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Big Dicks

I have a fantasy that I want to share. It involves my girlfriend’s best friend from college. I’ll call her Abbey, to protect the innocent. Abbey is about 5’6″. She has deep brown eyes and, depending on the season, long or short dirty blonde hair. She is athletic and svelte and has small breasts and a small, but shapely behind. I positively lust after her.

This fantasy takes place one night a couple years ago. It was the end of the fall semester, which at my school meant we were well into winter. My girlfriend had already gone back home. I was staying to finish up finals and some other work. Abbey’s family was from nearby, so she was staying a little later to party.

The night after I finished all my work, Abbey called me up to invite me out for drinks with her and her friends. I met them at this dive bar, and we had some beers. After last call, we finished our last beer, and I offered to walk her back to her apartment (which she shared with my girlfriend).

When we got back to her place, we both flopped on opposite ends of this large couch in the living room. I leaned back and kicked off my shoes. She did the same. We were talking and joking and laughing. There was some sexual tension in the air, at least for me, because I found her so desirable.

This is where the fantasy takes over.

As we talk, we begin to play footsie. Slowly, our feet start to climb each other’s legs. Now we are talking a little more softly and intently. Finally, each of us has one stockinged foot rubbing against the crotch of the other’s jeans. We’re not talking anymore, but breathing a bit more heavily with each stroke.

After a few minutes of this, I lift myself up, pull my leg back, and lean forward. As I lean toward her, I put my right hand on her right inner thigh, and firmly caress her thigh as I move my hand upward. Just as lean in to kiss her, my hand finds her crotch. We kiss deeply, our tongues grappling. I continue to rub her crotch through her jeans, and she starts to moan quietly.

Our lips touch, I nibble her lower lip slightly, then we twine our tongues together. As this happens, I press my hand more firmly between her thighs. We kiss like this for what seems like ten minutes. Then I pull back slightly and whisper, “Let’s go into your room.” She nods, and I stand over her, pulling her up to me. I put my hand behind her neck, my other hand on the small of her back, pull her toward me, and kiss her firmly. We almost fall back onto the couch, but I hold her up. “No, your room.” “Ok.”

She walks in before me, and I turn to close her door. She sits on her bed, and I start to light her several candles. “Take off your clothes. Then lay on the bed. On your stomach.” “Why?” “I’m going to give you a massage.” While she undresses I look around for her massage oil, which I have spotted many times when just hanging out there. By the time she has finished undressing I have found the oil, and I take off my shirt.

She’s lying on her stomach, and her back looks beautiful in the candlelight. Soft, slightly pale, with a sensuous, deep channel sloping into her spine. I open the bottle of oil and hold it over her back, letting some dribble out onto her shoulder blades and then down her spine. “It’s cold,” she shivers slightly. “I know.”

I set the bottle down on the floor, and rub my hands together to warm them. Then I place my hands on her shoulders and start to work in the oil. She sighs. I knead her shoulders with my fingers, spreading the oil around. I start to work my hands over her shoulder Yalova Escort blades, then I press her back firmly with my fingertips. She lets out soft sighs now and then. I caress my hands down her back, then rub them back up to her shoulders. The oil has warmed up.

I pick up the bottle and drip more oil into my palm, rubbing my hands again to warm it up. Then I face her feet, place my hands on the small of her back, and firmly push my hands downward, over her ass. This gets a deep sigh, almost a moan. My hands go across her cheeks, spreading outward to the side. I sweep them back, and cup each cheek in my palm. Then I draw them upward, pulling her cheeks apart slightly. Another sigh. I continue to caress her ass, squeezing, kneading, and spreading. With each stroke I let the tips of my fingers creep further in between her thighs, but I don’t go all the way there. Not yet.

I pour more oil into my palm, and begin to massage her hamstring, and her inner thigh on her right leg. I work the oil into her leg, stroking firmly. My hands crawl dangerously close to her crotch, but I always swerve them away just in time. I work down her leg, over the back of knee, caress her calf. When I reach her foot, I give into temptation. Lifting her lower leg off the bed, I start to lick her toes, then I suck each one into my mouth, biggest to smallest. She likes this.

She starts to moan. Then she tries to roll over. I put my hand in the small of her back, “No, wait, I’m not finished yet.” I drip more oil into my palms and work on her other leg. This time I skip her toes, because now I am starting to get impatient.

I take a bit more oil, and go back to massaging her ass. I am facing her head now, and with each stroke, up and over her cheeks, I sweep my fingertips further and further between her legs and pull cheeks apart a little more each time. The tips of my fingers start to touch the fringes of her pubic hair, then the edges of her vulva. She parts her legs a little, I pull her cheeks apart a little more, and the tips of fingers stroke across her labia. She lets out a deep moan.

I can hardly contain myself now. I rub my hands down between her thighs, caressing her labia with my fingers. The massage has gotten her a little wet. Now she’s getting wetter. I run my left hand farther between her legs and seek out her clitoris with the tips of my fingers. My right hand is caressing her labia, my fingertips getting wet. She’s breathing heavily and letting out the most arousing moans.

I rub the tips of my fingers over clitoris, and she raises up her hips to give me better access. With my right hand, I play with her opening with my middle finger. When my fingertip is coated with her juices, I push it into her. But not far, and I twirl it around just inside her. She lets out a deep, throaty groan.

She’s moving her hips up and down now, pushing herself into my hands. I can’t wait any longer, so I lean forward. I take my hands and place them on her ass cheeks, spreading them apart. Then I put my face between her legs and flick the tip of my tongue up and down on the edges of her labia. She practically screams. I flatten out my tongue and use it to spread her lips apart. She tastes incredible. I give her a long lick, starting from her clitoris, going right up through her lips, and at the end, I push the very tip of my tongue inside her.

Then I push my tongue in as far as it will go, draw it out, and lick back down to her clitoris. She’s so wet now it’s getting all over my face, Yalova Escort Bayan dripping down my chin. I am licking her clit, playing with it with the tip of my tongue, flattening my tongue and rubbing her clit with it. My face is pushed right up into her crotch, with my tongue on her clitoris, my nose is practically in her vagina. I can hardly breathe. She’s gasping.

Suddenly, I decide to do something I have never done before. I bring my tongue up, over, and between her labia again, across her opening. Then I go up further. I flick my tongue gently around her anus. She moans and reaches back for my head. I grab her hand and continue to lick her. She starts writhing. I slide my tongue back down between her legs.

She’s in a frenzy now. She’s moaning, saying my name, gasping, letting out tiny yelps. I grab her cheeks again and spread them way apart. She throws her legs apart, and I lose all track of everything. All I know is that I have my face buried in between her thighs, and I am doing everything I possibly can with my tongue to her clitoris. She’s thrusting her hips back against my face, and then she starts to scream. I hope her other roommate hasn’t come home.

She’s lifted her ass up in the air, and I am hanging on for dear life. Her thighs are quivering, and she’s pulling the sheets in every direction. As she subsides, I continue to lick her gently. Finally, I draw my tongue back through her labia, flicking the tip at her opening, and I sit back.

I put my hands down on the bed on either side of her hips. She’s trying to catch her breath. I lean down, gently brushing my chest up her back. Then I lay down on top of her, my left cheek against her right, and I reach up and take her hands in mine. “Did you enjoy that?” “You must be kidding.” I kiss her cheek.

“I hope your not worn out already.” “You’re kidding again.” “Roll over.”

I stand up, and she rolls over onto her back. “What.” “There are still parts I haven’t massaged.”

I pick up the oil and drip it onto her breasts. I make sure to get some on her nipples. “Now it’s my turn to have fun.” “That wasn’t fun?” “It was. This is more fun for me.”

As I said, her breasts are small. With her laying on her back, they are almost completely flattened out. But they do rise up in gentle mounds, topped with perfectly round, dark pink nipples. Her areolae are about the size of a silver dollar. Her nipples stand hard and erect, just big enough to suck on. I rub her breasts firmly, spreading the oil around with my fingers and palms. I caress her breasts with an upward motion, gently cupping my hands under her breasts, then running my thumbs over her nipples as I work my palms around the sides of her breasts. Then I run my hand, palms flat, down over breasts. Then back up again. She starts to moan again.

I run my hands over her stomach, working the oil into her flesh. Then I lean down and suck on her left nipple as I bring my right hand over right breast. I take her right nipple between my thumb and forefinger and slightly twist and pinch it. She gasps. I flick my tongue over each of her nipples, alternately biting and sucking. I switch back and forth between her breasts, and whichever one I am not licking, I am caressing. I run my tongue over her chest from own nipple to another, then drag my tongue in a large circle around the edge of each breast. I stop at the bottom of her right breast and draw my tongue up to her nipple. I put my entire mouth over he nipple and suck. Her chest is heaving, Escort Yalova and she’s moaning loudly again.

She reaches up to undo my jeans. She practically rips my jeans open. Then she thrusts her hands into my boxer briefs. She wraps her hand around my penis and starts to stroke it. Meanwhile, I have not stopped licking her breasts and sucking on her nipples, which are now quite swollen. She pushes my jeans down over my hips, and I stand up and let them drop to the floor. She spreads her legs apart and grabs my arms, pulling me down on top of her. “I don’t want to wait anymore.”

I hold myself over her, my hands on the bed on either side of her hips. I am more erect than I have ever been, and there is s large drop of pre-cum at the head of my penis. “Now.” I lean down and brush the head of my penis against her labia. “Please.” I rub it up and down, gently pushing into her more and more. She wraps her legs around my hips and grabs my shoulders. She thrusts up against me, and she is so wet, I slide right in.

I catch my breath. Shut my eyes. My head swims. She is warm. Wet. Tight. I moan loudly, and she responds. I start to move in and out slowly. I draw my penis back until the tip is just barely inside her, then I push slowly all the way back into her, grinding my pelvis against hers at the end of the stroke.

Gradually, I pick up the pace, pushing in faster and harder. Her hands are pushing against my chest, and she raises her hips to meet me on every stroke. Our moans are like a chorus. I lean forward and kiss her, my tongue probing into her mouth. She responds, and I draw my head back, so that our tongues are playing about outside our lips. Now I am thrusting into her hard and fast. She’s grunting, moaning, yelling my name.

I lean back and hook my arms underneath her knees. I lift her legs up over my shoulders. My shoulders are under her knees. I am pounding into her now, and her head is thrown back. She’s not making a sound, but her mouth is wide open. I thrust myself deep into her, and just stay that way, grinding my pelvis against her. Now she’s screaming. “Don’t stop!” “I won’t.”

With each stroke I grind myself into her harder and for longer. She’s thrusting her pelvis up into me every time. Despite the fact that her apartment is cold, I am dripping with sweat. It’s running down my face, into my eyes. I lick my lips and I taste her sweet juice mixed with my sweat. She has her hands on my hips now and is pulling me into her.

I start to feel her tighten around me. Little pulses at first, but then stronger. This is the hardest part for me, it brings me right to the edge. Finally, her vaginal muscles grip me and pull me in, and suddenly they relax. She groans, screams my name. I come. A lot. Unlike most of my orgasms, this one builds up in my feet, crawls up the backs of my legs, and hits me right dead center. I feel like I can no longer see, but it’s because I have my eyes clamped shut. I am grinding against her, and I feel like I am exploding all over my body. Then it subsides, but I keep feeling little quakes, small bursts of pleasure every few seconds. I release her legs and collapse into her arms, gasping.

She wraps her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my waist. I am still semi-hard, and I draw out of her slowly, feeling my semen follow me out and run over my penis. I kiss her on the cheek, then on the mouth, our tongues idly playing. She’s sighs, “Mmmgghhhhmmm.” She kisses my cheek, and then I roll off her to her right. I wrap my right arm around her waist and bury my face in her neck. She reaches back and puts her hand on the back of my neck, playing with my hair.

That’s how my fantasy ends. Too bad that night actually ended with me walking home in the snow. But after all she is my girlfriend’s best friend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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