked into the Kitchen of the Norton house to find Angelica having some lunch.

“Hello Sara, you look really cute in your shorts and sneakers.”

She looked passed me to her maid, “Has Jenn been crying? What has happen? What’s wrong?”

My plan was to share the event at the school and see where Angelica took it.

“I found your maid Jenn here with a camera and binoculars spying on me as I worked out at the school track just now. Did you send this little submissive to gather information on me Mrs. Norton?”

She looked quite surprised and looked at Jenn, who was now balling, her eyes cast downward.

“Mistress, I’m so sorry, please forgive me.” Jenn said without looking up.

“Please do not release me, please Mistress.”

Angelica moved to Jenn to try and console the weeping girl.

Looking to me while holding Jenn she said, “I had nothing to do with Jenn’s spying Sara. It’s her day off and she simply asked to use a car. I will discipline her for the invasion of your life.”

Moving away from the maid, “I would fire her but she’s a really good maid. Their difficult to find and more difficult to train. She is a part of my life and I won’t allow her to continue her mis-directed activities.”

She continued but moved toward me, “I have no need for sneaking about where you’re concerned Sara. I thought my interest was clear. I need a friend not a concubine!”

Turning back to Jenn, “Jennifer I will deal with you later. Go to your room and get ready.”

Angelica came beside me, “She is of course paid for serving me dear, but she is a true submissive. She isn’t my property but I am now her Mistress. It’s quite common, for some women to have to serve, to be controlled. Some men as well. I’m sorry she invaded your personal, I mean ruined your Sunday.”

I listened as she explained Jenn’s living conditions.

“So I hope you better comprehend why I wouldn’t can her. Please allow me to ask for your forgiveness, I mean, ahh, I’m sorry about this Sara.”

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